Lady Gaga: “I found a way to love myself again”

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    The songwriter and performer's sixth consecutive #1 album, "Chromatica," explores the pain and loneliness that colors her hugely successful career, with songs that speak to Lady Gaga's experience with a fame that, she tells correspondent Lee Cowan, she grew to hate. Even though she wears a mask during her interview, the 34-year-old (real name Stefani Germanotta) reveals how her public persona hid a private pain, both mental and physical, and how she came to accept both Lady Gaga and the woman who plays her.
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    1. Erotic Nightmare

      Well, she built that illusion, now she needs to get rid of it and become stefanie germanotta and lose those silly costumes. But they make her money and fame..can she give it up?

    2. Laurie Nye Oakes

      Wow what apowerful story

    3. Lis Cain

      i know she feels that way because of the fact that so many of us are hurting and her music makes us feel alive and beautiful and fun

    4. Josh Andrus

      "I was writing about the trauma in my father's life that became my trauma in some ways"

    5. Marvin Bach

      Wow all the people disliking this must be really sad individuals

    6. Janae Fechner

      ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 We are all the same person experiencing life in a bunch of different bodies!!! Which means that every person that you meet is really YOU living in another body!!!!

      1. HaruMan Alphaessence

        Ok then I want you to be my best bud I and u need the opposite sex in my life

    7. Janae Fechner

      Lady gaga why do i look like You under my dream mask!

    8. Jack Sugden

      Attention seeking helps

    9. kantstop Me

      Not wearing a mask is unkind but wearing innocent slaughtered creatures is just fashion yo.

    10. Helena Filipe

      She is strong she won she is a Star Reminds me Freddie Mercury

    11. Sandra Rozeman

      Bloedzuigertje, je acceptatie verkocht.

    12. Klesk Quake

      Uno che non la racconta ok.. Dio cosa è successo.. s t imbecille..

    13. Jazy Moonchild

      No, let's be real she was also used up by the industry as well...its evil.

    14. Tori D

      Thank u Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta for sharing your truth

    15. Tori D

      his mask not covering his nose is annoying tf out of me

    16. Chris George

      The distinct singer formerly encourage because adapter simplistically wash aboard a second sailor. tasty, massive pajama

    17. Bat Man

      I wonder if you can just quit as a star once you have a shitload of money?

    18. Bernardo Puppin

      Can that guy fix his mask for God's sake??

    19. Debra Davis

      Rain= Satan in the music industry

    20. ian pavey

      Joanne you need to be understood. You are not alone.

    21. Silviamonica Vazquez

      Preciosa Lady Gaga! Una super artista!

    22. Little Mwansta

      Queen of pop

    23. Klesk Quake

      Un bel margine.. LOL 😁

    24. Klesk Quake

      Ok sta trattando per due conti militari? Ma devo immischiarmi con i bordelli d gigolot?

    25. Krayzie Corvette

      I wish I could meet Lady Gaga.. I have a crush on her now lol

    26. Freedom 2020

      She will always be our demon possessed pagan!

    27. Raven Rose

      She said hello too the homeless guy on sitting on the bench an gave him a flower❤️

    28. Rickard Samuelsson

      What se says about how some fans treat her at the store for example, thats just horrible. Fans should treat her with kindness and respect - the same respect and kindness she gives us. She is a true role-model of that.

    29. Dorothy Jackson

      I'm glad that she found a way to love herself. Jude:2

    30. Potato juice

      I couldn't imagine life with out her 😢 If you see this gaga i want you to know that you are VERY loved and you have helped me with my depression and how i came out of being bi, I learned so much about you in thia interview and will look at you of a person inatead of a celebrity from now on! ❤❤❤

    31. Felipe Brockveld

      I have to try to sleep with open eyes to my closed eyes vision to be something like this

    32. Diane Rump

      Please give me a tip! I'm self loathing now!

    33. Charlotte VIVIES

      She is very intense and she feels everything intensively. Hypersensitiveness is not easy (I know what I am talking about) but it is emplified because of the fame. I send her a lots of love!

