"It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" Jazz Standard Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson

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    Over the past few years I’ve recorded a handful of jazz standards and now you can finally buy them all on one album! I couldn’t help but use the title I jokingly told myself I would use if I ever put out a jazz album so I hope y’all enjoy “OMG I Love Jazz” 😅
    Since most of our plans got cancelled this year, my 2020 pinup calendars are getting a huge price cut! Hopefully you can still use them as a nice decoration 😘
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    The Band:
    Robyn Adele Anderson - Vocals
    Logan Evan Thomas - Piano
    Josh Davis - Drums
    Georgia Weber - Bass
    Luther Wong - Trumpet
    Peter Lin - Trombone
    "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" Jazz Standard Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson
    All my videos are done live, using one take.

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    1. Teppo Reinikainen

      It don't mean a thing if it ain't got Robyn! :)

    2. BNJ


    3. Jazz Maf Trio

      Love it !

    4. Daiara Massoterapeuta

      Mulher que voz é essa? Encontrei você agora no you tube e estou apaixonada por sua voz

    5. Sj B

      You are hopping and popping, jazz!

    6. Pol Valls

      You should been born in 1900s

    7. János Győri

      Way too much reverb.

    8. Nanziouzzz Iroth

      Lets sing together What good is music? What good is melody? If it ain't possessing something sweet It ain't the music It ain't the melody Theres something else that makes the tune complete It dont mean a thing if it ain't got that swing doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah Well it dont mean a thing all you got to do is sing doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah It makes no difference if its sweet or hot Just give that rhythm ev-ry-thing you got It dont mean a thing if it ain't got that swing doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah It dont mean a thing if it ain't got that swing doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah It dont mean a thing, all you got to do is sing doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah It makes no difference if its sweet or hot Just give that rhythm ev-ry-thing you got Ohh.. It dont mean a thing, if it ain't got-a-that-a-swing doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah doo ah

    9. Leonardo Vinci

      why are there so few views?

    10. rose ivy

      Me and my friends did this song for my speakeasy concert at school. I was soo nervous, but we did great

    11. 1984 THEBEGINING

      This girl has way to much talent to be an obscure artist

    12. moviefan8210

      I just watched the That's So Raven version of this song, i feel that their cover would have made Della Reese Proud RIP

    13. maxstirner242

      Another group of upper middle class whites butchering a classic

    14. Yerushalaim 73

      Too loose.

    15. pappybugington

      The modern covers were epic but I'd love to hear more of this vintage refresh!

    16. Charlotte Forst

      2:19 - 2:24 is heavenly. i'm calling it. she's an angel.

      1. Matthew Ferrantino

        She's better than an angel. She's a woman. :)

      2. superchitownhustler

        Heaven sent.

    17. Scott Miller

      That was cool. I feel like the song needs some scat though. Otherwise it really doesn’t encompass that raw feeling.

    18. Pastel-Sunrise


    19. Marc Grundfest

      Definitely on the mark. Perhaps a tad more syncopation..and more dynamic shifting from voice to instrumentals.. But considering how long it's been since this music was ' live' very welcome... From a not quite so old timer who really should be to young to remember when jazz was king and swing band meant 40 pieces ;) Thank you ..

    20. sergiojones

      Why this beautiful version isn’t on Apple Music? :(

      1. kirdot2011

        because apple isnt about pleasing your musical taste, but making money

    21. Janora Cat

      Wow i like your version of this Beautiful song ^^ You really bring a Piece of that Good old time Back :3

    22. Tobik Pimpulek

      If I knew Robyn reads comments below her videos I'd write "You are beautiful beyond a dream".

    23. 마이노

      크 좋네요

    24. april fortney

      I've always loved this song

    25. Jamie Priestley

      smashed it guys

    26. Grant Lapointe

      Sweetheart I love and Respect this song. My name is Maggie. You are talented and have GREAT Taste. Piece of advice though, stop the trying body and eye language as your not natural.

    27. Breno Moreira Benedito

      Please, "Believer" from Imagine Dragons! You guys are great!

    28. SpecialNewb

      Only Duke Ellington himself was better 😁

    29. Will Shank

      I wonder why these videos can't be recorded live.

    30. IoEstasCedonta

      Ah, stocks are mixed.

    31. Patrick Armstrong

      Love this younger generation discovering and loving songs and music styles of the past. Thank you for bringing back and being awesome!

    32. leo vendramini

      Superb recording.Thanks.

    33. Rex Hunter

      Too much style, not enough substance... if this was radio I wouldn't give another listen. That said. The base player was good and the horn section worked hard. Well done.

    34. jhathir iguavita

      please cover of pixies where is my mind

    35. Schuyler Bostedt

      I think this is my favorite version of this song I've heard.

    36. Jevgeny Thomson

      Pls make cover on Jinjer - Pisces with Addie Hamilton. It's be a bomb!

    37. GoodVibesOfficial

      ♪♫♥ ;)

    38. Elena Lalakulich

      Like it!

    39. Vwlss Nvwls

      I have always loved big band music, and this is one of my favorites. I find myself singing it all the time. Thank you for this. :)

    40. Rémi Jalabert & ICHTHYS

      Hi, are you married ? lol

    41. Dirk Pitt

      Swing it, Lady!

    42. Anthony DePaolo

      I saw her at the Rialto in Joliet Illinois. She was traveling with the PMJ at the time. My friend and I must’ve been the two only teens that went there willingly. It was such a lovely show.

    43. Joseph Nardone

      Great video, great voice, great group.

    44. Silver-rock sanz


    45. Gustavo Castillo

      Siempre hermoso, felicidades

    46. Genez

      Besides the singing and musicianship, that was excellent engineering!

    47. Garden Gnome


    48. Melody Weckel

      Excellent, Robyn!

