Lady Gaga Reveals Celebrity Crush in Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’


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    Ellen welcomed Lady Gaga to the hot seat, and asked her some “Burning Questions,” including the most recent lie she told, her surprising celebrity crush, and her reality TV guilty pleasure.

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    1. Jorge Zorrilla More

      What is the message the bottle? The Voice very pretty in the CASINO Where is the golf car? I can be your caddy.

    2. damiel Palencia

      Lady gaga fan here

    3. susana horia

      i´m literally watching this while applause is on my speakers

    4. MrNikkimaxine

      Do what to say about that

    5. Rishini Ekanayake

      Bruh,in that cab driver act thing,she sounded like Joey ahahahah

    6. Lyniah Laviolette

      Yes my queen of little monsters.I am so happy to call myself a little monster

    7. Jovani Garcia



      I'm gonna start watching michael jackson now...

    9. JONALYN Pimentel

      Nose..Very beautiful ma'am Lady Gaga...❤❤❤🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼🤝🤝🤝🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👏👏👏

    10. Asel Mallikarachchi

      Sounds like Gaga has been drinking

    11. Wil Son

      And she won the Oscar's!

    12. xorenee mendoza

      Lady Gagas Face when ellen says Late 😂😂😂

    13. MrNikkimaxine


    14. Mphatso Mkandawire

      I would be the happiest person if Ellen play the burning questions with her wife Portia😁

    15. Peter Limato

      Here 4 u Ellen season 18🌈

    16. lemoi konyak


    17. Umaiban Mundoly

      Plz play this game with bts

    18. Colleen Carey

      I feel so much better about living to watch 90 Day Fiance! 👄

    19. Rhea Lemons

      3:22 asians be at 17 or others after marriage

    20. MrNikkimaxine

      She made me someone inside

    21. morgan morgan

      Not that Dengeneres likes anyone, but Ellen's dislike of Gaga is strong!. Could the problem be professional jealousy?, or Ellen really does not like men profiteering from women in the worse way, gender theft?, either way, as much as it pains me, I think Ellen coughed up the truth.

    22. MrNikkimaxine

      She said I can have only going have 2 for now am and she did is okay as well

    23. Claire Bridgman

      14 is late to have a first kiss? Im 15 and still haven't

    24. Axel Rodríguez


    25. Lisa Muller

      Taylor was 15 and Ellen didn't say something

    26. MrNikkimaxine

      Yah now is not a good time she won’t let me do my job

    27. Angela Jensen

      Satanic Witches

      1. Fly With James

        like you?? lol

    28. Jossermore


    29. R Kane

      Whenever i see her, i remember that speech "its ok, i can do it with that music in the background"🤣

    30. Bien Leonard G. Paredes

      She's more of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta than Lady Gaga

    31. S G

      I am sorry but... Lady Gaga has the fakest laugh I ever seen 🙄

    32. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

      she's adorable :')

    33. MrNikkimaxine

      Yah this good Willy I been Do what to say

    34. MrNikkimaxine

      You have kids out there kids do don’t this at home

    35. MrNikkimaxine

      I my dream job I live to do be a tattoo artist is my big dream as well

    36. MrNikkimaxine

      I been honest and nice person myself For years now some for you mean thank that am am I amazing 😉 Than ahh

    37. Sree Ratchgan

      What did ellan say in 1:00 . Pls tell me friends please

    38. Violetta FUN

      Anyone after watching Rain On Me on MTV?❤️😍♥️❣️💖☔💧🌧️

    39. Malayna Ruark

      Her face after Ellen says “wow, late” about her first kiss

    40. MrNikkimaxine

      I have like 5 time’s now

    41. Shadow_Fox

      I had my first kiss at two

    42. Sara Vasconcelos

      Gaga's laugh is the cutest thing

    43. Gladys Salazar

      gaga’s first celeb crush was adrian brody? SOMEONE GET THEM IN A ROOM TOGETHER

    44. MrNikkimaxine

      Yah what after that am sorry about that I don’t now wow

    45. POP DATA

      The people screaming too loud sksks

    46. Jacobethanelliott


    47. Gabriel Cota

      Hope to see her in many more movies. She was fabulous.

