Justin Bieber - Lonely (with benny blanco) & Holy (Live From The AMA’s / 2020)

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    1. Nadia Aslam

      Justin gets better and better I can't stop listening to him.

    2. Gabi Draż


    3. Carla Almeida

      Como esta música me faz sentido neste momento

    4. Silvia Marziotti

      His voice so touching

    5. 『кιм. мlσ』

      I am obsessed with this music🦋🦋💓💓

    6. Michell Simpson

      This performance brought me to tears I felt that pain

    7. Michell Simpson

      This performance and song is so powerful....🔥🔥🔥🔥

    8. filmy adda

      Justin biber 😑 DRAKE : 😍

    9. MP Noob Gaming


    10. Jeni Luvs Jay

      I felt that. ❤️



    12. Connie me me me

      Define he ? U are on my sons u tube . And so if u want to pick a song he will play for u or sing and he will make u fame . Up to u I'm just saying .

    13. GFR AlokWPlays

      The voice is the point and good

    14. Paul Poveromo

      A beautiful song.

    15. خالد سحاري

      استغفر الله امسح صنم استغفر الله تر الله الي خلاقك لاحوف ولا قوت الا بله استغفر الله استغفر الله استغفر الله سبحان الله

    16. Krystal Henderson

      Best singer

    17. Nicholas WIlliams

      He wearin JNCO’s?

    18. HellzFuryRC

      Nothing but respect for this man... We all make mistakes... We are not created to be perfect. What we must do is learn from our mistakes and grow.... And he definitely has. 👏👍

    19. ohh yes oh course

    20. Camila

      te entendo Bieber 🇧🇷🤧

    21. Camila

      essa música 😭

    22. Veneita Bailey

      God love you Justin

    23. mundo da diversão crianças

      Que live em muito boa

    24. Warda Bachtiar

      Justin bieber

    25. Juultje Metske

      I love you Justin! 😍😘 kisses from the Netherlands.♡ I'm Christian to♡ Kisses to Hailey 2😘

    26. Valerie TACADENA

      I just love his music now, been playing again and again, holy, lonely, anyone, 10k hours..

    27. XxXNaomi coreXxX

      i remeber when he was still younger his hair is different

    28. Bunny Lang

      The cross! That was it. That is what I was going to say. The cross is a crossing over , a bridge from this, live in the world but not of it, rise above it. Holy, Holy Holy Holy. Amen 01202021, and me 01212021 :)

    29. Bunny Lang

      Yeah, wise men say fools rush in, (I totally forgot what I was going to say, hahaha)

    30. Bunny Lang

      I have felt lonely, plenty. That feeling of being all alone. Ir'a painful. XOXO

    31. Bunny Lang

      You are the best when you are live and yourself, your freestyle, your heart. Blessings to You, Holy Angel, You Are Holy.

    32. Bunny Lang

      I Love my Heavenly Holy Father, Creator, Pure White Light. I send Love and Light to you, Justin Bieber, from the time I was introduced to you and your music, 2015. I am, today, 58. And since I met you--via this video reality I have loved you and I bless you, and send you light. Holy Angels protect you always and in all ways.

    33. Bunny Lang

      OMG okay, moving on from 1:04 I see it. I can see it. From what I can feel from my own experience and perspective. I love you, I appreciate you. I also love your video, I'll Show You. So Beautiful. I cannot tell you enough, how much I appreciate you when you are yourself, free.

    34. Bunny Lang

      Just the beginning, I'm at 1:04, Celebrating History 01202021, and my birthday, today, 01212021, and listening to you bridging the space between. God Bless my Bieber. OMG, I'm 58 today, and I love you like a sun.

    35. Jean Veloso

      Aqui está o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando!

    36. Maryanna Thurston

      Your of Great value and worth beyond what you think

    37. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    38. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    39. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    40. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    41. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    42. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    43. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    44. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    45. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    46. skinny legend

      He didnt deserve the hates he got 😭

    47. Karolina Celitan

      Wow you are amazing! Omg I said it. Now you are a real artist...

    48. AIDA CISSE

      I love him since 2012and still love him from Senegal

    49. rhonda morris

      my mom cryd when she listin to this song she sid i think that he is taking about him self i think his so i will pry for him god bless you justin bever sorry for saing your name rung i don t relly noe how to spell i am only 11 iesosd mt self

    50. Laura Pinti

      X=Why are u a Belieber? Me= cause my idol makes me feel better every day. Cause he is the sweetest person I ever seen and people don’t know it. Cause he fight for Justice. Cause his voice is so damn gorgeous. Cause he try to do his best. Cause he always says to believe in our dreams. Cause he is so beautiful ( yes he is) aaaa his voice yeah I know said it but his voice it’s too 😍 and when he smiles I smile too cause I’m happy when he is happy I don’t know why. So what’s my dream? I just wanna meet him and I wanna tell him that no matters what happen, we beliebers are always here for you. That he is the best and he should never gives up cause I believe in him. I wanna say to him that he isn’t lonely. No he isn’t. Love you💜

    51. Laura Pinti

      “No one’s listening” we beliebers are always here for you. We support you. We pray for you. So why? We try to do our best for our idol

    52. Theo Emmerson

      What he sad it was for the past🤔🤔🤔

      1. Theo Emmerson


    53. Oliver Benjamim

      very bad

    54. raghu babu

      Love you bro....

