Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi

Kylie Jenner

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    Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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    1. Sami's Kingdom

      stormy is so polite and when stormy made a mess kylie is so sweet to her my mom yelling at me

    2. Uk

      Bad Witch

    3. Prevention of FARTS

      Kylie might be rich and all but she's a great mom tbh

    4. Julie Her

      10 months later and they spilled the vanilla extract again 😂

    5. Nancy Garcia

      It's always the vanilla thats being spilled just like in the video of making Christmas cookies haha

    6. Viktoria Enix

      Шо за кухня для великанов?

    7. Olivia Jacquelyn

      That kid is going to Harvard

    8. El CHILE


    9. Tyara Elisya

      Not even I was that polite as a kid-

    10. Mary Therese V

      stormi is adorableeee

    11. Pamela M. Edison

      your favorite product take now visit

    12. selia frost


    13. Niño Glenn Austial


    14. Atliesto SA

      Why put ads lmao

    15. Julia Fennell

      Kylie you are a fantastic mother❤️ what a beautiful, kind, polite little Stormi 🌻

    16. Nguyen Duong

      Stormi is SOOOO adorable and well-behaved I love watching every second of her being around Kylie.

    17. Ananya

      I love hpw patient kylie is when stormi is putting sprinkles on those cookies😂

    18. Ananya

      I love how kylie us raising stormi,she is so respectful

    19. Anna Luiza Roquete

      Stormi has Travis energy

    20. Giorgina Morales

      I love you Kylie Jenner I love you I live in New York and a cheers I love you beautiful beautiful I hope one day I can meet you I love you very much very much ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ I love you a greeting from New York I love you💖❤️

    21. Haizel Pinakin

      Aww..she's so well mannered


      I don't know why but I REALLY love these girls ❤️❤️

    23. iiiToxic TurtlesYT

      I like the stormi is rich, but she isn’t a brat like other kids, Kylie is doing a good job for a mom 🥺🥺🥺💕💕💖💖

    24. Lady Zee

      *I love this*

    25. Valentino Ferran

      stormi is the most perfect baby i have ever seen

    26. Beautiful Buzzy Sunshine Nugget!

      I surprised she didn't do anything bad.... it's a robot

    27. inno Maiden

      word of the day: "WhoA"

    28. Clarissa Rincon30

      Awww stormi and you are so nice and cute

    29. goforkrissy

      That "ok its getting crazy" comment has def. Been me as an aunt 😂

    30. Meera Narayanan

      awwww stormi so cutttteeee

    31. Kiara Agreda

      aqui el comentario en español que buscabas xd solo dire Stormi es muy tierna =3

    32. kimme haokip

      stromi is so well manner

    33. Joshua Davis

      She looks just like Travis

    34. JustFrancelis Vlogz

      Stormi: "ok mommy" mom" Me at age 2: *crying* while eat and calling for my mom*

    35. L Vega

      Too cute! She's a little muppet. Love her!

    36. Anastasia Ruza

      She is so cute omg

    37. Mariana BC

      Stormi is such a good daughter that makes my heart melt 😔💓

    38. _GeneticAesthetics_

      Stormi:"Oh that's cute mom!" Kylie:"I'm cute?" Kylie:"What's under there?" -2x Stormi*Lifts up her arms* Kylie*tickles* Stormi:"hehe"

    39. Ava Nguyen

      Day in a life pleaseee

    40. Nuts Yummy

      O.M.G!!!so cute!!!

    41. Maria De martinez

      Omg amazing Mom❤️

    42. Joshua Beech-Maher

      Her new name to me is Rangi. It's another way of saying God. Make sure to roll the r

    43. Noehmi a.

      I love the fact that stormy know s she’s rich but that doesn’t make her a brat cause a lot of famous kids become brats

    44. Joshua Beech-Maher

      I love how stormy can hear the tone in your voice. She truely listens, even if she's being a little goofy lol. This is why she can have anything she wants. Except a hiding because it's not wet. Hmph

    45. Selina Fournier

      Honestly if Kylie put a book of how she raised stormi i would buy it 🥺🥺

    46. Jose H.

      Why do I feel like shes the best mom out of all the Kardashians

    47. Reighlyn Churney

      Kylie is such an amazing Mom and Stormi is so nice and sweet and she is going to be a amazing person when she grows up and she already is

    48. yhamile rojas

      Mi momento preferido "i love you " del final 🥺

    49. Lyanne Sisters

      Kylie really raise Stormi right she's just so adorable and polite 🙂

    50. Ellie Hawkins


    51. Sara Yasmin

      É tão lindo o jeito que elas se vestem iguais

    52. Preschool_plush

      Kylie: what are you gonna be for Halloween storm? Stormi: A pumpkin Kylie: no, what are you really gonna be? Stormi: *a pumpkin*

    53. KIRK Tha GOONER

      She looks to young to have a kid

    54. Ari Vargas

      I can't describe how cute stormi it's omg ♡ she has the best mom ever, you Kylie! Happy Halloween to both of you girls 🥰

    55. Vitoria Júlia

      Enquanto isso tô aq assistindo minha toró fazendo cookies ✊😔

    56. BrandyGar


    57. ericakay152

      Kylie is such a good mom. My heart is melting

    58. Ayira Kamath

      if you dare to dislike this video....

