Keemstar LIES about TheQuartering then has a Twitter Tantrum


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    1. Jack Smith

      Keem: "You flagged Eight Thoughts" Quartering: *Shows proof he didn't* Keem: "I'm gonna act like I didn't see that"

    2. MrM

      Keemstar- You flagged 8 thoughts! Quartering- But there is no proof! Keemstar- I still think you did it.

    3. Ajay

      so keem was just whining despite literal evidence and he just kept saying 'i think you did' over and over again? bruh

    4. SociallyEnginerd

      This is hilarious. TQ proves himself innocent then seemingly tweets "APOLOGIZE SJW!!" about 20 times. Gold. Meanwhile all Keemstar can say is "man in a dress"!

    5. ZeuszO_O

      It’s dumb that it’s on Ouse keemstar is joking around and being sarcastic but it’s Twitter so they won’t ever notice that. Also Keem has a point, The Quartering has multiple accounts and only showed one account history. So yeah.

    6. tiny sheep fan

      the way keemstar words his tweets is like middle aged women arguing over stuff on Facebook

    7. Heterosexual Helicopter

      I agree with The Quartering but I find it so weird how he uses SJW as if it has a different meaning?

    8. Callan Sarro

      God TheQuarterpounder says SJW about as often as mister crabs says money.

    9. Richpotato

      What's the song u play

    10. Saul Y.

      he shouldn't have called out keem for the jaystation, keem is god tier troll

    11. zama422

      Man, the quartering pisses me off (mostly just the way he speaks, not necessarily what he says) but good on him

    12. Commander Vayne

      Keem aka The Idiot With Too Much Self Confidence.

    13. Treasure Maputle

      this keem guy is a moron lol

    14. Fabian Biere

      The amount he disrespected his fans is also hilarious is fucks up and proceeds to call them idiots braindead etc lmao

    15. Miner

      When someone accuses you of being the imposter 8:52

    16. Lilracky 64

      thheres always a bias when keemstar gets involved.

    17. You Got Mail

      Keem. Get a Life

    18. cesar pelaez

      Bowl is basically better and underrated keem

    19. NigerianBrudda

      "troll" Keem cant troll and he shouldnt. Hes too sensitive for it and only people strong enough should.

    20. Nebula StarGaming

      keemstar is just a braindead idiot who loves to cause drama and ruin others for fun its so sad

    21. Booka Ki

      It's difficult to win an argument with a smart person but it's impossible to win one with a stupid person.

    22. Dimbutdark

      Quarter really started getting all big after ppl started going after keem damn!

    23. Yharon's Calamity

      The quartering whinning and being big mad at a tweat shows he don't have very thick skin

    24. Jinx64

      I usually agree with keem or play the devils advocate but bro, this, THIS, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

    25. Idontknow Imebored

      I don't like keen this isn't the first time he doesn't do his homework

    26. Brep Brep

      keemstar literally just wants to milk drama

    27. Vader_404

      I like how after he showed proof, Jeremy said Keem would move the goalpost and continue to say that he flagged the video... Then Keem, the madlad, did EXACTLY that

    28. Bearly Alive

      Keemstars logic: you COULD have done this. Everyone else: But I didn't. And I wouldn't? Keemstars: yeah but you COULD'VE done it.. Suspicious.

    29. Potato _king

      The quartering should email yt asking for any take downs from his accounts and IP( assuming that's possible) cuz then there's literally no proof that he took it down although that's probs too much effort only to disprove a SJW lol

    30. PachyLordTaco 21

      Poor Jeremy can’t catch a break

    31. digifalc0087

      Givin' you a W for reading out _all_ the exchanges between parties here.

    32. Infinity Mixtapes

      19:40 that right there should tell you all you need to know about Keem

    33. IDont 07

      Keemstar is that guy in elemantry school that bullies everybody but does the victim right after lmao

    34. SquidWoomy

      Your voice sounds a lot different in older vids

    35. shaggy Da boss

      I dont like keem but he can have an opinoin even if hes a news youtuber.

    36. Gay Frogs

      It’s so hilarious watching these old guys argue on Twitter. You’re videos are like audio books of twitter beef, love it.

    37. kiwii

      Keem has no right calling someone slow

    38. Ivan Smith

      Good video follow the money who stands to profit from the video going down is the best proof we will get but means nothing to me more than that; at the end of the day I still don't know who did it in the parlay room with the candle stick, so I can have thoughts and keep them to myself for another day!