    34. Felipe Brockveld

      CBS where is my contract?

    35. karen Roberts

      I love her ! She has an amazing heart and soul ! She seems like such a loving person.. depression is painful, keep being strong !

    36. Marcin Mamrot

      idealny stan umysłu dla projektu MK-ULTRA to jedną piosenke danego artysty puszczac w radiu 250 razy co daje 8.3 raza tej samej piosenki dziennie na całym świecie radia niech grają

    37. Daulton Litteral

      The way she said no when he asked if she was able to fix her dad breaks my heart

    38. Just Jeanne

      She is fierce, and kind. I love her. ♥♥♥

    39. Owl Ampersand

      Enough with the masks girl

    40. Bio RositA


    41. ROXIEJULoL wtf


    42. ROXIEJULoL wtf


    43. ROXIEJULoL wtf

      este es el comentario español que estabas buscando

    44. Diadem Glow

      really, I will sleep better now.

    45. Klesk Quake

      Vabbene dai vuole solo tenere in bordello d gigolot... questioni d lavoro zio sam ciao..

    46. Klesk Quake

      Divertentissimo.. sto sacco d merda..

    47. Sean O’Grady

      It’s called cocaine and lots of alcohol

    48. I. A

      She wrote a song about her aunt she never met who died? Ok .......

    49. Metta_Sutta

      YES - mask-wearing is an act of consideration.

    50. Kris Kraft

      Gaga Stephen we all have that side in us if we know it or not but being famous it's a job and later u think am me but that my job we all as humans have to ppl we live but when ur her place yea it's hard mental health hard we all have it I get what she says

    51. SMC chermon

      lady gaga is a humble hero!! i can relate to her on all levels!

    52. Inanna Ishtar

      I find it telling that she was suicidal and felt all used up right after she made the movie with Bradley Cooper whom she raved about during the promotions of that film and now hasn't said a word about it and no one asks her about it. I think Bradley Cooper made her falling love with him so they could make this amazing movie together and I think he then broke her heart. I hope she one day will talk about that because that has to feel like a rape as well. I bet this happens a lot in movies and she was super naive and he took advantage of that naivety. I hope I am wrong about this...

      1. ROXIEJULoL wtf

        lady gaga says that was acting

    53. Kaitlin Elaine

      I love you so much Gaga! ❤️❤️

    54. Evangeline Anigbogu

      I have loved your music since I was a child but u are human first and we struggle. Thank you for holding on because getting through it, is the best achievement . Love u, stay strong.

    55. Debbie Whilden

      Hi lady Gaga - I would love to meet you! Things are crazy for me right now! Everything's exploding all directions! I need some time to do some things things that are right a head of me now! I hope you under stand I'll be following your vids.l love you!🙂❤️✌🏻🌻🕊🐅Bw. Happy new year!

    56. Simone Murgia

      Send you all my love ❤❤❤

    57. Xu

      She was just depress...she is having a michael jackson realization of how being famous is like living in a fishball...i guess is a part of the never is how you dream...i totally get it....maybe i was famous in a past live because in this life time i love to be anonimous

    58. Stefanos Liakos


    59. emmett

      she is ICONIC

    60. Wennyta Pasyani

      Be thankfulness of what you have will feel better. Don't argue about your daily life now or the past..just enjoying it is a part of the journey life. I am watching this interview from Indonesia this December 30, 2020. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you..

    61. Hayley Smith

      Art transmute all suffering We all love Gaga 💐🙏🏻💝

    62. Klesk Quake

      m tengo le cuffie ok ? :)

    63. Blondie D

      Ok, so I'll state the obvious....This chick is NOT GAGA!! Not her.

    64. R. M

      I really like her better stripped down. Little makeup and pure voice.

    65. Alicia Hettich

      I’m glad she’s in a better state mentally and physically. They’re both so so funny important and you literally can’t have one without the other. Stay strong everyone, you got this life❤️

    66. Dan Thomas

      An influencer. That's Gaga.

