Lady Gaga presents: artRAVE Live from Paris, Bercy FULL DVD

Andrés Zamora

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    1. Caleb Jauregui

      I’m just now realizing she didn’t perform LoveGame

    2. Alejandro Walysson

      Novembro/Dezembro 2020👀

    3. Anaaa :3

      16:44 omg :3

    4. Dougllas Hudson

      O album pode até ser "flopado" mas o show foi O SHOW

    5. SilentDeadline

      I just love how Natali (her sister) is backstage supporting her and Lady Gaga kisses her

    6. Jon Vaughn

      Most artist would be one great song. And than there's this.

    7. Louie Emborong

      I love how she's really encouraging the audience so no penny would be wasted. 🥂

    8. Jonathan Juárez

      November 1st 2020 and I love this so so much.

    9. Chandler Ingram

      You can tell this wasn’t a regular show, she was really having fun.

    10. Eduardo Munarim

      I didn't like this concert

      1. Eduardo Munarim

        @Turbo Grafx 16 oh my Gosh... i like Lady Gaga but i didn't like this concert especific. Just that

      2. Turbo Grafx 16


    11. Ytube binge

      1:39:52 OK!!!! That was a little weird 😂😂😂

    12. Karen Kaylane Machado


    13. Géraldine Maigné

      Greatest heart in the universe.

    14. Géraldine Maigné

      Loved artpop.

    15. A B

      5 years and still get chills

    16. Punk Wave

      My last favourite tour but it had some remarkable moments, still prefer the born this way and the monster ball. The joanne tour was also AMAZING.



    18. Jeremiah Banner

      I wish I had the career she has #ihate #mylife

    19. Lara Hanya

      Lady Gaga created a work of art called ARTPOP! ❤️

    20. paradize

      52:02 ❤ melhor parte

    21. Jo Portzen

      The end is the best ❤️❤️ she in this white dresss😍😍😍

    22. Andrey Sousa

      42:54 PARTYNAUSEOUS ❤️✌️💅

    23. Ivory

      Justice for #ARTPOP

    24. Han

      Gaga's best tour

    25. Double0inside

      When she has that wig and the white outfit while sitting in the chair right before Just Dance starts it gives me such nostalgia. Original Gaga will always be my favourite.

    26. Jerwin Dapitan


      1. Jerwin Dapitan

        And she sound good when she sang I Will Always Love You, I knew she will sound good covering those songs

    27. Lazaron Colin

      Me hubiera gustado ir a i Tunes festival y a vevo presents y a jingle bell ball a roseland ball rom y a un artrave

    28. Lazaron Colin

      Extraño aquellos años

    29. Lazaron Colin

      El año 2013 2014 2015 fueron los mejores años de mi vida

    30. Lazaron Colin

      Artpop fue la mejor era

    31. Lazaron Colin

      Artpop fue mi album favorito

    32. adam clarkson

      "I told you, I'm not playing any of my hits tonight you can forget it! Maybe just a few... or several" ICONIC

