Lady Gaga Press Conference for Super Bowl 51 (FULL) | GMA

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    Lady Gaga and the NFL hold a press conference ahead of her Super Bowl 51 Halftime Performance.
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    1. Marion Panzer


    2. JONALYN Pimentel

      Good morning? Too... ma'am Lady Gaga.. Miss you so much always..❤❤❤🌼🌼🌼🌸🌸🌸🌻🌻🌻🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    3. Marion Panzer


    4. brooklyn w

      At 7:46 Simon Biles tells Gaga to make sure to squeeze her body tight when she in the air, and didn’t Gaga do exactly that in the beginning of the Halftime show when she was coming down

    5. Sweet Lil Devil

      I was sooooo disappointed in her performance... All this build up, all this talk of it being athletic, all this talk of preparation, and it ended up looking like a thrown together MESS with her bouncing around like marionette doll

      1. Magnetar83

        It was anything but a mess!

    6. Doodle Vision

      I love how she can handle a press conference as good as the President of the United States. Maybe not as bad ass as Trump as far as fucking with the media but most celebrities can do about five minutes and then they’re saying stupid shit. They would be drawing all over themselves she handled it 100% perfectly. Not a single screwup of any sort. That is a really talented as well possessing an extremely high IQ chick.

    7. Cynthia Corcoran

      To my dad

    8. Joe Valdrighi


    9. T Clipse

      15:00 My mama... Waiting to support your next album... Speak to us

    10. Uynga Bayr

      I LOVE HER❤️

    11. Christina Le

      3:02 Ronnie who??

    12. Christina Le

      3:07 omfg she is sooo cuteeee

      1. KateMonika 27

        Yes she is 🥺

    13. Bebe Bubut

      Such a sweet gal. 💕💕💕

    14. Rickyjournal

      The difference between Madonna & Gaga is Madonna leads the way & they just followed

      1. jabir hoque

        madonna cant even sing only a sexual trend setter or cant even hit a note But gaga can do anything & a trend setter

    15. Windows Aura

      *Maroon 5 has left the chat*

    16. Alisha Aey

      Yaasss! Paws up!

    17. Alisha Aey

      Yaasss! Paws up!

    18. Roy Bakul

      She very good... Beautiful... Talent singer & she my class friends ...

    19. Josie Sucero

      I love you soooooo much Mother Monster Lady Gaga. I love you everything about you Mommy Gaga. My greatest dream is to see you in person and hug you soooo tight.😘😘😘

    20. David Morris

      Damn the cordon sisters were so cringey

    21. R L

      She’s so cute lol

    22. Well Rad

      *she's so nice and genuine* *loooooove her!!! 🙌🙆❤*



      1. Honey Lemon

        Your mother is gross bitch!!!

    24. Justin Falck

      Her laugh is soooo cuutee

    25. Akim Jacksuan

      LOVE YOU GAGA ❤❤❤❤❤

    26. maslanov sergey


    27. Leonard Chuquihuacch

      She nailed it !!

    28. James Ou

      The sweetest queen

    29. Shadeed POETIC Swanson

      great interview....

    30. Ronny K Marshall

      I love her and her performance was fantastic.

    31. Somsak SP

      Tony really proved that Gaga is Queen of music

    32. Cristopher Bady

      Omg inez sains of México!

    33. BroccoliQueefed

      What is with these insipid questions by the idiots in the audience?

    34. - That'sSoKatie -

      This is a fantastic conference, but I just feel bumbed when that guy said that his friend favorite Gaga song is Alejandro and she didn't sing it and when he said his favorite song is The Edge Of Glory and she only sang 4 words of that song.

    35. Billy Martin


    36. Billy Martin


    37. SharkSport

      She sings so good! She's so ugly! The emporer has no clothes.

    38. K Lu

      You look beautiful GAGA!!!

    39. Kirsty Davies

      An actual angel 😭😭😍

    40. Kakaul De Dal


    41. VCMoongem C

      Why bring up Beyonce? It's not her performance. Gaga is an amazing musician, pianist, lyricist, artist, dancer, vocalist, guitarist, composer. She didn't need advice from other singers.

