Jankos & Nemesis React To G2 Rekkles #964


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    Perkz went to NA, Rekkles went to G2!
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    0:00 Jankos
    0:15 Nemesis
    0:21 Jankos
    0:59 Perkz
    1:32 Manco
    1:50 Spica
    2:05 Shiphtur
    2:19 PSZilean
    2:29 Nemesis
    2:48 Tobias Fate
    3:05 Brokenblade
    3:26 Spica
    3:38 Voyboy
    4:02 Perkz
    4:16 Midbeast
    4:45 Yuuuumei
    4:50 Zkaletta
    5:12 Karasmai
    5:28 ICU
    5:50 iPav
    6:10 Aesirprenke
    6:20 Perkz
    6:46 AdrianRiven
    7:14 LL Stylish
    7:29 Meteos
    7:58 Pobelter
    8:17 Guts
    8:36 Perkz
    8:56 Lohpally
    9:17 JuvX
    9:36 TWP
    9:59 Lokibo
    10:24 Jankos
    Intro by Angrydonat: angrydonat.deviantart.com/art...
    Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
    ♥Thanks for watching!♥

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    1. D

      Jankos is not funny, change my mind

      1. a wild fuu

        jankos is not funny, he's just gay

      2. Kein Plan

        open.spotify.com/playlist/4JogInFAAXVKJCAddHK0Ca?si=KCcgfF3-TL6Q-dw8QOOp_g check out my rapplaylist:) just a hobby

      3. Joshua Beattie

        Aesirprenke is the real not funny, change my mind

      4. Pajonk k


      5. Creeper Master

        You are very wrong

    2. Quinn Eaker

      Worst video I have seen

    3. Lukas Hornstein

      Anybody knows the song from the Aesirprenke clip?

    4. zakarda

      Song at 6:11 ?

      1. Lukas Hornstein

        I want to know too buddy, no hero showed up yet tho...

    5. YourMix

      Nice click bait

    6. Mia Renata

      Watch AVS "Uncomparable" 💯

    7. Undead Knight

      1:55 FACTS XD

    8. Polish Music

      If you want 100% Win go aphelios or Kayle Adc if you are good at Adc ofc.

    9. Owen Bramoulle

      8:27 I dont want to be his keyboard ..

    10. babaleas

      1:54 this guy is probably the most fake streamer (just from one clip) u can see "you trying ti ahve fun,haha adc,oh you are cringe" wow you are so original

    11. Kein Plan

      open.spotify.com/playlist/4JogInFAAXVKJCAddHK0Ca?si=KCcgfF3-TL6Q-dw8QOOp_g rap playlist

    12. Official DEFT

      6:32 how did perkz cancel malz’s ult? huh?

      1. Brain-washed

        Official DEFT accident

      2. Official DEFT

        @Brain-washed but why would make cancel, it was 2v1 no way he would die from vik ult before him LOL

      3. Brain-washed

        My only guess is malz cancelled it himself on accident and perkz just saw into the future and knew he would

      4. Brain-washed

        Still no answer like wtf

    13. Luca Mattei

      Cool stuff, 20 sec of commentary about the title (clearly a click bait) and a a bunch of clip of people playing league, great job man!

    14. KatanaKenshi

      2:18 music?

      1. Michi

        Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire

    15. Benem polo

      Buen video pero seria mejor si entendiera algo xD

    16. Kiltz

      I hate this...

    17. Mk 1996

      2:19 song pls?

      1. Mk 1996

        @Danny705 thanks mate ❤️

      2. Danny705

        Flayed Alive - Remzcore ; original is Blue foundation - eyes on fire

    18. Chris Broniewski

      5:19 is pure balance encarnate....bravo RIOT......

    19. Limbo

      This azir guy is so funny in all vids 6:15


      literally no one: olaf: QWEQRWQEWQEWQREQEWQEWQREEWQRQ

    21. Heber Do

      5:52 bro the teemo clicking is just too funny

    22. Maksymilian Czerniak

      Please dont include clips of Aesirprenke, he is so fake with his reactions that is just so cringe and painful to watch, so i always skip him

    23. IBruno_

      2:21 músic pls

      1. Danny705

        Flayed Alive - Remzcore ; original is Blue foundation - eyes on fire

    24. Zamora HR2


    25. Van Dan

      I just need Heli and Broxah to come in G2 so i can become fan.

    26. Dominik Wysocki


    27. OwOあなたと一緒に

      Am I the only one who thinks reckless looks like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter movie

    28. Renzo

      Jankos spittin facts Lmao

    29. skalator O


    30. RC Des

      2:44 RARE

    31. GodLgn Draco

      Jankos fired his shots on the LEC and LCS teams better as he did in the world's games

    32. xSkullianx

      8:24 literally smashing the keyboard and the mouse like a a monkey and he says "Synapse" what a fking shame

    33. Team solomid

      Bang- Adc that has most international champions. Uzi- Adc that has the best machanism and lane skills Deft- Adc that has both champions in LPL and LCK. Rekkles- Adc that is most handsome.

    34. Miłosz Broda

      synapse if i have 10 followers can i send you my clip?

    35. NeXetiX

      Can somone tell me what Nemesis says cuze i really cant understand

    36. napolien 1

      If Rekkles adc for G2 where will Pperkz go!?

    37. Rajko Mirkovic

      ome of you are wondering why I've summoned you here today...

