Lady Gaga 'Manicure' Live at the iTunes Festival 2013 HD

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    lady gaga live itunes 2013!!

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    1. Alexandr Avilov

      Hi From 2020 🤍 With love from Ukraine 🇺🇦 2013

    2. fernando garcia

      Gente é impressão minha ou a Gaga tá cheirada nos 00:16, porque mano o jeito que ela entorta a boca dela... Jesus...

    3. Pedro Marques

      Tribute to Lady Gaga with the song "Manicure"

    4. ESC Georgia

      this song had to be single

    5. Brandon Cold


    6. ESC Georgia

      This song should have been single

    7. Julia Balenzano

      Flaco tenés a Lady Gaga en frente no podés estar como una estatua

    8. Rodnarok

      She was so different before artpop and then she also became very different after, this era is unique in a certain way that is very clear even for a gaga standard

    9. jhon 12

      I like the album version but this i loved!😭😭

    10. rayminthecat

      Munkie girl

    11. Sterling Sonnenburg

      Queen of vocals & writing playful, clever lyrics.

    12. Free Human 073


    13. Lucas Concensino

      This has the potential to be a single from the album😤😥😞

    14. Jasper G

      She looks like cleopatra

    15. Joelle Dayton

      2:40 to 2:49 what is that move called?💃🏻

    16. Gabriel Huber

      1:47 she do really like punching her dancers on the face huh?

    17. Matzuri Kills

      i really wished this had been the studi version of this songs!!! like it sososo much!

    18. *ĘŶĘ x ŠĘÅ*

      I remember watching this when it *came out* (before I did) when I was 13 and gay panicking alone to myself

    19. Mario Gabriel Marangone

      This was the start of my craziest dream Ever! ARTPOP was the most powerful album for sure!!

    20. left hand path

      This version is FAR SUPERIOR to the album one, I remember being super disappointed when the album dropped, the song turned out to be lackluster af

    21. Matt B

      Y’all who gave her shit for this album... you killed this Gaga. Point blank period.

    22. lethanh toan

      For me, all of versions her songs at iTunes Festival 2013 are better than the album. The production was so great and her emotion was SOOOO raw, especially the Swine performance. She was near her breaking point at that time and I can see the struggling throughout the show, but this is the one show of her that I keep come back watching times and times.

      1. Free Human 073

        Swine Is A Holy Trash And Her Worst Song.

    23. Unicorns are my best friends

      Damn I remember I watched live stream of this show 😢 so fun

    24. virág

      The fact that she could make an album in any genre she want is what makes her a genius She slayed pop, rock, electropop, jazz, country, she can sing classicals... it's unbelievable

    25. Wealllovemerylstreep !

      I really like seeing gaga with dark hair!

    26. Marcos Gohan

      Conceito. Estética. Beleza. Atitude. Ousadia. Criatividade. Intertextualidade. Letras. Vocais. Agudos! ARTPOP, por que floopaste?! 🎵🌐🎉🎭😘📀😍🎨🎊🌐🎶

    27. Dore Weiss

      It's so weird not seeing the crowed singing along, they clearly did not know anything because that's the introduction of this era

    28. Zachary B

      is her septum piercing fake?

    29. JCB_94

      Why this wasnt a single! I will never know! Much more catchy than GUY or Venus

    30. Giselle Yanez

      Giving me that Selena Quintanilla vibe with her look here 😍💕

    31. Hudson Dantas


    32. Blue Sky

      tahani let herself go

    33. Marina Henriksen

      she's so daaaammmmnnnnn sexy here. I miss this era, the piercing & the almost bare face 😭

    34. Felix Sousa

      Missing that

    35. BR94

      I ALWAYS HATE that she sangs the original versions and then she was like “oh no bitch this one are demos”

    36. andy garcia

      years after and this issa vibes always. 💅🏼💅🏼 ⚔ #StreamChromatica

    37. Anony Mous

      Her ASS!!!

    38. Patrick Alexander

      She looks so young 😍


      Selena eres tu? 😂😍

    40. LT MONSTER

      after chromatica i can hear 911 with manicure

    41. BlueSix100

      She has such an awful howling voice and always seems so phoney - yuck!

      1. BlueSix100

        Laudel Mahinay Better get your pangolin and bat ready 😂🤣😂🤣

      2. Laudel Mahinay

        @BlueSix100 oh no im so scaredddd😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😀😆😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

      3. BlueSix100

        Laudel Mahinay Yes toots. Make sure your wig glue is tight :)

      4. Laudel Mahinay

        @BlueSix100 really hun🤣🤣😅

      5. Laudel Mahinay

        @BlueSix100 im gonna eat ur brain instead😅

    42. Jose C

      After 7 years I'm watching this again and I just realized someone yelled 'Colombiaaaa' at 0:29. EPIC.