    39. Some random dude stealing content.

      I mean.....this is Keem you know

    40. Tray Leflore

      Please sub to my channel

    41. Gabriella Langmoore

      Who even cares about these two scrubs. Both are trash human beings.

    42. Akkbar

      They are both horrific losers. Ffs

    43. Jenny Wakeman

      Ok so why didn't the Quartering sued keem for defamation ?

    44. leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories

      nobody liberal or conservative likes keemstar

    45. DarcyBrandon

      Keem has the same energy as Onision on Twitter

    46. Marvin The Martian

      How is Keemstar still a thing?

    47. lodovix

      18:18 and here we are, Keem had to make an apology video to Team HUfast for re-uploading Gokunaru video about H3H3 and Jeremy is defending him.

    48. Terry Taylor

      I have never seen a piece of content where Keemstar ISN'T a piece of shit. When has this dude ever done right?

    49. Manuel Salas

      Keem is extremely evil.

    50. ShadoExperamint

      It's all fucking cring, they are speaking like a fucking 13 year old.

    51. Brian Mitchell

      I was wondering what happened with this. As soon as i unsubscribed from The Quartering this fight breaks out....

    52. TankGaming

      Better part of keem ran down his moms leg 41 years ago

    53. Air Conditioner

      "The world is a vampire."

    54. Big Willy

      So it looks like KEEMSTAR flagged the video to create all this drama, hence the channel being called DRAMA Alert.

    55. Ruby Holliday

      Keem knows exactly what he's doing. He knows if he says he believes something to be true, even when faced with facts or smart criticism, it will damage his victims pretty badly. He knows how to destroy lives. He doesn't care, which is a mistake on Jeremy's part. You can not ask keem politely to stop his shit, because he'll see it as you getting on your knees before him which just fuels his power hungry mind. He's egotistical, he's narcissistic, he has no sympathy for others. The best thing you can do when going against someone like him is to prove your innocence. Don't name call, don't tease, don't poke fun, don't beg. In other words act level headed and mature. It's hard to attack someone if they have nothing to take out of context and if you're the only professional one. It makes him look stupid, and even if he sticks to his guns, it'll just seem more pathetic. Getting into a Twitter battle was the worse thing Jeremy did in that situation, and repeatedly calling him a SJW, which is already a horribly overused word, and the repeated tweets made him look desperate.

    56. Phickets

      Is tbf "to be fair" or "to be frank?" Everything I know is a lie.

    57. TastierLake9147

      Okay, i know this video is about all the Quartering and Eight thoughts drama. But when i saw that Dominic Santiago account at 2:59 i was like “Holy shit, A gears of war person in drama outside of the Gears community, thats not common.”

    58. PyroTentacle

      I have more followers, I win

    59. Greatsharkbite

      Two soyboys going at it. Thequartering legit admitting he's intimidated by Keem's millions of followers after he literally posts what is almost definitive proof--then goes back and forward with him on like 50+ messages. Saying.. "I respect you Keem..." .."We're mostly on the same team"..on DM. LOL

    60. Puffin - One Handed Gamer

      what is with these neckbeard logos? the Quartering's channel logo is a blatant ripoff of Pleasant Kenobi's logo. a channel Jeremy in very familar with, since he is a MTG fan (one of his chanels is about MTG), I mean, come on! PleasentKenobi has a PK in the middle of the face, thats it, everything else is the same. I'm not a fan of any of these chanels, but Jeremy is in the right here. Keemstar is one of those people that think they are always right, they never do anything wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if Keemstar is Pokimane's secret lover. I mean, they are perfect for each other, they are both rich, they are both full of themselves, they are made for each other.

    61. Keithulhu L7

      Keemstar : " a man who makes false P3D0 allegations is mentally unstable" Oh, okay.

    62. Daytruin ziaos

      keem = braindead and full of himself. Fame and money on top of an ego maniac is a combo made in hell.

    63. Jordan Lamp

      It's like watching Thanos fight Galaxis.

    64. Kris Bangz

      Keem is a 40 yr old bby lol

    65. Doot

      As someone who actually watches Jeremy regularly, I haven't heard of this drama on YT.

    66. SingingintheDark

      i though keemstar was permabanned from youtube years ago?

