Kesha - Praying (Official Video)


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    1. M E L I S S A 418

      I like this video but the one thing that really bothers me is the part when she starts to walk on the water. Shes putting herself right up there with God and that is insulting.

    2. Preston Mchand

      I just noticed, the cross is right side up. In all of her older videos, it was nothing but satanic props and imagery. Now, she is revealing her pain, struggles, and battles faced. Battles we knew nothing about until just before this song came out. We are blinded by media and what we are shown from the people that have been favored by the Elite. The media that controls our minds to never get the full information and go based off surface knowledge. Tragic.... Here in 2020 by the way

    3. RYNE

      if you listen close, this song is dedicated to Obi Wan from Anakin....

    4. Fuck YouTube

      I used to skip over this song until I had gym with a few students in assigned to and their teacher would play it daily. Now I love it.

    5. malakai siketi

      Wait ITS BEEN 3 YEARS?! I thought this came out last year. Time goes by fast!

    6. Elon C

      From we gotta die young to we gotta pray.

    7. Taylar Lauren

      Her feminine energy is so raw in this song. She took herself back and that's so beautiful. Once you find peace, you wish it upon others 🖤

    8. Hey It's Cami

      As a survivor of human trafficking this song hits home

    9. Crysxxtal

      kesha is the prime example of beauty i swear to god

    10. Brandie Brooks

      She killed it !!! Love her so much

    11. Ada MF Gutierrez

      I been her before and I been here for a long time. For all who has hurt my family while you do that I’ll pray for yours that no one makes them feel like us. If I ever know of someone who feels like me I will give them a warm hug and while I hold them tell them I’ll help you I am here for you . I’ll carry some weight for you. No matter what never loose your faith feed it more now than ever. Hold on this Is temporary soon you will have better days.

    12. Lillian McDaniel

      lol the thumbnail looked like clarke from the 100

    13. Kirstin Maley

      This is how I felt when actually found my religion, not Christianity, that’s what I left, it was freeing to get away from the homophobia and hatred I grew up to know, and turn to something to heal my wounds. ☯️

    14. dilan mathers


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    16. Capt Khaos

      Did God give a sign or no?

    17. Lon Thu

      The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

    18. Reagan Ginsberg

      i made it to 17... i didn’t think i would make it past 10. wow

    19. Yaya Por

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    20. Jackson LaVerne

      4:18 if that’s what your looking for

    21. Camila C. Pinheiro

      Ai céus

    22. Donatella Altari


    23. Angelica Daniels

      This sounds wierd but the part at 4:32 makes me think of like.....the deppression is finnally leaving her, being cried out. IDK

    24. Angelica Daniels

      3:43 This outfit rminds me of Wonder Woman 48

    25. Даниела Иванова

      I just cannot reconcile this song with her earlier image. Sounds awesome and the imagery is very striking but it feels too melodramatic because it's Kesha

    26. YBSMike

      Sister, this was by far, your best song. Embrace that still small voice and return to making music with God's help. He is waiting for you to do this NOW. God Bless You Sister!

    27. Joshua Beech-Maher

      And, I'll release the hounds. They know what to do.

    28. Joshua Beech-Maher

      The Kamikaze Saint is a suicidal gang of elephants in armour.

    29. Kerrieanne bounday

      Every word in this song I relate to my bad past

    30. Tracy Johnroe

      I love it

    31. Tracy Johnroe

      I love this song

    32. M O O N Y

      Why does this bring me closure kinda

    33. Miranda De laat

      This is my story😢

    34. M O O N Y

      I thought this was by pink 😂

    35. M G

      This song helped me survive.

    36. Nikki Murphy

      This song though... I liked her before, but with this song... I love her. The rawness in her words and voice. Amazing!

    37. Praveen Serrao

      The most powerful prayer - lord Jesus forgive me for my sins and come into my heart. I make you my lord and savior.

    38. Minseo Lee


    39. Isabella Rodrigues

      this song always gives me chills. it's amazing how women can rise up from ashes of all the horrible things men put us through.

    40. babybluex

      This song means so much to me

    41. Alex Rodriguez

      tf, two minis into the vid and the intro is still going?!😂

    42. Ingrid Relativo

      I must assist Ate Anne Hathway so Ate Kesha " GOODLUCK " and if hungry you kay just say so " he'll order " hush ...

