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    1. AllEy3s0nMe

      Manuel was far more entertaining than Keemstar could have ever been.

    2. L Lashley

      Manuel is super creepy to me

    3. Brendan Green

      "You do realize what he said reflects badly on him, not on anyone else here, right?" "You do realize what you said reflects badly on all of us, right?" roughly 3 minutes apart, same person.

    4. Edgesocks

      Keemstar wants to be back in highschool so bad

    5. BudgetWriter2

      I don’t think ppl understand, keem was just trying to join a podcast, he starts a light conversation and destiny starts shooting at him

    6. Gubert Dubert

      Lol shameless trainwreck so desperate to keep keemstar on so his podcast so he would get more clout

    7. Gubert Dubert

      Mute xqc FOREVER

    8. DeSTiny 02

      5 min in keem already left lul

    9. Aidan Shoey

      keem is the BIGGEST piece of shit on the internet and is personally responsible for multiple people’s deaths. THANK GOD, destiny got him out of there immediately. sucks xqc and train are too braindead to see that :/

    10. dan24768

      F**k keemstar 😐

    11. Brokkr

      Keem honestly is a complete child.

    12. TheAncientRuin

      If keem left there then he would've left about something else probably 10 minutes later instead of 5

    13. TheAncientRuin

      YE FUCK DESTINY, DESTINY SHOULD'VE LET KEEM MISJUDGE PEOPLE ON A MASS SHOOTING... wonder why people are so misinformed nowadays

    14. Mothramann

      I can’t believe how blind everyone except for destiny was. You can smell keemstar a mile away when he is doing scumbag shit.

    15. downtown802

      From watching hyphonix now its cool to see him here

    16. Keyser Soze

      is destiny like shocked by keems behavior? That was pretty much by the book keemstar bait and destiny jumped on it. not taking sides i think theyre both idiots but jesus christ you think theyd know bait when they hear it

      1. Keyser Soze

        @Sa Rang1234 yeah but.....its keemstar, again, not a shocker.

      2. Sa Rang1234

        god it's misinformation not 'le epic epic trollb8 haha'

    17. Alex Gris

      For real FUCK Keemstar his statements on mental health are so degrading and derogatory that dude is a piece of shit

    18. Tommy Kills

      Jesus Christ, this was before all the cocaine ate his face away...

    19. Justus Romena

      I am a YEAR late to this podcast, BUT it has made me like Destiny so much more 😂

      1. TheNotoriousM0E

        Same here

    20. Calamity

      Keemstar, still on youtube somehow? be weird shit.

    21. Jameson Richards

      Keem going for the ragequit WR

    22. Timber

      fuck destiny

    23. oB Clutch27

      Did destiny really say the most violent terrorist attack in history? Almost as if 9/11 and Pearl Harbor didn’t happen

      1. oB Clutch27


      2. SOOUnfair

        ? Pearl Harbor is not a terrorist attack tho ?

      3. DeepVibes

        LaLiLuLeLo I mean, you should probably care about anyone dying regardless of their race, unless you just don’t care in general, which is also fine.

      4. LaLiLuLeLo

        @oB Clutch27 the killer targeted muslim

      5. oB Clutch27

        @LaLiLuLeLo NZ people are still white lol

    24. Daxster Dax

      3:38:45 editor doing his job 👌 lmao timing Pepelaugh

    25. Dusty Wizard


    26. Ishizuka Hikaru

      You gotta luv Keemstar!

    27. Grizzly Knights

      Hyphonix getting all ass mad cuz train was live just shows youtube changed this man

    28. LionsBe Tryin

      Fuck Keem till the day I die

    29. GZA

      Why is chat saying "Ruined Podcast" lmao, Destiny is the only who is keeping this thing alive. None of the other members are barely saying anything.

      1. Miles Stillie

        True its straight up the devin nash destiny and ape podcast

    30. Elon

      Manuel is actually such a cool dude

    31. Junior OG

      LOL Destiny, the biggest BETA on the playform tries to call someone else a Snowflake. OMEGALUL.

