Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (1 Hour Acoustic Version)

1 hour

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    1. Zu Asthree

      I love this song

    2. Paula Cox


    3. Therese Masi

      Totally melted my heart. I see a different side of Justin Bieber. Never judge.

    4. softiexpinkie

      I can't believe I'm going to say this...but I think I really like Justin Bieber now...never did until this song. He totally captured my attention and touched my heart with this personal story. Plus, he turned out mighty cute too in his wiser age!



    6. KA - 03MC 896095 Oscar Peterson PS

      I listen to this song when I play free fire

    7. Damien Garza

      🥺 was a really bad day for me to

    8. Damien Garza


    9. Damien Garza

      Me to

    10. Nancy Eileen Thompson

      Love the songs

    11. SydsGaming

      5:47 "cuz i've had everyyyyyyyyything but no ones listeninggggggggggggg"

    12. sandra Ferrington

      Love this song Justin , and we all have to go through bad times to grow up

    13. An Inspired

      Admiration for the fact that the life experience is transfered in to positivity. Keep on growing and coloborate with the people you have LEARN to trust. You are doing well! Don't anyone tell you different. You still inspire allot of people who, went through loneliness in other ways. You are working towards a closure of a difficult chapter in your life(called healing). :-)

    14. Helen Carolina Guillen Santana

      Puedo llorar sin parar !!! 💜💙🥺🇸🇳

    15. Invisible Individual

      FIRST! First 61 year old then. 👍🏻🤘🏻

    16. Frau Chen

      Poor him. So this is how you feel once you suceed in life. What's the point then?

    17. Marcin Maksymilian


    18. Dj

      makes me think of Britney spears and Michael jackson, prisoners to fame and ending up sick :(

    19. Dj

      I really feel for him, the lyrics, how he sings...it's like he is personally telling you. Can't stop listening to it, the intimacy is like the unforgettable "Nothing compares to you" by sinead o'connor

    20. Menica Vania


    21. Issa Wiggg

      i love it justin bieber

    22. C L

      Money and fame mean sh*t ! His soul is yearning for truth and love ❤️

    23. Artist Music


    24. Rachel Allen

      Everyone saw me sick...😭

    25. NickBRUH


    26. Dominic Drechsel


    27. Dominic Drechsel

      Justin bieber i know how you feel

    28. Angel Ortiz Ocmin

      Que triste sensación la de estar solo y triste y no poder llamar a nadie ni contárselo a alguien paras desahogarte, tienes que llorar a solas y luego hablar contigo mismo):

    29. Alpa Naqvi

      Whenever I fell sad I Listened This Song ❤🙂melodious Voice+Heart touching Voice 🙂🤭

    30. Pepe Mendez

      Something is off. Something is missing ❤

    31. Indriya Puji Septina

      Omg 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    32. Bahh Tee

      I love this song so much 😍😍😍

    33. Issa Wiggg

      i love it

    34. Damsak Perera


    35. Elder Uribe

      Quisiera poder entender esta soledad y tener una respuesta??? Dime qué sientes por qué estás callado.dime que cruza por tu mente dame una respuesta. No se no entiendo ni siquiera yo mismo este dolor. Mejor en vez de quererme arreglar dame mi espacio y si quiero llorar déjame llorar,gritar,tan solo quiero estar solo.

    36. a. b

      His voice is so healing

    37. Helena Jacobs

      This is my favourite song 👌💞✌❤pls realist a anther one again

    38. william Polo Obeso


    39. Martin Nuñez


      1. Martin Nuñez

        A love you an mi second foyur and pristen to you an de like and de pristen ........... 🤗

    40. High Lo

      Wutz that sound in the background (at 2 min 18 sec and thereafter)? sounded like a bullet shot.

    41. Solly Joe


    42. srijal kc

      never thought i would listen to same song over and over for an hour...by JB

      1. Dj

        Me neither! in love with this song!

    43. Delia Birnbaum

      Esta canción me toca mucho 😢😢😢😢😢😢♥️🙏



    45. Joong Nisaaa

      Everybody knows my name now But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself And seein' somebody else And everything is not the same now It feels like all our lives have changed Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down But it's killin' me now What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then, you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fuckin' lonely I'm so lonely Lonely Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that's the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did As an idiot kid What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then, you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fuckin' lonely I'm so lonely Lonely I'm so lonely Lonely

    46. maria manibog

      The song made me depressed for a whole f' day. I don't know why...then "shelter-in-place" in the bayarea will kick in again. Made it worse... God help me!