    42. Lucas Bao

      cash me outside, how about that

    43. Patti Willing


    44. airportfreak

      gaga I love you❤️💝

    45. Christopher G

      shes so fake and pathetic.

    46. TarTacular

      for such a superstar she is still humble and I love how she showed respect to terry, we need performers like her in sprts event - where the bring the goods. big performance for the big night, it was amazing what she did in 13mins.

    47. Mr. Perry

      Why so much talk about Beyonce' they asked Katy if she asked Beyonce' for tips to, but I think she asked Bruno instead.

    48. S Rennie

      A strong, thoughtful, empathetic, American talent and citizen. She handled the relentless banality of the media corp with a grace and patience that I doubt many others could have maintained. Well done, Lady Gaga, and congratulations on one of the best - if not THE best - Super Bowl halftime performances anyone has ever seen.

    49. Olivia-Lee Lindgren

      I love her

    50. Jeff Jeff

      "Look at me everyone! Look at how wonderful I aM!' Gaga's inner monologue

    51. iivan

      she's so good at avoiding the question so that she doesn't spoil the show lol TRULY ICONIC

    52. Angel Vice

      The perfect answer ever!!. 15:45

    53. Joe O'Malley

      She throws like a girl. But, she performs like a goddess.

      1. Doodle Vision

        Joe O'Malley I know, the way she throws it was so sexy. What a girly girl.

      2. JUAN ROA

        throws like a girl? girls also play that awful sport btw stop your mysoginistic words...

      3. lumi 2

        She threw a spiral 💀

    54. Rachel Rubio

      I live to love you , the most intelligent person and Honorable and dedicated person , I love your music and hope you start a movie please!!!

    55. Ernie Nab

      *15:06**** OMG 💙 why am I crying?* haha She's such a role model 😭😭😭 *And she NAILED IT btw!* #SB51 💥💥💥

    56. Chris VanDette

      Gaga has matured so much over the years. Not to say she hasn't been amazing through every part of her career. She has been, every step of the way. But she is more sure and centered, eloquent and well-spoken, measured and wise. I look forward to all that she will give and share.

    57. D Mira

      I kind of laughed when she said get ready to see you things you haven't seen before. That's all her performance was, just things she has already done at other award shows or concerts. 90% of the choreography was the same and there was nothing particularly mind-blowing about the performance. It was good, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't anything new.

    58. ThatOneGirl

      I'm so confused, I went through the comments and people are saying there are lots of haters commenting but I haven't even found any hate comments yet😂

    59. Jesy96 is a Nevie

      she is so nice

    60. DJ Rob J

      I think she pretty awesome and the show was great!

    61. Emmet McNamara

      most annoying person on utube

    62. Jinky Sanchez


    63. Nicholas Dispenza

      GOO GOO GAGA what a fine show

    64. Ali C

      Lol did anyone else hear "Ronnie Biscuit"?

    65. Never TheHero

      She's such a darling.

    66. janet sorrell

      She is multi talented and a class act performing as well as personally....haters get yourself a life or at least a hobby...looks like most of u have too much time and not much of an elementary grammer background!!!!

    67. Lucy Foster

      How can someone have been around for so long and still be so...young? Also, who would have ever realized Gaga was so incredibly incredibly normal? And friggin smart and so positive.

    68. Scott Davidson

      This woman has matured so much professionally and personally. Powerful and beautiful singer and performer. She is growing AND branching out. Much respect. I would shell out big dough $$$$ to see her live. No auto-tune with her. Gaga ROCKS!!!

    69. Cyndi Nolen

      I'm going to freaking cry. ILy GaGA!!! Wish I could meet you one day!!!! OKlahoma


      she seems like a nice intelligent lady ,keep up the brill song writing

    71. Persefona77 Persefona

      becoz she is soo stupid

    72. Casey Linker

      Does this woman have flaws? She's amazing. I love that she seemed to know just as much about the interviewers as they knew about her. She was so patient and kind. You don't see that too often in celebrities, lots of them seem like they have better things to do. Gaga was very engaged, I respect her so so much, and she earned it for sure.

