Joshua Bassett - Lie Lie Lie [Official Video]

Joshua Bassett

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    So they told me all the things that you said
    Running all over my name
    And you're acting oh so innocent
    Like I'm the only one to blame
    You've been lying to yourself
    Lie to everyone else
    Only thinking about yourself
    Darling what the hell
    I know what you say about me
    I hope that it makes you happy
    You can't seem to get me off your mind
    I know you're lying through your teeth
    You told them the lies that you told me
    I've had enough of it this time
    You can lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
    Go ahead and try try try try try
    It won't work this time, time, time, time, time
    Kiss your ass goodbye, bye, bye, bye, bye
    Kiss your ass goodbye
    So you're telling them it's all my fault
    You're the victim this time
    And you wanna make it seem like it's your call
    You're acting like everything's fine
    You've been lying to yourself
    Lie to everyone else
    Only thinking about yourself
    Darling what the hell
    I know what you say about me
    I hope that it makes you happy
    You can't seem to get me off your mind
    I know you're lying through your teeth
    You told them the lies that you told me
    I've had enough of it this time
    I know what you say about me
    You can't get me off your mind
    I know what you say about me
    I hope that it makes you happy
    You can't seem to get me off your mind
    I know you're lying through your teeth
    You told them the lies that you told me
    I've had enough of it this time
    You can lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
    Go ahead and try try try try try
    It won't work this time, time, time, time, time
    Kiss your ass goodbye, bye, bye, bye, bye
    Kiss your ass goodbye

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    1. Joshua Bassett

      thank you all for watching !!! what's your favorite part?

      1. Fany Hwang

        You look better with Olivia

      2. Emily Andrews


      3. Kahalii Music


      4. Angela Flores

        Ninguna pinche canción culera

      5. Roy Hunick

        You douche canoe

    2. Rohan Hiatt

      1:34 my g u know ur on disney right?

    3. Aliyah Vargas

      Olivia makes one song guy coming right at her IsInT He DaTiNg SaBrInA

    4. Vicky Montiel

      In real life he knows what Olivia has to go through in hsmts

    5. Darionna Shorts

      skin lielielie driver license witch is better me: SKINNNNN and lielie i dont really like olivea rodrig songs but i like her acting

    6. Nayzinha Leticia

      Homi podi

    7. Patricija McCauley

      Lol next thing we know Sabrina will be on High school musical the series

    8. Eva Pilkevica

      ok but- I-- why did-- oh no-- what-- ohhhhh my goshh-- nooo I just found this in my recommended and its 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    9. Vanessa Feeney

      i feel like i am in the middle of it all sorry oliva but im on sabrina and joshua s side

    10. Angelica Singh

      Shawn Mendas wannabe

    11. weysdffg xx

      This is how we have fight in 2021 people if you're mad at something shut up and write a song about it. Bonus points if you deny all associations.

    12. Junior Cain

      Tell me why there's an Olivia Rodrigo ad in the video of Joshua Bassett? My theory is this is all one big scheme collab with Olivia, Sabrina, and Joshua, tbh, anyways, lmk what y'all think... Not that I don't like their music, I LOVE THEIR MUSIC.

    13. Sophia Knightley

      People really should stop accusing these singers and just appreciate how wonderful these songs are...

    14. Adi Atlas

      Who else saw the middle finger. 👁️👄👁️

    15. Sakura Ake

      His voice sounds so good Waaaa


      It feels they made all this just for attention and seld promotion.

    17. Markus Taylor

    18. Sophia Velasquez

      Olivia Rodriguez loves you you just can't see that Sabrina is always lying she's a blonde that's why blondes are not that good there's a phrase called blondes have more fun brunettes don't have that cuz they don't need it that to make himself feel better well technically Olivia loves you of all her freaking heart and she's so f****** loves you but you don't understand because you're a guy so listen to her song driver's license and get rid of that Sabrina b****

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        This isn’t about olivia “Rodriguez” lmfao

    19. Kathryn West

      This song is just to get back at Olivia Rodrigo,and you know its true Joshua Bassett

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        It’s not. It was written two years ago, get over it

    20. Monika

      Guys he didn’t write this for Olivia he said he apparently wrote it a year ago on a different incident