      1. Brian Genovesi

        @Junior OG good one pepega

      2. Junior OG

        @Northern dayzツ kid you must be absolutely brain dead. you are making statements up and repeating them out of no-where. fuck is wrong with you?

      3. Northern dayzツ

        @Junior OG lul u like trump

      4. Junior OG

        @Northern dayzツ lol what kind of insane retarded response to a comment is that.

      5. Northern dayzツ

        U like Donald Trump

    32. Richard Mower

      15 kin and its gold

    33. Ian Williams

      I skipped 30 minutes in to see around where he left but turns out he only lasted 4 minutes. Literal definition of a HUfast Andy.

    34. 3P1C_G4M3R5

      Lmao this comment section is worse than twitch chat sometimes yikes.

    35. Chris Anthony

      xQc is the best.

    36. skeezy


    37. Carlos Martín Rojo

      Honest to god, Keemstar running like the little bitch he is and Manuel joining is the best possible outcome to this.

    38. Hooknosed Jack

      Wow, keemstar really is such a snowflake

    39. Siegmeyer Of Caterina

      guys I'm 16 minutes in does keem come back or no

    40. ReySoMLB

      me: "im just gonna skip to when Keem rage quits.." * 4 minutes in, keem leaves * me: " HOLY SHIT "

    41. Hemant Karasala

      I m not a big fan of Destiny as he is too centrist, but he was in his prime here. Epic shit.

      1. Raul

        @Pomegranate1996 Spain. Actually most developed countries have it. Germany , France , Italy , Japan i know from the top of my head but even some developing countries have a system in place. The US actually expends several times what the UK or Spain do somehow , makes no sense.

      2. Raul

        @Peanutbutter As an outsider , i always thought that the US had 2 right wing parties , now they have a right wing party (dems) and a right wing party so cucked that they let a populist fascist take over. Even right wing doesn't talk shit about M4A here , while "left wing" politicians like Biden use propagand tier terms like "socialized medicine". Oh , but they are not racist (Openly , because Biden is responsible for most minority that got incarcerated for petty shit) and some states have same sex marriage . That's cool i guess, but outside the US only far right or straight fascist parties are openly racist and promote religious backwards shit.

      3. Peanutbutter

        @Hemant Karasala I would agree that Biden is far more closer to centrist then Bernie. Obama was definitely a centrist president, yet I believe many of Joe Biden’s solutions to issues, can be seen as a lot more left leaning. Most likely do to the fact that we’ve had a far right nationalist as our country leader, yet American’s political system is far different, so in America destiny and Joe Biden lean fairly center left, yet most other countries would probably label them as Centrists. So it’s just a bit of difference between characterization. Destiny has stated before though that he does not like being labeled a centrist, and doesn’t believe himself to be a centrist.

      4. Hemant Karasala

        @Peanutbutter He is very left leaning on social issues. I did watch his stuff quite a bit, i m not going by others impressions. But I m pretty sure he prefers Biden and others over Sanders, so I would call that centrist.

      5. Peanutbutter

        Destiny is definitely very left leaning by American standards, what “Centrist” takes does he have? I’m assuming you just listen to what Left Wing Socialist content creators say about him, but he’s actually not all that bad. Worst thing about him in my opinion is just his way of speech, yet he makes up for that with his amazing intellect.

    42. Ok sir

      2:53:20 “only 30-40 minutes left” 1 hour and a half left 4weird

    43. Anand Bohm

      I don’t want to talk about it, but let me talk about it- Keemstar

    44. Sebas De la t

      *keemstar leaves* Destiny: "I love you guys."

    45. Alex

      Jesus christ Destiny is such a cock.. Lol Chill dude, your point still stands after he finished his sentence, don't cut them off Mr. Debate

    46. Marc Oneal

      ManuelFerrara is such a legend lol

    47. SydneySleeper

      AMAZIN fucking start

    48. Kibito Kami

      Looking back at it everyone else's take was retarded it was extremely irresponsible for keem to say anything about it especially on somebody else's platform.

