It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing - Peter Beets at the Django Reinhard NY Festival

Peter Beets

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    2004 Django Reinhardt Festival "live at Birdland" starring legendary guitarist Dorado Schmitt from France, pianist Peter Beets from Holland, rhythm guitarist Mayo Hubert from France and American bassist Brian Torff from the US with special guests: Sax great James Carter, top Clarinetist Dan Levinson, percussionist Winard Harper, and David Langlois on Washboard. Recorded at the famous Django Reinhardt Festival at Birdland (2004). Produced by Pat Philips & Ettore Stratta

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    1. Der Elvis

      That gets me every time again. Love it!

    2. Anic Pina


    3. Marijke Corneilla

      he is awesome peter beets.. from my country!! wow.. thats swing...

    4. Der Elvis


    5. Jeanicious

      This sounds so fluid!

    6. Beth Bartlett

      Bravo! Pure- Perfection - - - extraordinary talents - and arrangement! Bravo!!!!

    7. Alex Kryshtal

      Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! Great guys!!!

    8. Yann Facon

      Super! Ca,c'est de la musique!!!, merci,yann

    9. Θοδωρος Γαλανοπουλος

      Thank you Peter , nice music to change a little bit our reality here in Greece . Bravo !

    10. cadillacjackellis

      these boys blowed me away..!

    11. SGelovani

      wow.. piano solo..

    12. G3r0n1mo

      Good players playing a good song. i call it music.