Lady Gaga's Most Controversial Performances

Government Gaga

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    Lady Gaga's Most Controversial Performances of her Career
    Intro Music: "G.U.Y. (St Lucia Remix)" - Lady Gaga
    Outro Music: "Oblivion" - Grimes

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    1. Government Gaga

      I put the Joanne era up to the same standards of controversy that some of her older eras received, which is why there wasn’t anything from there on here, most performances were either praised or didn’t get talked a lot about. Also this is why I didn’t choose the following performances, bc I think I might get comments about these in particular. Half Time Show: It was overall praised, and people were expecting it to be a lot more controversial than it actually was. “Applause” - 2013 VMAs: Her performance seemed tame compared to all of the attention Miley got that same night “Do What U Want” - 2013 AMAs: Like the VMAs, her performance didn’t get criticized as much because of Katy’s controversial performance that same night

      1. Huan Chen

        Lady Gaga is so brave

      2. Skrillex Cumbiero

        @Bella Smith but now she is so indignated that she deleted all the videos with him

      3. Bella Smith

        WD Vinco old about applause but DWUW has R Kelly on it, the guy who’s been a known predator for a while now. Especially considering how the lyrics come off at the surface level, it was seen as tacky and like she was slapping his victims in the face. She also didn’t bother to apologize for it for several years

      4. WD Vinco

        why were Applause and DWUW controversial?

      5. Justin Nelson

        Someone doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “era.”

    2. MFS 2020

      Alternate title: Lady Gaga’s performance that jealous bitches that will never reach her criticize

    3. Zuzana

      They sure love their symbolisms 🤔

    4. Rendaculur


    5. Beauty Monster

      I love gaga because her music and her give no f*cks attitude helped me to love myself✨❤️

    6. Jade Dranreb Cagayan

      I'm surprised they didn't include here her performance of Judas in the Philippines, were in, the whole council of priests and bishops in the country have protested not to do it. They also said that if she do performs it, she's not welcome to concert here again. Lol

    7. Jennifer Acrey

      Did some muthafuckas bitch that GAGA's renditon of Bowie was too much? I mean, Bowie! No one deserves to be celebrated with music and art than Bowie? He's the biggest diva

    8. Ellie Burke

      no matter how many people said her performances were outrageous or controversial, she still came back each time with a more mad performance

    9. LIL NOOSE

      paperazzi 2009 VMAS is the literal only reason im breathing

    10. Tonks Trash

      I thought Gaga was hot as a guy.... I saw Brian May there?!

    11. ESC Georgia

      Someone: Why you are obssesed with Gaga? Me:

    12. Dan Vaught

      This is all pretty tame compared to 2020.

    13. Melody Fairlady

      Okay but Grimes at the end was everything to me lol

    14. depressed cockroach

      3:38 as an Indonesian i pretend i do not see it 🥴🥴🥴🥴

    15. Csabi! :D

      She was waaay ahead of her time

      1. Hernan Morales

        Still is

    16. Luke Hilton

      too theatrical? please.

    17. Anthony Corrales

      i like so much onlivion

    18. RubyRoseRivers

      I love the fact that Basically all of ARTPOP was controversial 🔵

    19. Anas Abas

      In David bowie case the tribute and the show was so amazing and beautiful i don't know why some of his fans didn't like it

    20. Elijahlux

      So the main idea I'm getting from this video is "people are weak as fuck".

    21. Krissy likes Bleach

      4:58 she wanted the vomit to free itself didn't she ⊙_⊙..........?

    22. Alexandre Devano Rendra

      Lady Gaga look this

    23. Krissy likes Bleach

      If it's inappropriate don't turn it on with 2 month olds in your living room

    24. SOPA

      5:34 too theatrical? bruh have those people seen david bowie?

    25. Redmi Music

      4:25 That was crazy.

    26. Goji Hime

      How was Gaga's tribute to David Bowie too theatrical? I mean....we're talking about David Bowie XD As for the girl vomiting on Gaga (as weird and gross as it is), the girl is Millie Brown, a "vomit artist." Millie does that to make her art pieces, so it's not something she'd never done before, nor is it related to an eating disorder. Arriving and hatching out of a vessel to perform "Born This Way" do people find that controversial? XD Those who complained about it must lead very boring lives...

    27. bailey landry

      the only thing i don’t approve of much is the r Kelly one... the other ones literally almost every other artist has done before without complaints. let the woman live.