      1. Ethan Quirk

        In fairness though, it was a passing comment, Train said “yeah it has an impact on the youtube community” then Keem said “yeah he mentioned PewDiePie he was trying to get the media riled up” and that was going to be it, there was a pause to carry over the intro then Destiny hopped in with the old “oh so you knew him did you” and that started off the back and forth. If Destiny was trying to keep to the point of it shouldn’t be made a conversation this early then don’t drive the conversation because you know no ones going to pay attention to a 10 second segment of a scuffed intro but LSF’s gonna be all over a charged altercation between Destiny and Keem. Everyone else was trying to move the topic on but Destiny was already exited and kept pressing the issue which made Keem keep talking down a rabbit hole

    49. друг

      MaN uel saved the podcast Pog

    50. Morse Bypher


    51. Dunkelheit

      Jesus xqc was so fucking annoying in the first 5 minutes

    52. christian amoranto

      i fuck with destiny so heavy for this idk why everyone was getting so mad at him

    53. Suhuki Shinden

      Wow keem a crybaby and a half

    54. Mafia2637

      fuck Keemstar anyway

    55. Woagh

      "Im a master of unknotting the knot" -3 minutes later one of his guests ragequits OMEGALUL

    56. George T

      I knew Keemstar is completely full of shit but it's hilarious to find out he has no backbone and folds like a pack of cards when challenged.

    57. Garfield Mcsniffit


    58. Alex B

      train is such a pussy defending keemstar

    59. TealMjM

      Keemstar is such a dumbfuck


      God I love keem

    61. Epimanies

      Manny was a much better guest than the Garden Gnome.

    62. WASD

      Destiny is like a dude everyone hates cuz he actually questions when ppl talk bs and can't/doesn't allow them to pass

      1. Jahzy

        @Ben Profiri what??

      2. Ben Profiri

        @Jahzy he’s passionate about his opinions I don’t think the intention was to harm the bitch.

      3. Jahzy

        @Ben Profiri pretty sure he's aggressive aggressive but sure

      4. Ben Profiri

        It’s good in some aspects but can get annoying having someone with a little passive aggressiveness and such passion in his opinions.

    63. Jordi Smith

      Destiny is a cock though

    64. Spiratis

      Destiny was right.

    65. Mr. Gibbons

      Destiny kinda in his prime here

      1. BigusDickus

        I miss this

      2. Peanutbutter

        A lot of people say Destiny was in his prime back when he debated right wingers, and crazy skeptics. He’s always held the same views, yet his constant debate of right wingers make him appear off as a socialist. He had grown a big socialist audience, and then lost a lot of them when he started debating socialists. He talks about this a lot in some of his videos, but his older debates will always be some of my favorite things on HUfast.

    66. Isaac

      Jesus the guy in the top right corner has a 8 head

    67. Joppe

      Keem probably shouldn't have mentioned the terrorist attack, but Destiny escalated it up to a 100. That is why the podcast got pissed at him. Destiny is very smart, but he has no communication skills, if he worked on that he could win so many more people over.

      1. :D

        @Joppe Destiny wasn't even that combative at first, though... it was Keem who made it a big deal

      2. Jack Markley

        @Joppe How should he have handled it? Stay quiet and just let Keem's bullshit fire off to thousands of viewers without being challenged? Or put on cuddly mittens and make sure to cradle Keem's ego when he's known to be one of the most combative and spiteful creators on the internet? Keem should know better but has demonstrated he will never learn shit so the best path is to honestly call out what he did wrong so at least the viewers will understand it.

      3. David Bower

        Keemstar was talking bullshit, and Destiny was right to call him out on that when he did.

      4. Joppe

        @A for Carrot it's not about the leaving though. I just said that Destiny escalated the whole situation, Keem leaving was a childish thing to do, I agree with that.

      5. Another Wisecrack

        It's called calling a Spade a Spade.

    68. Chris S.

      Keem is such a pussy lol

    69. The One

      Destiny went a little too hard here to be honest didn’t even give him a chance to explain his side.

