Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love (Official Video)

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    “Higher Love” out now!
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    1. Dwaine B

      Omg never knew it was Whitney's voice

    2. usmc raid


    3. ॐ Boi

      Watching this gives me chills top to toes. Every time.

    4. Jack P

      Only thing Biden can teach you lot is how to collect your pension that’s about it

    5. Adam Hamilton

      Always makes me smile! ;)

    6. Justin Zepplin

      I think Whitney Houston would be proud to see her music living on in this generation and in her fashion in a sense

    7. David Armillie

      love this higher love!

    8. Tihomir Gochev


    9. Robert Snider

      3:44 Black on black violence.

    10. Laura Hernández

      The girl is Vanessa Morgan?

    11. Hanna Khen

      Steve Winwood. What a songs. Keep it up Kygo.

    12. leo black

      am i the only one that has always lived this song but didnt know its from whitney 😶😂

    13. Ahran

      The dancers could have had longer short

    14. Dontell Jones

      Get it white boy Get it, he can really dance.

    15. gmiinluv cover

      Literally this song is underrated.

    16. polesmoker

      "Things look so bad everywhere.." this song for us right now is how badly we wish we could go back to the 80s, when things were amazing. So we brought back Whitney.

    17. xFatBoyDavex

      Great song,great video.

    18. Dani Zanzibar

      The video is a mockery of Whitney's holy name

    19. ClaireTheatreGal

      I just love how Kygo has taken classic songs and has given them a revamp for today, so good :) love this song

    20. Charlie Zzz

      I have got one guestion how did she do this song when she died years ago

    21. handsome dan

      Not gonna lie, the dancers in this video were really good dancers!

    22. letshavepeas

      Boy has some canines

    23. LexiegraceGamer2020 Capewell

      I think this was recorded 2008 she died 2012

    24. Hunter Angel

      I am in love with kygo!

    25. Mikimoto mikimoto

      Shouldn't it be the guy's dream since the plot was from his perspective from the beginning?

    26. Viktoria Gedeon

      I do love Whitney Houston.....the song remix is great...but I believe the video of it is disgusting and nothing she was standing for......she was an amazing singer and this video just disgraced of her memory.....

    27. CodGaming

      Who here after Nicole scherzingers insta post on 13th November?

    28. Martin Mutunga

      Sexiest song alive

    29. Mario Sergio

      this music video is EXACTLY what I imagine it would be like when I first heard the song on the radio. OMG, I love it!

    30. Sevgimin Bedeli


    31. Raine Topia

      Oh my God, can you guys stop bringing politics into this great song?! I'd like to not hear about how the elections went while I'm listening to this good shit. Y'all making me sad. :(

    32. JesseMccartney456100

      I never consider Whitney as a DIVA You know why ?????? BECAUSE SHE'S ''DIVINE''

    33. Verlincia Jones

      I actually heard this on a radio station I came across coming home from out of town. I will always and forever love Mrs. Whitney Houston 💜💜💜

    34. Maggie Greene

      I’m a gay man in my early 30s but one of my earliest memories was being enraptured by Whitney Houston on MTV when I was like 4.. She is an American queen.

    35. One 21

      Weird how she sounds exactly like Whitney, miss her so much!

      1. Beast

        @One 21 this was recorded and unused when she was alive he talks about it in here -

      2. One 21

        @Beast, it wasn’t, she passed away in 2012 *6 years ago*

      3. Beast

        this was Whitney singing

    36. Michael Nay Cordova

      grande KYGO, muy buena sus canciones

    37. Mason Trupe

      This is the most oddly mesmerizing music video.

    38. G Perr

      Whitney gave us a higher love

    39. Robert Turner

      Thank you Whitney for giving us so much great music and thank you President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamalah Harris for running for office and Winning!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄

    40. grace sento

      Joe biden bought us hear

    41. Luis Aguayo

      This song is my number one favorite. Then is sunflower from postmalon

    42. Bob Flippa

      Go Biden Go Harris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Jesus Christ

      And I'm here UK

    44. Jesse Barragan

      Sooooo theyre pervs?

    45. Avensis

      Just imagine how many people come here everyday.

