Lady Gaga - Chromatica (Non-Stop Version)


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    Mix by: liroupisaico_
    Art Concept by: justjagai
    1. Chromatica I 00:00
    2. Alice 01:00
    3. Stupid Love 03:53
    4. Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande) 07:05
    5. Free Woman 10:05
    6. Fun Tonight 13:10
    7. Chromatica II 16:01
    8. 911 16:42
    9. Plastic Doll 19:28
    10. Sour Candy (with BLACKPINK) 22:56
    11. Enigma 25:25
    12. Replay 28:15
    13. Chromatica III 31:05
    14. Sine From Above (with Elton John) 31:30
    15. 1000 Doves 35:33
    16 Babylon 39:05
    No copyright infringement intended
    All rights reserved to Interscope

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    1. P H Y T P A W G K

      I love this whole jam xoxo nonstop in my brain. Singing it when I wake.

    2. Giovanni Medina

      Arte 😍😍😍😍😍

    3. Sara Lima

      2020 Lady Gaga !!!!

    4. Hayden Garcia

      Sour Candy is better with headphones. Not that it isn't good but the headphones give the background more of a punch.

    5. Myss angelA

      Pro tip: to get rid of the ads, go to the end of the video, then click replay. Thank you random commenter who taught me this.

    6. Longnam Kharpuri

      H R Giger art 🙌🏼


      This is a bomb 👌 !!

    8. Gregory Keith

      For me, "Chromatica" made 2020 so much better than the real 2020.

    9. ангел и его жена

      Если Ира кто

      1. ангел и его жена

        Дэнжер!!!111кто справится тот покорит смерть

    10. Henry Barrera

      i dont need a Grammy to know... this is the best Album of the year!

    11. 0blur

      Remember when it was 'cool' to hate Gaga... now everyone loves the queen 🦋

    12. three days rey

      i love this album! and your non-stop version is just amazing! ❤️

    13. ESC Georgia

      can't believe scammys dared to rob this album!

      1. Rae

        Madeon helped produce this album so you can root for him in Lady Gaga's honor :3

    14. Ho Kat

      Last track sounds a bit like Madonna's vogue, I mean the beat arrangement. But the entire album is totally brilliant.

    15. Sean Hall

      Anyone add my Instagram 🤷‍♂️@keepingupwithsean

    16. CryptoInvestor Inc

      Sad last message to remember for 3 months how about eat dirt or die trying.

    17. MusicManiac


    18. Juega Frei

      This is the fairytale i always wanted to listen

    19. Angel Ponce

      911 😍 my favorite catchy tune...

    20. Tin Rex

      This album is amazing. Can't stop listening

    21. Naza reno

      Amigo todo bien pero no pongas publicidades en el medio de la cancion, me cortas todo el mood


      Hear me out!!!!!! Lady Gaga's next Album is Called GAGA and its a full visual album!!!!!!

    23. Austin Dorn

      one word: AOTY

    24. Joe Krause

      Why do I love this album so much I can listen on repeat forever

    25. humberto maidana chavez

      es el mejor video de chromatica seguido el de los demas hay cortes es el mejor xd

    26. José Goris

      the cohesion

    27. Gilson Victor da Silva

      It sounds too 90's for me. I do prefer Joanne. But Alice, 911 and Replay are really awesome!

      1. sanders8323

        This is her worst album by far, not counting Cheek 2 Cheek and ASIB. Everything else is miles better creatively and melodically.

    28. Genny Bellò

      Ariana grande lady gaga Ok

    29. Luís Guilherme Silva


    30. Euli

      this is amazing

    31. Luiza Ma

      I love this album! Maybe not another Born this Way (top one) but this one is so LIGHT and good for everything!

    32. Cheng Zhe LU

      Very nice music I like ❤️~

    33. Cesar muñoz


    34. Cesar muñoz

      Gaga 💕

    35. Henry Buneau

      I remember back in the late 80's and 90's when Soul house music was made like this. It's been so long since THROWDOWN House tracks. Think Crystal Waters, Sylvester w/Marth Wash, C&C MUSIC Factory, and the QUEEN DONNA SUMMER!!!!(finger on the trigger). This album in Jammin!!!

    36. Imitadora de Lady Gaga

      Im listening to this every single day! im sure that more than a million of views are mine ;)

    37. Mussa Belek

      It stops at 41:37

    38. Dave N. Arizo

      Pls visit more the Gaga's song that this.

    39. Raisingirl_ Indy

      Favorite album of this year. LOVE it

    40. Rafael Oliveira

      Gente... O que falar... Ela chegou causando ❤️😍 amei o álbum!!

    41. Bindi Rock

      The best gaga Album in a long time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    42. Alexandra Froument

      chromatica II, 911 and Chromatica III are totally transformed in my head after the video! I'm so happy

    43. Yoizoh Yoizoh

      I wanna dance this whole album on the next tour!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

    44. alexander rodriguez buitrago

      lo mejor este album me hace sentir lleno de vida...

    45. Otavio Felipe Neves


    46. doug thompson

      I threw away all my other vinyl records. I don't ever play anything but this one. Why do I need anything else?

