Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn Vs a McLaren Senna Merlin // Hoonicorn Vs the World


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    Welcome to Hoonicorn vs. the World: a show inspired by gameplay from Forza Horizon, brought to real life! Today’s matchup? Hoonicorn vs. hypercar. This 1 of 1 McLaren Senna Merlin edition is one of the fastest hypercars around right now, so we line it up with the Hoonicorn to see what happens in a straight line race against the two. Will light weight, a bunch of technology, and lightning fast shifts help this Senna eke out a victory over the monstrous Hoonicorn?
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    1. UK

      Just got my Merch 3mins ago! Thanks Guys! Took the H'corn for a rip on forza 7 the other day...smashes everything! This is the Hoonigan content we love 🤘

      1. Addison Dwyer

        How forza 7 the latest one is 4

      2. mike rizzo

        @TheRedLazzer methanol runs cooler than gasoline. It wasn't a joke.

      3. noah cano

        @Hoonigan we wanna see Ken’s mustang vs SXSBlog’s 1100HP 2JZ RZR!!

      4. 사랑

        Do you believe that the angels really exist? This is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in my life - please have a good day. 🌞

      5. The Mighty Wolf96

        Would love to see Hoonicorn vs slambo

    2. Doc Destin

      Senna is for race track.. Not for dumb dragraces...

    3. jp k

      Now go around a track. Drag racing is dumb

    4. jimh16

      @14:54 that little pop is Ken breaking the sound barrier.

    5. Jose Mendoza


    6. troy ferguson

      Hoonicorn vs warren johnsons pro stock drag car

    7. James Qualls

      You could build a house, and raise a family inside that gap.

    8. Alex Seddon

      Let’s get a track car and drag it against a 1400bhp AWD car. 😂 great.

    9. ivan velho

      2 completely different cars . One is just to run in a straight line at maximum speed . The other , a car was designed to make curves. Useless comparison.

    10. Champemba Chileshe

      700HP vs 1400HP? Are you dead serious?? I wanna see you race that 1400HP H'corn against a 3300HP GTR (Alpha Queen). Since you don't consider HP as a factor of speed....

    11. Smexi Demon

      The boorish surfboard ultrasonically enter because duckling consequentially pretend off a parallel clipper. bloody, noxious quarter

    12. Vince Michaels

      I have never seen this car lose Please can you race it with a Tesla

    13. Dartblock stang

      Line up some bowties for a whoopin by the hoonicorn.

    14. Chris halling

      The McLaren was being babied each time. But I loved to see the Hoonicorn running wild

    15. Carlos Deterville

      the hoonicorn vs The TESLA ROADSTER when it comes out

    16. eltiburon1983

      Senna with only 2 exhaust pipes looks wired.... US specs....nah

    17. reviewfor thetube

      Ok that McLaren is fast af lol

    18. Ilham Tyo2

      Amazing dude 👍 .

    19. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

      LOL F*ck a $1.1 million McLaren. loool

    20. Hieronim Dedman

      1.400 hp vs 789 wtf idiots run

    21. harcsaparcsa

      so you got a car.... that don't impress me much.

    22. mike masse

      Call jeff lutz and see what's up

    23. Tomas

      This is like a father against his son on a bike, goin for it at 100%

    24. Big Boat On Da Track

      Dude is saying fortza it was kinda making me mad it’s pronounced forza

    25. JonasRornes

      Race carnage 1400hp dogde viper

    26. Pamela Knight

      Its not even a fair match.. The senna is a production car..and the my little pony car is built from top to bottom..

    27. Shootat 4000ASL

      the AWD car that weighs less and has almost twice the horsepower won? You don't say

    28. Cedric Salinas

      11:00 Thank me later.

    29. Katze DJ

      I can hear the sound of Mustang's close gear...that's why that Classic Mustang can accelerate faster than the Mc Laren and reach the top speed easily...👍👍👍

    30. EKO

      9FF PORSCHE would destroy that SHITBOX

    31. DiALBO

      "How does it feel to be beat by a Ford ?" 😂

    32. Chris Stevenakis

      How does someone who sounds like an alcoholic, drive for a living

    33. Steve Smith

      I'm watching this for the first time. At the 3:35 mark. I already feel sorry for that Senna.

    34. Matthew Bos

      Vs a Porsche Taycan Turbo S next.

    35. chillerinstinct1

      No wonder america gets fucked by corona when they not even wear masks and meet with other ppl

    36. Muhammad Rizky

      Vs bmw m5competision 1000hp vs porshe 911

    37. Gotta Go

      That car price just dropped by half 😁


      Some awd civic to race?lol

    39. NEON Tv

      3 0 🏆the gear box has bananas in it.

    40. The710Salmon UwU

      “This isn’t what the eye likes it’s what the wind likes” *what the wind likes: gets taken to gapplebees by a photoshop flying brick

    41. cnan34

      JP Performance has a KTM XBOW completely build new with an RS4 Engine called MOMENTUM. About 2204,62 Pound weight with 800-1000HP depending on the map. Thats 1 HP per 1 KG weight. Definetly race it.

    42. Shannon Robson

      Senna is a track car you idiots. Not a straight line car.

    43. fernando ff

      O honnicorn es 4×4 ne McLaren no es !!!

    44. Lil Saron

      Drag with Dde720 Gtr🔥

    45. Juan Leyva

      The McLaren is 100% street legal and will pass emissions all day long...

    46. bcvbb hyui

      They're fabulous.

