LADY GAGA live at Grammys 2010 in HD

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    1. Pab-Pab U.

      And some years later, gaga will be doing "your song" by sir elthon 💕

    2. Tadeo

      This is what I call ICONIC

    3. Helmy Harun Artistic Studio

      And she has no soul

    4. Alexander Schwoch

      gaga and ellton john was superb

    5. Johanne Arribe

      Elton: How wonderful life is with Gaga in the world Who's with elton?😍

    6. Junior Paulo Sergio

      what musics?

    7. David Fabián Ordoñez

      Damn , Gaga was such a solid artist from the very start of her career

    8. Eld reii

      Speechless got me speechless

    9. Avemariya Toussaint

      What's the name of the guy that made the intro?!

    10. Estera Kowalczyk

      ale facka

    11. Alicia Michele

      Big fucking Aries energy

    12. Gabriel Ballard

      10 years after and i really see a Scarlett Johansson on her face when SPEECHLESS came! god this woman is really born to make music!

    13. Kenneth San Jose

      Look at the accessories around her eyes and then she jumps... it’s the same as the superbowl’s!!

    14. Matheus Anderson

      Quem postou foi um brasileiro, mas os comentários só tem gringos 🇧🇷

    15. Faisal 0606

      Tgat “thank you, love you sir elton john” part is my favorite 🥵

    16. K ZM

      She was so ahead of her time

    17. Toby Chan

      Okay so like everyone in 2020 should have already acknowledge the fact that the Queen can sing, but like I still do not understand how people back in those days had doubts about her singing ability, cuz she clearly can sing here.

    18. Evan Deng

      I remember watching this on my Sansa MP3 video player 10 years ago and I just watched it again and it made me SOB

    19. gatsbyreality

      my most favorite gaga performance ever. thank you for uploading it again!

    20. Abel Chan

      omg this is so HD i love it!

    21. Hogan Prim

      Those heels😳

    22. Kingston Bonnett

      Her forehead:I CAN FINALLY SEE THE WORLD

    23. H. F.


    24. Chico Gutiérrez

      Those sunglasses seems like the ones britney used in the toxic video

    25. Jason Young

      ICONIC Performance !!! The Queen Of Pop Forever

    26. Lionkitty

      GaGa shout : I want to be a star, then A Star Is Born

    27. Anderson Andrade

    28. Magui S


    29. Jacob Moore

      Ive waited 10 years for an HD version to be uploaded. Finally.

    30. brad bowlamma

      Love the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Elton John here... would love to see a music video for "sine from above"

      1. Action Media Productions

        I agree, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been released as a single

    31. chase


    32. Unnatural09

      Speechless is best song she's ever written/sang(so far). I became a fan because of that song.

    33. Pat Page

      who's playing the wrong notes in poker face??

    34. Jaikishan Rajkumar

      1:32 Anyone notice the hit at one of her dancer ??

    35. Isar Palozza

      At 2:26, Sia's dancer ? 😂😂😂

    36. Ino

      How old is she when she performed this? QUEEN OF POP INDEED

      1. josue cyberpunk

        23 next to 24

    37. Josue Barrera

      They okay with a white woman acting crazy in a theatrical form but judged nicki Minaj performance of Roman holiday. Like that’s racist

    38. Leo Loverbeck


    39. Siena Moon Circus Arts


    40. Fernanda Ribeiro

      01:31 Um tapa na cara da Taylor Swift q ficou com medo de pular na apresentação delakkkkkk

    41. NeelTheSphynx

      I only just caught the respect that Sir Elton is showing Lady Gaga in paying homage to her with that gyroscope earring.

    42. mark zinis

      I hope I see lady Gaga making a new electrifying song again so I can turn up my radio again she is such a great song artist

    43. Slike Iphone

      Queen 🧡

    44. Lizard Queen

      When I first fell in love with her 🥺

    45. Bruce Baker


    46. Bruce Baker

      ten years after : how wonderful life is with gaga in the world.

    47. mariemonstre

      She looks like a girl in love when they are playing together. They were in the same plane of existence for one moment of time.

    48. M B

      Omg Senior yr in high or Junior ... I remember this so vividly everythingggggg

    49. Mbasa Philiso

      Omg the way they through her in that pot than fire erupted I was screaming 😂😂😂😂

    50. Lukas cherry

      Can we just talk about how fascinating and coherent the storyline is along with the performance!? And that guy which narrates it did so really well... When he said at the beginning "and she has no soul" I was like: OMG mesmerizing!!!

