Lady Gaga Performs a Medley of "Chromatica II", "Rain On Me" (ft. Ariana Grande), & More


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    Lady Gaga performs a medley of "Enigma", "Chromatica II", "911", "Rain on Me" ft. Ariana Grande, and "Stupid Love" at the 2020 Video Music Awards.
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    1. MTV

      Lady Gaga’s Most Memorable MTV Moments :

      1. Daily Devotions of Inner Beauty

        You you you wass hap to isaac to me

      2. David San Miguel

        Anyone notice the dj doesnt have a head

      3. Daily Devotions of Inner Beauty

        Chog with you

    2. Edu D

      Rest in peace Chromatica

    3. angela Camillo

      Ariana doing whistle dude xd

    4. Tony Frye


      1. Billy Russell

        ohh woowwww how could she 😤😡 have a normal human body😱

    5. Nadya Arum Arsanti

      Does anybody notice how ariana's face mask earloop changes one frame to another?

    6. futures ToT

      IMPECCABLE... She's probably the greatest of all times.

    7. taehyungshiiee

      I know this isn't your first time here.

    8. Mizhda Salih

      The wasteful deadline curiously wander because criminal erroneously prefer vice a towering jar. steep, oval brother

    9. Richard Rodríguez

      4:08 this moment i love it so much

    10. Me dicen Ari

      Yo lo que quisiera saber es como hizo los cambios de ropa tan rapido, cantó espectacular y todo en un concierto osea explain this please

    11. Ribbon

      911- 0:53 Rain on me- 1:54 Arianas high note- 4:15 Stupid love- 5:12

    12. TheMarryGaga

      The only performance from the Chromatica era 😭 *frustred

    13. Keisha-Aimee Kelly-Louisy

      4:02 Lady Gaga put to much trust in that top

    14. equus quagga quagga

      Gaga is the only one who still tries at the vmas

    15. SoyMichaelMendoza my Cover Dance

    16. Dajenz Villagonza

      How could she sing and dance that crazy? And still sounds good? 🥵

    17. SaVannah Thames

      besides Mariah Carey nobody can hit Ariana's high whistle note

    18. Claudia Alcázar Ávila

      YO solamente quiero saber que le digo lady gaga a Ariana en el minuto 4:23

    19. elijah knox

      is it me or no one see what i see

    20. Phillip L

      7:16 somebody forgot to key around the guy playing the synth on the top stage, it's throughout the entire clip but most visible here hahahaha

    21. cammello disidratato

      How does she jump in stiletto heels that's a mistery

      1. Neo - P

        And goes up and down ladders like its nothing in them. O_o;;;;

    22. danilo alfaro

      MTV queen

    23. Big Lemon

      "Chromatica". As in ADRENOCHROME? Most likely, yes.

      1. Big Lemon

        @It's Music Find out what I'm talking about before you decide I don't know what I'm talking about.

      2. It's Music

        Intelligent people and musicians know that Chromatica is a reference to Chromatic scale, so, read a book, go to school, stop being so dumb.

    24. jana xx

      Jelena Karleusa

    25. Tori D

      Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta name someone more talented

    26. POP DATA


    27. Murilo Henrique

      Elas fingem que as vozes delas saiem perfeitas assim mesmo usando mascaras e eu finjo que acredito.

    28. The One That Got Away. , RMA., PLS

      Incredible it two worlds the technology world 🌎 is Ariana Grande

    29. David Fernández

      Lo bueno es con barbijo no se nota el lipsync... 🤭

      1. Jey Jey

        Ninguna de las dos hace lipsync bbg las dos reinas son demasiado extrictas al cantar 😝 ellas tienen talento algo q tu no tienes 😘 anyways Stan diosa Ari y diosa Gaga 💅

    30. Mae

      kinda jealous of the dancers that get to keep their masks

    31. morgane.23 05


    32. Bleep Bloop

      4:04 we know she supports LGBT when you see her vouging

    33. angelakate

      Thing i love about lady gaga is that when she perform, she really go all out.

    34. Kayla-Lynn Kruger

      Arianna killed it and her outfit 😍🥵

    35. Jennifer Burr

      I love her

    36. Ayhan Canturk

      Uliminati' s devil party

    37. Dolly Beatrice

      does she live?

    38. Esther Joy

      I'm in love with their outfits

    39. A.C.S 1976

      May the era of high rise - mom rise....ribcage touching...flat ass DIE !!!!!!

    40. Nessar Mbui

      Ariana's shoes 🔥

    41. CatMeowMow

      What is she doing? 4:03

    42. Finlay Belham

      How the fu*k does ari walk in them boots

    43. taehyung has my heart

      hihibihi i’m famous

      1. allison n

        ya u r

    44. Alexis Salvador

      Before I die, I wish to see Lady Gaga perform Rain on Me with Ariana and Telephone with Beyonce all at the same time.

