Keemstar Gets The Brawadis Story Wrong and has a Meltdown on Twitter


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    1. Night Fall

      She was fake crying LOL. In no way did it seem like she was crying at all. Her eyes and face looked fine.

    2. Tru- Taa

      She had no teara

    3. YoBoi Gamer

      They could have go to the cops and made a scan to see if they did something to her

    4. YoBoi Gamer

      keem can't bullies guys his age cuase with them he has a low iq and we are not dumb we are kids dumbass we have small brain it grows when you grow and his fans are kids two

    5. AgentCream3.14

      Oh look... keem doing the same thing he called tipster out on recently

    6. GRAZ

      dramaalert is the CNN of youtube

    7. Iliano Palummieri

      she' wish she'd have any kind off touch with two handsome people like that u sick idiot

    8. The Great Wolverine !


    9. A Louzji39

      I wonder how he has survived this canceling shit Seriously how😂

    10. Ace Roblox

      I don’t watch any of them but will defend the boys they have no proof but all they say is we’re getting this out there for the good

    11. Mystic Murtaza

      Man keemstar is getting worse

    12. Okay_227

      Why... why is she so happy explaining this?

    13. CeeJay M

      guapo = goo a poo | thanks for the spanish lesson bow

    14. rolla

      Die lan says 😂😭

    15. Lehlila Devandria

      Idk what to really believe. However why would someone say to the girl on IG "Keep crying"? Like tf?

    16. tyrensaetern

    17. resperxrs _yt

      @idk her name: I'm now extremely drunk and intocsocated now I'm about to remember only about what happened in the room

    18. lucid plaZ

      shits funny af

    19. shelovesdiego

      My question is how can she remember being hammered and falling over stuff and couldn’t even talk!!!

    20. Casablancask

      But he called jessi smiles a liar about the Curtis situation.... Oh and defends onision

    21. Casethegreat 21

      Damn I didn’t realize how much of a shitty person keem is, bullying is seriously not okay and people kill themselves because they look up to keem and they think that if there favorite creator doesn’t like you then no one else does... sad shit man

    22. Commander Vayne

      Love that Keem insults his own fan base lol

    23. Zennn

      Shes drunk,Cant talk..Manages to remember the story correctly,And saying that she was telling brandon and anthony to stop but she clearly said she cant talk...Such a liar,Clout chaser,And she really belongs to the streets,And yeah im talking about this now i dont know why.

    24. Luis Angel

      6:10 shut cho bitch ass up keem

    25. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      yes bradon was being a bully not keemstar

    26. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      why you would question why he made the video its because of $$$$

    27. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      omg keemstar does wrong?

    28. Nahom Giorgis

      314,314th view

    29. oumar diop

      nah brawadis never did this

    30. NxmbsWtf

      5:14 keem act like siblings dont fight haha i think rug is just soft and a crybaby

    31. Dickolas

      You kinda sound like eye patch wolf

    32. Nyko.

      wait, what i just had a seizure reading Keem's tweets. He said in a tweet that _Y'all dumb motherfvckers go to 13;12 or someshit on the latest Drama Alert video, that's the proof you stupid ass 12 year olds_ (heavily paraphrased). Then in another tweet, he said _I never said anything about proof, who fvck said anything about proof._

    33. octa w

      im just gonna say it keem lied about having proof in a tweet he even said "they even said they had proof who said there was proof"

    34. MightbeWild

      Keem gets all of the info wrong, Takes false accusations like theyre real, gets called out on it and chops the 2 girls down after he found out they are fake, then still calls everyone else dumb? This guys a fucking joke, how does he even have a platform?

    35. Trace Stewart

      Wait he dose news over the #1 source of news on the internet that means your the new #1 source for news pog

    36. franknilop

      Off topic but that guy saying fam sounded so awkward

    37. WWE_AEW_NEWS _

      Hey I see me in the video lol

    38. Mia Sis

      At least I’m not a grown ass man getting in too people’s drama

    39. ThatElfTorunn

      I legit can't get past the fact that Keemstars beard looks like it's glued on O.O

    40. Spot A

      The chick that got trained but won't admit it has mad AIDS. U could tell it's ravaging her system.

    41. Spot A

      His name has all the illuminati symbols. Keemstar = +333*

    42. lynnhart

      Keemstar is too stupid to know the difference in “Proof” and “Evidence”.

    43. Marky Jasper

      I know it’s probably just the design of the shirt but keems shirt looks like his cumrag

    44. Spencer Heaton

      In terms of proof? we have no proof.

    45. Adog 00


    46. Jubite

      18:03 she says while her cheeks are puffed up like she's smiling, hiding her mouth too.

    47. RedRP Studios

      Your right Keem twitter was fun that day I ate a bag of pop corn while reading 😎

    48. Va1zy

      gross people clout chasing bitch

    49. Please Enter A Name

      The fact that the bottom girl said "it’s not all about the clout" , it shouldn’t even be about clout overall in a sexual assault allegation against 2 successful people

    50. King

      Just a rule of thumb, if someone takes their accusations of rape to the public before the police or appropriate authorities, she is lying.

    51. Demardre williams

      He keeps calling everyone dumb that sounds like a kid and the fact he is spending his time arguing just makes him look bad

    52. ツTheProGamerX

      17:39 jessica commented on the livestream

    53. Macylyn Cruz

      Coming from experience with this type of thing, the way she sounded during that interview is weird. It sounds like she's holding back a laugh.