    47. Eric Falcon

      Hit home. 💴 THANK YOU! 💜

    48. Ms. Shabbbyfufu

      Why were the lyrics changed so much after the first release of this song?

      1. Ms. Shabbbyfufu

        @Tara B no the very first time with this song on SNL and the video it was quite a bit different except for the main chorus.

      2. Tara B

        Are you possibly thinking about "Holy"? It has a very similar sound but its a happier song. It had me confused cuz when he did it live he sung it mixed.

    49. Umbee BDA

      talent from a young age finding himself. incredible. thank you.

    50. njuaka akamin

      I have been watching this song for the past 5hrs and still watching it, I don't know if I will ever stop listening to his songs. He keeps getting better every day, he is always wonderful. Am sure he is a believer and knows Jesus Christ, only then will someone be this so good......

    51. Maya Nogues

      The voice really love it😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

      1. Waldy Almonte

        love you too and you have your 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    52. Maya Nogues

      Love this song😊😊😊😊

    53. cath salazar

      This is totally amazing. Ty’s dude u r the best dude wonderful song tys u just got me into your new music at 71 this is totally the real deal of who u r tys dude wow no words.............👍🇺🇸❤️🔥💯😻🙏☮️🥰💋🎼🎧

    54. Omnia Samy


    55. Feem

      Instrumental version!! 😍✨ hufast.info/plan/vide/hnnQdrSZqoebd4k

    56. Shauna Mcgrath

      Can relate to this so much you can feeling the pain in his voice just because you have everything doesn't mean your not lonely great song ❤️

      1. Average2x4

        Because youre a rich and famous person who has nobody to talk to... sure

    57. Gino Paolo Davila Cerna

      hermoso para todo el dia

    58. Juli Montenegro

      thank you for thissssss i love it

    59. roblox gamer

      cool song u the best youtube songs 1 hour😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    60. PUPI 400


    61. bryananthony Lim


    62. Kelvin Clarke

      JB the real deal!

    63. Turnup177

      Ill be honest some of Justin Biebers songs i didnt like but when i heard this song it hit me harder than any other song out there. This song made me so emotional and so heartfelt that i didnt realize what Justin went through and im sorry for criticising him. My heart goes out to you Justin.

    64. Anna Trunkfield

      Imagine being the most famous person in the world at FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. He didn't deserve that, I can't imagine the pain and loneliness he went through. People hated on him for literally no reason everyday, teenage years are always filled with bad choices and irresponsible behaviour... But ALL his mistakes were broadcasted to the world and ripped apart by the media. I have so much respect for Justin honestly. He's been through a lot.

    65. Hasmik Orbelian

      thank you sm for taking your time and making this

    66. Marcella Etsitty

      💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🥺😢 I have been a fan and always well be. You’re becoming a man and yes it hurts....people are stupid, but keep the faith. 🥰

    67. xNoKturnal Gamingx

      Lost my little brother back in 2016 , lost most of my friends so this song hits me , damn

      1. xNoKturnal Gamingx

        @Christine Belfast thank you 🙏

      2. Christine Belfast

        Love for you ❤️❤️❤️

      3. Martin Whelan

        Sorry brother

    68. guenaelle Berritane

      Je l'aime pas trop, mais cette chanson j'adore

    69. Love Life

      This is the first song that i had ever listen till 1 hr.

    70. Loralie Osgood

      Listening to the song totally makes me think of myself cuz I've everything and didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to!!! You keep keeping on kid cuz you're an amazing artist and I think you're wonderful!!!

    71. Olivia Roseiro

      emocionamte emuito sentimental, sempre apreciei as musicas de bibier mas esta foi demais

    72. JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n

      this song is so me if i lost my bff... :( people say im a freak..

      1. JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n

        @PokeyySnowMando awww thank you c:

      2. PokeyySnowMando

        No your not a freak I’ll give you a sub -from @PokeyyYTPlayz

    73. Candace Chow

      I'm tearing up here

    74. sandra logelin

      Never paid much attention to Justin Bieber. Wow, what a talent.

