Lady Gaga Venus - Graham Norton Show 08/11/2013 HD

James Smith

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    Lady Gaga performs Venus on The Graham Norton Show 08/11/2013 in 1080p HD.

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    1. Luis Alejandro Ponce González

      7th anniversary of ARTPOP and it still being so magical

    2. Ivan Alexander Mayet Suarez

      i wonder how Venus clip would look like....

    3. Melanie Miroslava

      Dios bajo a hacer el mejor pop del mundo y se llama Lady Gaga

    4. Enrique Luna

      She killed it 💗

    5. David S.

      I will never understand why this song was so underrated. It is my favorite from the album.

      1. i3

        Artpop is her best album but its not promoted well and not escalated very well because of her management that's why its called a flop

    6. Rodnarok




    8. muecoooo

      Soo crazy I have to wait until August 2021 for the chromatica tour in Chicago, I can’t wait omg it would be epic !!!!!!

    9. Duane Tube

      Ahh so so amazing, she really embodied that performance

    10. Jesús Rodriguez

      Amo mucho esta canción y esta presentación.

    11. Zarna sshi

      I love how she always harmonizes herself.

    12. Hyoyeons Blondehair

      This is ahead of its time, it would have been much, much bigger now. A great reception of a great production

    13. Matias

      Gaga is like a drunk auntie in a family party in this performance. I love her

    14. Giorgi Vartagava


    15. Mr. MeAllDayLong

      Thee best performance of VENUS she has ever done... especially when the word FAMOUS is said and it echoes...

    16. LadyGaga3535

      Venus should have been the lead single of ARTPOP and other single’s like this: 1. Venus 2. Aura 3. GUY 4. Mary Jane Holland 5. DWUW

    17. Cynthia Corcoran

      I'm Alamater Royal soprano ordained Ministry Mensa

    18. Features Creatures

      She always looks skinny in the promos,

    19. Fabio Silva

      Que saudades dessa ERA 😭😭😭

    20. Rafael Oliveira

      Maria Bethânia???

    21. El de las tarjetas.

      That guitar solo 💕💕

    22. Jay s1992

      Brill performance and voice, can tell she’s sniffed up

    23. Rose Vlogs

      2:58 Best part 🍀

    24. what_the_ma

      I love, love, love this song ❤

    25. La Team Aquarius

      Magnifique 💘

    26. キャタピラーちゃん

      She's a true Goddess 😍

    27. noahs ironic

      artpop was way ahead of its time. If it was released now it would’ve been so much more of a success. It just proves gaga is revolutionary and a music icon!

    28. pablo luck


    29. Mr. Joshua

      Bahahahahahahahaha!!! I haven't laughed that hard at an actual live performance of what somebody believed to be a serious song! It's basically an SNL skit of somebody taking themselves so serious with such a ridiculous song with ridiculous lyrics... And it's, sorry all of you Gaga lovers... it should be something an artist would look back on with an air of, OMG... Did I really do that on live TV! I can't wait for all of you soulless people to slay away on my comment! I love it!

      1. i3

        Get the fuck out of here

      2. Mr. Orchids

        The amount of salt!!!!! 🙄

    30. Gabrielle Kelly

      For those who are saying that she’s lip-synching, you can *literally* hear her breaths in between lyrics

    31. Hoang Thanh Ngo

      The most underrated song of her 😭 wish this would be a single 🖤

    32. Filip Marinkovic

      Dont you know my ass is famous?!

    33. Demon 333

      don´t know what else to do?? play a fake guitar....xD

    34. anapat universidade1974

      She looks a bit insane in this performance. Still the song is catchy.

    35. Harold Palma

      I straight up hate lady Gaga for not making this song a single >:(

    36. Hunter Woodlawn

      This is my all time favorite, it’s fucking *iconic*

    37. dyekho

      Take me to your pennis pennis pennis

    38. Max P

      I remember watching this 5 years ago on TV thinking WTF, but now I love it so much!

