Lady Gaga and Nicola Roberts Interview 2011 P1

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    "Nicola Roberts meets Lady Gaga" ANSWERS QUESTOIN FANS !!!

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    1. umm huh?

      "Mommy monster" ugggh

    2. Angel Germanotta

      My Gaga and my Nicola ❤️❤️❤️

    3. Kürsat Ciccone

      I love them both so much.

    4. Jay R

      Such a great, fun interview!! I would love to see more videos of these two just shooting the shit and talking about whatever.

    5. Ttoby89

      Gaga to Nicola: Your destiny was to be a popstar. You KNOW that even after the record-breaking 20 top 10s in a row with Girls Aloud, Nicola must have freaked out a little at fucking Gaga talking about her pop star 'destiny'. Awesome.

    6. Joachim Berg

      The interviewer is lovely.

    7. el perro

      she was dull but not as pretentious and dull as she is now.

      1. umm huh?

        Yeah fuck yoy

      2. Gisele Solanaceae

        Neutrino Baterato Dull and pretentious!! Absolutley not, that is unacceptable. Gaga was the game changer the instant she came on the scene, she revoluntinized pop/pop culture/iconography etc.

    8. rish361

      Where is Part 2?!!!

    9. Official Spencer

      this was such a good interview!

    10. LOU

      this youtube i cave man

    11. LOU

      sorry what i can't understand what you're saying

    12. Michelle Hernandez

      you go suicidal bitch , this youtube , you don't have to spell shit right here when people have to talk about someones spelling on youtube that's when you aint got nothing else to say , there I let you proceed to the little bitchness that you know you do

    13. Michelle Hernandez

      it was just a question bitch not my fault youre a little bitch that took it the wrong way continue being somebodys little bitch tho(:

    14. Michelle Hernandez

      then why does she interview if she cant speak right

    15. Nicola Lombardo


    16. Miranda Rose

      honestly just being in Gaga's presence is quite overwhelming: she radiates so much energy from that tiny little body, being close to her is actually really scary. you just feel so insignificant next to her that your natural reaction is to want to shrink away and keep quiet. nicola is justifiably reserved.

    17. Un_Amor_Perfecto

      Gaga the ugly slut

    18. Crystal Meff

      Love when they talk about rocky!

    19. Cassie and Amanda

      Nicola is just too cute in this interview! #TeamGinge

    20. ray morley

      If you want to know about Nicola search "sticks and stones" by her. Stunningly revealing of what it's being a teen star

    21. Hannah Banks

      How the hell would ANYONE be bored listening to Gaga?

    22. dstrctred

      omg imagine if they did a song together ahhhh perfect

    23. Chase Carda

      yea we all know whos judas is about

    24. wegotbananis

      yeah, i live in America too. i get what ur saying now :)

    25. toysoldierivana

      I live in America and virtually no one knows them here. That's what I meant as more popular, as in they are globally known.

    26. wegotbananis

      Nicola is sooo cute!!

    27. wegotbananis

      that's her accent..

    28. wegotbananis

      they're the most successful girl band in the UK...

    29. Leah Rafferty

      wheres the 2nd half of this? :) xx

    30. toysoldierivana

      i love nicola, i dont know why girls aloud isnt more popular.

    31. Bane Knight

      Are we watching the same interview? She's just stoked to be there. Stop trying to star drama.

    32. WheresThe Doggo?

      she doesn't just snatch weaves she also snatches girls pantyhoes :P

    33. buffyfan76

      I love both of these ladies sooo freaking much....

    34. explodinrock

      yeah sure that must be it

    35. Ahmedsdaze

      Are u living under a rock? Haven't u ever heard an english accent? -_- jeez are u like living in a 3rd world country or something?

    36. explodinrock

      What the heck is that suppose to mean it's a normal question. If you would say because she speaks another native language that would be a normal answer. You're the idiot

    37. Ahmedsdaze

      why are u an idiot :) ?

    38. danitydon22

      i think she was nervous

    39. Gustavo Lomellino


    40. itslisanne

      i dont now who Nicola roberts is, but she looks like a bored spoilt bitch! youre talking to Lady Gaga!!!!!!

      1. Monday

        itslisanne shut the fuck up and do some research before you try and talk shit about queen Cola, bitch.

    41. Mimi

      i love how Nicola says lady gaw gaw xD adorable she has the best accent

    42. Skyrax

      Shes not a real interviewer. She's another celebrity.

    43. Nathan McCarthy

      shes speaking english. in an English accent.

    44. explodinrock

      Why does she say lady gaw gaw?

    45. Harry Riley

      my two favorite people in the same room WOW

    46. JStamCasual


    47. Ryan Johnson

      Nicola's not bored; she's just super shy.

    48. Nyx

      to me she just looks incredibly shy.

    49. Patrick

      the interviewer looks so wasted...gaga looks like the opposite to her XD

    50. forphax

      I love Gaga, and I never ever ever say this, like I feel rude saying this, because generally everything she wears is really nice, fashionable, artistic etc but I'm not really loving what she's wearing here, however it's an art statement so its still cool that it's gaga.

    51. Marcos Vinicius Pereira

      beauty hahaha

    52. Thomas Bunce

      This is heaven. I love them both to pieces.

    53. earth to talia

      She's just shy

    54. Miguel Alfonso Estrada


    55. zack199544


    56. sergsfault

      i think she looked great in the born this way video..she looked much skinnier in the alejandro video ...

    57. Yen Griffiths

      you are so right, sergsfault, lady gaga has a big ego. Like "born this way" singing all about being who you are and she in the music video is anorexic which is not showing a good example for her fans!

