Justin Timberlake - Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

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    1. Daniel Collier

      amazing performance, just wish he sang more.

    2. Red Roses

      Wasn’t this man banned from Superbowl? Anyhow still sucks

    3. Arelis Colon

      It was a good performance not great. Top 15

    4. Mohicans

      Dope performance. Glad you loaded it. Can't recall why I missed it that year. But I see now why everyone was talking about it.

    5. Mohicans

      🙂JT a.k.a white chocolate been killin ish a long time bro. Proud of you fam. You left the O and have rep'd for us back here quite well over the years. Keep showing'em what excellence looks like man.

    6. Angela Pedrosa


    7. Princess Acuzar

      The arrangement is mad supernatural!

    8. Radka Petrovičová

      The energy of the crowd is everything!! (idk if they told them to do so but I don't really care)

    9. Cara Howell

      Just came from Tom Petty's then Prince's halftime show!

    10. Jesús Badillo Badillo

      Justin a complete artist, master

    11. Belle LIU

      So many dance moves during the show omggg Justin actually did an amazing job!!!!!😭✨💕💕

    12. Anggraini Kosmetik

      Still THE BEST for me!!!!! 😭😭 Love you, Justin 💕

    13. Deeyan kewl

      Justin timberlake ,Justin Bieber 💜💜💜

    14. Noah Jackson 20

      There could've been a bit more energy in the crowd

    15. Allan Murillo

      WTF is no one talking about this amazing LIVE band. No one plays live in these things.

    16. Geviper

      Anyone who says this halftime show, obviously doesn't like any halftime shows. Open your eyes to new things people, everything doesn't have to stay the same. Quit hating on people because they made it in life, if you're so jealous of that why don't you try to make it big.

    17. Jason Brown

      A bottle of red and now I’m watching Super Bowl half time shows and I live in Australia.

    18. Brian Allen

      This is hands down the best Super Bowl performance.... musically!!!

    19. davebancos

      One thing I don’t necessarily like about Justin Timberlake performances is that he doesn’t sing a lot. At concerts it’s ok cuz people are there for the concert, but at a sports event you gotta do a little more cuz people in the stadium and most people watching at home ( emphasis on *most* ) for the game.

    20. Melissa Ferrell

      Chris brown for halftime show. Said it.

    21. Carlie Porter

      the BEST halftime performance

    22. Mara MAIGA

      Respect ❤️❤️

    23. Sreeparvathy.P

      This guy makes really classy songs which we can jam out to in a party 🤣🤣🤣

    24. K I U


    25. Paige Greene

      Y’all are saying he’s more of an actor bruhhhh, he is known for his music, he was in a boy band. And he carries the title of king of hip hop, no not “pop” hip hop, two very different things

      1. Akinlabi Omo-Oso

        I'm pretty sure it's "king of pop," MJ's successor.

    26. Allsmoke 23

      Mediocre and overproduction. Y’all Caucasian ppl are so easily entertained. A few hops and skips and you’re just so amazed.

    27. Francine Verhecke

      Justin Timberlake J’ai regardé The 20/20 Expérience World Tour :Live in iceland Bravo Tu est un super chanteur j’aime beaucoup toutes tes chansons ❤️🇫🇷

    28. Adele Chedgey

      Those flashing lights aren't good for Epilepsy as i wish they'd realise by now!

      1. Paige Greene

        Thank you my grandma could never watch the halftime shows because of her epilepsy, it used to be her favorite

    29. Dorelin Escalante

      He can sing and dance for a long period of time, he's so professional and talented! great performance!!! One of the best!

      1. Cerulean Prince

        He still didn’t deserve to perform this after what happened with Janet Jackson.

    30. Siddharth Dileep

      I wanted to see the selfie kid!

    31. thiago emannuel

      foda pra caraiooo

    32. Leandro Cayao

      That superbowl was incredibly boring. Bruno Mars did it better.

    33. Sr Sherlock

      Prince of pop!

    34. Raphael Budhrani

      Wtf? How could people think this performance was bad? It was absolute 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Cerulean Prince

        He didn’t deserve to perform after what happened with Janet Jackson.

    35. Sammy G


    36. Sambulo Sphakamiso

      The band absolutely murdered this perfomance,wow

    37. Carlos

      The 1st's music name? Please please please...

      1. Sr Sherlock

        Filthy hufast.info/plan/vide/nHePg6mPxmSdemg

    38. Rainbow Rose

      Hes amazing still now. Great songs, missed listening to them. Such a great performance and performer. We love you JT. There is nobody like him still today. Amazing.

    39. Rainbow Rose

      awwww amazing, great singer and dancer, theres only one JT.

    40. Rainbow Rose

      theres only one JT

    41. Nassi Againnam

      Did this actually get bad feedback?? To me it's just...awesome !!!!

      1. Cerulean Prince

        He didn’t deserve to perform after what happened with Janet Jackson.

    42. Arnold Sherrill

      Everyone needs to really appreciate this and the other halftime shows in the age of covid-19 it may be a while before we see something like this again

    43. Paul john A. Medina

      Is this bad? /then whats good?

