Kurt Elling - Nature Boy - Jazz and Orchestra


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    Thursday April 17th 2008, Opera House, Sydney, Australia
    Nature Boy with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
    Described by New York Times as 'the standout male jazz vocalist of our times', Kurt Elling's smooth four-octave baritone voice is matched only by his emotional range: from quietly crooned love songs to virtuosic vocal displayed. For multi-award winner and 2008 Grammy Award nominee, Elling, it's about communication. He says 'I want people to be surprised, to be moved, to laugh, to remember something important they may have forgotten, I want them to have what they need.'

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    1. Alex Arenas

      Who the fuck is Taehyung?

    2. marina m

      kurt elling is such a talented jazz singer and i really love his songs, he sounds even better live and knows how to put on a performance. im grateful for taehyung's recommendation because without him i wouldn't know about this incredible artist. i hope their collaboration happens soon since they both said they want it to happen, fingers crossed!

    3. 해피하샘

      넘 좋네요 환상적입니다 태태 고마워요♥♥♥좋은 곡 알게 해주었네요

    4. Conscious Zone

      You haven't lived until you've heard this voice in person!

    5. Heidy Pulido

      tae esta salvando un genero musical me gusta el jazz,me encantan los generos de musica como antiguos y me encantaria que los jovenes de hoy en dia disfruten esto ,eso es lo hermoso de el s xxi esque aceptamos cada sonido y lo combinamos haciendo algo nuevo

    6. Ursusné我的爱你

      Ya quiero ver a Taehyung cantando algo así, sería mágico...

    7. Arturo Morocho

      _Si! realmente quiero colaboracion de Tae y Kurt Elling 🌸 este genero de musica es muy linda y creo que es la primera vez que la escucho.🌺_ Seria lindo una colaboración ❤❤

    8. siti yuliani

      V voice matches Mr. Elling's

    9. 최정수

      방탄보고 온사람 손

      1. lesfm

        BTS V~^^

    10. miwoo mawoo

      뷔가 좋아한다니 안 와볼 수 있나

    11. wennie zhang

      TAEHYUNG ..Thank you for recommended

    12. AV

      صوته حلو مرا

    13. AV


    14. AV


    15. Betsy DF

      ahora también escuchare a este artista, V tiene hermosos gustos

    16. Kamal Baslum

      COME CUZ V...THIS amazing

    17. Rocio Marzana

      💙 que exelente gusto tiene V ......👍

    18. 이영미

      V,태형이 덕에 여기도 다 와보네요.스킬이 대단하심🐯🐻🍓👍💜

    19. Ruth Estela Perez Cipriano

      Tae me trajo aquí 💜😍

    20. simran agnes

      taehyungies unique n standard taste omg

    21. Garota Ipanema

      Me too!!

    22. Rita Mags

      This guy mentioned Taehyung on his instagram and said that he accepted collaborate with him I'm so happy for tae!🥺💕

    23. Jéssica Monteiro

      Indicação do Taehyung, vim conferir ☺

    24. ProudARMY ENGENE

      Im here because of Tae tae😍😍

    25. Diana Zárate

      #Taekurt 💜🐻❄️

    26. Hong Hanh

      Taehyung demand and I come

    27. V Yuzu

      Oh yes Kim Taehyung

    28. Clau Kth

      Estoy aquí por tae, que buen gusto

    29. Army Bangtan

      Kim Taehyung ne planların var catlatma bizi

    30. jjd0519

      Taehyung, what a great recommendation. 👍🏻😉

    31. I am YOON

      Who is here just for TAEHYUNG ? 🙋🏻‍♀️

      1. Luciano Princip

        But it's better to be here because you found this on your own and because you listen to this music in the first place but I'm glad you discovered this song and this perfect performance. Your music taste just got better.

      2. Rita Mags


    32. Uniquer Z

      Taehyung's taste never disappoint. Whenever he suggests an artist or a song u know it's a gem

      1. Stark

        @Marcela Joaqui Z. 😷

      2. Marcela Joaqui Z.


    33. Angélica Santoro

      I am here because of Taehyung

      1. Wendy Hernández

        Me too xd

      2. JCPAX PGRN

        Me too

      3. Angélica Santoro

        @I'm a flower lost in kook's thighs me too!

