Lady Gaga - Gypsy [Lyrics] HD


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    Back again with another lyric video! (Watch in 1080p!)
    This is one of my favorite song from Lady Gaga's new album: ARTPOP!!
    I LOVE her new album so much, and it came out pretty recently.
    Anyways hope you guys enjoy!
    I don't own the rights to the music or the picture used in this video. All rights go to Lady Gaga(Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) and her producers! :D
    **By the way, 'Dankeschön' means thank you very much in German! :P

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    1. Power Built

      F*^% she's amazing, I keep finding brillant song's~! So true, "It's how you love and treat your mother". I hope Lady Gaga can have a baby with a husband.

    2. Alienne Laval

      Bittesehr! But I prefer to type *yw*

    3. Boni Lrza

      So I recently became a big lady gaga fan and discovered songs I never knew she wrote, today was the day I listened to the full song of gypsy, when it ended I started crying, Gaga's music touched me in so many ways, she's the reason why I feel amazing and why I started loving myself more. Thank you mother monster❤

    4. Nichole Germanotta

      I love The Queen The Fame Gypsy Monster Money Honey Just Dance Love Game Hair You And I Sexxx Dreams Aura Is That Alright Shallow Music To My Eyes I Don’t Know What Love Is Poker Face Paparazzi Applause Judas Donatella Stupid Love Fun Tonight Bad Romance Bad Kids Government Hooker

    5. Alex Feldman

      2020 face mask 😷

    6. wes

      3:49 ive always thought it was « im italian and asian combined ». what the heck is kompai?

    7. Pirun Maya

      Was she stated all the capital city of every countries she have visited while she was doing a world tour? I mean .. that made me cry.

      1. Pirun Maya

        @Henry Giovani I feel bad for this,I wish that one day she will go to Jakarta!

      2. Henry Giovani

        And put a hope to Jakarta, Indonesia - as she was rejected here.

    8. Joana Cavalcante

      Ilibes y.lyric

    9. Andres Altafulla

      Latin America ,🤩

    10. Marcos Takahashi

      Essa canção lembra "the edge of glory". Amooooooo!!!!

    11. Jorhan Capenpilan

      Who's here after listening to Chromatica album? #LG6

    12. Edison Orong

      Already 2020 and still listening ❤️ The real OG

    13. Christofer Welch

      I wanna marry a Gypsy

    14. Art Christianson

      *Corona Virus traveling the world be like:* 3:46

      1. OkThenProductions

        brutally underrated comments

      2. Vince Isidro

        And the face shield

    15. Kedai Nasi

      This song feels like a proper sequel after 'The Fame'.. not really 'The Fame Monster' but somewhere in between

    16. Raphael Lazaro

      this song should have been a single,i think it could bring success to artpop back then

    17. Arf Arf Awoo

      Who’s here after that NCOV tweet? Lol

    18. Sira

      No one: Corona virus infecting country one by one: 3:47

      1. dragon boi

        @Arf Arf Awoo ugh she didnt lie 😭

      2. Miss Mindanao

        lady gaga forgot to mention the Philippine....lmao

      3. Samarth Murkumbi

        Yellow Mellow the face shield ain’t even covering her nose 🥴💀💀

      4. Han Dong

        but theres no Vietnam haha>\/

      5. Vince Isidro

        And the face shield😆

    19. dzul mohd

      MALAYSIA 🇲🇾 😘❤️💐

    20. Matthew Clark

      Why does this song make me emotional, though? 🤣😭

    21. C C

      This was a great song to close out the Artpop Ball show

    22. shin zurc

      3:17 Love the vocalizations!! 👍

    23. Andrew Peterson

      My favorite songs from all her albums were never singles. The Fame - I Like It Rough The Fame Monster - Ok, Bad Romance was a single, but Monster is my 2nd favorite Born This Way - Fashion Of His Love Artpop - Gypsy Joanne - Diamond Heart or Grigio Girls ASIB - Is That Alright? I feel like all these songs would've been slam dunks

    24. Girl With The Mindset

      I cant believe this song wasnt apart of the born this way album.

    25. Max Thyme

      Such a wonderful club anthem, how the fuck can you NOT throw your hands around and hop like a fool during that chorus?

    26. Oscar Del Castillo

      Si nadie quiere ir contigo en el caminp encontraras personaa

    27. Carla Stillwell

      Love this, it's so catchy! Why wasn't it shot to the charts! 😎

    28. Kat Aw

      Gypsy gypsy gypsy gypsy..............................

    29. Helderweb com

      I was in SE Asia when I first heard this song. Lucky to have been in almost every place she sang about.

    30. ツluvdollie


    31. TheNraveles

      The bridge into the climax chorus literally brings me to tears sometimes? Its so amazing. One of the beat aongs gaga ever made.

    32. m7ammad essa


    33. Izwan Hasman

      Who gave her the idea to include Malaysia I’m - 😭😭😭 🇲🇾

      1. Xone of Hybridz

        Me too

      2. sheng

        Izwan Hasman i from taiwan

    34. Caracas Sharmaine

      Why did interscopescrapped it? 😒

    35. Markiezel

      Masterpiece!!! Artpop deserves more recognition!

    36. Caio Oliveira


    37. what_the_ma

      tonight ❤❤❤❤❤

    38. Атанас Атанасов - McQüeen


    39. Ivenylon Onglais

      This is absolutely one of my topmost favorite LG songs!❤️❤️❤️

    40. Humberto Ribeiro

      I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    41. Pablo Monteiro

      Não sei explicar como ela me faz viajar com as músicas dela

    42. lua

      i dont wanna be alone forever but I CAN BE TONIGHT!

