Keemstar's full interview with Onision

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    Interview conducted in Febuary 2020. Premiered March 9th 2020
    Interview does appear to have parts cut out by keem.
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    1. Steven Fonlame

      Keem backs groomers

    2. Silent Vision

      The music is annoying.

    3. Delilah X Hulk

      Keemstar, you’re the biggest bully of HUfast. Onision is disgusting. You’re not too far behind.

      1. Kaylee Munn

        Not true

    4. Black Diamond

      unsubscribe too him he is me racist and gay

    5. Ashlelee Okamoto

      Why give this disgusting waste of a human being a voice? He doesn’t deserve to pollute the internet with his lies

      1. Supreme Leader

        He needs the opportunity to defend himself, otherwise it’s a kangaroo court.

    6. Eoghan Hunt

      He says Sarah has BPD causing lost memories, which was the same thing with the "Shiloh forgot me" video. Even if he's not lying to discredit their statements, isn't it a bit creepy that he seems to be having relationships almost exclusively with girls with mental disorders? And I doubt that so many "delusional" statements that have been given by Sarah, Shiloh, Skye and Billie would all line up exposing a very consistent method of abuse. There are also MANY receipts of the things Onion is being accused of, which are presented by Repzion and Cecil McFly in the series of videos that they've both done

    7. Eastern Traveller

      kinda unfair for everybody atacking this guy

    8. Boofy Ragland

      Lol, I love how Anti-O's cry when their obsession refuses to get smeared by the grifters they put on a pedestal. Honestly, there's absolutely nothing to say to Anti-O's since acknowledging the truth would devoid them of their primary social outlet. It's like they don't realize that THEY are the show... How NPCs develop in the echo chamber of the hivemind. What's next for the Anti-O drama channel economy? Back to Titanic Sinclair? The only bad thing about this is that it leads the masses to believe NO women. That's not fair to actual victims, but to an Anti-O, it doesn't matter. Like, how dare a real victim minimize their favorite sport?

    9. Andrew Erntell

      Onision is the Jeffery Epstein of HUfast and Google is the Maxwell of the story. And Onision's claim that someone with Bipolar Disorder gets their memories confused with their emotions bares absolutely no basis in reality or mental health diagnostics and treatment. He on the other hand constantly projects and gaslights, indicating some diagnostic traits of narcissism.

    10. Scare Crow

      Both of these 2 are absolute idiots, Onion moreso. Keems an idiot for going through with this for the views, and Onions the idiot for fuckin thinking the way he does

    11. Ghost Killer.

      This is A JOKE. A BEMUSING JOKE. I learned NOT ONE... NEW PIECE OF INFORMATION. I hope it was worth it. Kkkkkkkk... KEEMSTAR.? You are NO JOURNALIST.

    12. LadyofTruth

      I barely answers any question.

    13. Jack Johnston

      Took the quote out of Batman 😂

    14. The Unveileress Reginae Caeli

      Finally I get to watch the whole thing, a lil late but hey for free lol Thanks! Surprised keem didn't come after you tho! You escaped 😆 Ethan Klein of h3h3 is the one doing all the coming after now hahaha 😄


      Two brothers reunited

    16. Ramses die

      I was going to write a hate message to Keemstar but I saw this isn't his channel. Good 4 both of us

    17. Seadog95

      Keemstar is a total moron

    18. sad goblin

      “So has me” lmao ...

    19. sad goblin

      Keem is being actually reasonable with his questions I can appreciate that

    20. sad goblin

      I used to watch onion boy as a young teen girl and I witness every reason for him to be disliked by the internet. He deserves to be widely disliked..... I never watched Keem I only saw him in cringe compilations.

    21. sad goblin

      Both of them smell like onions

      1. JamaicanRain

        I seriously doubt you have met both of them. 😛

    22. Kitty Stenz

      I think Kai is fucking disgusting and creepy onision is always saying that she’s crying and I’m like what goes on in that house where everyone is always in tears for gods sakes their kids have to see or hear in another Room onision wigging out for the camera and kai crying her ass off all the time for shit they got involved in publicly. Those kids are going to one day see this content and what’s true what’s not true there is no way you can’t be impacted by ALL of this shit show including the comments people leave about their dysfunctional parents and the company they kept the gross history and the coo coo 🍌 banana 🍌 content around all of this I got to go this is all so cringealicious I need a shower.