      4. Angélica Santoro

        I love this song guys! He had good taste

      5. Rita Mags

        Same gurl lmao

    34. Jikoka_ Forever

      O gosto do Tae é sensacional ksks

      1. I'm a flower lost in kook's thighs

        I'm here because of tae too💜💜😭

    35. Wendy Hugo

      V tiene un gusto exquisito , vaya si no lo hubiera mencionando ( que le gusta este artista) , no habría escuchado esta canción

    36. Angela Landa Valdez

      Se imaginan canciones con un estilo asi y el de Sammy Davis en su mixtape. Taehyung en verdad tiene tan buen gusto.

    37. Brenda Hernández

      Apoco esto te gusta V que intelectual

    38. Lucas SRN

      I'm sure there will be songs in Tae's mixtape with this style

      1. Fino

        Who's Tae? Tae Kwon Do?

      2. I'm a flower lost in kook's thighs

        @domjihyo mee too

      3. Nicole WN

        Yes 🥺🤔

      4. domjihyo

        His sound is really defined I’m definitely not surprised tae likes this

    39. Helen Matos


      1. Donna

        V has great taste ! You’re fellow Army 😀

    40. Jourwalis -

      Who´s the drummer?

    41. Jourwalis -

      Magnificent song. And OK sound. But the picture quality here is inferior. Only 240 p (the second worst)

    42. Kayla Donald

      Best drum solo I've ever heard. Hands down.

    43. Poohsnax

      this shit sucks

      1. Nikole Venegas

        You sucks

    44. Cory Foster

      Was well into it but had to giggle at the "babblelabalablablablibillibibibphililibobipiplididididididillidillibobbleliddilebobbleidi bip do weEEEEeeEeee EeeeEeeeEEEweeeEeeeee heeEEEEEEEEEEEE" before the drum solo

    45. Gerry Vanderzeypen

      what a delivery on this master piece....YEAH!!....love it! AND one of my all time favourite songs to boot!!.....

    46. djuforeo

      Please tell me this performance is available for purchase somewhere

    47. Marcus Ward

      I like him!!!! I’m a singer and it’s starting to set in that I should already know who he is. I feel some kinda way that I don’t but I will quickly fix that! Buhleedat!!!


      Ya man I’m ric flair

    49. pgonzo98

      i normally don't dig scat but his scat is amazing...

    50. improcat1

      Why bother when you can listen to Mark Murphy?

      1. improcat1

        @pgonzo98 Nothing like the real thing.

      2. pgonzo98

        man cannot live on mark murphy alone....

    51. eduardo fuste

      My God, the best, what a voice.!!!

    52. Serihang Limbu

      Kurt is too good...

    53. Joe Hoffman

      Really cool stuff.

    54. the chronicler

      I discovered Elling about 20 years ago, and I'm glad my enthusiasm for his sound stands as I see this clip now in 2020. I would hope others feel the same of the great Kurt Elling, still?

    55. Made Right by Yeshua-Adonai

      shoutout to the piano man for holding it down during the drum solo.😂

    56. Rendro Schifolli


    57. Peter Callaway

      Kurt Elling is the apex male jazz singer/vocalese/scatmaster of this era. Drummer Kobie Watkins solo was dexterous and the epitome rhythmic finesse. He played one song on my self produced CD “PERFECT PEACE” and we used to Jam at the Velvet Lounge in Chicago 20 years ago. Bassist Rob Amster played a trio gig with me at DePaul University. Pianist Lawrence Hobgood is from Chicago too and a virtuoso of course! I have seen Kurt Elling perform with Mark Murphy, Kevin Mahogany, and the legendary Jon Hendricks! Kurt Elling used to jam with the legendary 🎷 player Von Freeman in the 80’s & 90’s on the Chicago’s South side. Again, Kurt Elling is one of the best jazz male singers of all time!,🎤🎹🎺🎻🎸🥁🎷🪕🎼

      1. Camila Carrizo

        No clue, this performance made me cry several times since I first listened him (at age 8, I can still feel those goosebumps). I cant believe this man is a human 😅

      2. Mentagasm

        Kobie Watkins cooks man.

      3. Mentagasm

        Greetings Peter, from Chicago.

    58. Predrag Mitrovic


    59. Leandro Seoane

      Too much! Beautiful voice, hearing ability, but an unnecessary need to DEMONSTRATE. EGO CRAP, UNFORTUNATELY!

    60. Don Moylan

      Great performance Mr. Elling! Have seen him live a number of times, always good!

    61. kip white

      His presence in concert is electrifying.

