Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett - Interview on CBS Sunday Morning 21.09.2014


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    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett promote their new album Cheek To Cheek on CBS Sunday Morning.

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    1. MONEYOW

      No one can let her down! The QUEEN GAGA! ❤️ The sweetest and creative artist in the world! She and herself a total package of a masterpiece of art. Much love 🇵🇭 🇦🇺😍

    2. Polianni Almeida

      I thank Tony every single day for holding and taking care of Gaga when she literally broke down... she’s now very open about her mental and chronic pain issues and looking back, when she was suffering from that, Tony were there... he saved her life, and she says that all the time

    3. Dennis M

      Lady Gaga is finished? Tony Bennett was finished after 10 yrs he became famous and look at him now....when you have talent like that you are never finished! Keep going and listen to Tony!!!!!!!! Please don't end up like Amy Winehouse.

    4. Dennis M

      Tony e propio un'uomo gentile!!!!!

    5. Lynne

      Such a heartfelt interview, had tears in my eyes listening to this, especially because it was so so genuine. That's how it touched me and made me feel.

    6. LatynaH

      qué tierno !

    7. Brichanise Terrell

      interesting Jesus bless

    8. Winnie L

      the most unlikely musical pairing and it blended perfectly

    9. Claire mf

      I was in rehab for 3 months and the only thing i brought was the cheek to cheek cd.

    10. MoArmyみろリい

      Gaga with black hair is god finally I feel mature enough to listen to this album Is beautiful and I feel every fricking song

    11. Jean-Luc Bersou

      lady GAGA and Tony BENNETT are SUCH MOVING PERFORMERS ......and beloved persons .

      1. Jean-Luc Bersou

        May I add Tony BENNETT 's paintings figures the same highest artistry ( in rhythm ! for a KENTON's veiled reference ) .....and the detailed painting the film rests on at 9' 42 is absolutely wonderful and a master's signature .

    12. AUVIMULT


    13. Mel K

      She reminds me so much of Liza Minnelli!

    14. GCSE GURU

      I've never seen gaga cry before! 😥😥

    15. NlHILIST

      It doesn't get better than this. Two legends for all time.

    16. Robyn Black

      "I want to be happy" - that broke me.

    17. Kamilla Hein

      ,,I just wanna be happy” This made me cry ngl

    18. Sam Sanders

      Tony is THE artist. In feeling, intelligence, expression.

    19. xenafan234

      When Gaga gets emotional it FRIGHTENS me, I see Judy Garland........ I don't want to see Judy. Be Strong Gaga!

    20. Kosta Chatzialexiou

      More people need to watch this interview especially the fans that take everything “non pop” for granted. I’ll forever be by your side Gaga. I love u

    21. Stella Baker

      A legend. So what your third album didn’t sell as much as your first two. Fuck em. You’re the stuff of greatness and that’s a fact. Rock on baby. I love you.

    22. Karen Hunt

      I love lady Gaga and Tony Bennett is a classic. so it's so nice to see these two stars together.

    23. Mary T

      I'm watching this now and I'm thinking to myself, she's a legend whether she knows it or not. It's not so much her choice in music as it is the energy and the vibrations she brings to whatever she is talking about or whatever it is she's doing. She's not some out of touch star, she's very connected and that will always be the one thing that stands out for me. It's amazing when someone in her arena of talent doesn't see that about her and tries to take that shine from her. She stands out alone. She is an inspiration, a true lover of music and art and she is a family-oriented, lovely person. She's the kind of gal you just want to be near and you know she's going to be there for you because she truly cares. What a love ♥

    24. Kira Knudsen

      Troy Carter is not worthy of Lady Gaga.

    25. Sidilicious


    26. Larry Williams

      I guess it must have been a Mandela effect people don't remember she was wearing meat illuminati puppet madonna wannabe who jerked off onstage created transgender mania..somehow shes a academy award winning actress and considered the best classy singer songwriter who ever existed??

    27. Hippokrates

      Thank you for these charming, remarkable interviews. They are so beautiful together which proves that age is just a number. You can find your soulmate regardless of time

    28. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

      What a cruel and heartless business. Taking advantage of those with fragile souls and all the talent and using them for money. 😔

    29. Martin Bmary

      'Sooner or later someone's gonna come and top her' Well didn't happen Yet :$

    30. Gilbert Gomez

      LOVE IT. 👍🏼 You guys sound great together. Love your music. ❤️❤️

    31. Poetic Justice

      Isn't their friendship sweet and their respect for each other great?