    28. Kookla Mu

      Why was the pyrotechnic bra controversial??!

    29. Stephanie D

      What a boss

    30. Lou Nyx

      She has Freddie Mercury vibes

    31. Manu Gomez

      This video is pure bullshit

      1. Orion

        So are you

    32. SRC

      Performing “partially” nude at a gay bar??? Had they ever been to a gay bar?!?! There’s nude men everywhere

    33. Tanya Stille

      People need to grow up. Its all an act!!

    34. Asiel

      Lady Gaga x Millie Brown performance at SXSW (yeah, the vomit one) was absolute perfection and art in its purest form. Change my mind.

    35. Dylan Frost

      I don't know why people are complaining that her outfits are too sexual, hey Gotye was COMPLETELY NAKED in the music video for "somebody that I used to know"

    36. Deanna Geoffrion

      Oh if lady gaga is reading this keep doing what ur doing I love u and u for what u stand for I'm a fan and who gives a shit what other people say you know the real you and that's all that matters

    37. Deanna Geoffrion

      Oh and who ever made the mermaid comment is 100percent rite they can't walk lol I cant.stop cracking up on that one

    38. Deanna Geoffrion

      I love her it's a show and she is a performer that's what they do if ur going to judge her we can judge all of them start with Britney spears she's half naked in her show maddona same I love them all I went to a Cher concert she was wild so people get over judging others they are all great people who work hard the world is a bad place and they are making it better so get off ur high horse and keep ur mouth shut

    39. Alexander Beraia

      This is the main reason i love her

    40. lana grande

      I see a penis lmao

      1. Jan Sport's Lost Win


    41. Zoe Abney

      She did dislocate her hip. Might be why she was in a wheelchair

    42. Joshua Nugroho

      This is not even close to WAP

    43. I have Bacon and diamonds

      Some people need to chill like is everyone being a drama queen these days

    44. Zylice Liddell

      The middle pic on the thumbnail looks like Jensen Ackles...

    45. patanella

      controversy: “performing as a decapitated head” i’m- 😭

    46. Thiago Aujoara

      She's a weirdo! Lol Thank goodness Chromatica is an excellent, happy, neither dark nor weird album.

      1. Thiago Aujoara

        @Jan Sport's Lost Win if she weren't, I think she wouldn't achieve all she has gotten so far. Because she's a weirdo, shes calls the attention lol Although I'm not a fan, I admit she's an incredible performer; one the best pop singer of all times, a legend, a queen! She knows how to work very well!

      2. Jan Sport's Lost Win

        Yea she's a weirdo and that's why we love her

    47. Fernando Garza

      Lol, the protest was about lady Gaga doing “pornography” but they must’ve seen her to know that, lol the hypocrisy of “who sins”

    48. Fernando Garza

      She definitely has the 5 great factors to be an amazing artist: voice, music videos, performance, message, and of course, music

    49. Daniel Levin

      wait so when gaga was bleeding during that perfomance of bad romance she wasn't injured? I always thought she was injured by her outfit!

    50. beefycheesysaucylazagna :3

      I don't remember such thing as "too theatrical"

    51. Rocket Man

      Should have been titled 'Gaga's most unique performances'

    52. marie antoinette

      The paparazzi one may have been controversial(for whatever reason) but it literally was a cultural reset. So that controversy practically ended her competitions career

    53. Cleiton Fujimura


    54. Ani ga

      That whole "before 9pm"... so violence shown in the news is ok at any time of the day then? Pfff

    55. Kawaii Onee-chan

      3:49 just want to know who really tryna fight or kill aa woman because of being too "exposed" like ?

    56. Melissa Fischer

      Wow! Where shall I start. I find the criticism ridiculous because: 1)Lady Gaga is an artist meaning besides singing her performances are way of showing art. Art has nudity, profanity, is free to express if people do not like it then do not go. I see male rock singers example Red Hot Chili Peppers wear socks on their penises on stage or Ozzy Osbourne be vile with bat heads tearing them off. Uk you guys show nudity on the TV before the US and Benny Hill was worse than Lady Gaga on performance. So before anyone or nation judges look at yourselves first. Lady Gaga even says she is an artist so again she is free to express herself as she wants. If a problem go somewhere else.

