Lady Gaga: In Camera - Live Interview


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    "The reason that the interviewer Alex Fury is typing is that back in those days the transcript of the interview would go up immediately and it would take 24 hours at least to get the film graded and compressed and online. This way of working came from earlier interviews in this In Camera interview series, such as the first ever interview with Kate Moss , or the interview with Alexander McQueen or the interview with Vivienne Westwood then only the transcript would go up and not the film.
    Technology has advanced a lot since then in terms of the speeds and costs of uploading film to the internet . What we now take for granted was only a few years back almost impossible. Change happens fast.
    Free of charge we still bought to you almost two hours of Lady Gaga answering your questions . Please bear this in mind when you comment.Thank you for supporting SHOWstudio."
    Pop phenomenon, fashion icon and award-winning recording artist, in May 2010 Lady Gaga became the tenth participant in our In Camera live interview series, exclusively answering questions submitted by friends, celebrities and fans worldwide.
    View the on-demand footage of this exclusive broadcast alongside the real-time transcript edit created during the course of the interview process.

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    1. JONALYN Pimentel

      Elw! Good evening? Ma'am Lady Gaga...❤❤❤🌼🌼🌼🤝🤝🤝🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👏👏👏

    2. panino

      bruh i put this on my liked videos months ago and i still havent finished it--

    3. Monster Nation, PAWS UP

      Interview Gaga now please 🙏 for other two hours 🥰

    4. Ellen James

      1:34:34 lol

    5. Shady Pikachu

      queen gaga

    6. Gabriel Sorano


      1. Hernan Morales


    7. Amy Hall


    8. Taewoo Taewoo


    9. Taewoo Taewoo


    10. Ania Teneta

      she has so sad eyes...

    11. Victory Abibang

      I love you Gaga❤❤❤❤I never felt so loved by one of my role models the way ik you u love your fans

    12. MALEK K


      1. Taewoo Taewoo


    13. LuxuryHouses

      why is this so funny she like sitting there bruh are you even listening to me and he is just like typing and asking his questions

    14. Blake Sterling

      This is painful

    15. Star Beam

      This was my ASMR before ASMR blew up in the late ‘10’s 😂

    16. SRC

      Walk with me, if you will, down memory lane.... I’m at my grandmothers, watching this, telling my mom about Gaga Me- Look, another Gaga interview! Mom- Lady Who? Is that Madonna?? Me- nooooo 🙄 Mom- What work has she had done? Who’s her doctor?!? I need a face lift... Me- Christ MOM! It’s not Madonna Gramma- Madonna?!? Madonna?!? (She mumbles some catholic prayer) She had a black Jesus in that music trashy video and I just can’t stand it!! Me- Gaga has a song called BLACK JESUS!! It’s amazing!! Gramma- JESUS CHRIST HANGIN OFF THE CROSS?!?!?! Now imagine that beauty parlor scene in Steele Magnolias and really heavy southern accents , now mush all that together in your brain and that was the scene I described.

    17. Lucas

      This is so akward, even Gaga thinks it

    18. BLOOP


    19. Bobbijean Rose

      Today's Madonna

    20. Julia Pickelhaupt

      1:32:45 „I‘ve achieved nothing“ GAGA ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 😂

      1. Tom Sawyer


      2. Taewoo Taewoo

        omg- out of context that is like "bruh" but in context its "she is so down to earth"

    21. the receipts

      I love how she genuinely wants to talk with the interviewer instead of just answering the questions and leaving like other artists

    22. Sofía Adeff

      This is the most akward and embarrasing interview EVER poor her

    23. TT Namrfur

      He was an awful interviewer and disrespectful of her time. Dude...record and then type it fucker

      1. Taewoo Taewoo

        i agree,

    24. Khartoum Lavage

      She so fahn here.

    25. Gorkem A

      For Gay God’s sake, couldn’t they get a gay intern?

      1. Taewoo Taewoo


      2. Tom Sawyer

        He's clearly gay?

    26. aaron helton

      I have ALWAYS loved this interview. Still proud of her to this day in 2020

    27. Panna Pan

      I love the lip color

    28. Maggie_LG

      Oh i'll have to pee soon, I'm gonna die😂😂😂queen

    29. Maggie_LG

      Why is she soo cutee🥰🥰

    30. Jive Lamotta

      😂😂😂😂😂 Abramovic???? To write occult phrases with blood and shit on a wall is as boundless like a dirty toilet in a red light district!!!

    31. Amare Robenry

      MY LOVE.

    32. Amare Robenry

      I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!

    33. Gay Seokie

      Watching during quarantine. I think her view on the catholic school was perfectly right for me. I too is in a catholic school and there are really a lot of rules that constrict students and the staff too.

    34. Gay Seokie

      Her eyes looks so sad :c I think she really want the interviewer to just stop typing and just talk to her.