      1. :D

        Keem didn't want to explain his side. That's why he left. Destiny wasn't even that hard to begin with anyway.

    70. Tyler Davis

      god i hate destiny

      1. Another Wisecrack

        And this is why I love him.

    71. Sir Gentleman Shiggy

      And this is why Keem was pushing "Twitch vs. HUfast" so hard.

    72. Markella Papatzima

      Timestamps please, damn it.

    73. Splicerdubs

      destiny did nothing wrong

      1. Jahzy

        @Holiday keem was spreading conspiracies when he shouldn't have and destiny stopped that, not his fault keem is a pussy

      2. Pladom

        @Holiday nope, keemstar was being political, so destiny responded by being political

      3. Holiday

        He was right but he instigated shit when he shouldn’t have

    74. King Hidden

      damn destiny is cringe af, first time seeing this dude

    75. Kevin Foster

      Gotta agree with destiny here. Speculation on the topic is talking about it despite what the other guys said. From what I’ve seen of Keem he just seems like a bad person and it’s kinda funny to see him rage quit like that.

    76. I’m literally Nel

      “People are allowed to speculate”-Guy “not in my presence😈😈😈”-Destiny

      1. Variable

        This literally hurt to read

    77. Brandon Watson

      Streamers are so cringe

    78. Marcelo Benatto Ferreira

      Esfand did the joke and laughed his ass off.

    79. _ Certified

      lol destiny was mad because keemstar went after girls he spends his time simping for.

      1. The Poverty Soldier

        lol sensitive Keem baby rage leaves after 5 minutes of a little manlit giving him well deserved shit.

    80. Adam Cogan

      Keemstar is such a tool.

    81. Waffe

      WeirdChamp WeirdChampers

    82. Phlem Taco

      Train: you're allowed to speculate Destiny: no you're not

    83. Phlem Taco

      Destiny needs to shut the fuck up. How is he such a snowflake?

      1. Guy Dude

        Shut up go watch Keemstar

    84. Damon Smith

      God damn, 10 minutes of Destiny overreacting to shit is enough, someone timestamp the minute where he shuts his damn mouth for a sec.

    85. Conot

      Destiny is so pure he can’t even be around someone that talks about a shooting even though he said he wished all republicans would die. Pure as the winter snow.

    86. Conot

      Destiny is such a loser. For once keemstar wasn’t being a dick and destiny loses his mind.

    87. DarkesLuk

      Lol kemstar tho

    88. Gabe

      What fucking timeline was this that a hundred people were spamming chat defending fucking keemstar of all people lol so unwatchable

    89. Gabe

      It makes me sick that chat was spamming podcast ruined when destiny literally saved it faster than keemstar can fabricate lies on twitter

      1. andrew davis

        @Andrew Cowan if you think yelling at and over someone while ignoring what they're saying, go back to school and learn what a debate is you fucking numbnutted famboi

      2. Andrew Cowan

        @andrew davis if you have such a weak constitution maybe leave the internet snowflake

      3. andrew davis

        @Andrew Cowan with someone who is yelling at and over you while telling you not to say anything? Destiny fans have problems

      4. Andrew Cowan

        @andrew davis literally anyone that thought they were right

      5. andrew davis

        @Jahzy hes a pussy because less than 4 minutes in, Destiny is yelling over him? Who the fuck would hang around for that?

    90. إحمـــار البيسد

      Destiny did the right thing

    91. Jah Oose

      Destiny low-key did everyone a favor, Keem was being full of shit and a mad little snowflake, and trading him out for Manuel improved the podcast immensely overall.

    92. Gabe

      destiny was right about this and i think if train watched this back today he would agree

      1. 3P1C_G4M3R5

        @Warning: BFG-10,000 is Hiring it was just the intro and it doesn't matter if keem was in the wrong, destiny shouldn't have brought it that far.