    57. mia weeks

      Am I the only one who thought David Bowie would of been how proud it was I thought it was beautiful :)

    58. The plague doctor

      Ok but are we not going to talk about how good her vocals were at 1:04 like she’s an amazing singer but her voice here hit different

    59. Ricardo Sérgio Novais

      Too sexual, too sexual... How these people think they came into this world? OH GAGA, SAVE US FROM BOREDOM!!!

    60. OhNeverMindIt’sJustMeNorbert Grula Official

      In paparazzi on vmas she ment that Fame killed her

    61. marie antoinette

      The only one that was bad was the one with r. Kelly but at the same time no one is complaining that nicki minaj made a song with 6ix9ine

    62. Dylan M

      Lady Gaga: *exists* Nobody: Some random news channel: ... cOntRavErsIal

    63. Daniel Kween

      she's was ahead of her time her mind was just ugh amazing

    64. Ella King

      Lady ga ga is such an arty and expressive performer I love ittttt

    65. A. Klose

      When this video makes you fall even more in love with gaga

    66. Rickus Kruger

      how was the david bowie too theatrical. is that even valid criticism?

    67. Small Space Keeping '

      Gaga's paparazzi performance actually triggered my sister to have a heart episode and that's how we found out she had a heart condition.

      1. Lachi Molala

        Woah, hope she’s coping well now, is she?

    68. Arkham Asylum controller

      Mi Gaga❤️🥵

    69. Antonio Ruiz Cruz

      This is artpop

    70. Taz Mashups

      I can't believe they did that to Gaga in Jakarta. She even made a song called PARTYNAUSEOUS which is about befriending Jakarta.

    71. Scarlett Eyre

      The only one that was bad was r Kelly.

    72. Random Person

      You know I don’t get why people think the paparazzi one when she bleeds is so controversial because they do that in movies and plays and yet they don’t get nagged at

    73. tetriStine

      I want one of those “LADY GAGA, QUEEN OF DEMON, LADY GAGA, INVITE YOU TO HELL” signs for my bedroom 😭😭😭😭 👑👑👑

    74. Teguh Aditya

      Entire society told us "be yourself" when she or he being truly who they are and be their selves, our society get offended... 🙄

    75. Chris Klein

      Sie just played lief being born having sex then giving birth and dying

    76. Michael Jenard Ligan

      The most important thing is that the word "vessel" was used 👀💖👌🏻

    77. Foxy Avocado

      If people where actually paying attention tho they’d know Yui is one of her alter egos and stoof

    78. Kyra Brown

      "Giving birth on stage" this list is cracking me tf up

    79. Cai

      That’s the thing; she’s fearless, and fearlessly unique. She’s a beacon of individuality. She taught me that it’s okay to be myself, to be weird, to not give a damn what anyone else thinks. It’s an important message, and it’s one I’m glad she is shamelessly promoting.

    80. Krissy likes Bleach

      whats wrong with gaga being fluid. we all prob thought she was a hermaphrodite anyways

    81. panino

      bruh they should've just let her be smh

    82. Amanda Johnson

      0:41 that’s just amazing

    83. Lucas Herbas Loureiro

      Controversial for boomers. Iconic for the gays( and straights that hace good taste)

    84. Flavio Ionut

      mmmyeeeah.......I call this ART

    85. cara

      3:50 “someday in Jakarta “ 😘

    86. ReaversLittleSparrow


    87. AHHHH✨

      The girl throwing up is disgusting...but I’d still watch it ✨😔

    88. mapleorange

      ok why were people mad at her coming out of an egg

    89. Sinem Göktug


    90. Aleks Jabłoński

      How Bowie tribute can be tOo tHeAtRiCaL

    91. Cat G

      The last performance I thought she did really well and I didn’t mind it one bit, if memory serves me right.

    92. Tak Hughes

      A lot of these werent controvesial as much as they were just art

    93. Aiyaluna Yourke

      The only one i felt is reasonable for being upset is the one with r kelly. He did what he wanted with a lot of bodies. Not all consensual or legally consensual for that matter

    94. Hollan ruiz


    95. Homeless Mista boo

      Why tha fuck she performed with r kelly?

    96. Susie Okalley

      Gaga as a guy do be lookin fine

    97. Kyle the D2 Guardian

      Lady Gaga needs to stop

    98. Deary Kurniawan


    99. mini monster

      About the you and i perfomnce, was she sepost to just grawl on the ground?

    100. Alex Yiasemis

      She is art. That's all