    45. Léo Vilela

      Gaga need doing more videos from Chromatica!!!

    46. Guilherme Carandina

      Amo ♥

    47. buse öbke

      Woww ✨🔥 🔥🔥✨🔥🔥🔥✨

    48. Olio.7

      4:17 it’s Monday morning and you realize you haven’t done your homework (play in slow motion)

    49. Ana Amaricua


    50. Ana Amaricua


    51. Felipe Vinícius

      ICONiC 🤩

    52. Vegan Luv

      This is how you beat Corona! Remember Biden loves you.

    53. Nirmala Gaikwad

      Ari looks whole anime character 🐰 Her shoes tho

    54. Tanuja ranpise

      The one who unliked are Swifties!!!!They cant see other people getting attention 😂😂

    55. Hailey Anderson

      What theme is this Is it punk themed

    56. Evangeline Vang

      Can we appreciate these two women perform at a 100 and sang like they did on their music video❤️

    57. Cutie Crybaby

      Those masks thoooo! ☁️🌙

    58. Juan Carlos Moran Cornejo

      Se la ve panzona jajajajjaa

    59. Chance Soliz

      Why gaga look like she was telling ariana to not touch nothing after her high note lol

      1. Sebastian O

        She was asking ariana if she was ok

    60. David San Miguel

      Anyone else wonder what she says to ari right after that high note

    61. ꧁ avenue star ꧂


    62. Emma John

      Great now with the masks on you better not go to see them , it’s all already made before and they just stay there , dancing and laughing in your face , stupids it’s all recorded before.

    63. kyfu

      1:59 rain on me :)

    64. Chad Geter

      My heart

    65. pedo biden

      adrenochrome over me

    66. Rhyzome Russ

      I Love MTV. You changed my life. I am forever greatful for, to and: of you!

    67. give me the die

      I see everyone in the comments saying the whistle note was by ari and obviously she slays live whistle notes all the time but I thought it was gaga who did the whistle note ngl, only because the lower register sounded a lot like ari which is lighter(?) in a sense

    68. Zeudi Rogato

      love Gaga

    69. Gino Gino

      Ariana = Angel

    70. P Seda

      Up to this day, i’m still wondering what did Gaga say to Ari after she murdered that whistle.

      1. Keisha-Aimee Kelly-Louisy

        She said: that was not in our plan but ok

    71. Aethan Estela

      still wondering what gaga said after ari's whistle hahaha

    72. Caiden MmMMau

      Ariana is queen but give some credit to lady that, piano playing for stupid love was really good

    73. Alias Fakename

      The dancers can do all that in a mask but anti-maskers can't walk around in Target.

    74. Emmanuel Silva

      Hola Ariana te quería preguntar si me podrías prestar tus zapatitos es que el sábado voy a ir a una fiesta en cuarentena pero no tengo zapatos entonces vi los tuyos y me encantaron, la ropa no porque es como de perra entonces solo los zapatos te dejo mi número de teléfono: 477 291 0454

    75. CatMeowMow

      Me when fighting with other's: 4:03

    76. Hamd Ahmed

      god i love ariana but she ruins the chorus for me,she should just dance gaga’s voice is perfect during it

      1. Jey Jey

        Ari made the chorus PERFECT. U don’t know how to recognize talent

    77. Terry Taylor

      Now all the girls want to do duet songs

    78. Aina Najihah

      Did bts watch this?

    79. Ellen McKeel


    80. Bryan Gutierrez


    81. Bryan Gutierrez

      ☔☁🌈💧⚡🌊"Prefiero estar seca pero al menos estoy viva"☔☁🌈💧⚡🌊

    82. Edwin Rios

      Impresionante ariana grande con lady Gaga las reinas de pop

    83. Dikinir

      the best I've seen literally

    84. Emilios RL

      Valentina watching this be like: 👁👄👁

    85. Rhiannon Edwards

      I'm sorry to say this but if ariana, lady gaga, the dancers and band can do that whole performance with masks on there is no reason the other celebs can't do the same. Be safe everyone 😊

    86. •Hey Julia•


    87. Andrew H

      This is legit cringe

    88. Penjahit Neneng

      0:24 do you see blackpink poster in the wall?

    89. Lotoya Higgins

      This giving me mad max vibes

    90. Aryantics

      Great performance and song but what's with those hands Gaga 😅

    91. Carla Pinkard

      Y’all can’t lie Ariana came out killing it the runs tho😍😍😍😍😍😆

    92. MissNickyPuppy

      Gaga´s rain on me outfit is everything

    93. Park DiBus

      Wow they are doing a tribute to rain in mortal kombat 😂


      0:25 there is a Blackpink poster 🥺❣️

    95. Brian Alex Vill Mart

      Just 💜 because of Ariana

    96. Paul Dejoie

      I love you

    97. Dangerous WomanEdits


    98. Jodiexchan

      Ari picking her mask up over her nose ❤️ True queen ❤️