    55. Beth Parker

      So awesome. Sounds better love than recorded. Sign of a true artist. Love these!!!!

    56. Maria Sophia sena

      Qm fala português 👉

    57. edwin rojas

      gracias porque haces bien tu trabajo (hablo de tocar fibras de trasportar en el tiempo a las personas que escuchan la canción con letra, música y todo lo que la forma)

    58. Carolina Vergara

      Te amoooo

    59. Elizabeth Cruz

      Yaaaaasss Justin, we’ll back you up to fight the people that hurt you!!

    60. Wesley Ferree

      This dude's AMAZING, THAT WAS LIVE FOO!!!

    61. 으이구

      Justin Bieber♡ You have such a wonderful voice.

    62. Khalia Hall

      Heard this for the first time in my uber yesterday, and staring crying. I didnt even realize it was justin bieber until i looked it up after work. Now im obsessed

    63. Marie Harris


    64. Jear Rivera

      He sacrificed his childhood to give us ours.

    65. Vinicius Correia


    66. Akinola Mercy

      Its more sad when you have nobody to talk to. And people you cared about just start acting weird😿

    67. Marie Ferriera


    68. Pip Jongerius

      i love it

    69. Eugene Taetea

      But no one gave a .........?

    70. im monar

      so goooood


      bro u are stronger than u think. the real legend

    72. Tania IG darrenchplouis1dlove

      You just made a new fan

    73. ashley suero

      I love you

    74. Ruth Nascimento

      nunca vou superar...aí meu coração

    75. PokeMonica19

      Love this

    76. Zoram Thari

      God bless you

    77. yasmin Moreira pinho Yasmin Moreira pinho

      Justin Bieber lindo ❤️

    78. Mrs Witzy ツ

      Your voicee😍😍

    79. Alejandro Morales

      El evangelio ahora es tuyo ve y prédica ve' y cantarle al mundo de las grandezaSssss del poder de Papitto" Díos' Amén

    80. Alejandro Morales

      Bien venido al reinó de Jehová., Bendito Jesús que te conoció mi hermanó"

    81. Laura Coulston

      With nobody to call. Maybe then you'd know me... Gets me everytime

    82. Bloxburg. _. SpeedRooms

      Biber szczurze to ty 🪦

    83. Bloxburg. _. SpeedRooms

      Ej biber bo mi kot umarl z zawalu na tym momencie 0:00

    84. Chance Wittner

      You the man beibs. God has a lot in store for you. Praying for you man

    85. Maite Ibañez

      LONELY & HOLY 💝😃💝😃 Solitario & Sagrado 👌 ok.

      1. Yesenia Bruh

        Yesehiamohcayo jdjimdl8d dk👩‍❤️‍👨✨🥂😘🙀👍🖤🤎💙💚🤍🧡❤️💛

    86. Marinos Christoforides

      epic performance, epic vocals , epic comeback! cheers

    87. Ingrid Beatriz


    88. Ingrid Beatriz


    89. Junyde Abdullah

      Im your fans since You with Jelena(S.G), So sad to see you like this, but i hope you can make comeback ❤️💪

    90. Leah Coyle

      Yeah Justin, you are putting out the haters left and right. He’s sounds perfect, better Than the studio cut👌🏼👌🏾👌🏿

    91. MrCaiyawat


    92. Rxul

      When chancetherapper isn't there for Holy 😔

    93. Thoreau

      To the sound / recording folks, we see you.

    94. Merman Terren

      It’s like he was really talking to himself in the beginning

    95. Roberto Gonzalez

      I love u JB

    96. Mariana Oliveira


    97. W. K.

      The second song sounds a lot like it's heavily inspired by the solo songs of that singer from DC Talk. What's his name, again? Tommy Mac? Toby Mac? Bieber sounds like him here

    98. Kalyne na Espanha

      I just loved this performance. So honest. I never realized how good singer he is, his vocals are so stable throughout the whole thing. And the choreography part is just relaxed like it was made up right on the spot. 👏

    99. Kem Pos


    100. Patar Sinaga

      The king