Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rapper

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    Holy out now: JustinBieber.lnk.to/Holy
    The new era has begun for Justin Bieber with his first single HOLY featuring Chance the Rapper. So much more to come.
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    Director - Colin Tilley
    Producers - Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Jamee Ranta, Whitney Jackson
    Management - SB Projects
    Cinematographer - Elias Talbot
    Production Designer - Brandon Mendez
    Colorist - Bryan Smaller
    Editor - Vinnie Hobbs

    Starring: Ryan Destiny, Wilmer Valderrama

    #Holy #JustinBieber #ChanceTheRapper

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    1. DJ

      They got evicted from their apartment but justin got a thick ass gold necklace on and the women has a gold necklace and gold earrings 🤔😑. If your going do a video about relating to the common man you should have put a part in the video where you take that shit to the pawn shop to get some money.

    2. Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel

      Where's Ed Sheeran?

    3. Jeanpaul Scerri

      You rock justin best song yet for me

    4. Soleil Moonguy

      Have you googled the patents to curing aids yet or seen the work in nigeria and africa. Especially mr gallo...... not callo. Hey did you know that a yute is a jamaican kid?????? Please tell at least two friends.

    5. A. Alix

      This video is about the #CreativeSociety . That's how we should really live - helping one another and with God in our hearts. After all, we are all one, a single whole. #CreativeSociety it's a global trend and I am fully convinced that's how we should live. United we can build such a society and ... just never give up!

    6. Pri Nce

      Lot of people talk about Alan walker but I think no can defeat this man

    7. Alyzabeth 101

      It's amazing how you've changed! I can't believe how far you have come and how far you will go.🙏

    8. Yoshioka

      God bless you ☺

    9. Muhammad Fuad Ardiansyah

      Yang kesini karena REWIND INDONESIA 2020 gausah like

    10. hello there

      0% curse 1% dirty liyrics 100% holy

    11. sweeto

      Like Lionel Messi .. LOL

    12. José Salazar

      tremendo hit se mandó justin

    13. Wendy Martinez

      Hoy este MV tiene más sentido luego de que Joey Biden cancelará el proyecto de oleoducto keystone xl

    14. Diana Iene

      You r going r direction.... soulful

    15. Fatto Catto


    16. Sandra Argote

      Hay alguien que able español

    17. Sandra Argote


    18. beastdog 345

      Still not gonna forgive Salazar for free Menendez and destroying the USS Obama

    19. Anthony Woodhouse

      Fuck it , I hated this guy as a teenybopper but this is a fine track , hands down- talented

    20. YT.Cheese

      Holy fuck that 70's show just flooded back to me

    21. Scott Hewitt

      Greys anatomy meets deep water horizon, pfft

    22. Kelsey Lay

      This made my car shake on 10! 😂

    23. Florence Mbah

      5:00 how can u eat in that clothes,my mummy won't even let me,lol. Just kidding u look great in all u wear ♥️

    24. Jack Ford

      The impossible need functionally embarrass because slash explicitly wrap within a clear bamboo. exciting exclusive, second-hand example

    25. Sandra Gonzalez

      Dog nackwards

    26. Sandra Gonzalez

      Good luck people turning to God 4 now

    27. Aɴɪxᴀʟʟᴀ

      I love this song!♥︎♥︎

    28. Shari Sims

      who else is watching this in 2021?

    29. Jose Santos

      God bless! ✝️

    30. Lauren Manuel

      Love this song

    31. Ian Ngigi

      This song spoke alot beiber...The message love❤

    32. Maximo Gil

      The best video ever....

    33. Blxberry u-u

      No ones gonna talk about how the love interest in this music video is giving me Veronica Fisher from Shameless vibes? Or is that just me- 😂

    34. Marissa Leonard

      This video is so inspirational, touches my soul. I love how Bieber uses his voice to inspire , unlike some , praises the Lords name as well on some other tracks , uses his voice to spread the Lords word! The way it should be ! So much respect for JB!!


      where the hell is Haliey and arent yall possed to have a BABY wtf is Ryan Destiny and what is she to u?

    36. Nicolette Flemix

      Another song so very close to how I feel inside and your lyrics formed my words. Thank you Justin ❤ I wish u could hold me so I could feel holy too 🤭

    37. Jesús Carvajal

      This justo madre me realise how

    38. Esmayren Rashell Davila Martinez


    39. Nailah Muhammad

      HOLY HOLY HOLY HOLY 😖😢😭 Oh my god this is the saddest song I have ever saw 😢😭🤧 I cannot stop crying 😭

    40. Teresa cardona

      This song always gives me chills. Love it!

    41. Laura Pożarowszczyk


    42. YucidFN

      nobody not even me maybe you 9 Year Olds:ThIs iS mY FrInD jUsTiN hE iS cRaCkEd aT fOrTnItE

    43. Fear files Hiroshima

      I forget to mention that when i saw yall send its over in this video i thought ya'll pulled out then the people had enough money to continue and taged teamed with the government because apparently they said im racist and then i saw a bunch of natives surroundings me so its my perspective was like that for a long time. But anything i did wrong forgive me.

    44. Fear files Hiroshima

      I just want to get this off my chest give me a chance not a hand out i still have alot to learn im still childish i broke down in durban i couldn't handle responsibility. Id like to take the little that in have and find myself a small job. And learn whats adulthood like i stoped at 20 the only thing grown i know is to drive i can't even use the bank properly. Can't cook, clean. Plz understand my perspective its changed like 3 times. But when i found out ya'll aren't here to help i broke down im shocked. Plz don't leak this to mortals. Give me one chance that's all i ask ill find myself a basic job in manufacturing and even use a phone like my grannies ill never watch ill never make a comment on you guys again. Im not sure whether i suffer from bi polar i go through manic stages and sad stages on a regular. Plz don't break my heart and tell me this was the only option. Im broken down knowing you guys are not here to help and shocked. Its coming from the heart i even wrote and death letter. Plz if theres another way to live and start from scratch i beg of ya'll. Thanks YOU.

