Keemstar Calls out TheRightOpinion and Anti-Onision Community on Twitter!


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    1. Choinkus

      Keem, you said the phrase "who I deal with" in your video (as seen at 7:54), whereas the correct form would have been "whom I deal with." That being the case, I cannot address your arguments.

    2. Weck

      Keem gets a 1000$

    3. Fernando Brito

      He didn't get arrested keem wins

    4. Idk what to call myself ?

      Well its 2021 so uh ....where's my money

    5. Steven Fonlame

      Keem likes groomers confirmed

    6. Asar Zaddik

      someone owes keem some fuckin money lmfao

    7. Connorama

      Well 1,000 dollar bet didn’t age well lol

    8. Bigsby

      Wait did Keemstar really get someone’s car repossessed? How lol

    9. James Sushi

      Peek gnome status.

    10. Hunter Shen

      Keem needs to go find a new hobby.

    11. Kaiser

      Onision is still a free man, keem wins

    12. Crazy_ Apepperoni

      1 year later and onision is still not in jail

    13. Noot Noot

      Its 12/24 and onision isn't in federal prison yet

    14. FatPodMan

      6:38 Everything he said in that was actually correct...too bad the rest was off mark completely


      Keemstar is such a fat bitch

    16. Harrix

      Might jinx it but it doesn't seem onision is getting arrested this year

    17. Hangman COD

      Bro the mike hunt

    18. Astral

      what kind of idiot moves in with a grown man when she is under 18 then 🤦‍♂️

    19. Astral

      Keem won the bet as usual #GoodGuyKeem

    20. Ranger

      "They'll arrest him by the end of the year" 😬😬😬

    21. Elixirxs

      the bet. is Greg on jail?

    22. Saul Y.

      When we will people understand that drama alert is a news source...

    23. BMW 329

      I'm pretty sure he's very insecure about his head, I think it was in the cold ones podcast where they asked him to take his hat off or something and he had a bitch fit about it. Plus is it me or does he never show his chromedome.

    24. ampeater777

      A shit bag defending an even bigger, child grooming shit bag. Shocking

    25. Preston K. Productions

      It's amazing. Keemstar seemed so much worse before H3 had his mental breakdown. It's as if in giving Keem a villain to fight, Keem was able to make himself look better by pointing out the reliable stream of flaws H3 provided.

    26. Alice

      I mean... Keem was right though. (About the Anti-O's going too far and making it easier for him to get sympathy) He shouldn't have been so immature about it though.

    27. That Hooded Gamer

      The years almost done. Can't wait for the easy win on that bet

    28. Robert Whittie

      Pretty stupid in your opinion? I mean this is Keemstar you’re talking about

    29. Faith Frazier

      I'm never surprised by how big of an ego this gnome has and how pompous he always acts

    30. Apathetic Viewer

      Glad he was proven wrong. Onion is in jail now Oh wait...

    31. Gherm

      So wait, is keemstar technically defending a criminal? If so, he has gone down hill in so many ways...

    32. Scott Williams

      10:04 like that makes it any better

    33. AJ420

      The only reason onision accepted Keem’s interview is because he knows that keem is a dumb ass that he can manipulate. Keem is gross And so is Chris Hansen. Other people who cover Univision are pretty genuine in my opinion they’re allowed to make some money off their content but they clearly aren’t doing it for only money. We gave Repsion money for a court case. I think the biggest problem is that Keem doesn’t know enough about the situation and doesn’t care to educate himself on it Edit: I also don’t like the Edwin had him on because for fs sake he didn’t even know what grooming meant.

    34. Pran Of Fry

      If TRO is a scumbag Keem is literally hitler

    35. Caleb1915

      Keemstar is literally trash, he started his career by creating drama and reporting on it.

    36. Cwgalaxy 612

      I don't know what's more disgusting keem or the fact that people aren't using code bowblax to get 10% off on ridge wallets

    37. Jakub Lulek

      I love how Keem was all aggressive about people mirroring his video. Yeah, he really can sue somebody in Phillipines or Russia or even Europe for it. Oh yes, over here we really respect US laws.

    38. punchy

      To be fair, TRO is an Onision content spambot who’s essentially milked his way into relevancy through the controversy. Still, fuck Onision, and Keem is a manchild, but just something I thought worth mentioning.