    39. Bella Couch

      She's such a good singer 😍 but this was quite wierd ngl.. one of those songs idk if I like or not 😂

    40. Mario R.

      I still don't understand why did they turn ART-POP into ART CLASS-POP. She was already doing art without dressing as Venus all time. Either way 3:38 is everything.

    41. Christian Huauya


    42. Dmitry SHOW

      эти яблоки по десять десять рублёв

    43. Oss Delmar

      trying too hard with overly complicated set up distracts from such a great song.

    44. Epifania Lies

      Exelente thank you,,😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    45. lh g

      2:25 - 2:35 3:29 - 3:40 That high vocals omg. She is such a legend

    46. Meninos Cacheados

      Que saudade da minha ARTPOP❤

    47. benatmane boudjmaa


    48. Natasha

      She should have performed Applause instead since it was a single.

    49. Angie

      don't you know my ass is famous

    50. Sonia Lopez Lariz

      She looks fuckin amazing

    51. Demetrius Burley

      Still one of my favorite Gaga performances up to date 💕

    52. Grant Holmes

      This woman has my heart

    53. Umut K

      I am covering popular songs with traditional Chinese and Japanese instruments. Hell this sounds so epic with Shamisen, Erhu and Taikos.

    54. coco

      3:18 omg

    55. Mitifly

      I love her voice !



    57. Phumelela Mathenjwa

      This is like a crazy performance art project at NYU by that crazy chick who is always dancing on top of a sequined box outside the cafeteria.

    58. Vespertine Volta

      Hilarious how she copied Kylie's Aphrodite theme, and her tour Artpop Ball was a techno version of Kylie's 2011 tour.

    59. Vanessa Kons

      LOVE IT

    60. Emay Kyuwo

      Gaga is the greatest female artist of all time. MJ is her male counterpart.

    61. Anthony Bravo

      Who else orgasmed when she yelled GODDESS OF LOVE!

    62. Luanderson Bezerra

      lady gaga 😂♥

    63. wolverineiscool

      Lady gaga Slut

    64. Geoff Blevins

      4:00 Beautiful lady gaga that was beautiful

    65. Esteban Moreno Torres

      jaja la pincoya

    66. Daniela Toledo

      me gusta Lady gaga y encuentro que cada vez esta siendo ella Y me gusta. es la única cantante capaz de bailar y cantar en vivo. me gusta su crecimiento

    67. Ballora Wan

      It's great, but is it me or nah??? Cuz I laughed all they way through...

    68. Chance

      I hated how people complained about Joanne saying they missed the old Gaga when people complained about Artpop for being too simple 🙄

    69. Dora Quinn

      I like Lady Gaga's songs.

    70. Dorothy Dement


    71. Mateus Ribeiro

      The era that i met Gaga's work. I love every piece of ARTPOP no matter what they say.

    72. Mateus Ribeiro


    73. DE BYE

      wow how great presentation ... this the better show that i saw of venus ever woowo

    74. Kindness Punk

      0:37 yassss I love when she sings Venus stems

    75. actsleazy

      the second time she sang the pre-chorus is so good

    76. Jesse Mendoza98

      Queen Of Music!

    77. Gabriela Rodrigues

      Good version ❤️

    78. X

      Stage is all fake!! The guitar she pretends to be playing wasn't plugged into anything!

      1. W

        u should search about portable audio system. or bluetooth.

      2. Jesse Mendoza98

        X marks Again delusional af

      3. Big Bad Wolf Flurry Face

        X marks Again who cares at least she don't lip sync we are here for her voice not fir the instruments

    79. Krzysztof Kałuziński

      układ słoneczny

    80. purewonka

      Reminds me of ABBA.

    81. Mikkel Allen

      she stole so much from Madonna. But she wears it well.

    82. J G

      For people not getting it, she's imitating music videos from the 60s and 70s when singing about planets was extremely popular, such as "Venus" by Shocking Blue. She is paying homage.

    83. Fran Diaz

      this is a hit not joanne flop

      1. Big Bad Wolf Flurry Face

        Fran Diaz flop means it didn't work out in the charts nobody appreciated Artpop

      2. Hm

        +Fran Diaz do you know what flop even means dumb ass

      3. Fran Diaz

        Ben Lambourne not talking about charts, Im talking about the sound!

