KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) [Official Video]


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    Little bit little bit
    I Need a little bit of patience
    Coz we be going through changes

    Polo G
    Ah, ah no patience i’ve had enough.
    Spent too much time through these phases, it’s just not adding up
    Felt all alone on those stages.
    Wanna get my passion up,
    It’s over, pack it up
    Don’t walk away from me.
    When the night falls, make the right call.
    Or she’ll be gone forever.

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Need a little space to slow the brain
    I don’t really wanna feel the pain.
    Seen a lot of shit to make me hate
    I don’t wanna hide until it’s too late
    Feels like i’m gonna break

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Bridges burning, i won’t let you get to me
    Tables turning i don’t need bad energy
    Now i’m learning, lying bout our chemistry
    No returnin,

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com
    Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe
    Co-Directed By Nayip Ramos - nayipramos?hl=en
    RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/
    BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

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    1. Megachin

      Yung blud sounds really good

    2. Mohd Azwandie

      ngl, thought young blud was Joe Weller when I saw him

    3. Hunterultragamer

      Best song

    4. Colin Bull

      Ksi music is just OP Love this!!

    5. yellari amarawathi

      Yungblud in this song is so fucking good

    6. Alam Sanchez

      Nooo ksi don’t auto tune your voice mannnnnnn

    7. SD Damage

      We hit 20 millions views let’s goo !!!🤩

    8. Aimayee

      From screaming I'm on a horse to this..

    9. Nacho aweonao

      Jake paul saying this is bad💀💀

    10. Shihab Isa

      Love this JJ! Keep it up.

    11. Swerve

      Polo G carried

      1. u r monke

        He sang like 3 verses🤣🤣😅😅

    12. Brandon yt

      One of KSIs best songs. It was an amazing idea to collab with Yungblud, his music is fire

    13. Zan

      In my opinion it would be better if he would do two sepperate songs. One wich could be really hard with polo g and with yung blud in pop style

    14. Itz ToxicMax

      I bet JJ always laughs when he’s filming a song

    15. Louis Volpe

      This song it a tune I think it’s so smooth and sick

    16. Zail Boi

      Ksi and polo should've had a longer verse but its still fire 🔥🔥

    17. gizbel sz

      Woooooooo it’s polo g

    18. ̇


    19. Foxxo

      Why does Yungblud look like a modern equivalent of Sid Viscous?

    20. Kolbey Davis

      Yungblud carried the song

    21. nathen morales

      JJ wears a coat in a forest fire and has knowledge in his name lol😂😂

    22. MsMissMaggie

      0:50 okaaay Dom o.O

    23. JDogJunior

      Lol I think @roomieoffical is actually on this mix

    24. masterlycrane49

      No cap it kept downgrading from polo g to ksi

    25. Naun YT

      Song is trash

    26. JC

      polo da goat

    27. Liju. G

      Little bit Emotional songs 👍

    28. PoTaTo CROPPED

      POV all u use is a iPad and a phone and you try to remake this but cuz of the autotune you can only say Pat-

    29. jakey the gamer

      What is the point having polo g

    30. Isaiah Murray Seaton


    31. Isaiah Murray Seaton

      Ksi I love you song

    32. TGWolF

      YUNGBLUD got his wish of 20,000,000 views!!! once again congrats JJ for this banger!!

    33. C7L

      i made a better version of this song

    34. Bobby Jacob

      I like black epic sax man better

    35. lev

      ksi turned goth

    36. Jeet Mukherjee

      JJ went full Travis Scott tho. btw love this song and the video is MAD!!!

    37. ALFOBRIK

      Finally ksi beat addison rae nussesed🤣🤣🤣

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Yeah somehow

    38. ALFOBRIK

      Real lyrics - i need a little bit of patience . In United Kingdom style- I need a lill bit of paitanncceaa😂😂😂

    39. Mikey Mason

      Polo scratching his head like why am i here with these fools

      1. Jamzy 33

        Polo wanted to show his versatility on a pop song? Plus he got paid for the feature so why not ?? People be saying anything these days

    40. Aarin Yusuf

      Polo g’s verse is 22 seconds


      this feels so 2013 radio.