    46. Hermann Cherusker

      What an incredible garbage! 😂

    47. Zoe Lopes

      We sang this last year for my primary school graduation 😭 Damn was it fun! We sounded trash but

    48. Abang Jago

      Best song...👍👍👍👍👍🤩

    49. unbothered

      This sounds like Ciara’s ‘Livin It Up’ 🤔🤔

      1. dansmullet

        This song was written 23 years before livin it up haha

    50. Benji Tubi

      WARNING: Not for kids! WWWOOOPPPAAA!



    52. Dean Sapp

      Steve Winwood s version is much better

      1. NightSociety

        How? This version has better EDM chord, bass, and sound quality than the antique 80s lo-fi.

    53. 911ep500

      Can you PLEASE take Hollis's part in "White walls" and make a sick song please!?!? Shes the best part of that song and the world needs a good remix of that

    54. PresidentWordSalad

      The choreography is unbelievable

    55. tvtime2122

      This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you

    56. Marmaduke Grove - Music

      Eric prydz - call on me.

    57. Samantha Bullock

      Ooo awesome

    58. Weronika Kramarska

      Venessa Morgan Toni Topaz RIVERDALE WOW

    59. Suzie Patz

      Aye, I am sure it was her dream to be surrounded by dancers in thongs :/

    60. The Noobest Girl

      the waiter is a vampire!!! :O

    61. Janiyah Sims

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    62. Giancarlo S

      Steve Winwood originally sang this song in the 80s.

    63. Alex Bond

      God bless the Joe Biden staffer who put this in the victory speech playlist

    64. Hadara M

      I love the fact that Kygo is taking the best music of the 80's and 90's and give them new lifes, i can't wait for his version for one of MJ's songs😍

    65. Andi Leigh

      Damn, she is stunning.

    66. Christine The Slot Junkie

      Still listening in 2020!!!

    67. Ginoya Montique

      IMe and Ian me we’d get on

      1. Ginoya Montique

        Ketsrw etwierwbr jeuedehtwr Keith de heyehtw

    68. João Araujo

      viciado 🇧🇷

    69. Mogwai strange

      Rebel or kygo hmmm...

    70. Женя Виноградов

      What is the name of girl?

    71. Lucélia Lindoso

      Freshdance 😍

    72. A*a* *a*a*

      Dont Buy apple .. be higher;)

    73. Ásgeir Tranberg

      •Came for the music 🎶 •Stayed for the girls 🤩 •Left because of girlfriend 😅

    74. PaTrishaElle

      My girl!!! Love you Whitney!!!

    75. Nickie P

      if this was a CW show id watch!

    76. Guran Nascimento

      Que música fodaaa 😎😎😎🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    77. Humongous Ego

      This fucking rules.

    78. Joanna Cyran

      Ty 999

    79. Maria Cardoso

    80. Roma T

      Imagine this without the music and then just dancing to squeaking shoes.

    81. Nøt Zødiac

      Steve Winwood anyone?

    82. Mark Bwayo

      This song is just good 80's remake powerful

    83. Seidenschnabel Federflügel

      How is he allowed to use withneys voice? Legally and literally? 😊 I dont know how this works.

    84. huecobros

      This song is a overdoze of energy

    85. Shade Aristotle

      This video is so lame.

    86. Mariel Webbe

      Who here though that she had died years ago

    87. Antonio Olol

      This will be Donald J Trump 2020 election victory song, Listen to this being played at the Auguration. Together we will Make America Great Again!!!

      1. weiß nicht

        He lost.


      like the comment if you come from biden


      buena melodia saludos desde panama...

    90. Obi Wan

      Idk how you biden people can support the murder of babies.

      1. Obi Wan

        btw abortion whether you like it or not is murder

      2. Obi Wan

        @weiß nicht i agree is corona virus response was bad, but biden goes way more against God then trump does

      3. weiß nicht

        We are not Biden people. And no, we dont support the murder of babies but Trump obviously supports incarcerating children and killing thousands of Americans by not acting against a global pandemic.

    91. Neil McGuire


    92. MLAJkluger

      Huge fan of Steve Winwood. This makes me so happy!😂

    93. jesus Christ


    94. Nanna Prip Pedersen

      I came here to feel some higher love. The world needs higher love ❤️

    95. Jacob Bradshaw

      I know good and hell well they didn't just Flashdance me.

    96. Bernd Biella


    97. Valir Thiam