Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé (Official Music Video)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Telephone (Clean Version). (C) 2010 Interscope Records

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    1. Alejandro Vásquez Vega

      I remember when I listened to this song, i was 14, time flies...

    2. Варвара Клименко


    3. Mariana Varela

      Love this song. She possed people at the restraut.

    4. hibi. ohayo

      7:13 amo tutto ciò🤠✨

    5. hibi. ohayo

      Le amo🥺✨

    6. Tumeah Barnes

      If doesn't play at my funeral I'm not dying

    7. 伍柏僖

      after paparzzi she is in jail

    8. Daniel Jorge da Silva

      Lady gaga

    9. Serenity Aerith Silva

      We are still waiting for the part two of this masterpiece. Another collab of queens pleasee

    10. Kelsey W

      Why they had to kill the dog, though?

    11. Fc Da Ygona Moura

      To be continued 10 years later....

    12. Benjamin Elias

      longest mv i've ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Benjamin Elias

        @Ann 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ur right

      2. Ann

        Watch marry the night now

    13. Drunk Wasowski

      News Reporter:There was a homicide we are searching for two woman Cameraman:You didn't know what i witnessed

    14. Gabriella Gambarra

      Final do clipe: tô be continued Eu em 2020 esperando:🤡

    15. Bernardo Rangel

      Só eu que estou esperando a continuação?

    16. A Random Person

      Took me years to realize that she wore one of the same tops in bad romance in the scene were Gaga was adding the poison

    17. Ashley Concannon

      im a lesbian now

    18. Antoine Lauga

      I still want that sequel btw

    19. Acer Ace

      can someone please tell me what that is that Gaga takes a bite of from Bey in the car? 10 years and it's still nagging me lol

    20. Sleepy seal

      Is anyone else confused why she put the blue stuff in his drink and then poised him again

    21. Sweetie Kook

      waiting till this day

    22. Beatriz Flores

      Me encanta esta cancion

    23. David Fleck

      Watching in 2020 and this just tells me to kill my controlling, cheating ex... Jk. This is even his account. Imma just leave his ass hanging with no rent or bill money when I bounce. I have men and women tripping over themselves when I'm just out walking. I'll be just fine, honey B.

    24. India Shori

      Am I the only one who hears the song and i instantly cry because it makes be think of 1D. (Zayn dancing on XFactor)

    25. Ken Kaneki

      Can't believe it was my first time watching this video in over 10 years, i heard the song but video is fantastic too

    26. Corta sai


    27. k3n

      my mom complains when it’s visible i’m lesbian but i watched this as a child what do you expect me to do-

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      The Rabbi doesn't like Jesus, Lady Gaga. He doesn't accept Jesus as the Messiah. For mankind, try the Rainbow Covenant of Noah. Genesis 9. You become a REAL HUMAN BEING that way, and not Part of Jesus' love cult. A normal human. You should try it.

    30. Killer Moth XD

      How bad can the Illuminati be they gave us a childhood

    31. Sw


    32. SCP 173

      I needed to remember the times i was obsessed with her

    33. Old Hits Hollywood

    34. username idk

      gaga: stop telephoning me beyonce: tf bitch i’m tryna bail you out

    35. Nour Firdaus

      November 29,2020?💖

    36. Slime Ledi


    37. owie

      I dont know why Gaga hates this song... One of my favourite her songs so far ✨

    38. thank you so much

      i was way too obsessed with this at 9 years old lmaoo

    39. stephane foutel


    40. Ikkei Abadies


    41. Ale

      Guys help I think I'm gay

    42. Lance Kirby Acosta

      i love how my 6 y/o self consider this normal because i was too naive and i am in love with it. also, i wasn't scolded by my relatives watching this. maybe i just loved gaga this much and they supported me.

    43. gildo caruso

      After 10 years I never noticed that lady Gaga and Beyoncé at the end are dancing around dead bodies, Kurt of been distracted from the dancing lol

    44. Rimi Mitra

      After 10 year utube suggested me 😆

    45. Philipe Smith

      It has beem 10 years and i'm still waiting for the continuation...

    46. Xan Do


    47. 「Yui ペイントを食べる」

      So mass murder has been commit in a popular diner?