    32. KnocksX

      What a nut, why did she give him that crazy-ass painting? 😂

    33. F. B.

      They have such a beautiful friendship, and he's such a wonderful mentor for her. Wonderful interview. I hope she has a long and wonderful career. She's very sensitive. Tony Bennet is amazing.

    34. anapat universidade1974

      😭Who is cutting onions!😭😭😭😭 Gaga is a young lady but her voice transcends time and it brings you to a place where angels come from.These two are just magically delicious 😋

    35. Joshua Hawkins

      Whe she says “ I just want to be happy” tears...

    36. John T

      LG, drop all the costumes and wigs and stuff! You don't need it! You are a pretty lady with a very talented voice. artists want to be known for their talent, not the gimmicks.

    37. lindsaysimplyliving

      The painting of the demon was so sad. I hope sincerely that she didn't sell her soul.

    38. Cali Girl Lost In Paradise

      is there ANYTHING GAGA can't do? I mean, really. And love tony b

    39. Lisa S From Ohio

      Okay .... just lovely...just lovely

    40. Erica Strong

      SO PURE

    41. Disco Heaven

      I love this and i cant wait for 2 cause i am bored all the electronic robotic stuff

    42. Natasha

      This was the crossroads between ARTPOP to Cheek To Cheek. Previous people who’ve worked with her sued her, her manager left her, the media scrutinized her career and singing Jazz reminded her what was important which was her talent.

    43. Nicolas Lusardo


    44. Nancy Aguilar

      Such respect for one another how did I sleep on this album.

    45. stylecollective

      It's amazing how mentorship and the wisdom if elders can influence a person's life. The relationship they've fostered and the quality and integrity of the art they create together tugs at the heart and feeds the soul, indeed.

    46. Sara Love

      Great duo love them

    47. Victor Duffany

      Do I love these guys? Oh Jeeessshhh Amazing!!!!

    48. Yasi Soufi

      It shows the quality and power of music and art where the true humanity lies.. it’s not just the business.. still bring tears to your eyes and also wipe them away...

    49. Annatjie Meyer

      Lady Gaga you are so tallented

    50. Muti Rahmawati

      god... gaga why you made demon painting ? it's scary.

    51. DJ / LM

      It saddens me that Tony was concerned about her and she was slightly melancholy during the interview. He's like her second dad.

    52. Pedro Becerra

      Lmao Tony when she gave him the demon painting he was probably like wtf stefani I don't wanna die

      1. pedro6720

        Pedro Becerra like she was passing the curse to him

      2. Prathana Shrestha

        Pedro Becerra q

    53. LLamas Land

      ''thank you for giving me a demon''lol. It was hilarious.

      1. pedro6720

        CLAU , yeah, like a imagine them burning it after time, because you know, why keep the demon?

    54. Jordan Ducey

      Gaga is such a beautiful soul.

    55. Nick Riggio

      Tony is on Facebook at The Amazing Tony Bennett

    56. Sereen.

      Very truthful interview. You can tell she went through A LOT. I am starting to put small steps in becoming a music artist and I damn sure want to be an independent one (knowing how difficult it will be). The point is that music is also a business, where, because of passion, you tend to easily give everything to people who maybe respond to their own business needs and, just simply, don't feel you as much as you might do with them. Anyway, she is already moving on; I hope she keeps this way, 'cause she totally deserves it!

    57. Kojj

      She Queen. I approved.

    58. Ana María Suárez

      😢 well my Gaga, you have to understand that people move on. Let them go away who left you. We monsters love you so much. Thank you Tony for saving our lady, you showed her who a true friend is. Respect for you. 💙💚💓

    59. Ben Schaeffer

      GaGa would be a FABULOUS Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes! She can sing the HELL out of Cole Porter. And I have ALWAYS loved Tony Bennett.

    60. Raul Martin

      this is so beautiful

    61. purple orbit

      I'll always be here for you Gaga, i was here then, and i'll continue to be by your side no matter what.

    62. jasmine may Gonzales


    63. Vinod Gopinathan

      Oh this is such a great interview :) thank you Tony , you are not just a great musician :) love the way he took care of Lady Gaga :) :)

    64. Phil Wagoner

      Tony Bennett the guidance counselor to all the celebrities


      Thank you for sharing this wonderful video...very touching! I have the utmost respect and fondness for both of these amazing artists! It brought tears to my eyes. xo

      1. Meredith Anne

        I simply love this album that these two have created. Their mutual admiration and love for great music is so evident.