      4. Ben Lambourne

        Fran Diaz Joanne didn't flop. It was/is(?) the top selling album and Million Reasons is charting very well

    84. happy life

      Greatest performance I would experimental, so out of this world, so raw and a bunch of women from mars

      1. Ethan Phelps

        @Jetty you thought

      2. Jetty

        @Xenia Georgallas Life isn't possible on Venus...

      3. •Ь3thálluяing•

        happy life if all girls from mars are like gaga then i’m marrying one 💀

      4. Abdul Hameed


      5. Xenia Georgallas

        hottiescotty Last orrrrrr Venus?

    85. Irene De Miguel Ortega

      She is amazing

    86. MrTrafficcones

      shes not wearing shoes...

      1. MrTrafficcones

        @Anthony J Bejemino lol neither did we but look at us now... I aint gonna get all that shit all over my feet. lol put a heel on

      2. Anthony J Bejemino

        MrTrafficcones venus dont have any shoes when she was born

    87. Yohanes Daniagi

      that wig ruining it the rest is jawdropping

    88. Somsak SP

      quality GAGA

    89. tomubniu koon

      She should have released this album for free or something because it was too experimental to retail

    90. Andy D

      Oh god this was a mess! ARTPOP was tragic!

      1. AJRA

        ARTPOP was incredible. So was Joanne. Gaga has moved so far from her early career, in the best possible way. She’s no longer making inoffensive dance-pop hits. Now, she makes music to make herself happy-not anyone else.

      2. Rockchickbabe

        Andy D are you deaf???? She's amazing

      3. Andy D

        WRONG. Britney's last solo #1 was 6 years ago in 2011 and that was 12 years after she debuted. She has also had several top 10 hits and Top 5 albums since then. Gaga already started struggling in 2013 and that was only 5 years after she debuted. I agree that gaga is more talented than Britney and has more awards but longevity, sales and hits I'm sorry no.

      4. Stp 86

        @Andy D If lasting in music means being #1 and having 1 bln views on YT, then my congratulations. Cause Brit wasn't #1 since idk 10 years ? And she hasn't got the views too. Gaga doesn't need that. She doesn't have to proof anything. Brit is just money making machine for her label. Gaga is somehow independent.

      5. Andy D

        Gaga was musically relevant for about 4 maybe 5 years then flopped with artpop and flopped even more with Joanne. Lets hope that she performs her early hits from the fame days because no once cared about ARTFLOP or Joanne. How sad that an untalented lipysncher lasted longer in the music industry than your fave!

    91. Paulo Sergio

      Queen!!!! deusa Afrodite.

    92. t

      Venus should have been the lead single of ARTPOP.

      1. Dom Wicz

        i'm still waiting for music video :(

      2. Christian Leonardo

        yes. he does not know how to pick good singles

      3. Jomari Paul Cunanan

        peter dee Then we lost the continuation of Telephone 😭

      4. peter dee

        it was suppose to be 2nd and burqa was the first single, but interscope sucks

      5. Jomari Paul Cunanan

        Venus, G.U.Y., MANiCURE, Applause, Gypsy, And Aura deserves more... And Aura should’ve been part 3 of Paparazzi-Telephone

    93. MissDolly01

      it's really freaking hard to do what she is doing right there... but she doesn't miss even for a second! This girl can sing her ass off!

    94. Monstë M

      4:00 Slay me with the camera angle.

    95. Danyren

      i adore this performance of Venus! the way gaga moves is memorizing

    96. Jazmine Valle

      1:00 -1:03 omg it's so Beautiful 💙💙

    97. Michael F.

      Lady GAGA is a mind control victim. She makes anything they want her to do. She is a pour human.

    98. Tu-Anh Ton

      this song is terrible but man i loooooove lady gaga. Go guuurl!!

    99. lady hurrem 3

      I very like lady gaga

    100. Aiden Shelford

      I didn't like this one very much :(