    21. Leslie Martinez

      Plot Twist: Olivia, Joshua, and Sabrina are paid actors

    22. Hailz Railz


    23. Rosie's Vibes

      If he didn’t write this song for Olivia than he wrote it for Sabrina bc of all the blonde girls so yeah

      1. Aaron JudgeFan

        No he wrote it two years ago. He doesn’t have to share who it’s about if it’s personal

    24. Candy Valencia

      My favorite part is in the begging

    25. Crystalie Lopez

      0:48 ... i may be in love

    26. Tim Murphy


    27. Juanito Perego

      The truth is I am very passionate about you and olivia does not deserve you

    28. Ava Firmalo


    29. Lilly Stoll

      Love that I get a driver’s license song add before the video starts

    30. Terrific Tasty Treats

      All this drama between Olivia, Sabrina, and Joshua. Olivia made a song, about how Sabrina stole Joshua from her, Hate went to Sabrina, Sabrina made a song about how she doesn't care about the hate, I am a bit confused with this one.

    31. Marissa von Ratibor

      And is this about Olivia??

    32. Marissa von Ratibor

      Why the heck is there a dead horse

    33. hqkz

      So is he a cheater or not, I am confused, calm down bud.

    34. sunflowerxx

      wow Olivia is fighting over this guy, he doesn't deserve her

    35. HealFlor

      0:43 where I can buy this shirt

    36. Precious .E

      Bruh you are so rude you can tell she was hurt about the beak up and you are making a song like this. This is literally making it worse wow you’re so pathetic wtf is wrong with you 🥺

    37. chanice Ainsworth

      catchy but PLS STOP-

    38. Chloe Arobel

      Idk why but it feels like Josh got taller lol

    39. Bloxia Family

      Josh we have seen photos why try? Josh I dislike you soooooo much you just like cheating on people give up already stupid

    40. Shivani Priya

      Tell me I m not the only one here after Pamela's workout?! 😬💙

    41. Valentina Jacinto Hernandez

      The lip-syncing😳(No hate btw)oh wow how Ricky changed😳

    42. Xwole O

      Why the fuck are Olivia fans hating on the vid this has really good vibes, lyrics, and the music is awesome. He said he was working on the song a couple of years ago 🤦‍♂️

    43. Edgardo Taneo

      I love how everyone commenting here knows that this is just a story to sell.. this is just younger version of TS, KP and JM feud 😂😂😂

    44. Dramatic Nerd

      I didn’t know who this was until all the drama happened....

    45. Amber Renee

      Im the 10th million viewer😳

    46. musica hehe

      drivers license my favorite

      1. musica hehe


      2. The Petty Hub

        no one gives a flying tuck

    47. Macie McGlinchey

      Oh and also one last thing you’re copying Miss queen Olivia‘s music video drivers license find your own no shade no hate but it is a copy

    48. Macie McGlinchey

      One more thing I think everybody now knows this song is probably about Olivia I don’t know I’m the only one but I don’t think I am

      1. The Petty Hub

        @Macie McGlinchey he posted it a month ago but wrote it two years ago

      2. Macie McGlinchey

        @The Petty Hub oh I was still posted a moth ago

      3. The Petty Hub

        @Macie McGlinchey do your research, he wrote the song (originally called “I know” ) in 2019, as he shared a clip of it back then.

      4. Macie McGlinchey

        @The Petty Hub No he wrote that song a month ago

      5. The Petty Hub

        he wrote this song in 2019, educate yourself

    49. Macie McGlinchey

      Time for some beef so get your napkins out people 🥩🥩

    50. LUIS MARTE

      your the liar

      1. frootbox_editss YT


      2. The Petty Hub


    51. Potato

      Omfg not the drivers license tiktok ad before this song

    52. Sarah x

      No way!!!! I was the 10 millionth person to watch this vid!!!

    53. Music Diary

      Woah he’s good

    54. Happy Frogling

      He's like Shawn Mendes This sounds like "I know what you did last summer" 🤦‍♀️

    55. Vicki Hardesty

      Have you guys noticed how Joshua, Sabrina and Olivia are using the same car for their videos?