    75. Strangled in the world

      Bad away Ilile this sone.

    76. V1per O

      i did not like justin beiber now i m in love with him just because of this song

    77. Bruce Huang

      This song creates resonance between so many people. I tried to make people around me happy, try to take care my baby girl. But the ones that close to you, hurt you the most. It's hard when you have no one listen to you, feel for you. The effort you make is nothing. Well, people who feel this song, please be strong.

      1. arno nabuurs

        stop looking at people around you and stop trying to make others happy. Spend your effort on yourself for only when you help urself first you can help others. If you feel like Bieber, its because you suck yourself. Truth hits hard....

      2. Nettie Noona

        you sound like me, I try so hard up make others happy and get told too stfu, you talk to much, same way my mother was treated. I'm 54, my step sister is 50....I get the "I hate you, don't leave" same way my daughter treated me... maybe it's me

    78. Joey Albertson

      The perfect song to listen to thinking about your love ones you lost i just lost my sister im so lonely without her

      1. Joey Albertson

        @Name First it hurts more and more each day i lost my best friend thank you

    79. Joey Albertson

      Listen to this song makes me cry i ijust lost my sister i miss her so much i miss you ee my life not the same with out you in it

      1. Ahassanxadeo

        So sorry 🙏

      2. leandra pereira

        Unfortunately life is uncertain. And along it we received several blows. Have faith ... be strong! I wish with all my heart that God will support you and your entire family. 🇧🇷❤ 

      3. Lee's Automotive

        So sorry for your loss

      4. ANASZ 786


      5. Martin Whelan

        I'm so sorry for your loss

    80. Holly Dolly

      This song is soo good and he sounds ssoooo GOOD!!

    81. Barret Stewart

      My song.... Really, no one ever listenes to me... I just smile it off- The actual feeling is me crying... I feel you, man- ... Pain...

      1. JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n

        @Name First then leave me alone and let my live the way i live and you live the way you live and when you have a hard fast life you can change it.

      2. JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n

        @Name First hold up how do you know so much? plus if i lost that friend i would be like that but i get called a freak all the time and i never said that it wasn't just me ik it others to. o don't take it the wrong way im just a 13 year old who has trouble and i bet you do to but that doesn't mean you can be mean and take things the wrong way.

      3. JULเᗩna_MorᎶ卂n

        im same here... i have only one best friend.. but if we break it up... then idk what i will do... it feels like no one under stands..

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    83. Yan D

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    84. Sasha Kush

      alone [əˈlōn] ADJECTIVE having no one else present; on one's own. lonely [ˈlōnlē] ADJECTIVE sad because one feels as if they have no one. You might not be alone, but you could feel lonely as hell. Just because Justin might have the money, the fame, the love, the fans, doesn't mean he can't feel lonely.

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    86. Yaëlle Richard

      Cette musique me remet en n question et elle me fait pleurer 🥺😔😞je pense que personne ne maimera sait juste sa sinon bonne nuit 😔😞

    87. Yaëlle Richard

      Je pleure depuis 45 minute 😞😞

      1. jean pacifique rugora

        les paroles sont encore plus profonde que la melodie

      2. Izzat Ruszaini

        Moi aussi :( c'est très calme et triste, :'(

    88. Medico india

      Good job 😌

    89. sue coles

      From someone who has experienced the kind of pain you have, you touched my soul with your words, i wish you a blessed recovery. x SC

    90. Its hichem

      cant stop hearing this great music

    91. Jean Paul Azzurro


    92. Colton Maxey

      What a legend everyone deserves to sub to this guy.

    93. Roberta Ioana

      like this a lot

    94. candyallison26

      He did perfect. Low everything. I predict many remakes of high pitched women soon. But you cant get better than this. Try it all you want. This is INTIMATE ..

    95. Histreasure

      Beautiful!!! Voice is amazing!

    96. Raquel Jesus

      Se depender de amor, sempre estarás cercadinho de muitíssimo carinho forever. Te amo lindamente, anjo😍💜💜

    97. Alexandre Lamadeleine

      this is what i needed

    98. Mindy Issigaitok


    99. Mindy Issigaitok

      nice songs JB