Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams Live at Roseland

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    Lady Gaga Live at Roseland Ballroom HD.
    The final show on April 7, 2014 was live-streamed by Verizon Communications.
    I do not own the song.
    Writer(s): Paul Edward Blair, Stefani Germanotta
    Copyright: House Of Gaga Publishing LLC, Glostream Music Publishing, Universal Music Corp.

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    1. The Countess

      the bisexual energy in this chile

    2. Suênia Darli

      Que bunda hein gente?! Que mulher arrasadora em todos os sentidos! Espero um dia poder vê-la de perto 🙏🏼💞💞

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    4. Nbc Ygf


    5. Jen Alexa

      Is it bad that I'm obsessed with this song and I'm only 15? 🤷‍♀

      1. Solly Lan

        @brooklyn w Juuuust saying gurl

      2. brooklyn w

        @Solly Lan I never said I hated it...I love ARTPOP it’s one of my favourite albums by Gaga and this song IS amazing

      3. Solly Lan

        @brooklyn w It's not bad, but is a SIN if you hate ARTPOP

      4. brooklyn w

        Literally same I’m 15 also and I love this song

    6. Mikołaj Solik

      SHe better performs this on Chromatica Ball.

      1. Kukuh Santoso


    7. Zbzhhd Dnbxbd


    8. Autistic Andy

      If only Madonna herself had half of Gaga’s sex appeal... 💋

      1. Kukuh Santoso


    9. H2Olikemisery

      Her adding that piano part is so funny and iconic lmao. It actually fits into the theme of the song so well haha.

    10. Mr. Wade

      1:36 the pianist was having a sexxx dream

    11. TM Love


    12. Love Girl

      Fantastic 😍💋🔥❤😘

    13. Sabryna Germanotta

      Eita putaria da peste kkk

    14. lom delpalo

      Horrible voice😖

      1. Marcelo Ribeiro

        Her ass

    15. jorik ten kate

      what is her name?

      1. Marcelo Ribeiro

        @jorik ten kate Amanda

      2. jorik ten kate

        @Lalo Lacinato no i know her. i asked other girl black hair girl, dancer??

    16. F V C K Y O U

      This is incredible in a sexy way💕😍🔥

    17. seyid er Yok

      Kadin erkek her tarafini elleti bu gaga yi ellemeyen kaç kişi kaldi acaba azdir her halde muzik sinema dünyasi berbat sadece fuhuş çiplaklik porno rezalat yani bunlari benimsemek bile ciddi beyin proble mi oldugunu gösterir insanin

    18. Just Cade

      This actually might be my favorite Lady Gaga song. It does not get the love it deserves.

      1. Reyna Moore

        yeah It's my favorite song on ARTPOP for sure!

      2. Sco2b

        Just Cade I agree I repeat this a least once every hour. I wish she would release a music video for it

    19. Roii M

      Sexxx dreams make me feel some type of way ! Like I want to literally have sex ! With. Women and a Men at the same time !!

    20. Marcelo Ribeiro

      Love a era

    21. Music Lover Vlogs

      3:42 what did she just say?? "let's go new York??" Lol

    22. Hogknockin' Gunn_Mann

      Fun fact- Amanda and Gaga side by side radiates enough heat from sexiness to heat (4) Mall of Americas, reduce the size of Antarctica's ice shelves by 14 inches annually, gave 4932 people a sunburn on Wednesday, and is what powers all solar panels on Earth at full capacity. You were lied to about the sun.

      1. Maria Jose Collazos

        Hogknockin' Gunn_Mann Amen

    23. Hogknockin' Gunn_Mann

      This song has such a pronounced feel and groove that matches the lyrical content to perfection imo. You can't help but to nod, move and bounce to this song....even someone like myself who can't even dance even A LITTLE BIT. 😅Gaga is her own genre, feel, look and sound, and it's something special, and truly one of a kind. I listen primarily to metal music and harder stuff, like to mix it up also.....but I can say with certainty she is out of this world talented and SO GOOD at what she does that one could consider her the female MJ of this era. Lady Gaga is an ICON, and a damn sexy one at that! Can we meet at your place? 😉

    24. missscramble

      I always had this hope that Amanda and Montana were secretly gay for each other and this kinda fed into that totally 😂😂

    25. President Hanosh

      If you guys are wanting a studio version of this, follow me on twitter @Wrenchyboi It’ll be uploaded Nov 6 and the teaser is the 15th of October

    26. xicaro 553

      Why I'm fucking sure she did something with both Amanda and Montana? Am I drunk or something?

    27. 27cricket27

      The outro ---> wig gone.

    28. Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell

      5:28 Good Lord....Look at that gorgeous tight ass & perfect arch in her lower back!

    29. Hi

      1:36 what was going on with the piano???

      1. Lil Sexy

        @Joshua Ogues lol classical

      2. Joshua Ogues

        It was having sexxx nightmares!!!!!

    30. Black Mamba

      Wonderful colour

    31. pray to the DE v il

      i want to meet at her place :(

      1. Suuzana

        me too

    32. Pride Mullenget

      pride lsee go to asexxx

    33. Government Hooker

      con este disco m,e párten ñla panocha

    34. Garrett Stasko

      This is the only performace where I hear her do the "damn you were in my sexxx dreams" like on the album bc she likes to perform differently haha

    35. Tanya Katherine

      I can see how Leigh Bowery and Pete Burns inspired her

    36. fern the hume

      Ugh. The strings at 1:58. I want this version on my phone. It really sounds like a dream.

      1. AJRA

        That was a synthesizer. The official version has an actual orchestra on the second verse, which is much better IMO.

      2. President Hanosh

        If you’re interested, we’re finishing up the Roseland version and will be uploading it next month. I’m posting a teaser for it on the 15th. Follow @Wrenchyboi

      3. President Hanosh

        Me and a friend are working on that actually

      4. pray to the DE v il

        fern2013 ik now I wish I was there

    37. Garrett Stasko

      I love how here you can actually hear her do the "damn you were in my sex dreams doing really nasty things" like the album version

    38. Spaniard Republic

      i luved artpop era but hated that wig

      1. Alex Carlson

        omg same!!!!!

      2. esmaeel kassem

        I don't know why I'm laughing so hard

      3. actsleazy

        i loved the venus/seashell girl before it got the shit teased out of it, and im not a huge fan of those highliter yellow streaks

    39. rama dan


    40. The Rock

      She's so funny xD "Black Jesus black Jesus black Jesus!"

    41. Pop Culture99

      2.13 to 2.19 i can't even. my ovaries are shook!

      1. F V C K Y O U

        @xicaro 553 omg lol😂

      2. xicaro 553

        My little lesbian heart couldn't handle it😂

    42. paul avitia

      lady gaga esta muy rica!!!

    43. Mia

      Omg someone needs to gif 2:13 to 2:16

      1. Hogknockin' Gunn_Mann


      2. Aaron Diego

        Mia com certeza

    44. Fran Chan

      I love this song so much