    56. Vicki Hardesty

      I love how sabrina and Joshua are talking about Olivia calling them out

      1. The Petty Hub

        this song has nothing to do with either of them

    57. Lavena Ballez

      dollar store i know what u did last summer kinda has the same beat i think lol

      1. The Petty Hub

        no it doesnt


      the fact when i click this video it shows a driver license ad -

    59. mcke9400 mcke9400

      omg she is cheting on you btw oliviea is nicer!!!!!!!!

    60. iamCharlottetoe

      This about Olivia

      1. The Petty Hub

        no its not

    61. alana j

      i find it unfair how so many people hate on him just cus they listened to olivias song but won’t bother to hear what he has to say . i feel for all of them

      1. The Petty Hub

        and half of them dont even know that this song isn't about olivia

    62. Quantaphia

      ok now I KNOW these 3 are doing a pr stunt

    63. Gon Freecss

      Imagine Olivias song was for two totally different people and Joshua and Sabrinas songs were gonna be posted at a different time but for views they did rn knowing y’all would watch them bc the drama

    64. Madeline Vermillion

      I thought he was gonna say I know what you did last summer😂

    65. Isabella Gabol

      All of it. you're the best

    66. isabella cohen


    67. isabella cohen

      mE bEfoR =OMG i LoVe the song mE nOw That I hErD SKIn and driver licence = OMG wait u dumb brat

    68. Hadassah Adejokun

      who's in your bed sabrina

    69. Tammy Kealy

      Who else thinks he wrote this about drivers licence/ Olivia. JK I love this song

    70. rjrjrj

      "but i still fucking love you babe" Why so mean tho

    71. Kriti V

      I came here from reading the comments on "I know what u did last summer"

    72. larry ziam niall mayne stylinson horron

      Atleast were getting some good songs from all these drama

    73. Milica milica

      Forget Sabrina and Olivia, I'M HEREEEEEE lol

    74. Tim Bolger

      Who is on Joshua’s side

    75. Божидара Йотова

      Може ли просто да коментираме как в началото това е literally песента на Тони Димитрова „Шепа пепел две сълзи”????

    76. Божидара Йотова

      Тhe other actors in the High School Musical: 👁️👄👁️

    77. Jasmin Castro

      The thing is after this song comes up driver’s license 😳

    78. Draco Malfoy

      Ok but who’s here *before* car accident

    79. Zoefyd

      You went from 🥰 to 😏🔥. Love you❤️

    80. Denise Bruschi

      Bruh Drivers lincense and Lie Lie Lie like comon also im with olivia why you leave her your flaut now i thinks its a war.

    81. Gabriel Sempertegui

      1:23 Sabrina Carpenter?

    82. Paola Germán

      Te enamoras, te ilusionas, le abres tu corazón a alguien y así es como te pagan y peor de hay!😒

    83. Jannah Mags

      who is watching this on their samsung fridge?? no just me? ok..

    84. grado renti .. the story of.trio drama.. its a disney fantasy. wats is the ending song

    85. Stipica P Scc Del

    86. Emma Ellis

      you and olivia rodrigo are AMAZING in the high school miusical ya'll are amazing together i love ya'll please respond back i am a big fan

    87. joseph lee

      Joshua you route that song saying you still love her she still loves you. JUST BACK TO GETHER WITH HER DUDE, LIKE WHAT THE HALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. Marge


    89. Isabella Shook

      You need to get back with Olivia she is so pretty and nice and you broke her hart and that is not ok so ask her out and the other girl your with who cares about her

      1. Irene Maria Ruiz Solano

        You're sick

    90. BunnyQueen

      Guys. Joshua wrote this about a fake friend. Not Olivia. Please stop talking about drama...

      1. Irene Maria Ruiz Solano

        The friend is supposed to be real

    91. rouge and amy pals

      My favorite part was the lies she told you

    92. A

      got an ad for drivers licence from tik tok lol

    93. Isabella Martinez

      they are talkin back to each other

    94. Isabella Martinez

      the one when you didnt curse

    95. Isabella Martinez

      i like it but why i think you talking about olivia rodrigo if so why you make this song she didnt lie and she still loves you and you made her doubt with SABRINA CARPENTER

    96. Esteban Arguedas

      Sounds like shawn Mendes

    97. Sophie Robinson

      can’t stop listen to this song. It’s sooooooo good

    98. yourmom

      what would she have lied ab? that she drove past your house? that she had feelings for you?

    99. Masho 03