    23. Labarynth Maze

      Onion boy has always been the villain he just doesnt see it. He still cant see it...

    24. Labarynth Maze

      Keemstar pandering for Onion boy

    25. Labarynth Maze

      Fbi is coming for you onion boy. Get that baby carrot ready for prison.

      1. Supreme Leader

        This comment didn’t age well lol

    26. Soup Dejour

      Creepy and mean, yes, illegal, no.

    27. Mamaaudri

      emotional coercion is something law enforcement not only believes but will have it held up in court

    28. sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

      Creepy asf

    29. Judith Jaatinen

      damn even referring to onision as a content creator at this point feels wrong his whole channel is grooming

    30. scozzyYFL

      onision will not let keemstar speak lmao

    31. hello there

      i don't want to give him the views,thx

    32. Last Man

      Onision is the cockroach of HUfast and Keemstar is the virus of youtube

    33. Vik torija HUfastr reading an article on Greg's dad being interviewed

    34. LNMBEATS

      regardless how much you can hate onision he's right and not stupid i've not seen any good evidence that can lock him up people add nothing to the conversation EVER

    35. Vik torija

      Everything that is coming out of Greg's mouth is 🐃💩

    36. blackpixie girl

      OK G R O O M E R

    37. Emily Wing

      Anytime Keemstsr says "oh hey listen but like ... You did this, this is a HUGE thing that really goes against yo-" "THIS PERSON IS CRAZY!!! THEY'RE ALL LIARS!! FUCK THEM OH MY GOD."

    38. Opinionated Kraken Troll

      Onion boy really reveals a lot about himself

    39. Nightsmith

      A part of me thinks keem knows how to make people talk and he knows treating onision like an innocent is the way to make him accidently spill.

    40. Addie Hunt

      " No substantial evidence was found that the current affective state influences learning and memory in BPD patients any differently than in healthy control subjects."

    41. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

      TY for the upload. I wanted to watch this, but it was not that important if I had to jump through hoops or give Keemsmar ad revenue.

    42. Faith Zebedee

      "Greg is not a legal guardian, I am" but... You're married tho? 🤔

    43. GemJules

      Bpd is often a result of abuse and emotionally unavailable caregivers which would be the people LOOKING for connections/love and care so those people would be vulnerable to someone like Onision and Kai...

    44. Mr Magno

      Onision is constantly evading the question as usually you only evade a question when the accusation in the question is true. Like politicians do “will the UK be put on lockdown prime minister” “what we will do is take all measures to prevent this virus and keep the public safe” they give detailed descriptions to distract from the real answer

    45. Jmoney32689

      9:50 Yeah...About that...Look up streams done by Deadwing Dork, Stevie Wolfe, and Jaclyn Glen. They play Onision’s ENTIRE videos that he made for 48 hours straight. He’s such a liar. That’s why he fucking deleted those videos when he realized his videos were going to be watched by the FBI. He admits to EVERYTHING in those videos. He admits to doing the following things: -Giving Billie an ultimatum to get a tattoo that reads “I’m a liar” and let him chain her up in his basement or he’ll throw her out (which he did) -Having sex with Sarah willingly and enjoying it. -Forcing Kai into having sex with him and Sarah (Which he admitted was rape) -Denying an interview with Chris Hansen unless he got paid (which journalists can’t actually do). -Forcing Kai and Billie into a damn three way with him. -He made up a story of Shiloh trying to hang herself (which Deadwing Dork’s stream pointed out that, knowing how he exploits his personal life, would have discussed IMMEDIATELY for views if it had actually happened). -He says in the stream, verbatim, that “real victims” don’t come forward. They stay silent. This has terrible implications because Onision is basically excusing abuse by arguing that abuse should never be brought to light and that the abuser should always get away with it. Gee, I wonder WHY he would say this when multiple people are accusing him of abuse? The whole thing was an defense attorney’s worst nightmare. By the way, everyone, did you know that hampering an investigation by deleting content when you know that the Feds are going to be sifting through it is actually illegal?

    46. Nix F

      There is so much proof about the rating photos shit. Like endless. Of people he rated SAYING they’re underage. So much.... oh my god this was a train wreck.

    47. Nix F

      “Have you broken any laws?” “WELL BEFORE I FORGET VINCE...”

    48. Bee•Tea•Dubs

      Of course Keem is a supporter of Onision. Why doesn't that surpriise me?