    39. shaynethegmann

      Lmfao keemstar being super right about this makes me lul

    40. LightStorm

      I hate Keem's guts, but I DO find it funny that people get mad at him saying he is 'profiting off of tragedy' and that 'he is milking it for views and money.' Meanwhile ACTUAL T.V. news channels open glorify people that do horrible shit and just RAKE money into their pockets. I don't think uploading the interview in PARTS was a good idea either but even still it's not like people making money when bad things happen is unique to Keem. He reports 'news' just like they do on T.V. it just so happens to be dog shite internet drama 'news' that not many people actually give a baker's fuck about.

    41. iCFDaveHere

      Keem was actually really right about all this

    42. m k

      say what say, keemstar won the bet

    43. Lee The Liver

      I like how Keem acts like he knows the law so well, but also says that he has Canadian Lawyers to fight Canadian HUfastrs *(This isn’t true, even if the HUfastr was in North Korea, they’d still have to adhere to US copyright laws because HUfast is in the US, not North Korea. Check the Sargon of Akkad copyright case. He was in the UK, yet he still needed to get US lawyers)*

    44. Bearly Alive

      Why are we still fighting with this man. We're making memes and shit about him being a gnome and a man baby but like, there just comes a time we block and walk away, interacting with him just feeds his ego. We genuinely need to ignore this man for him to get the picture or to shut the fuck up, forget drama. He starts it and then deflects it with childish insults, and when he's losing he pulls up his rich card and gets away with it. I literally encourage everyone to ignore Keemstar. I didn't even know this man till GradeA talked about him.

    45. BilboSwaggins

      "not based in facts" cried the gnome as he dabbed his tears with fifties earned from being the bastion of truth ad integrity on the internet.

    46. Khai 2007

      As much as I hate Keemstar if she actually uploads the entire video with out adding a single thing to it than she is indeed stealing his video.

    47. Eric Rodriguez 215

      Keem is fuckin hilarious, I love the way he triggers all these beta male, soy boy SIMPS. It's fuckin hilarious 😂😂

    48. Kraker Heya

      If Pewdiepie used his twitter all the time, I might try and convince him to shout you out so you get more views and subscribers. Luckily, there are plenty of unbiased HUfastr like you who got xtremely popular. Your mindset must be followed by anyone, especially in the internet full of creeps, egoistical weirdos and plastics.

    49. Gaming Index

      Next episode: Keem and chicken vs bowblax

    50. Foe K

      i still don't get how u can MILK someone in only 1 video it's not milking

    51. Literally John

      Keemstar just said "pitchures"

    52. Total irrelevancy

      i am an impartial person that only thinks of brutally murdering keemstar and onision =)

    53. aGladiator Speaks

      Little did he know Chris Hansen is already dealing with onision

    54. gomex 69

      Things I notice about keemstar: 1.he hates kids 2.he can't handle criticism 3.he actually thinks he that big of a person. 4.f*ck him and his army of lawyer. 5.he just keep getting away with everything Pewdiepie cover drama better than keem


        I notice that too. No wonder a lot of people want him to get off this platform.

    55. Sh4dowbl4de

      Keems not a good person but god dam hes brilliant

    56. The Overvoid

      Keem doesn't understand one of the main rules of journalism; BE NEUTRAL, DON'T GIVE YOUR OPINION BECAUSE IT IMPLIES YOUR BIASED AND MAKES EVERYTHING YOU REPORT AS FACT, NOT FACT UNTIL FURTHER PROOF/BACKED UP BY ANOTHER SOURCE!! But in the case of the people saying they'll record the interview, Keem in the right.

    57. kinfmin

      "Keemstar got fed up and made a Twitter video." - Me: Of course he did.

    58. Multifandom ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

      Why is Keem such a manchild

    59. Bluberry

      hmm a pice of shit defending a pice of shit...

    60. W.T.C 1990

      Keemstar just needs to take the L, the right opinion is gonna slaughter him

      1. wienzard

        TRO actually has a background in journalism. I forgot was it for work, apprenticeship or something else. I watched a lot of his videos. The amount of research he did compliment nicely with his opinion. Keem is just a dumbass clout-chaser who proudly said he didn't know/ didn't do a lot of research about the allegations and then proceed to do an interview. I think that alone should speak of Keem's "integrity". if he has one, that is.

    61. darkknightmage

      Keemstar logic: ATTACK!!!! *slightest bit of push back* Keemstar: retreat!!! retreat!!!

    62. Dnice's Gaming

      “You didn’t look at Os side!” You didn’t look at rugs brothers side 💀

    63. DraTrav

      bowblax the drama alert of drama alert

    64. Jon Landon

      Good old Keemstar the slanderous rat

    65. ofoers


    66. no

      so nobody is gonna comment about 3:02 lmao?

