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    Some news in the Nicko Lacoste vs. Keemstar lawsuit. Keep has moves to dismiss in virtue of Anti-Slapp legislation. Here's the breakdown.
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    1. Viva Frei

      I can't figure out how to create a link from the PDF file... Sorry. Will try and edit the Motion into this comment asap. And never would I have ever thought that I would be making law videos on Keemstar's Drama Alert! Life is weird that way! Support Links: Patreon: SubscribeStar: vLAWg ON! Old new merchandise: (New Pudge Vlawg Dawg shirts). With logo No logo: Original Vlawg Dawg: Merch: I SHILL FOR NOBODY. It's perfect! CHICANERY!!! Keep Calm! Know the Vlawg: The awesome thumbnails are from DSLR Dave! He’s open for business, check out his channel!

      1. S Sartré

        Could you please explain what is judge Sullivan is doing in Flynn case and if is legal, posible and what are the consequences.

      2. Aleekat79

        Would you please do Billy Mitchell. It seems convoluted but I feel like the internet is just doging him because of all the trolls. I think the case comes down to the mame but you can use mame in a non nefarious way. But if it's galaxies rules ok but it's just confusing check into it and all of the tendrils.

      3. Bob Smith

        @Gergely Pap-Takács That sounds a lot like: "Well, he wasn't guilty but he put up quite a fight on the way to the noose."

      4. Bob Smith

        Here's a fun PDF to check out. Pelosi swears everything in it is completely relevant to lock down and recovery. It has "cannabis" in it 68 times. Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act (HEROES Act) 3/12/2020 (h) ANNUAL DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION REPORT.- The Federal banking regulators shall issue an annual report to Congress containing- (1) information and data on the availability of access to financial services for minority-owned and women-owned cannabis-related legitimate businesses; and (2) any regulatory or legislative recommendations for expanding access to financial services for minority-owned and women-owned cannabis-related legitimate businesses.

      5. Gergely Pap-Takács I've said you should present the other side, too. I can totally accept that you believe Barnes because he is your friend, but still, that's the definition of bias... It looks like Barnes's interpretation of the Judge's intention was wrong. I don't say either side is wrong or right, just there is more to this story...

    2. Miscai

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      My mind is blown by the detail

    4. Sara Beenstock

      Have to say, your quote at the end this time was really true and I always think it. I always wonder why others don't think of this too! BIG FAN BTW

    5. Aaron Brown

      Correct me if I'm wrong but couldn't Keemstar's lawyers just file a motion to dismiss? This seems rather cut and dry.

    6. I hate 共匪

      Ohhh damn I never thought you would get yourself into the HUfast drama side of things, that's a deep dark hole you're going down.

    7. Sean Nissen

      I like the car office too. And how sometimes a kid just appears saying things like you are always talking

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      2:43 Seems like your doughtier playing a loan shark, bating up her imaginary indebted victim.

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      Loving the Vlogs, and Ghostbusters II

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      Dude just do it with the kid interruptions we don’t care much if it isn’t too often... makes it seem like you’re a real human. You do the cuts well enough to not drag it out and make it annoying

    13. David DeChamplain

      Honest question. Should we enact laws that allow judges to summarily dismiss lawsuits where the facts alleged do not meet the standards of the law without the need for the defendant to hire attorneys to get a dismissal?

    14. Phil Kelley

      Wow. I now have a huge respect for Cal. Law for protecting 1st Amendment Rights. Thanks for the excellent reporting and analysis. You are an excellent teacher and a just person. There are too few people who really understand what Justice means. It is so refreshing to find someone who not only understands this subject but teaches it well. God bless.

    15. frodriguez832

      I keep forgetting to post for the algorithm.

    16. Honderddertig kmh

      @Viva Frei I came across some Ernie Wayne Tertelgte video's and I'm like what is he talking about. He was speaking about Natural law and at one point he walked out of the court room. I'd love to see someone comment about this, maybe you could make a video about wat was happening.