    48. MrNikkimaxine

      You do now. Am been honest

    49. Jack 's weekly music reviews


    50. kapi manen

      Like gaga better than madonna...far more talented

    51. Vineeta T

      Whats the sexiest food??? Lady gaga: pastaaaaa Me: Gagged

    52. Axel Rodríguez

      Slily Asia Gaga gets a cameo in spiderman far from Home 3D

    53. Amaya Berntsson

      I started by watching Harry Styles’ burning question and here I am🤷‍♀️

      1. Erica Wilson


    54. SLove

      Funny cause my first celebrity crush was and still is her ♥️

    55. MrNikkimaxine

      She at work No problem at all but when she’s home and yes there will be a problem

      1. Király Márk


    56. Almas Sakpayev

      Love the.both

    57. ALICE

      So fun and natural.

    58. Jihu Laserna


    59. Guy Belanger Jr

      I love the work out meditate and sing! She is amazing!

    60. Lahiru Sachintha

      So fake

      1. Lahiru Sachintha

        Király Márk yes for me, no for you! Watch the video of lady gaga which she’s telling the same story again and again. She’s so fake

      2. Király Márk

        Lahiru Sachintha no

    61. Samara Lopes

      So funny 😅

    62. Nidesta Das7129

      90 day fiance.... Well now everybody knows Ellen.. 😂

    63. Youtube Youtube

      2:35 came here for this

    64. parto

      her voice changes with every different outfit.

    65. D Š

      *Gaga after winning an Oscar: that's what she said...*

    66. Yisroel Weiss

      I love how Ellen tried to agree with everything Lady Gaga said

    67. Yisroel Weiss

      Is Lady Gaga the first to drag Ellen’s thing like almost two minutes? LOL 😂

    68. Vanilla Rose

      She's alot simpler than I imagined..

    69. Smita Sangma

      She's so beautiful ..❤️❤️


      Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne

    71. norman rockwell

      Anyone here after the fanmade Gaga's Chromatica interview with Ellen?

    72. Indians Baseball

      Ellen has THE best job...ever

    73. Artisty Chen

      1:46-1:47 is literally me

    74. sarah p

      I gasped at 90 day fiance 😍me too gaga, me too 😅

    75. Leonardo Donayre

      1:55 OMG, my heart!

    76. Heart Break

      She is so handsome 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    77. Zoe Nightshade

      Did she just said 90 day fiance lol

    78. Abul Azlan Abul Barakath

      Congrats LadyGaga

    79. MrNikkimaxine

      Can we talk about later

    80. Jamir Martinez Diaz

      Lady Gaga Is Really Really Beautiful

    81. Arson Barn

      doctor: you have 4 minutes and 10 seconds left to live me:

    82. Wyneth Dangat

      3:19 her reaction tho 🤣

      1. Fien

        Wyneth Dangat EXACTLY AHAHA

    83. Thomas Lynn

      when my friends says sth cringey me : 0:59

    84. mj moonwalker

      1:58 Ellen's crush was mj 😍😍😍

    85. Mer Diazz

      Somebody at 2020?

    86. LøneWølf

      Okay,how about that conspiracy theory that Gaga is somehow related to Illuminati? No, I don't need likes, replies would be okay for me🙂

      1. Király Márk

        That's gossip. 😜

    87. Eszter Antal

      she deserves an Oscar for that cab driver impression

    88. Kerri Ramler

      Ellen has had every member of the Kardashian family on the show multiple times... 4:10 If you could watch only one reality show for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Ellen; I can't even think of one right now ,lol, ouch ...

    89. S

      “What’s your favourie food ?” - “Pasta.” Nobody: ... No one: ... Qanon people: “ThEy ArE SaTaNiC PeDoPhiLeS !!!”

    90. Fortune YT


    91. holdthelock

      ohhh Gaga in Ellen's crematorium

    92. ishika Rao

      I'm gonna be on this seat one day

    93. MrNikkimaxine

      Yes and no do what to say

    94. Riley Jean

      Same celebrity crush Ellen😍

    95. Axel Rodríguez

      Chris Pratt x madylin baliey they're are cute 💖💖💖💖💖

    96. Axel Rodríguez

      Chris Pratt x madylin baliey

    97. Axel Rodríguez

      Eiza González y Chris Pratt so cute adorable

    98. F M

      Lady Gaga is an amazing person

    99. Axel Rodríguez

      Eiza González as


      PASTA!!!!!!!!!!! SAME GIRL SAME!!!