    43. gaga enigma


    44. Zhonya’s Hourglass

      Who’s here from PolandbananasXX

    45. Little Monster

      My fav part is when she says "And you'll be my Little gypsy princess"! I dont know why xD 3:09

      1. julia m

        But this is cute ❤

    46. Natalie Redmond

      ocr music 2018

    47. Laurentiu


    48. Francisco De La Rosa

      2019, anyone?

    49. Kirsikka

      Nice song but why gypsy? I feel like that it is antiziganistic. :(

    50. Malaysha Morgan

      All of lady Gaga’s songs are really good! I’ve been a fan of her since 2009

    51. Walter

      One of Gaga's gems. This bop deserved better, but the unfortunate situation surrounding ARTPOP affected it sadly.

    52. Keesh

      We had to listen to this in our GSCE music exam

      1. Anne Francis

        @Keesh good for yah then! ❤

      2. Keesh

        annecy france I got a grade 6 overall sooo I passes atleast 😂

      3. Anne Francis

        How did it go!?

      4. Keesh

        Dahlia Bonbourri Omgg 😂

      5. Lewis Hopping

        LunaOkami Yes Same!!

    53. Benazir Gutiérrez-Ríos


    54. Tom Russle

      The Scheibe reference though

    55. abram

      can you believe gaga invented countries QUEEN

    56. mahdi nobandan

      I loooooooooooooooooove you gaga your best every time ❤💙💚💛💜

    57. Chanelle/Little Monster 4ever

      She makes me so freaking happy ❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️

    58. Aurora Wolfe

      I don't wanna be alone forever, but I love gypsy life I relate with that so much. Not that I like travel the world or anything... but the way I see it is that I don't mind being alone today tomorrow the next day. I've been alone (not lonely) for a while and I'm fine, most days I like it actually. I just know that someday if/when I find the right person who understands me on a deeper level, I will love him or her with everything I have. But for now I don't mind going through this life by myself ♡

    59. Deadly Neurotoxin

      I hate this song with every fiber of my being, it is the worst thing ever created by mankind

      1. Eddie Zuniga


    60. Tasnim Mahiya Mahi


    61. Lucas Carino

      2019 ?

    62. Gianni Varone

      Fuck this song has so much talent in it 😍😍

    63. Wojciech Wachowicz

      Poland love gaga

      1. julia m


    64. RosiYa 1

      „ I don‘t speak German, but I try“ me: relates on the deeper level

    65. Johanna Bixby

      Should have been a single! Love it!

    66. Shar Maine Chan

      How I wish Lady Gaga and Troye Sivan could come to Malaysia but some conservative Muslims would cry foul as if they were from a satanic cult It happened to Jakarta right?

    67. Emilio Martinez

      Gaga asked this for the last single of the ARTPOP Era, but Interscope Records (her label) stopped the planned singles after G.U.Y. flopped, sad story :(

    68. nuteii chhakchhuak

      love from mizoram tooo 😙😙😙😙😙

    69. Dávid Merzan

      I am gipsy 😃

    70. teammm

      3:17 Bust the rearview and fire up the jets cause it's you and meeeeeeee! Baby for liiiife

    71. Natasha

      The singles should have been 1. Applause 2. Do What U Want 3. Gypsy 4. Donatella 5. Manicure

      1. Adam W.

        And Aura

    72. Natalí Luciano


    73. cathouse

      I'm little monster and LOVE Gaga But this song is just lol......

    74. İrade ALL

      cool cool cool

    75. Ash Luna

      I love this song why am I the only one lol

    76. Joseph D. Martínez

      This would have been a hit on the radio!

    77. Oo Ok

      This song really amazing

    78. Fender

      Ugh, her vocals are just so good! I just love how her voice changes from hard to soft at 2:55, just how her voice changes during the "I need a man that thinks it's right when it's so wrong" part of "The Edge of Glory."

    79. Jorhan Capenpilan


    80. Řené Kotlař

      That's the perfekt..Did you know I am gypsy..

    81. Charlene .W.

      Had this in my music gcse mocks and I’ve been searching for it for months!!! Well... I FOUND IT!

    82. Pingo

      Ok we get it, you don't speak German lol

    83. Junior LM

      Que talento, que voz, que musica!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Não tenho palavras pra expressar o quanto essa música eh maravilhosa!!!! Pena que não conseguiu o seu devido conhecimento!!! 😢

    84. A.G. Jaxx

      Madeon in the house!!!

    85. rita's bottom lip

      omg i love.iT

    86. D. Johnny Sipião

      Tava apaixonado quando ouvia essa música kkkkk

    87. Little Monster


    88. Junior LM

      A bop wasted 😭

    89. Chui Kwan Wong

      That timing is the feel !

    90. huss353

      I thought when she says Africa India she was saying Aphrodite lol

    91. Mahi

      Deep Meaning... GYPSY 2018😍👍!!!

    92. Jed Cabuco


    93. pukek pukek

      my heart break when she say 'malaysia' hmmm

    94. Mshari


    95. badhopelessmanic

      This is incredible, 2018 anyone?

      1. StevenTrelos

        Here as Always

    96. Janoy Cresva

      one of my fave songs by lady gaga, best singer ever

    97. Tracey Roscoe

      I love this song should be number one single 😂😂