    67. Trinitee Hatch

      She’s everything to me

    68. Vicky Rodz

      Give me a break,how can she say that she hate to be famous..🤔🤔🤔🤔

    69. Klesk Quake

      Senza problemi.. l elicottero tra i 'civili'..

    70. Kristy Lyn

      You have to be there to understand. I hear you. Love and kindness always 💚🎶

    71. Skyelar EmeryEagle

      I want a glitter ✨ mask 😷 too

    72. freedom for all ( go fund we)💖🦋💙

      Inspirational thank you ⚘💖🙂🎵🌞you rock

    73. Sagi T

      I felt same way minus the popularity............but you lady, besides your ups and downs have inspired so many including myself to keep pushing and doing our best. I’d like very much to keep seeing you do what you do, and just being your self. And keep singing and making movies! You’re truly a amazing beautiful talented person!

    74. Marti

      She sounds like a crackhead

    75. Marti

      She's psychotic

    76. Emma デロリ Terlecky

      The councilor at Mercy Health told me it was ok to self harm if you have no other way to cope. I’m glad to hear Lady Gaga supports this message

    77. kaouter Mouslim haliba

      only these creative people can take confinement and isolation and turn it in their favour. I envy them for that

    78. Alista Dømeika

      Mother monster 💙

    79. neri soares

      que olhar triste

    80. Droopy Ey3 returns

      Love my heart until it bursts Squeeze my soul until it burns It isn’t possible to not create when you e done it so long. It takes over every part of your thought process.

    81. Westbrook

      She's beautiful

    82. Boomerang0875

      Satanic pig. She’s disgusting

      1. thetree666

        freedom of religion

    83. Klesk Quake

      Che spaventone.. sto schifoso vigliacco figlio d puttana

    84. Klesk Quake

      Sono ipovedente..mi spiace ma non s sono trovati bene imho.. cordiali saluti

    85. Vinícius Alves Fontenele de Carvalho

      She deserves nothing but love. ♥️

    86. Y A N A


    87. Jane Nixon

      Your an entertainer. Stick to entertaining. We don’t need your poorly researched opinions about covid or politics influencing the easily influenced.

    88. S. H.

      Thank you Gaga!!! Wear a freaking mask people

    89. 052970

      Simple. Lady Gaga hated being owned by the world. She figured out she had already been owned long before she shot to fame "overnight". She is going through the process of coming to her own terms and acceptance of what is and taking her power back from opportunists. If you think about it, you let it control you, and then it controls you. The control is now shifting and she refuses, like others, to be owned. The owned now own the owners, so to speak. follow the logic ...

    90. Adriana Gambina

      No she didn’t she is exactly the same do same in the dark

    91. 7668587 0

      by joining the sith

      1. 7668587 0

        your royal highness

      2. 7668587 0


      3. 7668587 0

        I'm like....

    92. John Oliver

      this year has been incredibly difficult for everyone. with covid and so many families losing loved ones... i lose my papa to dementia and alzheimers this year during covid and it nearly broke me. this album has been a such a healing album to listen toi. i love dance music and i love her songs. they have really spoken to me this year especially going through such a dark time. nothing but love

    93. Klesk Quake

      Cip.. microbi schifosi

    94. Klesk Quake

      Vabbene anche il miglio verde della grande finezza..

    95. Cynthia Jiammarino

      I love Lady Gaga

    96. Klesk Quake


    97. Saintelyk

      This is pre-rcorded 8 months ago and it came out 2 months ago. Gaga was executed along with katy perry, madonna. Oprah, tom hanks and many more. WAKE UP!!! These celebrities are the swamp that GOD came to drain along with Trump and us the 144k light workers. Cut the BS of this deep fake news.

      1. Jacob Prince

        Stop reading fake q anon conspiracies. She is very much alive.

    98. Naird J

      She seems false. I don’t believe everything she says

    99. Jaymee Mangang

      The whole time I was bothered by the guy who was wearing the mask incorrectly!

    100. Wess Staats

      What? Why on earth did she not tell the interviewer to fix his mask????