    49. 한군


    50. Ramon Parada

      i don’t think I ever felt like marring anybody until i saw Robyn on this channel.

      1. Genez

        Did you mean, "marrying.?" ;)

    51. kingie66

      Voice smooth like William Tell Overture(morning song). Facial expressions frantic and suffering like System of a down.

    52. Katherine Minor

      I love that dress

    53. Просто Толсто

      Вижу Робин ставлю лайк.

    54. Crazy World

      ah that voice! such a classic chicky baby 🥰😍

    55. Анатолий Миронов

      Искренне рад возвращению улыбающейся девушке за контрабасом))) I am sincerely glad to return the smiling girl for double bass)))

    56. knyazevpit1972

      Девчонка на контрабасе опять на меня смотрит..

    57. John P

      Ah. Don't dark out the band - they're part of the show.

    58. Randy Poloskalez

      Hello, Robyn :-) Please Cover "Deceptacon" by Le Tigre. It's weird

    59. Constant Chaos

      Not what I was expecting but that's what I get for not bothering to read the whole title That being said it's still a great video and I thoroughly enjoyed it

    60. AltoonaYourPiano

      I absolutely loved this. You always do such a fantastic job

    61. Humberto Avalos

      Georgia Weber :3 !!

    62. izlesuvestimo Odnajdivstudenuyuporu

      Awesome, how it usual. Thank you

    63. Sif Smith

      If you ever get the opportunity, would you be willing to cover Heartache Every Moment, by HIM? I'd cherish it forever. Thank you in advance if it happens 🖤

    64. Sergio Lalueta

      Fucking awesome 🤩

    65. yahia mahmoud


    66. Сергей Хазов

      Just brilliant!

    67. Normaschthewanderer

      I know it's asking a lot, but could you do a Progressive Rock cover of something. I don't care what song, I just want to see you turn something into Progressive Rock.

    68. Axel Lofstrand

      I 🙄🌭😎 🥰

    69. American Rob

      once again a very fantastic job Robyn!

    70. Igor Maxwel

      This song have now a new life with Robyn's amazing voice!

    71. RB Salas

      Glad to see Georgia do her finger magic on the bass fretboard. Never heard her solo. It was amazing!!!

    72. Roger Willis

      Sounds good, but should have filmed the musicians while they solo'd. They were also great.

    73. Lord Kalvan

      Two thumbs up!

    74. Niemand Nineteen

      I would love to hear these folks cover Dear God by XTC

    75. Давыд Ганшу

      You best!

    76. Holymolie

      Wonderful, just wonderful! Hello Georgia, I see you staring into my soul, again. : )

    77. tom darco

      Right On!

    78. Arkatos

      Hey Robyn, I have a challange for you =D How about you try to cover the song "Liebe ist meine Rebellion" From Frida Gold? It´s a German song, and i would Love to hear you singing it with your style^^ I don´t think that you will do this, but maybe you are Interested to try it out. Greetings from Germany

    79. Konstantin Novikov

      From Russia with love) Good song, good voice, fantastic Robyn!

    80. Ethereal girl

      OMG SO COOL 💜

    81. djteddy bear

      AWESOME !!!

    82. Valzalel

      This is sooo good

    83. BF golf

      Best one in a while, love when you do regular jazz songs.

    84. Scott DeFord

      One of my favorite songs. Love the cover, and of course you're beautiful as always

    85. HEXU77

      This awesome cover and Robyns moves got me having Zoot suit dreams again, Robyn and I cuttin a rug in the middle of the dance floor all night while she sings and doesn’t miss a beat, lol! Love that her covers take me away from the everyday bs and to my “happy place.”

    86. Balrog304


    87. lorduggae

      always worth the watch to see Georgia in the background

    88. LaterGator :

      Amazing, your hands, fingers, arms and hips are synced to your voice ! Lovely 😊! Thanks.

    89. R_Angarita

      I only knew the Louis Armstrong's version... but this version really deserve recognition! Excellent!

    90. Hard Boiled Entertainment

      The opening verse is absolute PERFECTION to the ears. Pure torch song.

    91. Atraxus Wraithe

      If they ever make a DECENT show of the Mike Hammer series by Mickey Spillane or the Philip Marlowe books by Raymond Chandler, this amazingly talented songbird NEEDS to be employed to make the soundtrack!!!!! NETFLIX, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

    92. HarpKenneth

      1:17 Robyn begins to think about that big cake she has at home, that is just waiting for her. 1:24 Ahh yes the one with all that delicious Chocolate 1:26 But wait a minute I think I also has a big box of Ice Cream, that would go nicely with the cake? 1:31 Or was that the one I eat last night...? 1:34 Hmmm... 1:41 I better buy something on the way home, just to be sure. 1:51 Ah a tiny spider crawling on the Mic Stand 1:52 Oh right, back to the song!

    93. Maria Candelaria Núñez Herrera


    94. Jeffrey S.

      Maybe less mugging to the camera. Robyn does that a lot. Otherwise, these videos (plus Post Modern Jukebox vids) are awesome.

    95. Andre 1976

      Woooooooooow! Simply amazing! ❤️🍻🍻🍻🍻

    96. Surly Ogre

      Classic jazz by a classy combo... a class act all 'round. Bravo!

    97. greg sco

      Bravo!! Thanks for including the verse, which is often omitted for this song. Great work by your supporting musicians.


      *SWEET ...* ⚘ *NICELY DONE ...* 🌹 ❤

    99. Macht Schnell

      Wow, really hot! Brought the life back to that classic for sure. Georgia should get overtime she was working that bass so furiously. Well performed for Robyn Adele and the whole group.

    100. Bob Quinn

      You're having way too much fun! Sounds great, looks great! Keep 'em coming.