    48. Stale Fries


    49. veh rodriguez

      "To be continued..." girls we are still waiting

    50. Raiza Ribeiro

      2020 e esse clipe ainda é icônico demais 😍

    51. username idk

      i’m so dydrink help fuck. edit: woke up and remembered i commented on all the songs in my playlist while drunk. this is so funny i’m just gonna leave this here.

    52. Umbra Witch

      Oh i remember the good times with my cousins, we're watching this in myx before and dancing this song.

    53. Spider Official

      To be continued...10 years later...I’m still waiting.

    54. Alina Lee

      Love the irony of the club and dance floor being a prison.

    55. Дима Хоггарт

      So it was said it is to be continued... Where's next part?

    56. Pixulian Dude

      Old but gold

    57. Chelsea Gutierrez

      Don’t sleep on lady Gaga

    58. andre costa

      In my opinion this clip is very similar than No Doubt - Its my life.

    59. Yomi Yori

      stone ocean looks different here

    60. tik tok no pares

      10 year later💖

    61. Mercedes Lover

      2:54 thank me later haha 😂

    62. monkey 1

      im just sad they killed the dog lol

    63. Ana Waters

      Still waiting

    64. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

      black lips kiss of death sorry lady

    65. Mehrsa Lou

      One of my y favorite hits:»

    66. izzy cheovitz

      i was made in 2011

    67. Anne Zinga: Try This

      Time went by fast. I am getting old

    68. Rose Cortez

      I swear to God I'm listening to this and my brother said what's wrong with you sorry I could not hear you I'm kind of busy was my response

    69. Matheus Dorvino

      Vim pela diva depressão 😍

    70. suneyeh


    71. 셀이

      1:21 song name ?

      1. 셀이

        @Noel Guerra thx ❤️

      2. Noel Guerra

        Paper gangsta by Lady Gaga!

    72. Alexandra Maglakelidze

      Some guy trying to listen to the baguette, and another the cabbage.. very nice

    73. Vernon Govender

      Earn that paycheck Tyrese

    74. Rabia 10

      No wonder this generation is so messed...And we used to think Enrique Iglesias made dirty videos! 🙄

    75. 어피치개쥬아

      2:22 Cardi B?????

    76. Jessica Eudave

      Wildest mayo ad

    77. Goitse Ohh'Short

      Damn Tyrese lips sooo dryyy

    78. Elizabeth Schuyler

      8:05 (pause) NOT THE DOG- NOT THE DOG DYING-

    79. Millie 213

      Where the fuck is part 2?!?!!!?!?

    80. Elizabeth Schuyler

      Scam call robots watching this: 👁👄👁

      1. look in the mirror at your self-reflection

        yup, spamming the boards with billie eilish. i counted 8 billie eilish promoting spam messages so far.

    81. Levy Monteil


    82. prncessmichaela

      2:39 serious question, is that leslie jones?

    83. LPAJ_2 /2

      The song starts at 2:53, you’re welcome.

    84. The 100

      So much better as a 1p yr old still iconic

    85. Life with Faith

      2020 im Stil watching mama gaga

    86. Meggi Schneider

      Why are the subtitles at 7.39 in german?! Thats so random😁

    87. Botez Francesco

      6:18 White guy:bro do you hear me?im using my new cabbage Black guy:i can't hear u let me with my other smartboguet

    88. Ora Hp

      Who's still watching this during quarrtine

    89. Usi Gra

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    90. Harsh YouTube

      Yes this is Saturday 28 November,2020

    91. Paula

      So now I realize I've never once in my life acted straight...

    92. Katie Bird

      Never ever hear songs that I loved as a teenager on the radio but suree they play 80s hits over and over?

    93. Ariel M

      When the bill collector calls

    94. Junie Z

      2:08 says virgin mobile wtf 😂

    95. Junie Z

      1:08 "I told you she didn't have a ..." what was she saying? I can't figure it out?

    96. yon yokai

      I just realized this is what happened after paparazzi

    97. Evagelina Cesar

      If ya music video don’t have this many outfits it’s trash 😍😍

    98. Azel Faith

      And they didn't come back...

    99. Twerkview

      Me when Someone calls me once