    73. pseudosligh

      wow! much respect.

    74. Leon Jay

      She is a kind saint. How can you hate this woman?

    75. Nancy Wuolle

      What a truly beautiful person! She amazes me everytime.

    76. Penny Dela Cruz

      Shoot. I teared up when she said that it's the fans' moment during her performance. A kid who couldn't get a seat on the cool kids' table, thrown out by his parents for not being being accepted for who he is.

      1. Kevin Worrall

        Omg I read this comment 5 seconds before she said it

    77. Emi Kimura

      First time she I see her looking like a normal human being. She's allways horrible

    78. KTnarnia

      I love how she equated the hard work she put into her performance to the hard work it takes to make your dreams come true. Definitely resonates with me.

    79. ethan cianfarani

      Omg any one from clever I swear that lady named Mariam is her

    80. Shlisa Shell

      Ga Ga for Prez! 2024

    81. Stringer Media

      Wow she almost head butts the guy in the beginning of the video. Is she blind?

    82. A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice

      Absolute nonsense

    83. Evangelina Simao Arelo

      I think that #LadyGaga should add #Argentina to her Joanne World Tour. The #SuperBowl was amazing and we really would love to see some of that here! So, please #JoanneComeToArgentina #tetazo

    84. Daily Dosage of Zach

      She's so sweet haha

    85. Laney Tennant


    86. Harry Maley

      Gaga .....Maggot!

    87. Paula Marshall

      I love that it wasn't political! Patriotic and great! THANK YOU LADY GAGA!!

    88. Prettypinkdork

      Oh my god, Terry Bradshaw is such an adorable nerd here. "Are you gonna play my favorite song?'

    89. Amber

      Someone send the Corden sisters home, those jokes were cringey af 😂😂😂😩😩

      1. Sucre A

        Amber Jackson lol they were 😂😂

    90. Ken Kaganovitch

      She is absolutely talented, down to earth and very nice.

    91. Andrew Nicholas

      But ultimately a singer a grt one n writer

    92. Andrew Nicholas

      She's a creative - a natural born artist that moves groves n sculpts in shapes n forms that an onlooker must adjust n click to. As the old one goes , it takes one to kno one FORGET THE PUNCH N JUDY SHOW THAT U STIL IT SEEMS BUY INTO- cut the strings take down the puppeteer n build a new art form - coz this system is on it's last pissing drop pissin down ur back n tellin u it's rainin x ;-)

    93. Eric Piche

      There are a lot of celebrity press questions in this interview, the show was great and she did exactly what she said she would do.

    94. Caitlin Farmer

      Always trying to bring Beyoncé back to the super bowl

    95. gilbert alce

      HATERS!!! BACK OFF!!!! BITTERNESS IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH..!!! SO SHUT UP!! your just jealous... Coz you can't do what she can can't be like her..she's a queen and your just nothing!!!!

    96. laydbakk1

      She's a truly classy young woman and, so dedicated to her work and, fans of music and, art everywhere around the world... I know there was mega hype from all sides blasting a barrage of different angles of it in the media leading up to her show... I read and, watched only a little of it... Just enough to know it was going to be a special thing I didn't want to miss but, waited until after it was all said n' done to give my own thoughts about it... I don't believe there is any other artist, more talented and, gracious who gives more of themselves to the people who got them their fame, than this amazing woman... I feel truly blessed to be alive at the same time as her on this earth...

    97. Emily Garcia

      Terry Bradshaw is such a dork 😂

    98. Carla Leitao

      A true Lady, indeed! A beautiful human being!

    99. V GC

      What a shame that she is brainwashed and follows the agenda of the deceptive corporate media

    100. Jennifer Martinez

      She is so articulate and intelligent. Beautiful lady inside in out. I ABSOLUTELY 💓 HER !!