    17. karen straughan

      Okay, what do you think about Judge Sullivan's decision to invite intervenor opinion in the Flynn case, after denying motions for outside opinions 24 times prior to the DoJ's motion to dismiss? I know that you and Robert Barnes were kicking around the idea that Sullivan threatened Flynn with prison as a way to convince him to rethink his plea. But Sullivan's actions now seem to completely undermine that hypothesis. Flynn's lawyer (and pretty much everyone else) had expected Sullivan to vacate the plea and drop the case on Monday. It's now Thursday, and he's doing everything he can to drag the case out and add complication.

    18. alan g k

      Please cover the Flynn judge appointing a new 'prosecutor'.

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    27. R S

      California has a constitution? Wow I didn't think there was enough ink in the world to define the number of genders and persons said constitution would apply to.

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      Let's be real... both of these dudes are garbage. Next video please

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      02:33. I love how your video gets trolled behind your vehicle from the driver’s side window. 🤣

    30. Austin

      Hey viva what’s your opinion on what the judge just did in the Flynn case? Appointing a retired judge to argue against the DOJ and their motion to dismiss. Can Flynn be held in contempt for pleading guilty under oath and then withdrawing his guilty plea? objectivity please ✌️

      1. RoseNZieg

        Long Richard i doubt he could be held in comtempt. technically you could say that he did lie to the fbi. it was only after the once-burned judge ordered all papers for the case to be given to the defense (or to the court, not sure) that we see the fbi superiors wanted to entrap flynn.

    31. Francisco

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    32. SusanBailey AmazingEstate

      Sounds like “Romeo” has a lawyer who is dumber than he is. “Yeah, he did it. But, shut up!” Is not a legal argument. Hmmm... maybe I should be an attorney. I figured that out so fast!

      1. Sarah Palmer

        SusanBailey AmazingEstate you should check out the lawyer Romeo hired for this. He's been disbarred/suspended SEVERAL times. He's been practicing since the 1980s I think. Crazy all over.

    33. Christian Boutin

      "Trop fort, casse pas!!!" Jamais entendu cette expression de ma vie, c'est local à NDG? ;) Good video as always.

      1. Viva Frei

        I first heard it studying law in Quebec city. But it’s an old expression from what I understand…

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      Frie with his windows open in the four corner office. YT: We ran ads on your video but calling blue skies gray, even though they where, triggers the depressed so no cha$ching for you mister. YT, where every one is treated equally, some more equal then others and the rest like children. Yey!, the town square with gag orders.

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      Well, never going to be able to accuse someone of having a potato computer again, not without this alternative meaning popping into my head at least.

    36. Mark B

      Can you do a video about the Judge presiding over Michael Flynn's case appointing an amicus curiae in opposition of the DOJ's motion to dismiss? I would love to see you break it down and hear your opinion on it.

    37. Michael Jordan

      "Potato". It took a second. Absolutely LOVE your euphemisms. If I use it (without attribution) will I be sued? Can't be too careful.

    38. kiddiescripterkiller

      That is the problem with American rules... The lawyers don't care, they get paid regardless if they win or lose the case...

    39. DramaAlert

      I hope the KEEMSTAR guy wins. JS

    40. Just Some Kraken With Internet Access

      Nicko Lacoste goes by "Romeo". _Romeo and Juliet_ is a play about forbidden love between two teenagers. Lacoste likes them young, like illegally young. It's nearly perfect.

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      I like the new office as well. Until your Prime Minister takes away your right to sit in your car let alone drive it. Love you, but Trudeau, wow.

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    44. Kenneth Hodge

      I assume that there is nothing in the law of any jurisdiction that has the effect of a slap law.

    45. Wulfhere Cyning

      Mr Y: "Mr X may have murdered someone" Mr X: "Yes I did, but stop harming my public image by talking about it! It is damaging my business!" Sigh. As soon as you admit to a claim like that, you're losing any tortious lawsuit for defamation or interference related to what you admitted. I have to wonder what his (the tattoo guy plaintiff's) lawyer was thinking. Or did he draft it himself?