    62. Robert Haskell

      I have a longstanding gripe against classical musicians, of whom I am one - or have been, anyway. Look at the stone-cold expression on the flautist's face at 3:54. How do you hear what Kurt Elling is doing in that moment and react - or not react - like that? She looks like a zombie. God forbid she should show some enthusiasm. This typifies the mechanical slavery of so much classical music. I have played under conductors and have studied under teachers who could at best be described as anal and at worst sadistic. Music should be joyous. Is not the "Ode to Joy" one of the greatest classical hits? But looking at the classical music world, being in it, there are times when you wonder what the point of so much torture is. Somewhere in the far distance there is some kind of a reward for the discipline, but it isn't to be expected in the present. Carl Jung was chastised for having no interest in music; he didn't listen to it. But his explanation was that he was so sensitive to it that the jaded attitude of the musicans making it was intolerable to him. I agree with Carl.

    63. Скрытый Лев


    64. Cheese Meister

      That drum solo gets me every time.

    65. Nathan

      3 mins 15 seconds in killed me at the climax. Holy cow. Like really folks. Who is even approaching this? Life WTF!

    66. TLAKE


    67. TLAKE


    68. TLAKE


    69. TLAKE

      Remarkable the acoustics in that room! You sir THEE MAN!

    70. wc10k

      finger's bleeding key's misleading keep exceeding!

    71. Jennifer Godboldo

      Love this song

    72. Edward Blancarte

      Grest voice and version , love it

    73. Colin Torres

      3:19 goosebumps every time

    74. Robert Bloom

      What I Truly love in this video is the soft touch and the incredible swing of the drummer but it is his soft touch that I appreciate most in this tasty solo.. It is all too easy to Bang the shit out of the drums If you Buddy Rich gene krupa it might be OK but a light touch on a drummer to me is a more sophisticated drummer a smarter drummer a better drummer to listen to.. I hate noise I hate banging I love music.. Take Elvin Jones for one example I would sit a few feet away from him Even he did not Bang away like a lunatic there was Subtlety piety Selflessness finesse.in his swinging sweet playing.. In being able to play like that you must be looser more loose less rigid you must have more control I beseech you fucking drummers to take a lesson from this

    75. Jacob Sawyer

      Pleasure in a pure way

    76. Guilhem

      Me in my shower at 3AM

    77. Kym Lawrence


    78. marth gare

      Melhor versão de Nature Boy.

    79. marth gare


    80. Pasaga Aljic

      More before this stupid bla bla bla

    81. Pasaga Aljic

      Gandalf nature boy 1969

    82. Michael Vranas

      wow wow wow wow nuff said


      Ești un dobitoc nesuferit și fără talent.

    84. Ms L S Johnson

      Yeah lush

    85. Ann Joski

      When I finally saw him live in lindon, my only thought was I can die happy now! Such a beautiful tone!!

    86. Glenn Dooks


    87. salfont

      Certainly a one of a kind marvelous talent. What a joy,

    88. Midnight-Gamer50

      Him and Gregory Porter sound alike.

    89. Aleksandra Holanda

      It is just perfect. What a beautiful version.

    90. The Infinity Light

      What are the chords to this?

      1. Vladimir Atlagić


    91. Malk

      Here thanks to Woody Goss' Keyscape vid

    92. Peter Jung

      The folks in the orchestra aren't grooving with Kurt. They look like invitees to a funeral.

      1. Bessie D.

        @Vladimir Atlagić; Or maybe they're just politely suffering through all of the ostentatious pyrotechnics because they're paid to be there and can't leave. .

      2. Vladimir Atlagić

        Well, they are just bricks in the wall... many of them not really satisfied with their position... all of them replaceable.

    93. M0DALsoul

      almost 12 years later and i still cant stop watching this

    94. Kai

      very impressive voice and musicality

    95. dahsav joe

      fabuleux , geniale , grande classe ………!!!!!!!


      Does anyone notice the musician behind him tolling her eyes while he Spatts

      1. Bessie D.

        GRAND MASTER; At least I'm not the only one.

      2. Malware Bot


    97. MrPATCANE


    98. JD REGI

      Nice ! Who is the drummer ?

    99. CommandanteMarco

      He is killing it. Every time I listen to his passionate interpretation it makes me lose some tears. The drum solo is nailing it too...

      1. entitlementkid

        I just shed tears as well. I love it! This group is tight and Elling’s voice is magic. What a gift!

      2. Peter Callaway

        MeelaESQ Kobie Watkins from Chicago.

      3. MeelaESQ

        That drummer is EVERYTHING!

    100. Robert Bloom

      wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing !!!