    67. Tommy Bug

      This is a whole fucking mess. Personally I'm grudgingly putting up with keem with the dahvie vanity drama and any input he might put in since Chris Hansen failed with the Jeffree Star interview. However this was terrible. I was honestly shocked at how bad Keemstars actions were. Being a apologist for Onision is honestly disgusting.

    68. Prophet of Poppy

      Is Keemstar mental? Almost all of the shit TRO and Co. talk about is from Onision's own fucking defense videos, he's never watched a single one of Repzion, TRO or J. Aubrey's videos, that's for fucking sure.

    69. Rookie

      And here we have a classic megalomaniac

    70. TEA TOTAL

      It takes a nonce to support a NONCE

    71. Fawad Fawadi

      2:00 keemstar do YOU think before you tweet xd 2:52 4:21 5:39 5:52 6:29 *7:40* 5:08 6:13 I cant be milking because someone is doing it worse than me 2:46 the biggest. Its not matter of size... stop slithering keem 3:20 1000$, such big ammount of money intentionally just so they would not get into it. And keemstar could look better 7:25 no

    72. Amizare1

      So after seeing many of these videos Keemstar really seems like a whiny baby.

    73. Death Wing

      11:56 Master Roshi?

    74. The Neko Otaku

      So is keemstar pro groomer?

    75. Niglet Gang

      11:46 Master Roshi?

    76. Geras Katinas

      All im going to say is that.. If hes not arrested or found out by proffesionals, I dont think some random kids on the internet are gonna get him arrested. Proof or no crime. Simple

    77. Yvng Padawan

      11:50 tell me this nigga doesn't sound like master Roshi

    78. nqk_0

      Keem star the BIGGEST WALKING VEGAN

    79. Versus 22

      The two cockroaches together how cute I ship it (JOKE)

    80. Tyler Hankel

      “About to make 20k” Yeah, 20k views

    81. Tyler Hankel

      “I make the internet fun” No you make it way more infuriating for everyone

    82. Tyler Hankel

      I don’t even know who onision is. I just know that this is good old drama.

    83. Your Friendly Neighborhood Shugoki

      It's not keems stuff though. Remember? He cannot legally make a channel since it is against the guidelines.

    84. Some Person

      I find it funny that keen stated TRO was only showing one side when he specifically only showed the facts with minor input of his own opinion ironically enough

    85. TP

      Keemstar can teabag me anytime #TeaBagMeKeemstar

    86. DarknessMaster Gaming

      I thought he was roshi when he did a old man voice

    87. Personable Person

      That moment when the people you're 'trolling' get a rise out of you. Is this peak troll status?

    88. Eli Oh

      i think Chris Hansen deserved the money more than Keemstar due to the fact Christ gets the story right

    89. Alejanpro h

      3:01 lol

    90. Vandalism

      don't you just love how keem says he has no flaws i think he forgets thats nobody is perfect and i think he's forgetting that he is a nobody too

    91. Egg Man

      I mean Keem a fucking idiot but trying to steal his content is also fucking idiotic

    92. Kick Nrompton

      Keem is Twitter Trevor Phillips

    93. David C.

      Keem wasn't completely wrong. He is a asshole but he shouldn't be criticized for making videos on it. Hypocrites.

    94. icedtea_

      Everytime Keemstar tweets: "what ??????????" and "im not a gnome !!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡". It's like a boomer using social media. Not very professional Keemstar, but then again what to expect from a gnome manchild.

    95. Aaron F

      Gotta be honest Keemstar does make this fun. If you agree with him or not he puts on a show and it's entertainment at the very least.

    96. Nifty 5ifty

      Oh well, we all get old and die

    97. Curpin21

      Got the money hunger by Keemstar is fucking angering

    98. Curpin21

      I love how someone made a tweet saying how come you guys arent complaining about Chris Hansen who makes bank off of the stuff. The answer is plain and simple, it’s his job to catch predators, he’s been doing it for years

    99. Ratiø Ground

      Keemstar sounds like Tony stark If Tony Stark believed the Earth is flat

    100. Chewing on Daritos

      Chris Hanson fucked up the case. He was only in it for his five seconds of fame on the platform. What they should have done is sent the victims straight to the FBI, skip the whole HUfast interview bullshit. They shouldn't have passed that laptop around before giving it to the FBI. They fucked over this entire investigation. So no, Onision will not be going to jail before 2020 is over.