      2. Elias Gergi

        @Warning: BFG-10,000 is Hiring truuu

      3. Warning: BFG-10,000 is Hiring

        @Joppe than Keem shouldn’t have brought it up if he didn’t want to debate. Keem is just another dumbfuck Trump cultist.

      4. Joppe

        Nah Keems intentions was not to debate

    93. Dr Rockso87

      Destiny is a fucking tool. such a fucking ass clown

    94. UnCommonVision

      Damn. Destiny didn't even have foreplay with Keem, he just went straight in that hole. 😳😂😂😂

      1. What a coincidence!

        The pussy was sore afterwards 🤣

    95. Ainz zz

      Wow chat is retarded

    96. Zach

      Destiny was so wrong here, he was waiting to do his autistic screeching, he always has to be right. Why be so pedantic? Keen was right anyway, it was the shooters manifesto and pretty obvious what his goals were. Destiny moved the goal posts when he realised he was wrong. Keep took the high ground not responding to that bait. Shame on destiny

      1. :D

        Wow, this comment became 10x more stupid when you ended it with the "Shame on Destiny' line lol.

      2. ZOM BEACH

        You think Destiny was the one that was baiting after Keem gave his shitty bait-take on an immediately recent event not even 3-4 hours old? He was supposed to introduce himself, and instead brought a topic to the table and only after got challenged, declared he didn't want to debate it. Might wanna just keep the news shit down, and the introduction relevant.

      3. Jason Bishop

        and keemstar as always couldn't take the pressure and had to run

    97. Felix Quigg

      40 year old edgelord claims people nowadays are snowflakes but rage quits when someone criticises him. Kinda weird

      1. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

        Destinys been criticised so much in the past and I've never seen him leave. He doesn't care about that shit. Keemstar is the biggest snowflake ever. Keemstar responded to so much criticism with threats and is sensitive as fuck.

      2. Burke O'Reilly

        @MrGetownedLPkiiiiiiinda weird champ

      3. MrGetownedLP


      4. anthony-y

        PepeLaugh true

    98. Will Kelly

      I actually really respect Destiny for this. With 13,000 people watching and a podcast full of people who would fling shit at you, he still did what he thought was right.

      1. Seth Peterson

        Destiny has yet to make an inconsistent take that I’ve seen

      2. Alex Gris

        @Anderson Richardson Keemstar is literally worse than human shit

      3. IchiroCharles

        @Spa Monkey he call keemsta and he left soon as possible. Now yall agaisnt destiny for making keem ragequit out the podcast.

      4. Epimanies

        @Theo Pana OMEGALUL

      5. NickYeah

        I mean he wouldn’t shut up. I would want them to not bring it up but he keeps arguing instead of just moving on.

    99. Patrick W

      Keemstar is such a bellend. Do people really consider themselves "fans" of that creepy manchild?

      1. semimad100

        @PURRPツ疼 yes he does dumb shit sometimes and needs to be more accountable and look up what he is talking about to make sure BUT he still covers what is going on and drama with higher production value then anyone else. If you care what destiny thinks for some reason, he agrees. When someone made a video saying everyone should watch this other drama channel he said not to do that until someone put as much effort as keem and was entertaining.

      2. PURRPツ疼

        @semimad100 not the best, like destiny said, he spins narratives. remember the old guy who got called a pedo and then got attacked by keems fanbase?

      3. Ok

        That Gnome fuck.

      4. Patrick W

        @BlitzGames Found the Keem fanboy lol. And I'm not pro-h3 you muppet.

      5. semimad100

        he is a POS human but, he has the best drama channel on youtube so hes gunna always get views for that unless someone can dethrone him and make a better channel that does the same thing

    100. Tstewww22

      Xqc is my favorite streamer honestly and the fact that he sticks up for keemstar makes me want to kick him.

      1. Condoriano

        He just wanted to be fair to all guests (even though Destiny was in the right). Also he hates Keemstar as well

      2. PixelCortex

        He just wanted a fair trial.

      3. Levi Kessler


      4. semimad100

        Hes changed quite a bit since this podcast. he leans way further left then he did before