Jack Harlow - Tyler Herro [Official Video]

Jack Harlow

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    Jack Harlow - Tyler Herro
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    The ones that hate me the most look just like me
    You tell me what that means
    Make a slick comment and see what that brings
    I seen it go down, we can reenact things
    Extreme like BMXing
    These boys pussy and they PMSing
    People in the city see the movement occurring
    And say ‘my god I wanna be in that scene’
    Damn right you wanna be in this scene
    She at the video tryna be in this scene
    Used to fantasize about being this seen
    Bluegrass girl but she got big dreams
    Can’t touch me I got instincts
    Locked in the house but I’m plotting things
    I brought a gang to the party with me
    Five white boys but they not *NSYNC
    Fuck what y’all think, fuck everything that you say about me
    My dogs like to play Madden and 2K
    But one they don’t do is play about me
    My homeboy Tyler he play in South Beach
    He told me this Summer he gon’ fix my jumper
    I told Boi1da that we might got a thumper
    I been tryna pop, now Iman like Shumpert
    Now they on my bumper
    Green room chocked full of all my comforts
    Hotel room like heaven on earth
    Got angels in my bed with some all white covers
    Ace Pro, Nemo, Lucci and Quiiso, Shloob, Clay, 2fo
    And I got a few more I call my brothers
    I got a lot of flows and they all like butter, ooh
    You know what that means
    I came home nights but I’m going back mean
    I’m about to globe trot when they know a vaccine
    Motherfuckers act lost but they know exactly what’s going on
    Made a mil and I don’t know what to blow it on
    I tell the critics shut up like my show is on
    Gave a t-shirt to her said throw it on
    She one of many high school classmates I’m growing on
    My peers aint poppin’ they don’t know what’s going wrong
    Y’all well dressed but you aint got soul and you just can’t sew it on
    I’m tryna tell y’all boys, I got a few songs I can sell y’all boys
    I tried it back then it was ‘hell nah’ boy
    Now I’m in a box like a Kellog’s toy
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    1. Coleman Moses

      He said covers I now believe he is actually from Kentucky

    2. It’s Aubry

      Lame ass dull song this joint flopped he fell off before he even got started

    3. The Eves

      Brilliant track... loved this. best of luck, Marissa.

    4. Slipher MVP

      Absolute FIRE.


      bruh i just noticed tyler herro is in the back

    6. Yankolo

      Sorry to bother you, mind checking out a new artist tryna improve and grow? Search "Yankolo - Sunset" if you have a moment! Either way have a good day 🙏🏼

    7. Chawa Kumwenda

      You have to respect any white boy whose a really good rapper. BIG UP !!

    8. Nhan Luu thi

      Very nice….

    9. King Of Schöneberg

      Jack Harlow sounding like Juice WRLD. Like it.

    10. jwortein

      Klip için 1mr dinlenme hakediyor.

    11. G A

      type beat : EMINEM - ZELDA (FREESTYLE)

    12. Steven Olynick

      I usually come to this video 2/3 times a day, I’ve watched this banger hella times!!

    13. Eregulares

      #Eregulares KY stand up

    14. B Tapping

      Wish this was on fifa 🥲

    15. Jarred Lord


    16. Ryan Johnston

      "yall well dressed but you ain't got soul and you just can't sew it on" jesus

    17. Anthony Mrozewski

      white drake

    18. jonsquu jon

      Eminem still better

    19. shahmir malik

      This straight up fire 🔥

    20. Merciless

      This song just proves that jack harlow is here to stay 🔥🔥🔥

    21. R.D.S

      0% drugs 10% rap 90% New Balance

    22. Nick Martin

      Soo hard

    23. Djor du

      Don't sell your soul out for this world...God's grace covers all when we repent. Choose righteousness...Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life. God loves u!

    24. Zayn Razvi

      jk this smacks

    25. Zayn Razvi

      this song is straight up trash go make another remix of whats popin

      1. Just a random guy

        Zayn shitvi

    26. Thaw Zin

      well at least now I know my dude support vaccines!!!

    27. Methodical MK

      Yes my man

    28. j spi

      This just in hero is more than a sandwich

    29. illuminate

      How has this not became a Fortnite emote yet...