    58. sergsfault

      come on man))..we know gaga is a dreamer and is positive about evrything so she'll tell you that any song has a deep meaning she said that paris hiltons album was one of the best albums in pop music))....i agree the name of the song sound slike ti has a meaning but the song itself is slike saying that old mcdonald had afram is about people being slaves to the fast food industry)))..both are silly songs about nothing

    59. Bitch Please

      Well, the album is called Born this way. The song is called Government hooker. And every song has an empowering message in it. Government hooker, comes across as Slave to government. You pay a hooker to do whatever you tell them to. Government tries to control. Slave to government. Government hooker. It's quite obvious. Lol

    60. Rylie Rinks

      i love how they start talking about Rocky! haha

    61. sergsfault

      you got all that from the song? i'm sorry but you made that all up to give it meaning or maybe gaga herself made that up...i like lady gaga and think she is an amazing songwriter but i did not see any of that in that song...there wasnt a single metaphor or an image that would speak of those things its just a silly song ...if anything it was creepy abomination of monro's romance with kennedy

    62. Bitch Please

      Government hooker is about being a slave to the government, and wanting to branch away from that. It's about the government controlling everything, and you wanting to be your own person, make your own decisions, do your own thing, without being told that by law, you're not allowed to marry someone of the same sex, etc. It IS indeed a very meaningful song.

    63. sergsfault

      government hooker? come on i loved th ealbum its been a long time since there was a pop album with substance and character but government hooker is just a stupid meaningless song its one of the songs fromt he album that make it look not so good how is it about the journey of lif eor whatever she said?

    64. Lucinda McGovern

      I love how the figures of how many twitter followers + facebook fans goes up. It's like a few months ago = 30 million+ now = 40 million+. :')

    65. vv mat

      gaga is an intellectual genius. madonna would have bitched that the air conditioning isn't exactly 67.9 like the kaballah center...but i love her too lol

    66. Gunnar Eðvarðsson

      Nicola is so shallow and transparent - zero personality. The fact that she´s the interviewer but acts like the star says a lot.

      1. Monday

        Gunnhild Edwards she is a star tho lmfao 😂

    67. Jessie Duncalf

      @KaloAngelTV ahh ok it just looked a bit weird her dancing to bad romance amd singing the edge of glory XD

    68. Jessie Duncalf

      why, when she was talking about the edge of glory, did it show every video..... except the edge of glory??

    69. A

      The first question is from a Brazilian little monster ^-^ I feel proud now. lol Perfect interview!

    70. Sasha

      Fucking wierd0 fames got to her head

    71. Heathen

      @sarajadeeileen she's talking to gaga, so she's probably heavily sedated XD

    72. Heathen

      you kinda get the impression that nicola's 13 and gaga's 50...

    73. amsmart1

      @sarajadeeileen she looks comfortable, unlike most people who interview her.

    74. amsmart1

      @craigrea2010 she looks comfortable, unlike most people who interview her.

    75. Marissa Kay

      @KnightCrawler2 then get the fuck off our mommas videos if u hate her. good day.

    76. TylerLondonOn


    77. Amirah Askandar

      why is she so.. okay, nevermind.. :p

    78. Adler36

      @AmericanHero911 You should read Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion", please!

    79. Adler36

      @KnightCrawler2 Thank you for giving Mother Monster so much views, sweety! GaGa ForEver!

    80. sarajadeeileen

      what a dry interviewer.. no emotion whatsoever.

    81. Bubs Arcade Fighters

      lady gaga is garbage her songs are all brainless crap

    82. proxycol

      nicola roberts the best

    83. emaoneluv

      she's so cute when she says "lady gaga" lol

    84. Bruce Hood

      her videos are pretty dark - what is with the whole satanic symbolism with the fashion, props and hand signs? does such a great voice really need all that tacky bs to freak people out? please try making a video with an angelic or goddess theme, that will be impressive

    85. kaywil2

      haha they are so much alike! they could be sisters

    86. arde29

      i don't know why, but i have this feeling that these two really understand each other... i mean, nicola isn't like other interviewers with the "this gaga is one weird person" face but she's like "imma try that one once for sure"...

    87. Ernest101au

      There is a lack of good music in todays world & currently record producers, singers, fashion designers, actors & all sorts of entertainment people are running out of ideas so they are copying styles from the 1970's & 1980's bringing it all back. The young generation (who are stupid) can't see that all this "new" stuff coming out was actually released back in the 70's & 80's.The world wants 'quick' fad performers to make money off, all the simple minded kids out there eat it all up.

    88. Kimou Nirvanovic

      45 MILLION

    89. Tyler Lakatosh

      ah i was looking for this interview! thanks for uploading!

    90. kwang yaw Wong

      @vaitomanobotox thankyou so much..

    91. ffantasia24

      "Cheers will and kate" haha

    92. Mariana

      i effing love you nicola :) ga ftw

    93. KmG

      Walt, Lady Gaga had made the video for Judas herslf?

    94. Tom Punton

      @TheDroozle *opinion.


      @neveragainx19 thumbs up

    96. kwang yaw Wong

      any one knows name of the song after "Edge of glory"??

    97. Neshuah1

      they are sooo cute together

    98. Xavier Jackson

      @GezzaOhagan it's all good kid, let him have his opinion, .....looking at how Iconic Madonna is today I think we both know better. He has a right........even if he's wrong! haha

    99. Dominic Povall

      Please let them do a duet...

    100. drsw36

      @lesirenable Nicola IS famous and amazing. She was famous and amazing way before Gaga.