Katy Perry's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show! | Feat. Missy Elliott & Lenny Kravitz | NFL


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    Check out the iconic Super Bowl 49 halftime show, starring Katy Perry! Also featuring Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz...and Left Shark!
    Songs include: Roar, Dark Horse, I Kissed a Girl (feat. Lenny Kravitz), Teenage Dream, California Gurls, Get Ur Freak On & Work It (feat. Missy Elliott), and Firework.
    00:35 Roar
    1:57 Dark Horses
    3:11 Lenny Kravitz appears/ I Kissed a Girl
    4:26 Teenage Dream
    5:49 Left Shark
    6:10 California Gurls
    7:21 Missy Elliot appears/ Get Ur Freak On
    8:27 Work It
    9:05 Lose Control
    9:56 Firework
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    1. Elizabeth Sanders

      shorturl.ca/girlprivateonlineeprh MY 18+ PHOTOS & VIDEOS😍 Horror includono il download di film spesso il predetto bene il tutto onestà , ma di non ! zmaterializowanej bez rysowania uwagę na siebie

    2. Amy B.

      She's so bad at singing live.

    3. yaz Ochoa

      yeah!! who is watching nov 2020 ? :D

    4. Cantu Caty

      No puedo dejar de mirar este show, es tan maravilloso!

    5. Olga Victoria Fernandez Ortiz

      Todo estaba bonito hasta que entró la rapera, no pasa nada.

    6. Rafael Assunção

      this is iconic. i love this since the day i watched it for the first time. It's funny too se that she was lipsyncing to a pre recorded track the whole show but she made it so greeeaat i respect her for that

    7. PonUnPandaEnTuVida

      Just watched this after the Super Bowl 2020. Bleh.

    8. Jsin LSB 2

      One of the best halftime shows, if not The Best.

    9. Fer Trujillo

      Estaría de lujo una canción Katy y Missy

    10. Karla Vazquez

      De los mejores medios tiempos, vengan de a uno.

    11. Jenny Serbalik

      not katy being in the way of missy elliot

    12. Angel Grace Sullano

      ROAR MV PARODY of Accountancy students 🤣😅 facebook.com/watch/?v=804628053431355

    13. maya thomas

      Go Britt benae!!

    14. Jeremias Hernandez

      Katy Perry is perfect

    15. MIHEE KIM

      I guess that no one likes roar

    16. Xidiga KL

      Here for 👑 missy ellioit

    17. waylon plemmons

      Kinda rude that there’s a football game in the middle of her concert

    18. Rahul

      I wish I was one of the palm trees atleast at 4:38

    19. 윤띠띠

      커플상어만 아니었음 진짜 쵝온데,

    20. Dimitrios Desmos

      back then when she started to discover our connection.

    21. Anna Tughushi

      2:12 that walk 🥰🙈

    22. polynesianpuppet

      THIS IS A HALFTIME SHOW! APART FROM MADONNA, the rest were flops

    23. MIHEE KIM

      I’m a kid and loves the song roar by Katy Perry,my name is Faith Look how many people love the song roar by Katy Perry 👇🏻

    24. Katherine Robbins

      Katy: I know a place, SING IT!! The whole arena: WHERE THE GRASS IS REALLY GREENER Not all artist manage to get whole audience to know the lyrics and then sing them

    25. Snake Man

      Mother of Autotune

    26. Kıvanç Tube

      And now, She has a baby 🥺😻

    27. William Brito

      *Sem dúvidas essa é a melhor performance de todos os tempos do Super Bowl*

    28. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play this song shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/nG2xoL52uYCYnXU

    29. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play this song shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/nG2xoL52uYCYnXU

    30. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play this song shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/nG2xoL52uYCYnXU

    31. Ben Shaer

      She really flew across the arena while singing, I mean...

    32. beny hanter

      Nunca vi algo tão bem feito na vida

    33. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play dreams for plans shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/aKyxetKHtX_Omn0

    34. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play dreams for plans shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/aKyxetKHtX_Omn0

    35. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play dreams for plans shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/aKyxetKHtX_Omn0

    36. Arturo Ramírez

      Hey please play dreams for plans shakira hufast.info/plan/vide/aKyxetKHtX_Omn0

    37. Arturo Ramírez


    38. Arturo Ramírez


    39. Arturo Ramírez


    40. Arturo Ramírez


    41. Arturo Ramírez


    42. Arturo Ramírez



      Thats one of the best ones that I hace ever see

    44. Xav E


    45. Ömer Korkmaz

      I have worked hard, the day of resurrection written and if you like it click on the link and subscribe to my channal hufast.info/plan/vide/Zmmnh86f24eypIk Sincerely yours

    46. Rockcandy core

      9:05 YO FUNNY MEME SONG??

    47. R i


    48. Sofia Velasquez

      Se me erizo la piel

    49. Sadiksha Sharma

      Wow what a stage performance💞💕

    50. Yves Francis

      Look Daisy Dove Bloom, how your mom is amazing. You're so lucky!