    51. Katy Leeson

      Like it video. south west. Devon. Katy. Leeson 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    52. RódryWTF

      Omg thanks u for this video I was looking for it on hd 😭😭❤️

    53. Ethan Malek

      Gaga is the best ❤️

    54. ojet013

      Nest performer of this generation. Hands down. Though that piano player seemed a bit off at first

    55. nah channel

      I Remember when she get banned held concerts in many countries and my country too in Indonesia cause she "Difference" And people's said she Satanic etc. Look at her now, she's being iconic and really big now

    56. Lucas Vinicius

      I wonder if she felt bad for the dancer

    57. Lucas Vinicius

      Gaga used to put herself in danger and look like it was nothing, I mean, look at her heels and she just JUMPED

    58. That Jawn

      In the factory,in the sterile place where they made me. Lady Gaga version X

    59. Lauren Melton

      Ya, we know she has no soul, gross. Demon. Symbolism will be there downfall

      1. Rufa Faye Quinto

        Life is too short to pretend you don't like Lady Gaga. Love and light, Lauren!

    60. Verco Aceves

      I remember when I was a little kid and I saw this performance, I got traumatized in the part they throw lady Gaga. Hahaha


      That fearless jump gave me chills

    62. carlos carrillo

      This body is everything... That make me fell fat as fuck

    63. Natalie Arch

      i loveeeee when the crowd realizes thats elton

    64. Lizzie McGuire

      I remember watching this as a 12 year old and instantly becoming gay

      1. Mario José Díaz Amariscua

        Hahahah it's true LOL

      2. John


      3. kewlnik


      4. Георги Янев

        Lol same

    65. elbuenchaval

      This is to this day, one of the best live performances I’ve seen in my entire life. Get goosebumps every time I watch!

    66. Maria Lomena Gomes

      I love Gaga and Elton John together!

    67. George VT


    68. mafe ogania

      things that happened in this performance that happened in the future: "take my picture hollywood; I wanna be a star" and she's the biggest star/tricon out there; singing with Elton and now she's done a song with him and multiple collabs and is a godmother to his son; Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman applauding and they still do whenever Gaga performs (Nicole even becoming a meme); and of course, Sugarland clapping and seen mouthing "so good" and fast forward to the Grammy nominations performance with Gaga singing You and I.

    69. Gabo Alfonga

      I’M CRYING

    70. Reny

      This performance is so Iconic 😉

    71. Kevin Rosado

      Hermosa mi gaga estabas ..diosa .queen

    72. Neo Jim

      omg gaga can dance in those heels, wait, they dont even have heels🤣

    73. Jace Aguinaldo


    74. Dankrupt


    75. Paul Paucar

      3:04 wow!


      who is this 2:50 im so mad at him. is that really need to do for gaga.

      1. fameprincess

        that was part of the performance.

    77. Mirko Bozic

      Here you see why she's so lacking of authenticity, she's like a combo of Grace Jones and Ziggy Stardust.

    78. Kael P


    79. Márcia L.

      You have paparazzi performc in MTV?

    80. Jack Xue

      1:31 when she hit that dancer with her mic, lol

      1. wilson lopez

        Omg !!! 💆‍♂️💆‍♂️💆‍♂️💆‍♂️

      2. Texaslawhorn

        Ouch! 🤕

    81. Leo Useda

      Queen Baby.

    82. Nando Boss

      where can I find the full show in hd? or someone please send me

    83. Nando Boss

      someone can say me, where can I find the full show in hd? please

    84. Dileyca Cepeda

      She knew damm well what she was doing. Made us monsters from the start 😂

    85. lunakayla


    86. Delia Gaibor

      OMG I have been looking for this video for years, finally somebody upload it!!! Thank you so much, I'll subscribe NOW

    87. Gerardo Aguilar Nagua

      Finally in HD

    88. CreepyDragon

      Daaaaamn I sooo forgot about this wonderful amazing performance, playing my favourite Spechless with Elton John! o.o

    89. Rudy Mendoza

      Can’t believe she was making symbolism of the music industry on the grammys

    90. hpf mee

      Been fuckin'looking for a clearer video of this performance thank yooouuuu!!

    91. Kelly Chumley

      She's so awesome!!!

    92. Lord Gaga

      3:06 Take my picture Hollywood!!! I wanna be a staaaar!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    93. AndyOfTheCookieFactory

      I finally saw it!

    94. nialla G.

      How wonderful life is with GaGa in the world 😊👏🏻

    95. nialla G.


    96. findyourfreedom

      Gaga smiling at Elton after she sings “thank you, love you, Sir Elton John” was so precious.





    99. KuanHua Chiu

      What song Gaga sings on 0:55

      1. Ergi Dedja

        Poker face slowed version