    49. Bee•Tea•Dubs

      _"If someone wants to believe something they'll believe it"_ 🤦‍♀️He doesn't realize how much he projects with everything he says 💯🤯

    50. long toe

      He still waited until she was 18. It doesn’t matter how soon after her birthday. He’s gross, and on top of that unable to disprove anything he’s claiming against. Whatever role she had in their household led to them having “legal” sexual relations. Meaning things DID happen. He genuinely just needs to be thrown out and done with.

    51. Sierra Pullum

      Just found out about the interview 😬 why was it deleted originally ??

      1. Faith Zebedee

        It was only posted to snapchat

    52. Bee•Tea•Dubs

      SARAH DOESN'T HAVE BPD! God damn! He LOVES using that lie to discredit her. He'll use anything he can to destroy someone's image so it discredits what they say about him. It's horrible. She doesn't have BPD! But even if she did, it doesn't mean she's lying or mixing things up!

    53. Incineroar

      Thank youuuuuu I wasn't about to download a new app to watch the rest of this

    54. Sarah D

      "Oh no not candy coooorn!" wow he really feels no remorse for doing that to Shiloh

      1. Jacks

        Sarah D because the video isn’t real it was staged and Shiloh an adult consented to being in that video

      2. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

        This one kit threw sand in my eyes when I was a kid. He said "oh no, not tiny pieces of sand!" He would have gotten beat up if I was able to see.

    55. Have a great day!

      Let’s hope Keem is just pretending to be on his side so that he’ll keep talking. That’s the only way I can wrap my head around anyone defending Onision amidst all of the evidence against him.

      1. Supreme Leader

        There really isn’t “evidence” against onision though.

      2. Aleksandr Jenkins

        nope, they’re “friends” so he’s extremely biased with his tiny carrot just past his lips

      3. hello there

        keem is literally a triggered adult who thinks that everything he sais is right and he also believes he's being too popular for anyone to understand him

      4. Michael Jackson

        if Keem attacked onision for every point he tries to make, onision would run away from the interview. keem wants to keep him talking

      5. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

        Keem sells his soul for drama clicks. That is all.

    56. TubbieSquirrels

      Love Keem but it's obvious he only did the interview for the money. He did little to no research , promoted the hell out of the interview and then decided to spilt it up into multiple parts and only put part one on his HUfast channel. Onision is a bad person but nothing he's done is technically illegal just morally wrong. Kai on the other hand is confirmed to had been sent nudes from a underage sarah and then send her own nudes back.

    57. J. S.

      Keem paid him. Just because he said he didn't pay him, it doesn't mean he didn't pay him. Lol Also, the only people who believed he was homless and all that are his fans. They were showing support. Those of us on the "hate" side realized it was fake but still found you to be a pathetic loser. Never thought I would watch a video with both of these dumbasses in it. =/

      1. Michael Jackson

        i dont think keem paid him. keem was sweet and tried to be on his side so onision would do the interview and genuinely talk freely

    58. Obama

      Because that’s what heroes do

    59. PeachAnt

      Poor Sarah I feel really bad imagine that

    60. Nemo Fish

      He is not a doctor. He doesn’t know shit about BPD.

    61. Nemo Fish

      He felt like vomiting when thinking about being with her, but kept insinuating that he wanted to

      1. someone you dont know

        Nemo Fish yea and they had sex after she turned 18 hmm..

    62. Marcus R.

      Keem is so dumb. It’s not ‘brave’ to say a 7 year old is sexy. That’s just gross asf.

    63. XDarksoulX1129

      I like how hard keem was on romeo but not on onision

      1. Michael Jackson

        if keem was hard on onision then onision wouldn’t do the interview lmao

    64. XDarksoulX1129

      I like the pic he used for shiloh to make her look crazier and unreliable which dont get me wrong she is both

    65. XDarksoulX1129

      Can this get a like for everyone saying fuck keem and his legal team?

    66. ThatLonelyGoat

      Is it me or does keems cheeks look like he rubbed dirt on them?

    67. Psycho Raccoon

      the amount of avoiding the questions/skimming over them is so... astounding. this "interview" is just dripping with manipulation from greg and honestly i dont think keemstar has enough of a backbone to be a proper reporter. normally its the interviewer/reporter thats pushing what they want to know and try to hammer down what they are trying to find out. some may be biased and might steer the conversation in a certain direction for a specific story, but theyre still the ones in control. keemstar, however, is just getting plowed over in this convo. its sorta pathetic.

