Lady Gaga - E! Special - Marry The Night (Full Interview)

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    1. the receipts

      I love Gaga and marry the night so much ❤️

    2. sammiejo

      Was she addicted to morphine and pregnant in the beginning of it?

    3. Habibi Ting

      I'm sorry but this interviewer is so awful. He's wayyy to pushy and annoying. Hush.

    4. TheGreenBlackbird

      this is her perfect true vision of her past and present being a monarch mk ultra programmed artist.she really feels the way she portrays herself in this video i think.anyway ,one of her alters or some do at least.i really do love her artwork (which includes art,music,fashion,acting etc.) a lot lately.although i as a songwriter,singer and multi-instrumentalist myself who had a really blues/rock/grungy kind of upbringing and (autodidactic) learning process would have never thought that i would like some kind of pop mainstream art/music.but i really, really do right is very inspiring also.all well to the lady and may her soul and body may find peace of serenity.and may all you other little monsters be blessed.much love.

    5. HeavyMetalLover D

      @Katie098987 the weird part is, even if she did get an abortion (since later in the howard stern interview she said she was raped when she was 19) it makes you wonder why the rest of the woman all have bandages on their heads... so why or how could she get an abortion done in a psych ward, right? Gaga's confusing...

      1. Dann M

        HeavyMetalLover D when a woman or man is raped, doctors will advise the victim to avoid intimacy. This is also advised to women who have had an abortion. Rape can cause breakdown, trauma is lethal, not only takes memories but damages you both mentally and physically. This would explain the psych ward.

    6. Alealejandro

      I'm pretty sure your brain is leaking.

    7. kenshion072

      why is she always drinking, she'd be "forgetting" so much of her art. i dont think she's ever sober.

    8. TheTaniasify1


    9. Lizbelleify


    10. Toska Abrielle

      i hate it when the people that are interviewing her say "come on"

    11. AviationNation10

      The apartment was more about the day she was dropped from the record company,Its possible but I doubt it,It was most likely drug related.

    12. Katie098987

      She is also wearing thick underwear in the apartment scene ( you bleed after having an abortion). I don't believe the clinic scene is a metaphor. She actually had some type of procedure done. To me, the clues point to abortion.I think she wants to leave her hardships ambiguous so more people can relate to the video. She just wants to get the message across that even if you have hardships and set backs if you never give up on your dreams you will succeed.

    13. AviationNation10

      You generally can't have sex after an operation,It could be a metaphor for something being removed from her life,If she had an abortion she would have said it and it would have been more about loss.

    14. AviationNation10

      It was LA Reid that dropped her,He said he is really pissed now! I would be to she is worth, $150,000,000

    15. Katie098987

      the doctor saying, "everything went well" and "no intimacy for two weeks", she also said in an interview that she is in a women's clinic.

    16. AviationNation10


    17. AviationNation10

      It was representing a point in her life 'I have nothing left to loose'

    18. Alberto Parra

      she changed her voice 7:25 Lady Gaga from 2008 xD

    19. Candy POP Hal

      Naww! :B 5:55

    20. tgirl9694

      The interviewer is such a sweetheart lol

    21. Diana Gomez

      I love her so much

    22. Sunkee Angel


    23. Katie Wilkinson

      I love her so much

    24. bree monroe

      she's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Aiden Aude

      @Aguacater87 Lol I think I'm the only person who enjoys her pretentiousness, it adds to the Gaga persona. I don't see why so many people say she's not... she most definitely is. So what? I enjoy her and her music still.

    26. Sean G

      you can tell shes getting bitchy when he keeps asking if it really happens

      1. Julien Castle

        Annoyed more than bitchy. She would have reasons to be bitchy seing how he insists tho.

      2. kmsia17 16

        I think anyone would really so your point

    27. hazmonsterpaws

      @springblend MastUrbate

    28. hazmonsterpaws

      @RitaMoulderAuthor It`s mastUrbate...

    29. Stacia G

      wouldn't it be funny if gaga and this interviewer ended up dating a year from

    30. TransGagaVisi0nTV

      WTF??? y los subtitulos? >.

    31. Iwiccaozzie

      Love Lady GaGa since I saw her Poker Face Video ,also love her DANCERS TOO.

    32. Katie098987

      @millylovesGaga im pretty sure she had an abortion

      1. Chromatica

        Katie098987 and I’m pretty sure your parents dropped you when you were a baby

    33. amnch07

      @Aguacater87 ok look, you can't judge her that easily, you don't know how intense was the scene or how strong was the memory, so look like she said choose what you want to believe, but that's her truth, you are the one that chooses to believe it or not.

    34. Daniel Andrés Romero Dávila

      No la pidan en español!!!, más bien aprendan Inglés!!!!

    35. izzy Honey


    36. StarMonster98

      I bet she wears that 'xylophone' before fucking Kinney ;D

    37. Andy Davidson

      lady gaga you are 100% real person ii love yu so much and before people she is just in for the money is not because she does not have house and half of her money goes to her dad , tours and outfits

    38. yolas1299

      aprendan inglés gatos

    39. LindseyZA

      @Aguacater87 That is what actresses do tho.

    40. Odracir Orrocac

      pues a noche vi marry the night me gusto. pero? ahy partes que no me gustaron como cuando estan ensayando en un salon eso no devio ser parte del video. debieron bailar mas en la calle.... esas tomas fueron full y penese que ivan a editar el audio pero en fin ahy partes que no entiendo pero fue un buen video........................

    41. Adler36

      She's a multitalent. An icon. Just- beyond human. PERFECT!!! Love her so much.

    42. Adler36

      @Aguacater87 Thank you for giving Mother Monster so much views, sweety! :)

    43. PRed

      Definitly LOTS of COMPLIMENTS!!! ;D

    44. Dwayne S

      Love the burp at 7:41 :)

    45. Javo Garcia

      estubo genial!