    38. 4dwiNN

      2:18 song?

      1. Danny705

        Flayed Alive - Remzcore ; original is Blue foundation - eyes on fire

    39. roke

      6:12 that guy = dislike

    40. Nevekz


    41. lethality zed

      psz was so classy man

    42. Ahmet Çınar

      looking at the comments and seeing no one knows meteos anymore makes feel old

    43. Jakub Grajdek

      2 20 song?

    44. kristian bojinov

      So happy to see Perkz back on midlane

    45. Led Cuevas

      8:20 I didn't know that pressing any buttons on your keyboard can increase your champion's attack speed.

    46. retro ronin

      4:52 samira shuffle nice

    47. Bernardo Sousa

      Damn that guy needs to smash all his keys to use olaf

    48. Party Tattoos

      nemesis reaction?

    49. Ognjen Pejić

      Day 1 of asking Synapse to bring back Hashinshin clips

    50. SophisticatedIdiot

      Am I the only one that thinks karasmai pays to get on these videos? I only ever see him doing relatively basic things everyone else can do...

    51. Nick Kowak

      6:09 skip button

    52. Ichi Coi

      3:01 drunk stepdad comes in

    53. hhmaniak hhmaniak

      How somebody will make watermark in content they didnt create they took it from other and watermark this them selfes lol

    54. Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Yee

      8:20 This dude has like 3 keyboards and hes smashing all of them.

    55. Poi

      "Smumera shuffle" ????????

    56. giannakos

      -Mum can we get dab? -No, we god dab at home. Dab at home: 9:13

    57. Phi Long Nguyễn

      10:00 He didn't even proc Electrocute

    58. Hernan Curbelo

      Mom, I want a TF Blade -Son, we have TF Blade at home 3:05

    59. Niclas R

      7.50 is an idiot

    60. karma kayros

      i think g2 is a old fnatic fan so they are signing every old members of fnatic and i think that with rekkles they will sign Soaz too

    61. Jona Van Enk

      8:17 this guy be typing an entire essay

    62. Inphiltrator !

      How did perkz interrupt the malzahr ult?

    63. Giocommentary

      8:20 oh dude that poor keyboard.. if i try that my entire desk comes down.

    64. Ken You

      9:12 So Cringe.

    65. Italian Monkey

      10:36 when i m in video lesson and someone make echo when i m talking

    66. Noctiss_Season2

      eeeeeeey MA BOY PSZ made it to the HIGHLIGHTS lets goooo PstarSmile

    67. Ponguso

      Nemesis is tripping, that G2 jacket is fire

    68. Baarthok

      4:43 was anyone else saying "MAYBEN MAYBEN MAYBEN."

    69. Spook Skellington

      2:00 no he's playing Lucian, he's trying to stop everyone else from having fun.

    70. R.I.P Chau

      wait im sorry 4:49 dude just said shimura shuffle???? ive listened to it multiple times now and ive gotta say dude hurts my ears :c. SHURIMA

    71. Ddd

      4:54 13 y/o screaming SHIMURA SHUFFLE NICE

    72. Christoph

      imagine that G2 loses both splits and goes not go to worlds

    73. xxxvanguardxxxful

      Man, the title of this clip is totally misleading for people who are here first time, I was looking only for G2 and FNC comments and instead I got 30 sec of what I wanted and a bunch of random streamers talking trash. I hope that was just a coincidence not made on purpose. thumb down

    74. PewPowPing

      8:22 now I know olaf didn't take that many keystrokes to auto.

    75. Sigbjørn Lystad

      5:36 there is a reason why i ban this fucking champ every game.

    76. Saens

      Maybe if G2 changes the jungler, they have real chance to win

    77. Who's the Victim

      8:20 he literaly used all mouse buttons and 2 keyboards he just didnt press screen butons because he's washed up

    78. Luke

      Why does Nemesis look so dead

    79. manu fran

      10:26 trying to convince myself in front of the mirror

    80. Brian Delgado

      3:18 tf blade looking more thicc

    81. aa cc

      Aesirprenke most annoying guy

    82. Harley

      Nemesis reacting:-_- k Jankos:hufast.info/plan/vide/m4CtiJejlWinpqM

    83. NoVy

      07:51 report this guy

    84. Gonçalo Mendes

      2:44 its Nemesis being like freeza

    85. klima _slim

      Damn Nemesis, get some food man

    86. CtrlDictator

      Olaf at 8:17 just spaming Q W E ResidentSleeper

    87. Mean Mofaka

      I guess I'm a g2 fan now then...

    88. blabla truc

      Wow i never thought pstar would be in any kind of video like this

    89. Andreas Lichtenberg

      9:12 when you wanna look cool but you're too old to legally dab on the internet

    90. UnicornHorn

      wait psz turned on vods???



    92. KAuS

      8:17 what the fuck is that Olaf APM My man can literally walk into 4 people, randomly throw Q so he can never re-grab it and still faceroll over everyone

    93. duc nguyen

      G2 just look like a bunch of handsome guys.

    94. Menacing Bread

      I just love how Jankos is simping for Rekkless xD

    95. Marcel Lopez

      2:01 this guy trying to get out of groups, thats cringe


      min 6.32 pls tele me wtf happened the re

    97. Pakkro

      9:10 when I learnt grandpa how to dab

    98. Kuba Nowaczek

      when u've done everything perfectly but u forgot its still 2020 4:38