    35. Wan Da

      Какая же она замечательная! Одно из любимых интервью 💗

    36. vanclemmons

      I love Gaga and all her interviews are super interesting but this is just extremely frustrating to watch. An absolute waste of her and the audience's time. It was very nice of her to slow down with her answers but this was not a conversation or an interview this way, just an ABSOLUTE SHIT of a Q&A. I don't want to fantasize anything regarding her behavior but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she was frustrated as well, even though she is basically the nicest person on the planet. Also, why on earth would you list EVERYONE of those who asked a certain question? Who cares who asked it originally (especially when most of these are super average questions and hundreds of people asked them), you are the interviewer. If you are a touchtyper, you can make a transcript based on an audio recording of an interview in less than an hour, so the reasoning in the description is a very poor one.

    37. 50K subscribers challenge

      I hate it when people talk about how GAGA is copying MADONNA but not MADONNA copying MARILYN MONROE.

    38. M4theus riba2020

      Doesn't she look like Marilyn Monroe a little bit in that interview?

    39. Sigma Starspawn

      Everything after 'fishing techniques..'

    40. Diane Lupo

      Gaga, this interviewer is beneath your talent. This typing schtick stinks.

    41. Nichole Cicchillitti

      He’s so nervous it’s adorable

    42. Jared Ramirez

      asmr omg 🤯

    43. Mallu Plato

      longest interview ever

    44. Iqbal Suryana

      I knew Poker Face since the Grammy, but I watch this one today. Like a new interview for me.

    45. Julianne Abad


    46. ThisIsEvan717

      i'm confused why they didn't hire someone to type for him lol

    47. Kieran Rea

      i want to d i e

    48. Why Me

      Such a beautiful interview with a beautiful person. Her uniqueness, her kindness, her VOICE. Blows me away every day. The best part, she's is full of Love.

      1. Why Me

        I love you

    49. Delaney Elias


    50. Delaney Elias

      Gaga: “I’m just an Italian girl from New York.” Me: No shit, really? 🤣

    51. Delaney Elias

      Gaga: I like to lie. Me: 😈

    52. Delaney Elias

      Guy: We’re about a quarter of the way through. Gaga: I hope I don’t have to pee! 🤣

    53. Matias Valentino

      i watch this interview once every few weeks (since like 2011 or earlier? i think?) because i love it so much. don't understand why it only has 80 thousand views.

    54. Riley Brown

      Didn’t she wear a blue dress to prom?

    55. Trevor Casey

      I watch this as I drift to sleep because I find that Gaga's voice is soothing when shes talking

    56. Gergo Gresz

      I wish they didn’t type:/

    57. julio enrique ibarrola

      i love her

    58. NlHILIST

      If you watched this interview, you will have had the privilege of seeing the mind of a genius in action. And I am not referring to the novel phenomenon of a typing interviewer.

    59. Kristina BZLV

      Ooh so sad she doesn't know Steven Wilson, apparently she did not recognize his name. Both are genious in their genres

    60. Deirdre M

      he seems like an intern, not really sure of what he's doing and not engaging in her answers whatsoever

    61. Pablo Pablo

      It gets annoyed hearing the laptop

    62. Amanda Bunce

      So off putting and rude typing away whilst she answers so openly your questions. Wouldn't you just do the typing later and actually engage in some eye contact. This was a very uncomfortable interview to watch

    63. Kelsey Dillabaugh

      Bro imagine trying to HAVE A CONVERSATION while someone looks at a computer screen and tries to type everything you're saying to them... The 2000s have hit Gaga in the face that's why she's like "come on yo recipricate/contribute" in the conversation. I would feel the same way man. Conversation is the fuel and fire of ideas for creative people. It's stale because she has to talk to herself. She's getting in her head. Plus she was mad her glasses (which totally completed her look/character) were crooked. Love you Gaga but this was a bad idea on the interviewer's part. All I'm saying is moments of ecstasy, as conversations tend to be for imaginaries, cannot be captured in all but essence when you must type it out-- that's why poets often record themselves aloud. I totally get her vibes. She definitely made some valuable points but there's nothing like bouncing ideas off someone/sharing energy to create a moment in conversation. I mean you can tell she's a visual intellectually expressive person. She's speaking in metaphors and colors. She needs someone to exchange ideas and vibes with. They should have her on again for sure and take this into consideration. What's a conversation without eye contact? What's a script with one character? (A monologue). It's just so open-ended and I think Gaga was caught off guard by this.

    64. Why Me

      I listen to this interview, when I'm down, frustrated at my job, and dealing with my mental issues as well She makes Me feel hope, and broadens My mind with her beautiful, honest answers. #GAGA seriously should me the Mentor of the world. She's so loveable.