    54. SNK Games

      These girls deserve to be in jail I am not a Brandon fan but seriously clot chasing like this I am just ashamed also keen didn't take their side that is pretty obvious

    55. nut boy


    56. black ant

      It's not all about the clout wtf so there saying they did it for the clout

      1. John Wright

        Why else would they do it

    57. Arizona Phoenix

      bur so first anthony was in the room with her than now branden was in the room with her, hmmmmm lies

      1. John Wright

        They were both in the room

      2. Arizona Phoenix

        fuuuuuuuckin clout

    58. destroyer786

      Keem whose the dumb kid with low IQ

    59. Desiree Vele

      Months later I’m still waiting for their video💀

    60. e. e.

      Isn't he old enough to tell whats right or wrong? Why does he keep implying that "no one knows the truth, except them" like wtf??? He must be 12 i swear

    61. Chap_ stick

      How long was Keem's Rocket League session??? I am so curious. Please send answers

    62. Pk Droid

      I’m 12 but even I’m not brain dead I’m not on anyone’s side I’ve never liked Brawdis but I’ve watched keem no ones side is being taken from me

    63. Abid Abdul

      Haha well that’s what happens when people become famous and have money.

    64. Luis' Little Funny House

      You sound a lot like some roblox HUfastrs GoingLimited and JB’s adventures

    65. Ashton Tillage

      Keen star is so stupid he makes no sense

    66. Ice Cream Cat

      Curb your drama

    67. Ephraim Lolski


    68. SuperSAND 2

      I agreeed with some of what keem said but idc anymore everything else he said was not needed

    69. Surfer Rosa

      His platform is open ‘For everyone to voice their opinion’? A rape/sexual assault allegation isn’t a fucking ‘opinion’ and neither is it ‘entertainment’

    70. Bearly Alive

      I'm getting tired of seeing this man in my recommendations.

    71. Jonathan nance

      If someone is trying so hard to make u feel bad that they literally crying there most likely lying just my opinion

    72. Jay EntertainZ

      Fake ass

    73. Jay EntertainZ

      Where the hell was those tears

    74. Call Me Melon

      A 44 minute video no ad


      Fuck keemstar

    76. Infinity Mixtapes

      This 40 year old man child really got triggered by the entire internet lmao

    77. Coldfire

      How does Keem still have a platform? I don't get it, after so many shit shows how is this gnome still going?

    78. Margaret marr

      Damn, their not even hot girls either XD who tf would want her body

    79. Ricardo Milos


    80. SeniorSuiki

      18:38 “y’all gay” 😂😂😂😂😂

    81. pup 77OOO

      imagine getting mad over someone wanting to suck you off and storming out like a child? fucking idiotic keem.

    82. Heatherlynn

      How is the story so unbelievable? Have you ever been to a party? There are so many men like this especially when drugs or alcohol are involved. Keemstar completely turned on these girls just because some idiots didn't understand sometimes people giggle when they're nervous and because one the girls exaggerated about filming the video while trying to defend herself. He bitched out because he couldn't take the heat. He's a huge bitch

    83. Nelrei Macutay

      Ik im sooooo.... Late, but Seriously i genuinely, without a shadow of a doubt, think that people that have actually experienced these things could have talked so leisurely and carefree about the things that happened in that part of their lives, things like that can scar someone for LIFE, and in the way that those two girls came out with their story, it just seems so unbelievable especially because they even shared it through social media. I just have pure respect for people that actually experienced these things and stayed strong through their lives. Can't even imagine going through that. Just stay strong 💪 and remember to never let the things that happened define you, let YOU define YOU. Cause' at the end of the day even if the whole world leaves you, you're still gonna have yourself. Stay strong again and thanks for giving time to read my comment 💓

    84. 캉수준

      Those girls are clout chasers

    85. Hokage Mustard

      If this is true JUST GO TO THE FUCKING COPS

    86. Slick For Faze

      Ik I’m late but she smiles/laughs alot

    87. TERRY Skatez

      I mit Anthony he is awesome

    88. Tyler Rousseau

      No keem your not a predator you are a neck beard minus the beard and a simp you always think women are always right it seems

    89. Ramesses Production

      "Drama Alert Always brings true content" BIGGEST FUCKING LIE

    90. Fox Fairchild

      Idk it can get pretty manipulative in this case,but when they start crying the girls and it seems pretty genuine it gives you the idea that maybe something did happen but then idk tough case honestly lolz

    91. Sage Animations

      Keem is contridicting himself XD

    92. Destiny

      3:00 low-key sounds like something from a hentai

    93. Ronia Aime

      BRUH Keem star needs to change his stuff up

    94. Ronia Aime

      never hated keemstar so much

    95. Younger DIO Brando

      So no one going to say anything about how if there actually kids saying this that means 37 years old Keem has been mean to kids

    96. Brave

      Ik he gets a thrill of off calling KIDS DUMBS AND STUPID he is really ignorant trying to bully kids even responding to them shows how insecure he is like lmao crazy bruh

    97. arron killen

      Keemstar actually needs proof before creating a story lmao

    98. Tlixzz Is Cracked

      just cause keemstar doesnt like brandon Doesnt mean he can be on the girls side simp smh

    99. Tlixzz Is Cracked

      bruh i liked Diba but now i dont