    68. Salazar

      Thanks bro. ❤

    69. Angie Wangle

      All the BS aside, why does he so casually dismiss everything Sarah says while casually talking about this NDA? Like, even if you didn't make her sign it, why was one needed in the first place? That's what people want to know. It's not about protecting his secrets because, remember, the fact machine has no reason to not share his entire life with the internet! Said it himself.

    70. eric dawson

      Free Onision

    71. eric dawson

      Keen did the right thing Onision is a jerk but Sarah's a liar , give me the jerk all day

    72. B P

      When Onision pretends to forget that he made out with Shane Dawson 😂😋

    73. LibertarianGaming Weeb

      Hey guys everyone is hating on keem, I am not saying that onision or keem did this perfectly, but you will not list reasons. Many of y’all are also hating on onision, and saying that he is lying or that keem was being to nice to onision you guys want to lynch him or send him to prison but you guys won’t take the time to fully research or listen to his arguments. Personally I do not have a side because the girl can’t prove it. If your opinions don’t align with mine you can complain but I don’t care we should give onision a fair chance. Edit: also onision is homosexual why would he hook up with a female girl. Wouldn’t he groom a guy.

      1. Michael Jackson

        i agreed with your comment up to the edit. kai used to be a girl, and he’s been with multiple girls. he’s bisexual, not homosexual

      2. StrawberryCola

        Otaku_gucci_ Planespotter You sound like the one who hasn’t done research. Especially if you think he’s homosexual ...

    74. Jame Gumb

      12:25 Wait a sec, there are dox that show that. He lied.

    75. Brittany Lynn

      1. Why didn't he and kai go to the police first if they knew she was being abused? 2. Why would you have her sign an NDA if you had nothing to hide?

      1. Kristin FROST Lazerbeams

        Because that young person was just prey.

      2. someone you dont know

        None of those questions were asked during the interview!!

      3. someone you dont know

        Brittany Rodriguez truee

    76. Lara Kelleher

      So ironic how he's making vidoes about abusive relationships when he's an abuser!

    77. Adam Mitchel

      The only reason why onision said yes to this interview is because keem has no spine to actually confront Greg on his own crap. This is just another video is onion rambling.

    78. Adam Mitchel

      Thank you to the person who posted this. I was struggling to find the full clips and I think that if keem really cared, he would make this easy to see to “hear his side”

    79. Diogenes

      answered 0 question

      1. Paula Fletchaa

        He didn't ask anything interesting and onision just talked shit

    80. MB

      Just because someone at one point denies something happened, doesn't mean it didn't. I was molested by my sister when I was little and was asked about it when I was a child and I denied it because I didn't want to get her in trouble and I was afraid of what she would say. That doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    81. bootygang 666

      Also you cant even be diagnosed with BPD under the age of 18

      1. SerNoddicusTheGallant

        And yet Greg, a man in his 30s, continues to insist on getting into sexual relationships with teenagers

      2. Wes Ryan

        I was diagnosed with BPD when I was 17, so I don't know about that. (Even though it ended up being a misdiagnosis). But the fact he's using it to discredit her claims is gross.

      3. bootygang 666

        It's funny because someone sent me a whole tiktok of this person saying the exact same thing about how it's hard diagnosing people between certain ages.... Congrats you got properly diagnosed at a certain age, most of us doesn't, doesn't mean you are the norm I also have BPD ;)

      4. Scaris Skeletal

        You can be diagnosed as child onset but it's not final then. He manipulated them before they were 18 and ultimately contributed to the development of a personality disorder.

      5. Bethany Kay Grace

        I'm 22 now and was diagnosed with BPD when I was 14/15

    82. bootygang 666

      EvErYoNe MaKeS jOkEs.... expect for shane dawson though right?

    83. Nynaeve al'Meara

      Download before keemstar sees!

    84. BluesDude

      _KEEMSTAR_ calling someone _unlikeable_ is the _absolute ULTIMATE top tier_ of *IRONY* *Edit* - Onision is *also* the worst. Just pointing out the irony.

    85. Walking Tall

      Love keem, but keem lost control super quick.