    30. NoApplause

      Come on people. Why are we disliking this video. 10k stop this thing hit. It better not be my block people hating. We don’t do that. Better only be the first line he said no 🧢

    31. titus robinson

      Here before this fire gets remixed by other artists

    32. Jadon Velazquez

      hey jack Harlow can you do a song with post malone or Roddy ricch

    33. Aden Massoud

      it’s funny people call him a one hit wonder, how could the goat only have one hit

    34. Aden Massoud


    35. Jay Dubz

      How tf u even blow shit trsh

    36. Edwin

      "2 angels with me with all white covers" the fact he didn't say b*tches is fire

    37. J

      My guy was ice skating on the beat

    38. TheGarbear14

      bus driver "hey kid" kid "ROBLOX FORNITE"

    39. Cyrus Fassihi

      The guitar may be an instrument created for the dyslexic.. instagram.com/p/CF9RDvhnOl2/? The napkin shows in writing that all "written" music can (theoretically) be transcribed and transposed into a single picture/pattern super imposed on the guitar's fretboard

    40. George Wilson

      Really good song.

    41. WARRIOR

      That's what young people love! your Iranian fan.

    42. Brad Meyeers

      Jack keep doing your thing Sacramento 916 be bumping your flow peace!!

    43. Will Davis

      Just stop now Jack Harlow please nobody ask the record companies to put out one of these it was a mistake. In sink? more like in the toilet

      1. Just a random guy

        Will Shitvis

    44. Ken Kaneki

      Wow 🔥

    45. sej dreng 2435

      Jack Harlow looks like what Murda Beatz think he look like

    46. Justin Pittard

      It’s a matter of time that Drizzy and Jack Harlow release a track, I’m calling it!

    47. BabeMagnet69

      whos the chick on the left side of the bed ??

    48. judotss galpz

      honestly this is better than what's poppin in my opinion

    49. Mz east coast girl


    50. Mz east coast girl

      EW white boys pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase STOP!!!!!!!!!! hiphop is not for you only one white man ever to do it and can do it and is accepted and that is EMINEM!! smh

    51. MariNate

      This my white boy fr. He snapped

    52. Matt OPS

      It's so easy to pick a kid who looks like Jack Harlow but they failed so confused

    53. Zero

      he doesnt have a new balance partnership

    54. BK Arnhem

      Jack Harlow is the best thing corona virus brought change my mind

    55. Bman67

      Bruh that kid look like Patrick maholmes not jack harlow

    56. Arne

      Fun fact: nobody cares if you're here in 2021

      1. Calebs Game clips

        What if there here in 1973

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    58. Rage


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      Hardest white boi out

      1. Nimitt Khare

        Eminem and mac Miller the best white rappers tho

    61. Anz Mo

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    62. DBSaucce !

      They do kinda look the same

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      You need to collab with Murda Beatz ASAP!

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      Needs to sing with drake

    66. buzzing囁み


    67. Jakeonroblox -roblox

      The ones that hit u are your haters or people who like your songs like me or your brother

    68. Jhan Mikhail Bawag


    69. Sheila M

      I don’t

    70. Tyrone Frog

      They for real should’ve let Tyler hop on the song

    71. Brandon Beaulieu

      This shit actually fire asf when you high asf😂

    72. 1 SlipUp

      that flute got me mad hype all the time like if same

    73. Acrobatic Nonce

      shittest thing ive heard in my life and i used to be a fan of logan paul

    74. Alex Rosas

      this shit slaps ngl

    75. KyleOf613

      Permission to Freestyle on this beat for you Jack? :P just like this comment, and ill do some magic. I feel this vibe bro, banger song! No lie, only jack tho. No clout chasing here.

    76. Jesus Cardona


    77. Nicole Blandino

      5 white boys but they not Nsync😂

    78. Omni

      This beat so cold, and he killed it to top it off

    79. adam

      That is one sturdy buss.

    80. Floriane Houenagnon

      WTF why am I just learning about this song now!!! This is soo good!!!

    81. Cal Petricca

      His voice actually sounds like a white juice wrld at times

    82. Alex Raiford

      Pampered jew fro white kids unite! Show them that we actually are scary! 😂

    83. Jeremi Folta


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    93. Moussa Dramé


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      Not a fan.

      1. Dunnoahhha

        @JOSE DAVID LEDEZMA LUNA maybe it’s because I’m from a different era.

      2. Dunnoahhha

        @Hot Zoeja also not a fan, better but not good. These kids need to find a different style, all sounds the same. gang gang shit.

      3. Hot Zoeja


    95. Dynasty Aluminum Polishing & Restoration Toast

      Damn 10k in haters hahaha that's what's up keep it fam

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    96. DCMA247

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    97. REBS

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    98. Unknown Dude

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