    65. Oliver Fenelon Chee

      I want a supercut of Gaga reacting to him

    66. Chanelle Ramsay

      He’s literally in the same room as Lady Gaga and he cant even talk to her properly and not be on his computer typing I’ve never seen an interviewer do this and I don’t want to see it again the interview was still amazing tho because she was in it ❤️

    67. Jess G

      This proves that every (well almost) woman has chosen names for their potential kids 😂😂 kids that might never exist or not for many many years to come.

    68. Butter Cup

      No one: Interviewer: “Fantastic”

    69. Nicole Veronica Flora

      That look after she answer each question just kills me ,,

    70. El Rayo Custodio

      I read the description but still, this is so fucking boring... She wasted so much time doing this pretentious promo.

    71. Evgeniya Ochkal

      Lady Gaga is gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    72. noveltybobel

      This interviewer has no personality whatsoever. What a drip

    73. Derek James

      Gaga is absolutely beautiful and classy!!!

    74. Kennard Watson

      Gaga "lets go, we're live" 1:57 💀💀

    75. gillian lello

      Im dying to see who the lady is that is filming this ...

    76. Anarky

      It smells like rust. What effect does the smell of rust have on anyone? I don't think it's a pleasant one 🤷

    77. TASK

      I remember watching this LIVE years ago in high school,like wow so ahead of its time even then

    78. Patricia Parra

      This interview is a perfect example of a BAD INTERVIEW! If back in 2015 you couldn't transcript they could have a person transcribing and Alex Fury as the interviewer. Love Lady Gaga.

    79. Svetlana Padil

      With a few feet apart. They couldn't get any more detached from each other. Gaga is the one trying to make a connection. It's heartbreaking to watch.

    80. Svetlana Padil

      They could have just hired 2 different people, one doing the interview and the other for transcribing. It's hard to watch to be honest. This is the very first kind of interview I've seen in my life. "Technology" that time?? If that's the case, they could've interviewed her remotely.

      1. Nah

        Agreed that would make more sense and wastes no time. It ruins the experience for everyone involved.

    81. Svetlana Padil

      Man, this is so disrespectful for anybody being interviewed. Very disappointing. Just hearing the typing is so disturbing. And having the question all in the laptop!?? How did he even got approved to interview an artist like Lady Gaga. 😑😐

    82. My Tablet

      Her style in one word is gaga.

    83. Dante Dammit

      The typing gets to you, man. It becomes hilarious eventually.

    84. ؘ

      "you're a very fast typer" lmao so cute

    85. jablabaster mxc

      this guy is really typing with his two fingers

    86. Zach Raven

      I wish she were still like this. Seems like she's so big now the fan communication that was so special back then is not the same today. I'm not saying she's not great and still loves her fans it's just not like it was.

      1. Hernan Morales

        Maybe because most of her fans BETRAYED her back in 2013??? think about it.

      2. cxxcxx xx

        it's alsp because of her fans lol

      3. The KarateKid

        Zach Walraven I was thinking the same thing, but I think it’s a combination of her being a grown woman now in her 30’s and also the novelty of being famous wore off. She’s already answered almost everything about her life that there’s really not many new things she could talk about anymore. So her interviews are usually more specific to what she’s working on.

    87. Leon Isaac Jimenez Vergara

      “Perhaps we can make Women’s rights trendy”. Girl, you had no idea. 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

    88. Minna Timonen

      What the hell. He pissed me off. She is so bored. She will prolly not ever do a intervju with that dude again. I would never do that to her.

    89. República de España


    90. Billy Martin

      1:25:55 where I left off

    91. natalie

      2:00 gaga realized she has to do that for 2 hours lmao him typing is awful imo but he's just doing his job- wish he would've done it better tho

    92. DayvinDazone

      Alex looks like Evan Peters from AHS

    93. August Etzel

      Why does the camera punch in on her face every time she isn't talking? Its such terrible editing....

    94. August Etzel

      Gaga is clearly miserable. She just wants human connection. She talks all the time about how technology and shouldn't divide humans and this is such a literal example. I know some people are saying he had to be typing the whole time because they were posting her responses live but they could have someone off camera typing.

      1. Nah

        Girl With The Mindset ahaha no worries

      2. Girl With The Mindset

        Gabriela oh i misread ur comment it thought it said “the explanation is in the description” sorry

      3. Girl With The Mindset

        Gabriela i literally said “read the description”

      4. Nah

        Girl With The Mindset no you didn’t lol. You said READ the description. You good?

      5. Girl With The Mindset

        Gabriela thats what i just said fucking ass

    95. Hayley Ava Mathieson


    96. EM

      She is literally posessed. The accent isnt her

      1. cxxcxx xx

        Majd Alyo lol she's Italian

    97. B Anaya

      annoying at so many levels

    98. RIKKO KO


    99. RIKKO KO


    100. Be Rad

      I just want a double process after watching this!