    59. Itz_your gurl minty

      Stormie and kylie making cookies: 19 million people interested

    60. yari carper

      Kylie you are ugly👎💩💩💩

    61. Yue Ryder

      Stormie is so polite and such a great little baker. Great Job little bean & Happy halloween 🎃

    62. Matilde Fonseca

      Kylie do be the best kardashian-jenner. When my mom found out that she has a daughter she got shocked. How time flies

    63. M M

      Oml she’s so adorable

    64. Monokuma Bear

      Why she an older Danielle Cohn

    65. Verónica Arechiga


    66. Summer Slomka

      wow I hope my baby is as sweet as Stormi

    67. faye xo

      my favourite video ever

    68. vuk ž

      Stormi so cute baby

    69. 90s Logoless

      I swear if my child isn’t like storming imma drop kick their ass

    70. Alicia Gomez

      Who wouldn't want Kylie Jenner as a mom

    71. Niki Ghandchi

      She is so cute

    72. ultracookiedxns YT

      I like how Kylie discipline Stormi XDD and Stormi is such a cutie

    73. It's ʃ۵ιιεη

      𝓨𝓸𝓾 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭 𝓚𝔂𝓵𝓲𝓮 . 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓶𝓲 ♥

    74. Vianka Camara

      ameizing beutiful

    75. Charlotte Cardenas

      Kylie is one of the best moms out there honestly

    76. Emi Santos

      La neta No entiendo nada Pero te amo ,💖

    77. Emi Santos

      Soy de México

    78. teamumizoomi ッ

      this kid is soo nice🥺 its so cute🥺

    79. LULU WORD

      The days are very beautiful 💎 I loved the video Kylie 💎💎💎💎

    80. Valentina ortiz veliz

      kylie with james: she wants to be a minion:) also stormy: i want to be a pumpkin

    81. Lily Skrabar Coble

      Stormi is so adorable and precious, you are very lucky to have her Kylie!! I wish you and Stormi the best future possible!! I send lots of love!✨❤️🥰❤️✨

    82. Nata 03

      Stormi is so CUTE” i need towel please” so cute. I feel like Kylie is such a great mom. Kylie is so calm and so is stormi. Stormi is going to be a great mom just like Kylie. ♥️🥺

    83. Khadijah Lee

      I just watched the Christmas cookie video back over and you knocked over the vanilla extract in that video too lol maybe that’s your thing

    84. DeadLkeMe

      This is the wholesome holiday content I need in a year like 2020

    85. Nahiara Dominguez

      She’s so cuteeee

    86. maddiemarlenemakeup

      kylie seems like such a good mama, like mam adopt me pls

    87. Simply Anna!


    88. kaziboo

      Stormi is so cute she's grown so much!

    89. LWM ShotZ

      FaZe Rug is literally jealous 😂

    90. Enrique cacher jimenez

      I love so much GREETINGS FROM MÉXICO

    91. Katlyn Caston

      She is such a good mom🙌🏾

    92. PoppyPlayz Stoof

      6:50 LMAO

    93. PoppyPlayz Stoof

      Omg she is so cute I canttt!!! WHO SENT THIS ANGEL CHILD DOWN ONTO THIS HARSH EARTH?! 😆😆💛

    94. Hola mis bebes

      how cute is stormi

    95. Ryel Bailey

      There are so cute and stormi making things with her mother I love that and I like Kylie singing love you stormi and Kylie and one more thing since the virus came all of we should do that when they are home

    96. PoppyPlayz Stoof

      Can we just appreciate how she has 9.59m subs????? GET THIS GORL HER DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON WHAT IS TAKING Y’ALL SO LONG??!

    97. Playtime Kids2

      I wish I was storming 🥺🥺

    98. Lorena Vitoria

      Que lindos gente

    99. Symphony White

      OMG Stormi is so cute and kind and polite!!!! Like if you agree!❤ 👇

    100. phoebe anne

      she puts so many sprinkles on i LOVE it 😂