    42. Old KSI Videos

      20 M !!!

    43. Minato Shigeta

      LemonOVA why are you below me 😳

    44. Music

      KSI take a bow take a bloody bow 🔥🔥🔥

    45. Bubbii

      This song slaps tbf

    46. GEOFF Street

      Cool song but an absolutely crap video clip .

    47. Nadia Birindelli


    48. CTG Mighty

      Yooooo this was just on the radio here in Australia, doing big tings JJ

    49. Chillbucket

      Started from black Lamborghini

    50. Parth Chandra

      20 mil views now❤️🔥

    51. Breef

      Is it just me, or this is somehow good, damn good one babatunde

    52. 卐The Joker卍

      I can’t stand Yungblud his fit is actually so cringe

    53. Oscar Rojo

      Me Encanta desde MEXICO !!!!

    54. Naomi snow

      This is fire.

    55. Su Hlaing Hnin

      ❤YUNGBLUD ❤

    56. Rhydon

      JJ always mixs his voice and music up... AND I LIKE IT!

    57. Geri Voboril

      I’m not that big of a fan of ksi but his music is wat better than jake pauls

    58. Jess Halford

      Banger 😁😁

    59. BenBulks

      Fucking tune

    60. ericcc l

      fat neek doing some fat neek things

    61. Nathan Lee


    62. O S E K

      hahahahaha its so gay

    63. The Greatest You Tuber who lived

      I know the "on my block" show is throwing this song in their background music. It fits in so well lol

    64. Sling shoter Rick


    65. The Reacter

      It’s mad how yungblud grew up in my home town

    66. Luana Xavier

      'feels like I'm gonna break' really hit hard

    67. Sebastien Matta

      Why was polo in this lmao

    68. Antonio Escamilla

      The Was Litt My Homey

    69. Antonio Escamilla

      Ay Yo What the Fuck!

    70. Tiana Folland

      Why tf he doing duck lips so much 😭

    71. Trina Az

      See the price tag on ksi

    72. Alyssa Weisberg

      If Doms dance at 1:50 doesn't have him written all over it idk what does!!

    73. Noah Cuijpers

      from nathan dawe to S1mba from S1mba to craig david from craig david to anne marie from anne marie to yungblud and polo g. and many more madness man.

    74. Left Coast

      KSI had to have spent a lost to get a verse from them two and for production. Good on him

    75. Sym Riot

      50 k for the polo part

      1. Jamzy 33

        His label are doing him nice tho the contract he signed must have been a good deal since they can almost get any feature for him

    76. Firey boy

      SOMEBODY tell me how CRAZY Yungblood is in this?

    77. Davidathm Grosminet

      pefect to listen while playing "the longing" while diging or cuting cristals with pikaxe ( takes so many pâtience to do it )

    78. Brennan McFaul

      what tf is this shit

    79. Elliot Cringe

      I love ksi

    80. April Showers

      Great song

    81. my boob is itchy

      Hear me out.. A remix with The Weeknd.

    82. Pixel.

      JJ: Post a song with Polo g Me seeing polos verse is 20 seconds: ..

      1. iisickzii Xpro

        Its 30 seconds

    83. Stuntas

      19 m for JJ ? i alone listened like a million times , it even plays on Lithuanian radio :D

    84. Monty Iverious

      I was at work at taco bell and the store speakers started playing this song!!

    85. shi. pel


    86. Navya Tayal

      May god give them a lil bit of patieonce

    87. Gamer Boy

      That song is my favorite it’s just sooo good

    88. Muhsin Aden Mohamed

      Bro yungblud ruined the vidieo

    89. Invictus

      polo g got his racks and dipped

    90. Not-Ac1xd

      Polo g carried ion gone cap ksi used that auto tune hard af

    91. MoreKathool

      I love how they somehow got Polo G in the video even though he isn't in the United Kingdom

    92. Lol Stealth Raider

      Polo g dipped after 20 seconds :(

    93. BenWeeksVEVO

      Polo G

    94. CookieDough505

      How are there any hate comments about KSI when with is not anything you can hate about

    95. Kanisati Balda

      baldski made it far

    96. Straydex

      Anyone got this song as a ad


      who is here for yungblud?.. me yiiiii :3 wear your pink socks kids👍

    98. Lge4259

      This song needed to be 3 minutes longer tbh

    99. Tom Kaas

      I cant set the link ksi did this emo shit