    43. Andrea Live

      Why they take down aura live from HUfast ?

    44. 5AM MUSIC

      This is SO. GOOD. I was kinda disappointed with the overly-aggressive vocal in the album version along with the "Can you feel it, can you feel it" replacing the "Heal me" parts, and demoted 'Heal me.." to a final bridge before the last chorus. This version is supreme and I would love to hear the studio version of this.

      1. Brandon Cold

        @Louie where?

      2. Louie

        Its already out

    45. A.K. Labs

      she really looks so different from her eras, it’s crazy.

    46. DiNARTE

    47. Angelbert Martinez Loyloy

      She looks so beautifull here

    48. Ramiro Brandan


    49. Lucie Rizzo

      Artpop is so much better live, i wonder why she didn’t made the album less electro and more like they play it live

    50. Olena Fadieieva

      I have this live of Manicure on my mp3, but no studio version :/

    51. Ángel Iván Solortz


    52. jac23443

      This is so much better than the album version! I love it.

    53. Tana Santistevan


    54. 뿡예띵

      this ver. batter than artpop ver

    55. Kevin Bianchi

      2019 alguien aun la escucha ?

    56. Woody Pride

      Great performance!

    57. Claudia Linares Fuentes

      Esta canción mee eencanntaa

    58. Manuel Guillen

      ICONIC ❤️💥👽👽👽

    59. thenook


    60. JBM

      Como le hiciste para que te dejaran publicar el video? Yo he querido subir ARTPOP y no me dejan :/

    61. Dace Liepins

      LOVE this video, just sad that they had to cover the "plus-size" woman up so much..

    62. Edgar Mendoza

      This outfit gives me major Selena Q. vibes !! Love It

    63. ༺V༻

      The best she’s ever looked

    64. Tverse

      Imagine this at the Super Bowl

    65. Vic Con

      Her live Vocals!!

    66. mikeparez

      This is better than the album version

    67. Benny Deniz

      All songs on the festival was so much better ❤️ that was the best night ever !

    68. POP DATA

      The energy she irradiates is incredibleeee

    69. Swornim Kansakar

      this version is simple..and good to ears..artpop era would be much different if gaga chose simplicity in her songs and complexity in the videos..Thats what distinguished her from her contemporaries.

    70. Chris

      is that dina and pepper?

    71. Sanderman de Assis


    72. Leonardo Henrique

      Alguém 2019?

    73. Marco The Mystic

      i love the choreography in this!!!

    74. marco proietti

      naples evocation "portici"

    75. marco proietti

      il tiro al dodicesimo pilone il tiro del tappo di sughero e dei dati.

    76. Johnny Valentine

      One of my favorite tracks on Artpop

    77. hidalgocesar2006


    78. Alan Vásquez

      I still think that this version was perfect 🙉

    79. Bruno Maia Jr

      quando a Live é melhor q a versão de estúdio.

    80. Roberto Peace

      Heal Me

    81. Renan Alves

      she's so gorgeous here

    82. JeyRelentless

      Such an under appreciated era 😩



    84. Nichole Cicchillitti

      Love this track. She looks gorg, living for the dark wig... just not crazy about this performance. Not a fan of literal interpretation of lyrics. Cheesy.

    85. Cleudison Ângelo

      Tá #linda# assim!

    86. Cleudison Ângelo

      Queria o #clipe# dessa #música#!

    87. Cleudison Ângelo

      #Brasil# 2019!

    88. Jorge G. Ruiz

      Lacee Franks dancing was my favorite part from this performance 😍

    89. GOD HIMEROS Enigma Team

      Tis is LIT @.@

    90. Natasha

      This should have been a single the lyrics are radio friendly and the chorus is so pop. It just needed a better bridge.

    91. Lolita Nabukodonosorova

      At first,when Gaga popped up with "Poker Face" I was like: No,not another typical popstar! But I get how industry works,so forgiven and forgotten, it was a smart choice! But, then she brought something different, and the girl can sing and dance and act and knows aesthetic like most do not! All I can say is she's inspiring,and she deserves all the money and fame she is getting, which is something I never say about anyone.

    92. Hermenegildo Baca

      I love this vibe, this feels so authentic.

    93. Meike Peters

      voll rockig & voll geil!

    94. Analytic

      5 years later and she’s a movie star 😍

    95. Cristian Garcia


    96. Jose Munguia Castro

      2018? Gaga Queen Of pop

    97. nl V

      This version is better than the album version. Always!

    98. amz emryst

      Her vokal in stage was super amazing!

    99. Camara Rhodes

      I wonder what made her take her septum out.

      1. Rick Mendez

        Camara Rhodes she mentioned it somewhere that it’s nice having one but in photos it’s sometimes can distract or something.