    33. Laudel Mahinay

      love how the fans throwing letters at her🖤🥰🤧 SHE DESERVES IT

    34. The Chromatica Ball

      0:00 | Backstage (something about ejaculation?) 0:42 | Album [Speech] 0:58 | ARTPOP [Pre-Show Video] _Act 1: The Koons Ball_ 4:02 | artRAVE [Intro Video] 5:51 | *ARTPOP* - 2013 10:28 | *G.U.Y* - 2013 14:26 | *Donatella* - 2013 _Act 2: Aphrodite Lady_ 17:39 | To The Planet [Interlude] 21:21 | *Venus* - 2013 26:24 | My Name Is LADY GAGAAAAAAAAAA [Speech] 30:32 | *MANiCURE* - 2013 _Act 3: Throwbacks_ 34:24 | Rock [Interlude] 35:35 | *Just Dance* - 2008 38:44 | *Poker Face* - 2008 40:45 | *Telephone* - 2009 _Act 4: Electro to Acoustic_ 42:53 | Partynauseous [Interlude] 45:23 | *Paparazzi* - 2008 47:56 | *Do What U Want* - 2013 50:55 | *Do What U Want* - 2013 [Acoustic] 53:16 | Drugs And Alchohol [Speech] 55:24 | *Dope* - 2013 [Acoustic and Demo] 1:04:31 | This One Is For [Speech] 1:05:54 | *Yoü and I* - 2011 1:11:29 | Kyle's Letter [Speech] 1:19:14 | *Born This Way* - 2011 [Acoustic] _Act 5: The Green Leaf_ 1:25:33 | Jewels N Drugs -2013 [Interlude] 1:28:32 | *The Edge Of Glory* - 2011 [Acapella] 1:29:37 | *Judas* - 2011 1:31:05 | *Aura* - 2013 1:32:52 | And I Have These... [Interlude] 1:33:24 | *Sexxx Dreams* - 2013 1:35:51 | Now Is A Great Time To Light Up [Interlude] 1:36:10 | *Mary Jane Holland* - 2013 1:39:13 | *Alejandro* - 2009 1:42:20 | Jazz [Interlude] 1:44:52 | *Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)* - 2015 [Cover] 1:49:07 | Fuck Shit Up [Speech] _Act 6: Crazy_ 1:50:51 | Ratchet [Interlude] 1:52:35 | *Bad Romance* - 2009 1:58:14 | Accept Our Deepest... [Speech] 2:01:17 | *Applause* - 2013 2:05:04 | The Little Pigs [Speech] 2:06:19 | *Swine* - 2013 _Act 7: Encore_ 2:15:44 | Remembering [Speech] 2:17:46 | *Gypsy* - 2013 [Acoustic] 2:19:46 | *Gypsy* - 2013 2:23:00 | May The Clock Start Ticking [Speech] 2:23:31 | Applause (DJ White Shadow Remix) [Post-Show Music]

      1. Hugo Dutra

        "something about the ejaculation" NOT THISSSSSSS 🤣😭🤣😭🤣

      2. Matteo Currò


    35. Derpaaull

      Where are my ARTPOP STANS?✨✌🏼

    36. Medusa V

      omg how many fucking breaks/add ons does this video have ????????

    37. Jayfire

      The born this way part made me cry

    38. charlie vargas98

      2020? I love lady gaga so much ❤

    39. Thyago

      Tuuuuudo. Adoroamo

    40. Maggie_LG

      You are watching this bc: a) looking for yourself in crowd b) never seen this Or c) watched this shit 200 times and here we go again (me)

    41. Tamás

      @40:46 that remix holyshit also @2:25:36

    42. Sprout Fledgaru

      I live for her, and for her only

    43. Ștefania Ioana Bozga

      She's a rock star, every time I watch her I'm impressed, and I'm a little monster for so many years😭😭💕💕

    44. Kevin Ortiz

      what a moment in history 🤩

    45. Linda Barron

      Just Wow! Love you Gaga

    46. Lewis Murphy

      ARTPOP 2020 💜🥺

    47. Suuzana

      Aaaa como sinto falta dessa época 😭❤️

    48. Odette Toutlemonde

      i was sad , i decided to watch the Artrave to cheer me up and guess what it work all the time ! i wish was there it's seems like a fucking party !!! i'm so gratefull to have her in my life

    49. Queen Madonna

      It’s very bad as Show

    50. Sofia Mejia

      What's that credit card doing there? xD 1:27:13

    51. ΚλυΉαςτυκ γτ


    52. A SilentEcho91

      That girl in the beginning didn't know the lyrics to artpop Lol

    53. Caleb Stephen

      Watching this as a new Little Monster who just discovered the album is absolutely revolutionary for me

    54. Sebastian Anaya

      Nostalgia, i love ARTPOP

    55. Rod MdS

      25:00 wtf is wrong with those guys faces 😂😂😂😂

    56. Maggie_LG

      2 and a half hrs screaming, dancing, jumping, singing... Damn

      1. Maggie_LG

        @lina So? I don't give a fuck for them, i am talking about Gaga and let's be honest, she really knows how to make show

      2. lina

        I mean That is every Female pop stars tour in a nutshell

    57. jonathan candella

      I really should be doing other more important things, but I just cant take my eyes off of this. WOW

    58. Nicolas Rodrigues


    59. Alícia Rosene

      Who else is watching In 2020??????

    60. Devin


    61. Kervi Jhonata

      Gaga's SERVED A LOTTTT

    62. mary jane holland

      no one will ever compare to her. wow.

    63. Wellington Rodrigues

      Fuck the ads!!