    47. Александр


    48. rakshith sanjeev

      I attained salvation ❤️

    49. Critica y no pares

      thanks! Alé.

    50. Rodrigo Fernandes

      Puta merda, que CD bom. Nunca nem ouvi um CD inteiro de Lady Gaga, e desde que cheguei nesse vídeo tô ouvindo esse disco todo dia.

    51. Edgar Díaz


    52. CandySophie18

      Is replay about Taylor?

    53. Regina Ippolito


    54. Beta Bis

      i love how no one talks about the transtions between Sine From Above to 1000 doves to babylon

    55. IanRM

      Thank you so so much for this! :')

    56. Luận Nguyễn Công

      This Album takes me to Paradise

    57. Z Mythos

      that transition between plastic doll & sour candy :o

    58. Lady Gagatita

      uwu *c Excita*

    59. Blep

      Chromatica is like a rainbow cake. Made specifically for the gays.

    60. Edvin Jimenez

      Thank you!! That Is All.

    61. Thidawan Wantanasombut

      THANK U

    62. Camilla Marcelino


      1. Alê

        améeeeeeem! hahaha

    63. i.e. I.e DeMonde free some minds!

    64. Tyler Skenandore

      the worst part about chromatica it had to end 😭💀😭

    65. Lucas Nunes Da Rosa


    66. Mariela Rojas

      No sabia que lady Gaga era mexicana

    67. Rendaculur Edit: Unpopular opinion: The biggest bops of the album are Babylon and Sour Candy Another Edit: Unpopular opinion: Enigma sounds like Hallucinate

    68. Rendaculur

      Damn Momma Monster must be dizzy after spinning on Chromatica for 41 minutes and 37 seconds 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

      1. Taewoo Taewoo

        can u change it to Mother Monster ?

    69. Clegio Jr

      amo a minha rainha

    70. Nguyenkhoi Baongan

      Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

      1. Taewoo Taewoo


    71. Alondra Sabanal

      I'm always Playing this, I love it .The Best !! 💕✌️

    72. doug thompson

      Here I am listening to this album over and over in if it just came out. I have many copies of all the colors and pic disc vinyls. I am obsessed with them, and look at all of them everyday while the music plays.

    73. camilo duran

      It is like one song

    74. Elizeu holiver

      Bom eu gostei, l like.

    75. Turney Minyard

      Lady Gaga - Chromatica (Non-Stop Version) Ads: I 'm about to end this man's whole career

    76. Douglas R. de Olive

      Here to celebrate Biden's victory!! WE DID IT GAGA!!!!!!

    77. Luan Da silva muniz

      Brasil alguém?


      any blinks here

    79. Robin

      I have tried with this album.. Tried and tried. It just never clicked with me. : ( She still has amazing pipes, the songs are very..energetic, but that's it. Plastic 90's beats, robotic droning vocals, everything melds together into a soup, songs are way too short, lyrics feel hollow compared to Born This Way.. I hope its the kind of album I will rediscover in 20 years and realize I was a damn fool and it was amazing from the very beginning, but right now it isn't doing it for me.

    80. Annie Star


    81. Turney Minyard

      I swear to God if she doesn't win album of the year. Edit: ok so Dua Lipa will probably get it actually. Either way I’m happy

    82. loading dot dot dot

      Everyone saying she's serving the gays. SHE'S SERVING EVERYONE!

    83. Nikola Malimarkov

      = Vogue

    84. a.append(b)

      My safe space from the election drama. This is so awesome!

    85. p00pdragon

      hr giger af

    86. melisasalsadiva1

      Thank you love this cut💖💖💖💜

    87. Daeon Fox

      Velocity 1.25

    88. stilusforfun

      Now she is the main producer of music for Disco.... poor gaga fans

    89. Luís Veras

      oh honey

    90. Turney Minyard

      Lady Gaga - Chromatica (Non-Stop Version) Ads: I 'm about to end this man's whole career

      1. Turney Minyard

        💗00:01 - Chromatica I 🐰01:00 - Alice 💋03:54 - Stupid Love ☔07:05 - Rain On Me ♀️10:05 - Free Woman 💃13:11 - Fun Tonight 💖16:01 - Chromatica II 🆘️16:42 - 911 👱🏻‍♀️19:27 - Plastic Doll 🍬22:56 - Sour Candy ❔25:25 - Enigma 🔁28:15 - Replay 💘31:05 - Chromatica III 🎵31:32 - Sine From Above 🕊35:33 - 1000 Doves 🏳️‍🌈39:05 - Babylon

    91. Gerald CM

      Super heart for THIS! Thanks for sharing.

    92. darkwoodmovies

      Such a shame this came out during the pandemic. I can't wait for 2023 when the clubs open up again and play this album on repeat.

    93. Facoly

      Very Nice song

    94. Gustavo Martin Robles

      Álbum del año

    95. DrH5N1

      im here for Hr. Giger art

    96. Darlon Torres

      Thank you for this 🌈✨🔥❤️

    97. Di Chelly

      Gdhgegrugr de referência engraçada eve frente

    98. Turney Minyard