Lady Gaga entrevista 'Enters A New Era' Lee Cowan (Sub. Español) CBS Sunday Morning

Gennaro Reyes

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    Lady Gaga Enters A New Era - CBS Sunday Morning Interview 27.11.2016

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    1. Taewoo Taewoo


    2. Maycon Alves

      Meu amor 💘

    3. Santiago Santisantiago

      "New era" nice name

      1. Taewoo Taewoo

        lol it was the joanne era

    4. millojaramillo


    5. AD 910

      The best era

    6. marian arguelles

      The journalist is so human and real and asked really deep, rather philosophical questions. I love this interview. I feel it represents Lady Gaga so well... the interviewer showed the real her by having an honest, comfortable interview with her.

    7. Anita Paden

      Thqbk you for uploading this.One of my favourite interviews of hers❤

    8. David

      I miss people -sounds like she’s been on covid lockdown sense before covid

    9. Jack Duncan

      4:23 is what you’re looking for

      1. Danilo Marcos

        Cuteness love her

      2. hibs27

        you're a real one

      3. Kino Robi


    10. Julio Hernandez

      "i have to laugh"

      1. Marina Diamandis

        and i ooop! JAJAJA

      2. RV. SNSD. NCT. FX.

        Julio Hernandez the shade

    11. Monica Valeria Moscoso Avendaño

      Y saber q ahora volvio hacer la de antes

      1. Juani Manzioni

        alguien no le prestó atención a la letra

      2. Hernan Morales

        No volvió a ser la de antes, de hecho detras de sus nuevos looks hay una Gaga muchísimo más humana y madura.

      3. Agus tina

        Nada que ver. Viste la entrevista con Oprah?

      4. Ferencs Salvoski

        No volvió, cada album es diferente a otro, ella misma lo dice

      5. Alan Rogelio Moreno Martínez