      1. Cerulean Prince

        He didn’t deserve to perform after what happened with Janet Jackson.

    44. Robert W. Rogers

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    45. Timothy Letushko

      Bass lick at 5:14👀👀

    46. Jennifer Del Rosario

      I didnt even know of this performance but I LOVEEEE IT

    47. hipolito espinoza jr

      This was probably one of the best super bowl halftime show I have ever seen this man has class!!! HE SHITTED ON THIS SHOW BADASS

    48. Sarai Lita

      idk why people thought this was a terrible performances i loved it ever since! We love a good dancer and signer!!

      1. My Soul is Crying JUSTICE

        Singer I guess 😂

    49. Gengar Bully

      America is a Crazy Country Lol

    50. Ксения Хабчук


    51. Erika davis

      I got to give him credit having a marching band on feild for suit and tie was honestly perfect

    52. Teresa Hutchins

      Dammm he's talented. Goooo Justin!!

    53. Μαρία Φραντζεσκάκη

      Bro I feel bad because I never listened to Justin before ( just the 2 most popular ones) and right now a little obsession might begins but I feel bad cause I feel that I’m late-

    54. paige nwokie

      This performance was great, the only problem is the choice of outfit. If he was dressed better it would have elevated the entire performance from a 7/10 to the 10/10 it deserves. That damn deer-camo suit is just pitiful 😔

    55. E W

      If only he wasn’t stuck in the woods when he did this performance:/

      1. Poo


    56. Mitchell Goldschmidt

      Is it me or dose it feel like it so low

    57. H Monk

      Fake crowd, no atmosphere, songs not great, no build up....man so many reasons to dislike, fake crowd reaction is top of the list.

    58. nr99

      This performance didn’t deserve the hate it got.

    59. Dwayne Hendricks

      The Weeknd is performing at the next Super Bowl! Will do better than Justin? 👀

    60. Daniel Somerman

      Who do people hate this so much. The eagles won. 😂

    61. M

      Man took advantage of the whole damn football field. What a legend!

    62. Lexie Lopez

      I am loving this, anybody else?

    63. Ibella Green

      The band is incredible , right on point never missing a beat. 🥁🎷🎺🎸🎹🎻🎼

    64. Jacqueline Contemplo

      i dont know why they hate it. it gives me goose bump! and each transition was very clean! he didnt need any other artist give a spice in the performance because he alone lights it up!!

    65. Dan Bin

      Great W.O.W

    66. This Charming LoveHound

      maybe they should have a live birth next year for half time since that's what it takes to entertain ppl now

    67. Old Schooler

      What an awesome show....

    68. Gina Benak


    69. Chris Jarman

      Good lord, this was brilliant. All these years later - and watching it with fresh eyes . . . I loved it then, but now I realize his brilliance. Epic performance

    70. 33cheekz

      This is soooooo gooood!!!! I love this!!

    71. Maggie and Scott Todd

      Best half-time I’ve seen!

    72. ANGEL EVER

      The king 🎶👑

    73. Ziggy Pop

      Basically every song he has done became a world hit..this guy is probably the last living real popstar around

    74. aidan norton

      ngl... never thought id say JT looked stiff af in the beginning

    75. Isabel Cobos León

      Eres único

    76. Zer0 1one

      This is being critisized because he don't have Lucille with him... 😅

    77. Hello There Folks

      what the hell this is actually so good, I refuse to believe people hated on this

    78. carlos garcia

      the man of my life

    79. Robert W. Rogers

      Always amazing

    80. skate shack sample

      the theme to happy days

    81. 배호진

      무슨생각으로. 십년전 노래. 재탕하고 있는걸까

    82. JROB


    83. Elizabeth Atkinson

      who's watching this in 2020

    84. EB SC

      Absolutely killed it! 🔥

    85. Neurenir Alcântara

      Que show fantástico e demais e inspirador e Lindo esse trabalho, maravilhoso e demais, demais, demaisssssssss!

    86. Loree Davis

      Wow! ❤️❤️❤️

    87. Alejandro Alanis

      had to have been NSYNC for it to be the perfect night!

    88. Diego Milfaces


    89. Chick3n Dipp3rz

      Covid be watching this thinking..."let me introduce myself "


      justin soy tu fan

    91. Jessica Ortiz M


    92. Emily J

      A lot of people say it’s boring cause it low key kinda is but it is the SUPERBOWL You need entertainers, that’s why the Bruno Mars, Beyoncé , shakira, and Jlo ones were amazing cause there’s a huge dance number and it’s multiple people. Even tho JT is amazing, it was lacking for a Super Bowl, but still great

    93. Zefanya Trinitatis

      the only thing that i love from this performance is prince i would die 4 you

    94. Dang Totoh

      This is the best half time show.... i think

    95. ツ

      Now that's a performance.

    96. Carlfrancis Alburo

      Can someone give me their top 5 halftime nfl perfirmances?

    97. JD Lite

      Best one ever. Ya well I'm as old as these super bowls - in fact I might've been conceived during the halftime of the first one...! To much dancing in thus one for that. Hahaha.