      1. Paula Fletchaa

        It was always gonna be a shit show I think

    86. Another Emo Artist

      Here we go There is crazy people in the anti o movement but ya know That’s literally how so many movements are. People can’t control other people’s actions. I never said I want ANYONE to kill themselves and there is no doubt some people who do that but I am pretty sure the majority do not act like that and to sit there and try to make us out as mindless fucks is so annoying because we aren’t. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

    87. Tricia Asay

      This should be renamed, Onison Rants while keemstar "listen"

      1. Anton-Constantin

        Nobody: Keemstar: *listen*

    88. No Thanks

      Onision says every woman hes ever abused is somehow discredited because they have BPD.

      1. Scaris Skeletal


      2. someone you dont know

        I mean that’s probably why he dates them cuz even if they have some sort of mental illness it can be a sign that he dates that kind of people so he can manipulate and abuse them easier.. im not saying they have mental illnesses but if they do it still wouldn’t look good..

      3. Steffani Xoom

        Remember when he tried to manipulate a girlfriend by claiming he had BPD? cos I do

    89. J

      OMG onionboy isnt able to keep an actual conversation going. he is so dumb and manipulative.. at least tryyyy to be less obvious about it.

      1. SerNoddicusTheGallant

        @Amanda Raynal Also see the leaked texts of him desperately trying to manipulate Billie into letting him chain her in his basement over the haenous crime of smoking weed.

      2. Amanda Raynal

        someone you dont know What channels do you suggest? I’ve seen Shilos seizure video and I don’t want to make baseless accusations, but I’m not convinced it was real. When she was on Chris Hansen’s podcast her whole demeanor changed as soon as he brought it up. But the video when he was recording her with the shaved head made me furious!

      3. someone you dont know

        Amanda Raynal watch other videos on him there is actual proof of him being manipulative and abusive in video, text and photo proof and multiple women that he abused , like for example he lied at the very beginning about custody there is proof with documents

      4. Amanda Raynal

        missjopin can you give an example? I’m trying so hard not to see his points, but they seem reasonable.

    90. Jimi F

      Lol I just want him to record himself showing the "courts" or a lawyer the proof he has of Sarah not being groomed. Because she totally would've known in the situation right? If that was the case people being groomed wouldn't be getting groomed anymore. Truth is he "hung out" with a sixteen year old until she turned 18 and then fucked her. So how is that any better than someone being a legal guardian, it's more weird that they just hung out together..

    91. Ashley

      Thank you for uploading, I don't have nor want SC

    92. Kenziique

      thank u for this (:

    93. Kiven d.

      Can't stand either of these people.. Killer keemstar is a joke nd onion is a scumbag

    94. Theresa S

      Guys, lay off Onision. There were no “parental indications” okay?

    95. Ruby Hernandez

      “You can’t go 50 feet near a no trespassing sign” lol what? Then how can people read the sign, or even know there’s a sign there if they can’t get near

      1. The Preisdent

        @LNMBEATS "Played out"? What do you mean?

      2. LNMBEATS

        @Hanna Green not really if he was that stupid he wouldve been in prison already but he literally played out everyone

      3. Hanna Green

        Ruby Hernandez he always pretends to know shit about the law, but he’s always wrong

    96. BrianaLynn7

      we knew it was fake onion boy, but the fact that you'd make disturbing content pretending to freak out is still fucking stupid and says something about your state of mind

    97. BrianaLynn7

      he spent like 2 months writing terribly disgusting tweets about how he's going to do all kinds of stuff to "you" and honestly they made me puke in my mouth.

      1. SerNoddicusTheGallant

        Also the fact that a bunch of these hyper sexual daddy dom tweets were made while his daughter was in intensive care for his negligence

    98. BrianaLynn7

      dude, he has a HISTORY of being a total asshole, abuser, and creep to so many people, yet keemstar is just okay with this? cancel keemstar too now

    99. BrianaLynn7

      you dont see how its creepy to take someone in who is being beaten by their mom..... and then sleeping with them as soon as they turn 18.....

      1. MattEliteStorm

        What really bothers me he talks to his very young immature fans on Discord with voice chat, just because they pay him on Patreon, and other things he's done in the past. This guy definitely is creepy.

    100. Mayassocalledlife

      How did keem even make money from Snapchat?? I didn’t know that platform actually pays you

      1. someone you dont know

        Nuno Filipe like your any better u blind sheep

      2. Darlyng Calderon

        have you seen the amount of ads? of course they pay lmao