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    48. sqrlmonger

      Viva any intention of doing vlawgs on the recent developments in the Flynn situation (as a follow-up to your discussion with Mr. Barnes)? I've read the recent filings by the DoJ, Flynn Defense team, and Judge as well as doing a bit of research into some of the cited case law but the thing with law is there always seems to be a host of things that you need to know, but can't know you need to know unless you already know them, that make interpreting anything fraught with danger. Though thinking about it now I'm not actually sure that applies any less to you and is probably why you rely on Mr Barnes expertise for some of these complicated cases involving US law. Regardless would love to hear your take with or without Mr Barnes.

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      I again find myself disagreeing with you. Your statement that California is no different could not be further from the truth. California is VERY different. Unfortunately.

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      I have an idea that may be silly or could be a possible fix. How about instead of SLAPP, or rather as well as, we propose and establish SCAPP laws? As in Strategic Censorship Against Public Participation. Ot has been established that these social media platforms are public forums, and considering that nearly every person in a free developed country research, form, and discuss their opinions on these public forums, it is therefore necessary for everyone to have open access to thes platforms in order to maintain a healty and free democratic society. When the bill of rights was written the concept of the internet or an instantly worldwide transmittable public forum and the nearly complete knowledge of humanity in an instant and constantly accessable form was not something that the founders would have had any way of even guessing at. In my opinion there is no way that protections would not have been expanded beyond just the government infringing upon certain rights. Just because a private company or entity makes the choice to start, host and maintain a public forum should not give them the ability to infringe upon our free speech rights and effectively gatekeep what information the entire world has access to or the ability to be directed towards. Their maintaining this ability in effect gives them an until now inconceivable amount of power over the opinions, and whether right or wrong, access to all information on any side of any given issue. This kind of power completely undermines the entire concept of an informed and educated public. There are enough problems with the level if control the media exerts on the public opinion, which should be addressed as well, but makes it all the more important that we not allow some CEO or even just some random employee of a company that runs a forum to completely shut down an entire side of any given discussion for any reason they choose. Allowing censorship to occur by any entity over another is just too much power and is too dangerous. It should be established that choosing to get into the business of maintaining a public forum requires acceptance of the responsibility of ensuring freedom of speech. I know that this a very complicated and nuanced subject, and that there will always be some that just want to watch the world burn, but it can no longer be acceptable for anyone to use the "but muh private company" argument, as it has come to be referred to. Does all of that make sense?

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      Keem doesn't own nor can he own a HUfast channel, as far as I'm aware. They permabanned him but he found a loophole by being a host on a channel he has no control over nor access to. This could have changed, i don't keep up with Keem.


      Not sure what was going on in the background but that kid seemed .. Great work as always thank you 😉👍

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      1. Kyles Isler

        @Viva Frei Trust me, you're better off not knowing hahaha! LONG history of ruining other people's lives and careers, and doxxing. I totally agree with you and your assessment though. Thanks for all the awesome videos, keep it up!

      2. Viva Frei

        I don’t know about him personally, but I was not all that impressed with his exploitation of Fousey. That said, good or bad person, he is still right in this lawsuit. In my humble opinion.

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      You should cover how Sony is abusing the DMCA take-down system and now could result in Heelvsbabyface going to court with them, they struck his channel once and filed two claims (+ they did it to any channel covering a certain game and some are not big enough to fight back) on the same video, which is a threat of having your channel removed permanently from HUfast as those two claims can be upgraded to strikes, the original strike was rejected by youtube, but now it appears as though Sony has upheld his appeals and in 30 days if they continue to try to silence him, he could have a date in court.

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      Can punitive damages be awarded to Keemstar out of this? Or is this basically a motion to quash with restitution for expenses?

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      I don't know if you're already looking into this, but have you heard about the three girls from Connecticut filing a case, pleading their district to restrict "transgender females" from joining women's sports events? The judge's initial terms are pretty shady, at least from my perspective. I'd like to see what your take on it would be. As always, thank you for the consistently great content!

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