    43. Ingrid Relativo

      " hurry hurry hurry " ...

    44. Ingrid Relativo


    45. Ingrid Relativo

      si Papa Pappuy na kasi iyan talaga eh ...

    46. Ingrid Relativo

      iyon lang ...

    47. Ingrid Relativo

      dahil ang Nebraski kay nagpakilala na siya si Buda .

    48. Ingrid Relativo

      the situation is called " The Sleeping Buddha " ...

    49. Ingrid Relativo

      unti-unti niya ma feel ang " HIKOG " ( excuse po ) ...kahit even na siya ay " natutulog " ...

    50. Ingrid Relativo

      gihinay-hinay open iyang PSYCHE---third eye .

    51. Ingrid Relativo

      iyan ang ginawa ni Kate Middleton sa isang Nebraski na Family ni One Eye---!!!

    52. Ingrid Relativo

      we must rest kapag naglalakbay

    53. Ingrid Relativo

      knowing the merefact that One Eye is believe to be a God of the Element of Earth so We Do not want to make him angry because our San Benito believe to be Pilgrimage of Manlalakbay also so our Inner Soul will be disturbed specially if we are all in and on Sleeping Stage everyday ---each of us our subconscious minds ( if we are all sleeping ) will gonna be awaken because of One Eye the Powerfull Giant so Ate Kesha We must work together again specially that I own the Farm of Saint Benedict where Kate Middleton is dying to have pero NEVER NEVER NEVER dahil nandoon ang aking mga Corn Snakes iyan and then ang Magbalantay sa aking Rice na Dinurado kay nandoon resting po iyan po ...

    54. Ingrid Relativo

      maling mga Tao ang nakapunta dito una---!!!

    55. Ingrid Relativo

      the Bansang Country Nebraski and the Princess Anne Hathaway case so " LISTEN " po Ate Kesha Rose Sebert ...

    56. Ingrid Relativo

      si Kate Middleton kay hindi titigil sa iyang pagpakaarong-ingnon that causes the Bansang Country Island of the Philippines in Misery and someone outside of this Country is being disturbed and that belongs to the Family of " One Eye " the Powerfull Giant that No One wants to mess around po iyan po ...

    57. Ingrid Relativo

      Bansang Country Italy.

    58. Ingrid Relativo

      meron tayo problema and this would be po iyan po .

    59. Ingrid Relativo

      there would be a go signal anytime then by someone will contact you to go na then meron sa iyo susundo na kotse just say this password na ---Baby Girl ...

    60. Ingrid Relativo

      Ate Kesha kay the password is Baby Girl---!!!

    61. Ingrid Relativo

      pero Pray muna ikaw ...---someone laslas the kili-kili of my t-shirt po---.

    62. Ingrid Relativo

      Ate Kesha Rose Sebert kay this is me Baby Ingrid ..." HEAR ME " ...

    63. Ingrid Relativo


    64. Suzy E

      strangely, no man has ever said i wasnt enough.. I told myself that enough for the both of us

    65. Strobey

      This song is, and always will be incredible. Whoever that guy is got utterly destroyed, I don’t even know his name.

    66. Miss Mee

      This song is so powerful. The video totally intensifies it in a soul-piercing, heart wrenching way.

    67. jane doe

      May 16, 1966-November 25, 2020

    68. jane doe


    69. Trevor King

      Amazing what can be done with only 3 chords

    70. Rachel Xo

      The beginning reminds me of the movie the cell with jlo !? Anyone else? Love this song !🙏🏼💜💜

    71. Rachel Xo


    72. Matilde Gandiani

      hi everyone, it's November 25, 2020. today is the national day against women's violence. I wanted to say that you're loved and you're not alone, please don't let a man to ruin your life, you're too precious, you can't give up, be brave, always. if you're a victim of violence, please denunce! we can do this...we are so strong. i love you all.