    51. Sale

      Охренеть просто))) я в ахуее от шоу)

    52. L K


    53. Rieslingschorle22

      Almost the best halftimeshow.. Katy Perry rocked it !!

    54. Luke Lee

      She sang live, pretty good.

    55. Alejandro Del rio

      estan bien guapos las olas del mar

    56. O baratão comércio

      lenny sem retorno, god demaaaaaaaaaaaaaais



    58. Dammoh

      LENNY ATE 🥵🥵🥵

    59. SATX Coasters

      Left shark question: The shark that kept messing up, was it the one on our left or Katy’s left?

    60. 별빛준이

      I'm just so upset when i loved her witness album so much (it had a message) people made it her way down to the bottom

      1. KC


    61. itsonlysafak 27

      I'm from Turkey and I live in Turkey and it's the best halftime show ever . I've never ever seen better than this ...

    62. Juan Alcmar

      It's November 25th 2020 Watching this during the pandemic... Missing the last few years Take care y'all

    63. Araceli Velazquez

      2020 y sigo viendo esta actuación, definitivamente la mejor de todas

    64. Love for my savior

      Another satanist that sold her soul

    65. Jose d Jimenez-Sanchez

      Katiperry si pudieras y supieras que el canser es curable que arias para no dańar a los que supieron y no pudieron doctores químicos dedicados toda su vida para ti para el paraella para todos tu sabrás si terminas tu legado

    66. Jose d Jimenez-Sanchez

      Unos amigos me enseñaron que es mejor vivir y cambiar la historia California quemado sin muertes de cov19 y con pocos perdidos en en dinero de papá Sam el tío Sam pet tax y aseguranzas para catástrofes que un joven y una niña pudieran Dennis love you forever

    67. Jose d Jimenez-Sanchez

      Con un padre que podría una hija que existe y un padre,hijo,nieto,bisnieto, Se hace historia y futuro El padre que pudo y la artista Becky g hija con el mismo padre de todos Pepsi love you forever Salvaríamos vidas y futuro historia soo los grandes ley

    68. David Williams

      Allie sherlock

    69. Kristel Hill

      Please make her disgusting ass go away!!! She’s sickening!!!!

      1. KC


      2. NeJeal

        You’re weird

    70. MemesTheDreams 6000

      This is the only thing I remember from super bowl 49

    71. Alejandro Jósef


    72. Илона Цибизова


    73. edson gabriel


    74. intana ahh

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    75. Maria Gpe Rubio

      Best hts ever

    76. Bryson Moses

      Had to come back for left shark

    77. Jorge Pantoja

      Minuto 12:15 salgo bailando

    78. Jade Dubik


    79. Thuta Win Tun

      I'm still not over this

    80. private private

      i don't care what anybody says. This is hands down my favorite superbowl half time show. If her concerts are like this, she is the ultimate lit

    81. T1K2T Charley

      By Far she hit the Roof on this best Halftime Super Bowl performance with Lenny “ l kiss the girl “and Missy “ Work it “one of my favorite 🤘

    82. Jean-Marc Cousin

      Evidement! C'est l'un des plus beaux live du superbowl! Si ce n'est le plus beau!

    83. It's Mastercoolian

      ICONIC! Now we need Taylor Swift to be in superbowl ✊😩 *PEEEELEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEE!!*

    84. •Cookie Aesthetics•

      NFL really likes to bring me entertained I hate sports and I love kp ariana shakira j lo missy and all does lovely artists

    85. Kristina Znamenskaya

      ❤👍🏻😍🤪😘🥰😁петь вживую, танцевать, на ком-нибудь ехать летать под потолком почти без страховки так ешё и слова не забыть нужно!.Кети-легенда!!!!)❤

    86. Manjil Shrestha

      Bruno Mars superbowl halftime performance of 2014 is the best

    87. Kelpin Dwi Amanda

      Hello Daisy dove bloom Hope you watching this too❤️

    88. Gonzalo Rayo

      everybody sayin g this is such great superbowl, and I only see someone playing karaoke and not knowing the lyrics .... Edit: ok she starts singing at the middle of the show

    89. Bankitdor Martin Nongrum

      That Dark Horse choreo tho is too lit.

    90. Jonie TV

      those were the days. when we are free 😭😭😭

    91. Taylor Smith

      Who’s here after watching Jlo and Shakira’s performance? I am!!!

    92. Chosen One

      Who is also here because of the sharks?

    93. kayla karts

      Visually, this is the best super BOWL performance ever

    94. javier Lizama

      Not a fan of katty p. But this was some Alice in wonderland on shrooms type ish. Its like, What did I just watch? but in a good way. Still one of the more memorable halftime performances imo. Very well done.

    95. Tabitha Bailey

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    96. Mauro RAELIANO


    97. Izrael Jimenez

      Noviembre del 2020 quien mas

      1. Carlos Fabián

        El mundo entero. lnl

    98. Sambulo Sphakamiso

      1:58 did that really just happen?

    99. Sorry Not sorry

      Why is she so perfect