    45. Daisy Duke

      Thank you🙏

    46. Raghda Elgenidy

      I love it! This is such a beautiful song!

    47. Fear files Hiroshima

      So plz understand my perspective and half of the things ya'll were speaking i couldnt understand i have a dent in the back of my head. When boris spoke i burst out in tears because of this information. If its me i beg for forgiveness but if its bigger than I have to take my cross to the grave. It will break my heart if my perspective killed me and not the cross. I haven't watched this video but im sending a message not talking about a particular person or topic. If ya'll have the power to give me a chance to get a job and start from scratch. Ill forever remember the chance ya'll gave me. I want to move on with my life. Plz under my perspective i knew ya'll are a force on another level i thought ya'll pulled out. Hopefully the higer realms will communicate and ill get forgiven for my folly and childish behaviour.

    48. Fear files Hiroshima

      I swear i made a mistake i thought ya'll pulled out and that people took things in there own hands. With the sa government. I thought yall are her to help me. I asked for forgiveness my perspective was wrong. And was it me bigger than me. Was my life meant to be taken? Or could yall give me grace i beg of ya'll. I was taking out my frustration on mortals i swear. My surroundings. Ya'll are on another level i can't even beat joe in a race with his age. So

    49. Tokki Blossom

      I love the end of the song the few mins of it ❤️

    50. Durthea Charles

      I had sent with white men before it was totally interesting

    51. Daniel Pannunzio

      What about the Holy music about Jesus? When come?

    52. Boiton

      I hear this song everyday♥️🥰

    53. V0LT MAMBA

      Chance just made the song worse

    54. Nidia Sanchez

      me gusta mucho esta canción

    55. Victoria Ramos

      How come he is always sleeping with a new girl 😂 like in the end of popstar with his dog he was sleeping with that girl

    56. Kelsey Davis

      Justin Bieber and Chance the rapper were singing about the hard times that we are all facing. Justin has changed a lot and for the good. When he says "Don't think that I'll be saint" he is talking about times where he screwed up, no he is not talking about Jesus at that point, he is talking about himself. I love this song and I can sing it with out looking at the lyrics on the lyric videos.

    57. Chhai Soklim

      i am fan from Cambodia🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭

    58. Sara Ismail

      JB is my fav artist❤️

    59. Sara Ismail

      Justin has the most beautiful voice in the world❤️

    60. Sara Ismail

      His voice is magical 😍

    61. Sara Ismail

      King ❤️

    62. Sara Ismail


    63. Sara Ismail

      Still obsessed with this song 😍

    64. My favorite singer isJB

    65. F Z

      This so touching my heart , i love so much justin hope you know it ..

    66. Spencer Pinque

      3:58 -- IT'S FEZ!!!

    67. Om Trivedi

      2010:baby,baby,baby 2015:sorry,sorry,sorry 2020:yummy,yummy,yummy 2020:holy,holy,holy

    68. April Yates

      Talk about a major spiritual moment! 😌

    69. Cronatis

      Imagine singing at work

    70. M. Collier

      LOL... Bieber doing a hard days work? Comedy GOLD!

    71. neci danpat

      is it just me or the girl playing his gf changed

    72. Azzy A

      i love you

    73. Teodors Grosbards

      I hate to break it but hes in the top7 of most popular women

    74. Invictus Gaming

      Justin’s Character development 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    75. Callie Louw


    76. Callie Louw


    77. Callie Louw


    78. Callie Louw

      God is with us at all times and he is your true saviour

    79. Callie Louw


    80. Callie Louw


    81. Callie Louw


    82. Callie Louw


    83. Callie Louw


    84. Callie Louw

      If you don't like this song you are a satanist who nobody really likes

    85. Arantza Sanchez

      not this song making me cry

    86. Michael Crisologo

      I LOVE THIS AMEN!! 🙏❤️

    87. Vannak Sao

      I'm a cambodian fan🇰🇭💚 #Still love You JB💓👏

    88. Sheetal Kumari

      U can't define a person just through their songs, I love..... Salena gomez bcz inspite of those things , she said respect people, so I can respect people but not their actions

    89. Erika Maria

      I prayed for you, man. And I'm so happy to see that you've found Our Lord!!!!

    90. marcus Hamilton

      Once this video ends he's going back to his mansion with 20 cars he doesn't give a shit about us makes me laugh he doesnt have a clue how much people suffer.

    91. Mehdi vlogs2020

      I loved it so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    92. Sudeep Roy

      Holy moly..you are my 2 second hero in this whole world..btw 1st is my late father,💗

    93. Young Orange

      Who is still here in 2021?

      1. Airiey Along

        Me...heheheh im from malaysia🇲🇾i love this song...

      2. Silvestre Almanza

        ✋🏾✊🏽 me

      3. basil ibraa


      4. Florence Mbah

        Me me

      5. KKevan

        We never left :D

    94. Carlos Cruz

      She looks like Lauren Hill

    95. Dem0n Days

      This is a good song. I heard it on the radio and thought, aww sean mendez did another classic. Happy to find out it was JB cause God knows I can't tell them apart. Also, Chance killed it.


      pogi ako

    97. Emiliano Nunez

      I fil bad

    98. Kt Pie

      This made me realize how much hes grown in front of our eyes

    99. Andrea Jimenez

      Can't get enough of this xxx