    64. Dayvson Costa

      perfeita! melhor era por que sim hahahahh

    65. Dawson

      I wish I could have seen any of her concert :( I was too young and my parents thought it was inappropriate for me to go. I was supposed to see Enigma for my 18th bday and then it got cancelled because of COVID :(

    66. Rémi Airline Pilot FR

      2020 still watching 🥵

    67. lol

      This whole thing is like a drug trip lmao but I'm really enjoying it?? ahead of its time for sure

    68. Soapy Soap

      Dry humping the stage by manicure😂😂😁

    69. Solo12313

      Can someone explain the intro? I don’t get what she is saying

      1. charliemakey


      2. charliemakey

    70. Soapy Soap

      This is so powerful yes

    71. russthicc

      I cried when she performed Gypsy and she talked about death. I think y'all don't know how terrible it feels dreaming about her death, I woke up crying about how I didn't even get the chance to go to her performances or concerts or just see her walking in the streets. I am grateful for Gaga for her art, her music, her fashion, her power, and her statement as an artist. I'm hopeful I'll get to see her someday or go to a performance. That's what Gypsy felt like to me in that moment.

      1. Laudel Mahinay


    72. Sphiltic

      holy SHIT

    73. Natã Rickson


    74. JustACurious Kiid

      I was never a stan of Gaga. Just a pop lover that liked her older singles. But I foolowed every step of her for the Chromatica era and I was not disappointed. Now I'm listening to her other albums and I feel so sad that I wasn't there for those eras. She is outstanding. Put it in a blender spit on it shit on it or whatever😂NEWBORN LITLLE MONSTER HERE👽❤️

      1. Rufa Faye Quinto

        It's never too late! Let's all feel blessed that we still have Lady Gaga a true artist to this day, the only thing we could do is to show love and continue support her career. Warm welcome, little monster! Paws up 🤍

    75. Alfredo Aguilar

      Awaiting chromatica ball🤩

    76. jed -

      watching this, I miss the old gaga :( *i rlly hope she’s back to her old self for the chromatica ball*

    77. Luis Garcia Perez

      I went to the artrave in Vienna and it was one of the most iconic things I have seen in my gay life.

    78. Spenser Bower

      The art rave was my first concert. Wish I could go back and truly appreciate how special it was.

    79. ;-;


    80. Hello It’s Jimmy

      Love it she mentions Taylor but they broke up lol

    81. Fjdjdjn Fndjdjdj

      2020 this concert is amazing ❤️

    82. MAKO’s Corner

      Venus 🤤

    83. Aligth Motion Tutotriales en Español

      Who watch this in quarentine 2020

      1. TEENDiez


      2. Retro Freak


      3. Manuel V. Zapata

        like everyday

      4. Smokin Nathannathaaan

        Me too lmao

      5. Max Reboreda


    84. Christian Hoagland

      Anyone else here in preparation for CHROMATICA????!

    85. michaelcheuvront

      venus made me FEEL SOMETHING

    86. Joel Von D

      When she was iconic... 💔

    87. Daria Island

      she literally kissed the stage after the show🥺 what a legend

    88. Lindinalva dos Santos

      Very very iconic

    89. Artem Arti

      Looovee Lady Gaga 🔥💎😍 #chromatica 🎨 #LG6 May 2020 😉😎


      Will you promise to NEVER DELETE THIS VIDEO? I miss artRave so much!

    91. Jordan Allen

      ARTPOP has such a beautiful message and is one of my favorite songs of all time, but PARTYNAUSEOUS has an even stronger message imho, for the current times, where endless wars of choice just keep growing.. I wish Gaga would have been made it into an actual track...the CIA probably wouldn't let her mainstream a song about peace... "Making peace attractive, we PARTYNAUSEOUS!"

    92. Edgar

      Black card number 5488 53666 78377

    93. Antoniel

      This era is another level of iconicness

    94. Chaz Markie 2

      She had started writing Joanne while she was performing this!

    95. juan cordova

      Diosa ❤️🇻🇪

    96. leo rebello

      so sad the tour didn’t came to brazil

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    98. YourHighwayInTheSky

      was this actually a DVD

      1. Visual Finland

        No, it was a live stream on Yahoo

    99. MJ-AG Fanmade Live

      Is she a cow tentacle? i-