    47. stanley oleyte

      Ken is such a gamer for making that forza konnection with the two cars

    48. touge hero

      I'm sorry but could you imagine hoonaclaren

      1. touge hero

        @bcvbb hyui 🤔🤨 Did you not understand what I meant? The hoonicorn mix with a Mclaren HOONICLAREN. what could ken block's team with something like that

      2. bcvbb hyui

        Hoonicorn vs leroy, 1/4 mile bias ply no prep. Hoonicorn vs ruby, 1/4 mile bias ply, prepped suface

    49. Jared Rice

      This car is unfair 😂😂😂

    50. touge hero

      Who remembers that show called PINKS? OF COURSE KEN IS GOING TO SANDBAG. he's got the only car in the world of its kind

    51. Jack Frost

      Built in 65 and beats the most aero car in the world. Proves that merica got it right in the 60s

      1. Anthony Rubalcava

        Same goes with the impalas 😍😍😍

    52. C Aborn

      Ken, try contacting Cletus McFarland here on HUfast, set up a race against his corvette, Leroy. It would be epic!

    53. Kiwi Dan

      Mclaren actually did pretty good with RWD and a 610hp deficit.

    54. akrita81

      Dear Santa....

    55. RLT Gamer

      Hoonicorn doesn't eat Mcdonalds. It eats McLaren.

    56. Parish Green

      Hoonicorn vs Chiron

    57. Armando Garcia

      10:20 🤣🤣 poor suppy!

    58. marco antonio

      QUERO VER Ford Mustang Hoonicorn VS Bugatti...

    59. Dylan Haines

      I saw that senna on dde a long time ago

    60. MILMI123

      Ones a clown car ones a race car.

    61. Alex

      10:57're welcome

    62. Dedric Johnson

      Damn. Can’t even wear sweats in the car. 😂

    63. bigray1988

      Hoonicorn vs leroy, 1/4 mile bias ply no prep. Hoonicorn vs ruby, 1/4 mile bias ply, prepped suface

    64. Morrowfury Gaming

      Get a 1400hp drag car something made to get up and go you know??

    65. Chris Herrmann

      i dont like mustangs but this thing is unbelievable.

    66. Joshua Hernandez

      Call out the Ladybug From South Texas

    67. c k

      11 minutes in and just starting the first should be ashamed of yourselves

    68. Joshua Carter

      Please race cleetus McFarland!!!!!! Leroy would be a good race!

    69. Robert Tyler

      I love it....//// I hate/love my 2016 mustang bc it is only rear wheel and I have the stage 3 super on it with the biggest headers that can fit, with 1 more pulley swap to go. Sitting aroung 900 .... I'ts black and a original 6 speed.

    70. Gonzalez1003

      LOL at the McLaren.

    71. Lyons Exotics

      the rate he shifts it just keeps going eeerr eeerr eeeerr eeer win haha

    72. paxwallacejazz

      No the question is Spa lap time? That 1800lbs df

    73. Kuledoob

      anyone else wanna see the sxsblog 2jz 2 speed powerglide rzr against the hoonicorn

    74. Jesus Palacio

      Do a Dodge Challenger demon 😂

    75. Adeum Deus

      You know, when people reference cars like the Senna, they always say the same bull crap thing: "Racecar for the road." The reality is it is a road car pretending to be a racecar. A real racecar has performance leaps and bounds above what a road-legal car can only dream of.

    76. musubi

      Why do rich people still buy cars for 1m lol

    77. Michael Ware

      We now need to see the Hoonicorn against a jet dragster....that might be

    78. Dark_warrior

      Hoonicorn is beast nxt time try with Chiron

    79. Jason Millner

      hoonicorn vs model s plaid!

    80. Soorie boy

      Drag against 16vampir the drag 2.0litre 16valve Golf mk2

    81. Victor Venegas

      Ron Says "Can't be running No Bobo Pants"

    82. Péter Tornai

      Bugatti Chiron vs Hoonicorn!

    83. Sergeant Seven

      Hoonicorn just flying through those gears like BrapBrapBrap

    84. I Stole Your Bed

      You should try racing a tuatara or maybe Stradman's Bugatti Veyron

    85. Ryan Skeen

      Both awesome only respect 🙌

    86. TheFanaticVolvo

      I’m gonna build an Audi A6, then I’m coming for ya ken 🤘🤘🤘🤘

    87. Weapon of Choice

      I am buying/ordering the game and new Xbox today because these insane video. Yes adverting like this works.... press on boys

    88. spare

      But the Senna wasn't built for straight line speed right? It's built for going around a race track. They should race them around a real track!

    89. KaiserAsh KaiserAsh

      Yeeeewwww 😃😎🔥🔥🔥🤙

    90. Biohazardz HD

      I dont think hoonigan could outrun the 1600hp twin vw golf thats been going around facebook/youtube. I would love to see them go against eachother.

    91. Daniel Luna

      Dude. That was fucking amazing. That car is a fucking beast!

    92. Martin Smith

      Hoonicorn should drive @cleetusmcfarlands leroy or ruby

    93. m arnoldi

      why wouldnt the hoonicorn race something with 4 wheel drive like him. maybe a tricked out porsche turbo?

    94. Jonathan Williams

      that bonus race was so disrespectful lmao god damn ahaha

    95. Zcypot

      think the hoonicorn would be faster with wider gear ratios?

    96. drtb69

      Race Car versus street race/ super car.... No comparison .

    97. drtb69

      McClaren wasn't near as Good a Driver as Jackie Stewart. When Stewart was 16 he jumped in first time in a race car a beat the hell out of McClaren, that's a fact. That McClaren looks alright.....except its totally dork ass wing deal. Lmao.

    98. Tyrell James

      Try racing the ugr 1800hp lambo or the hennessy venom gt. I think one of those would finally give the hoonicorn a challenge

    99. james bullock

      A gt40 street car with ac end this foolary

    100. Yojimb0h

      11:08 - Everybody