    67. Beep

      I miss the good old days when people would privately talk it out their problems. if all else fails, then its time to communicate with our fists. nowadays its all about online bitching. grown men would bitch at each other and act like tough guys behind their screens but can't "man up" enough to get into a confrontation.

    68. mathatter91 •

      All these “news” guys from YT are wretched and pathetic. Not one of them can be trusted and less are funny. Hope they all cannibalize each other.

    69. Utub

      Keemstar has the brain of a 12 year old

    70. Nux

      Well it's my opinion that keemstar is the cause for all bad things in the world like famine violence and war

    71. Ryan Nurmi

      youre being unfair to Keem he has a right to his own lies

    72. John Rohrman

      Keem is more or less a petty jackass. The dude provided proof of his innocence and Keem just want on and on. He'll keep at it until someone turns and knocks him flat on his ass, and when that happens...I hope people have plenty of popcorn to watch his career crumble into dust.

    73. Frozen Waffelz

      Keemstar: the biggest crybaby on the whole entire internet

    74. Cookie Snugglez

      I mean, he proved him wrong

    75. Jaywalking0d

      5:21 "Nothing there!"

      1. Jaywalking0d

        @Nathaniel S its okay

      2. Jaywalking0d

        @Nathaniel S am just qouting him

    76. Rosekiller400

      I hate Twitter

    77. Zane Carlson

      Tl;dr Keem, be a man.

    78. MyddrinEmrys

      D'Angelo Wallace is the Dollar Store of YT commentary channels. Everything is crap, and most of the time there is something wrong with it.

    79. TheHiddenLeo

      Ah yes, guilty until proven innocent

    80. Jason VonIrsik

      Guess my comment was too harsh as I can't edit it and there is an error msg....

    81. JJ Jallee

      Why is thequartering now defending keem during this whole h3 drama.

      1. Cookie Snugglez

        Maybe he thinks that this one time that keem is right

    82. bruhboi

      He deserves it that gnome bastard

    83. MꓘFeddle

      Alex Jones of HUfast. Makes funny memes, but is a shitty person.

    84. Panda Girl

      Keem is the one who can't be trusted, he just wants drama so he can get some 🤑

    85. minh do

      In a perfect world, no1 would even care abt anything that keem says or the fact that he even exists. Any1 wif half a brain wouldn't take anything keem says seriously. In fact, if any1 would half a brain would never watch/listen to anything he does

    86. Don Copeland

      Keemstar is a deplatforming SJW beta. Also Propainkey just sent me a link to this Vid and I love the fact people are calling me TrueAmericanDad now instead of TrueAmericanDon 😂 Keep up the the good fight my dude and keep exposing the lies.

    87. Chuchai

      Keemstar: He's really falling apart over this Also him: insults in replies me: NO U

    88. Dodoxa

      Nice work!

    89. Banjo Kazooie

      I wonder who did flag the video?

    90. Carlos Garcia

      Keemstar shouldn't have a channel

    91. strawberry milkshake

      I always heard about Keemstar, but i never really looked into him, nor did he ever end up up my recommendations. Seeing this videos, and many others about the tweets he posts and the drama he gets into, i'm not so sure how to feel about him. What are your opinions on him guys?

    92. lorgariiix

      The gnome is an asshat, plain and simple.

    93. lord morklen

      wow, Keem's like that kid who throws the ice cream on their mom's face cause she got the wrong flavour. How can a middle aged man be such a brat?

    94. toag

      so what i got from this video is that Keemstar knew personally Jeffery Epstien?

    95. SuperTyrannical1

      Keemstar legit argues like a 10 year old child.

    96. SuperTyrannical1

      Keemstar should apply for a job at CNN. XD

    97. Chelvy

      This is a really sad place to be on the internet :(

    98. JellyBabie1984

      This is another case of keem jumping on the bandwagon because he hates a dude, people need to realize that this guy has never been unbiased if he doesn't like you your guilty until proven innocent. Personally I am not a fan of the quartering but that doesn't mean I think people should be allowed to lie about him over and over again. Funny thing is he whines about other people's fans when his are some of the worst on HUfast, there okay with this guy going around accusing people he hates of abhorrent behaviour including rape with absolutely no evidence I mean how can you be okay with that??

    99. Veigab M

      Keemstar is a sad, irrelevant old man.

    100. EZDIED

      Damn. I like keem less now. That sucks.