    73. Carolina Gomes

      This is my absolute favorite song.. thank you Kesha. Grew up listening to TikTok, happy, not knowing what I would be going through in a few years. And now, years after, it is still your song that i’ll be listening and that tells my history. ❣️

    74. Ryn McKin

      This feels like the hangover of TiK ToK

    75. Paulette Shah

      I remember when this song came out 😭😭😔

    76. Brittany Tucker

      I listened to this song at a very dark time in my life..I was so suicidal..I said that prayer to god praying to die..I felt this so deep..I sit here now in 2020 after a year of sobriety and thank god that I didn’t die..that he didn’t answer that prayer..but I thank you Kesha for allowing me to feel the pain. You truly helped me through the darkest time in my life..I finally found my peace. Falling on my knees. Praying. Thank you Kesha. I love you from the bottom of my heart for being there. Brittany tucker

    77. Jonas Silvers

      I need it to end but I don't have the strength to end it I'm in so much pain

      1. Lebin YF

        Strength isn't ending it, it's being brave enough to ask for help, form a professional from your mom from anyone. Please just don't think that pain is the only thing for you in life.

    78. Sarah Phillips

      This song never fails to pull me through, and out, of my pain

    79. jane doe

      TY Rocky

      1. jane doe

        You broke me

    80. jane doe

      I'm coming out of a nightmare going into a dream alone! I don't need you

    81. Jade Diaz


    82. The Road U Take Home

      Much love More light Be the light Keep Shining Stay up Miss lady

    83. Khadejah Dailey

      I finally broke up with my toxic EX and this is the first song came to mind‼️‼️‼️

      1. Stephanie Leong

        I'm proud of you !

    84. Zuzus Petals

      One of my all time favorite songs since I first heard but since I fell down the rabbit hole of life this takes on an entirely new meaning since finding out the story of biblical stories we are all living through right now! Beautiful!

    85. jane doe


    86. Suzanna W

      Fuck I love this girl. Be happy angel

    87. Cody’sWorld


    88. Quentin Porcupine

      Kesha and Christina aguilera would be a 🔥🔥song

    89. Jessica Lynskey

      ❤️ my favorite

    90. rezadez lopez

      So I've been dealing with depression for my entire life it seems. I remember having thoughts of wanting to die or kill myself when I was 8, as I got older and into my adolescence it only got worse, I started cutting myself around 12 or 13 and then started burning myself. I never sought out help until I was 22, I saw a therapist twice but then didn't see her again after that. I thought I was okay and could do this on my own. I am 24 now, I have spoken to a different therapist a couple of times now because my depression and suicidal thoughts just seem to get worse the older I get. I'm scared that one day I won't think about it anymore and I'll just do it. Last night I was in the hospital for a simple cat bite, I ended up answering truthfully to their questions about suicide so they evaluated me for it, I spoke to a psychiatrist who prescribed me antidepressants, this will be my first time getting on meds for it and I am PRAYING that they will help. This is my first time listening to this song and I am feeling every lyric so profoundly.

    91. lungisani shibase

      After realizing your bad decisions & you start to listen to music from word to word 😭

    92. Quableton the 1st

      The song starts at 1:00 your welcome

    93. Joseph Bleasdale

      Tom Scott brought me here. I’m so glad he did.

    94. Tabatha Peters

      This hits home. I’m going through a divorce right now. My ex makes it sound like it’s all my fault. I’m a cunt, whore liar... but I am not. I chose not to stand any Loy for my “loving husband “ to call me a cunt, bitch dumb and that I didn’t contribute to our Marriage after 7 years and 13 years of being together. He hit me once after many years of verbal abuse.. now it’s a battle for our son... thank you For this song of HOPE!

    95. Léa Straga

      She’s no longer Ke$ha, she is Kesha.

      1. Rachael Day

        Never $ they took every dime

    96. Léa Straga

      after learning about what she went through, this song made me cry

    97. ADR

      To my biological mother: We always have a choice, between, what is easy and what is wright, its not about me forgiving you, I can't give you absolution. What you seed, is what you get. Everything comes frim within.

    98. şaziye gündoğan


    99. M Detet

      Bye kesha

    100. Ada MF Gutierrez

      I understand where she is coming from but when your there don’t give more power. Do what the fuck you gotta do and get out of that state of mind. Not only that don’t give up on ever on any thing keep looking. That me!