    66. TalesofJunior

      im sorry gaga as a monster since the beginning i left you at your time of need. i shouldd of been there

    67. ShikataGaNai100

      A fine lady and a fine gentleman. Two American Masters.

    68. Mary Manuel-Fortes

      Love this interview. To Tony Bennett - with love. xx To the Lady Gaga with love xx

    69. George Rivera

      I hope you find your happiness, Lady Gaga. You're the sweetest and you're the best.

    70. Ellenw1122

      HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY TONY !! You're Amazing !!

      1. Coyote

        Tony is going to make a birthday album featuring Gaga also I'm so excited

    71. Stephen Agisilaou

      Beautiful music video to Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's "Ev're Time We Say Goodbye"

    72. Ellens Key

      I'm a beautiful fan of Tony because I love his music I love the jazz musicians the concertos are enourmous here and I am glad I grabbed the mic when I was just a kid It gave me the strength to perform more but I try not to, I listen.

    73. fuzzyone99

      HOLY GAGA @5:50!

    74. Trekkie LaueSpock

      Tony gets all the girls

    75. Momo Lemur

      she likes him

    76. lena13146

      If jazz makes you happy than sing it baby

    77. Jimmy Jim

      she's learning from pass on to her fans.

    78. Thalia Flores

      i love how Stefani and Tony have such a genuine and deep connection that wasn't just business, a friendship actually bloomed. I love that he was there to help her through her demons. In short their connection is just lovely like an old married couple.

    79. bkljaydee

      he's borkin her fo sho 😉😉

    80. False Teeth

      Love Tony Bennett but for me the best crooner of them all was Matt Monro.

    81. Geekman333


    82. Andrew Flood


    83. gixmar

      One single hair of lady gaga worth more than all the assorted GARBAGE of (c)rappers (s)hit hoppers du(m)bsteppers metallers etc...of this world. She has a GREAT voice and she can sing ANY genre of Music. I'am a disco-fuck-soul lover and I would like her to sing this kind of Music but also jazz is VERY good! Well done LG!

    84. OnIoN4UrTrUbLeS

      That's the demon!!! Im a demon with a shadowed face!!!

    85. Bob S.

      Gaga can sing anything, showtumes, jazz, pop etc. She really is sensational. She even works the thick dark eyebrows Joan Crawford look well.

    86. Summer Raeanne

      Ladty gaga now has a much more respect from me

    87. Qrayon

      All I can say is Wow!

    88. Sgt. Pepper

      Ugh, the vulnerability felt in this interview. My heart aches. Thank you Tony Bennett and Taylor Kinney for making her so genuinely happy, Little Monsters love you both.

    89. Radames Sanchez

      love her change. But tony through away that painting scary chit

    90. Bulldog77

      I'm not easily impressed when it comes to new artists, but I can still remember the first time I watched Gaga live. In 2009, at the VMA's, her performance of Paparazzi made me a fan instantly. I remember I watched the show that night just to see her perform because I loved hearing Just dance & Poker Face play on the radio. Since then, Gaga has managed to hold my attention. She's the only ARTIST to do this. She's the most genuine artists in the business today & I'll support her for the rest of her career. It's not about the wigs and outfits for me anymore, I know she has talent. I'm not worried about Gaga, she'll be around for a long time.

    91. Matthew landis

      gaga tries to fucking hard with the stupid outfits..shes a karoke singer..wahhh my life sucks blah blah go cry over your millions overated madonna wanabee

    92. jen ven

      Your awesome in all forms Lady Gaga, lots of respect to you!

    93. Nunya

      She looks like the bride of Frankenstein here

    94. philaman1972

      I saw this months ago when it first aired. Seems like they found what they are looking for... unfortunately such a major age disparity between them.

    95. Ray Kelsey

      lady gaga you will never crash you will all ways be on top.....

      1. Vanessa Strong


    96. dizziienom Lane

      I'll stick by lady gaga any day. One of the main reasons I came to love her in the first place was because of the versatility of her music. I have loved everything single album and mini album, not because it had a single quality of gaga-ness to it, but because each album was a unique reflection of Gaga's many qualities. And I suppose it helped that I've always loved jazz, since years before Gaga even debuted, so I have a deep appreciation for cheek to cheek. If just broke my heart to see Gaga in this interview.

    97. Luisa Rubio

      She's just a human being trying to be happy ... is not this what we are supposed to do on our way to the grave?

    98. LaNueva Voz

      This duet album makes me see Gaga in a new light. She has class and elegance now versus her rack of lamb dress and playing the piano under falling pigs blood

    99. sagna

      Is she teasing his old flaccid wang?