Lady Gaga & Elton John #ARTPOP 720pHD

Bane Knight

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    1. Alessandro Cosmai


    2. Charlotte Medina

      I was not expecting them at the end XD

    3. Jean Bass


    4. Urbain Bondja

      Magnifique belle chanson

    5. prokopis pantelis


    6. RBP

      Con todo ese apoyo, cualquiera es Lady Gaga.

    7. Ром Ком


    8. Austin Verlinden

      lol with the hair she kind of reminds me of nikki from Orange is the new black.

      1. i3

        Its nicky

    9. Mischelle S.


    10. Eltrevd

      Okay I'm gonna keep track on how many times I played this video. HAHA Drop a 'dot' every time you listened to this.

      1. Eltrevd




    12. Ира Мариненко

      Hee hee...

    13. Тимур Газалиев

      bst shw vr

    14. Ayako ness

      She is a... How can I say One of a genius in our era. Like a Mozart, he used to be. Even I don't know Mozart actually, of course. Just in my image. A person who can really enjoy music.

      1. Ayako ness

        @Horacio Gonzalez Thank you for your response. You have good expression. She is music! Exactly right. I couldn't find good words, so your sence of expression is touched me. Have a good day!

      2. Horacio Gonzalez

        She is Music🥺🥺🥺

    15. Selin Büyükkaraca

      WAITTT does Elton backvocal her :D

    16. solo soilo

      ja ja ja ja no entiendo ni medio pero me encanta esa mujer...siente la musica en el alma

    17. Георгий Мамукелашвили

      гага измотала самого мэтра) реально старикан не успевал за гагой на клавиши нажимать,превосходно !

    18. Fryderyk Chopin

      Gaga playback?

    19. Adrian Crespo

      Why tf are the ripoff muppets here

    20. zireg hanene

      Incroyable 🥰😍

    21. Carlos Uriel Avila Cardenas

      Más colaboraciones con el señor Elton ❤❤❤❤❤

    22. Il Ragazzo Tutto Musica

      The way them both look at each other is pure magic. 2020

    23. Sarah Hosseini

      You are maaa love...

    24. Kerri Anderson

      Brilliant artists classic yes we know there genius yea! From kerri

    25. Dany Van der Sypt

      juste parfait


      She's gorgeous 🙌

    27. KARRY Cheung

      I have to watch at least one per day...whats wrong with me🤣

    28. Mélusine MOREAU

      This pretation is my anti depressant! when i'm sad i look at it and the smile comes back ! I love, i love i love !!!!

    29. Tassilo_kun

      This is my personal therapy

    30. Игорь Комкин

      it's understandable why he left the best physical beauty and got the best moral beauty понятно почему он оставил лучшую физическую Красавицу и получил лучшую моральную красавицу


      Love this !!!!! My favourite performance and song from my two idols !!!! I saw Elton live in Barcelona just hours before his mom died !

    32. camiPOLLO


    33. Ej Aguon


    34. Mike Oley

      My girlfriend got super wasted when this aired during thanksgiving (i think) and got into it with the neighbors and then the cops after they were called. It was hilarious and out of character for her because she's insanely polite. Anyway, I'm watching this for the first time 7 years later because I missed it that night. We're married and expecting our second child in 2 weeks on thanksgiving :) Amazing performance by Gaga and Elton.

    35. Pol kosta

      She is amazing terrific awesome really impressive but my question is : is she singing live, playback or just out of sync.?

      1. tusyambochka

        live + back

    36. Mgr. Dagmar Semerakova

      This is one of my favorite videos

    37. Naomi Castorena

      Gaga is amazing

    38. Sophia Reichl

      every week i come here

    39. Cenk Akbostanci

      Hayattaki rmtek m9tivasyonum

    40. Entertainment

      I get chills every time

    41. Róbert Gábor Soronics

      This is amazing! These two persons are wonderful together! I love it!

    42. Freddie

      Elton can see the Freddie Mercury in Gaga (Her name came from Radio Gaga). He looks at her like he's gotten the chance to perform with his best friend again.

    43. Asher Cantine

      This version saved my life

    44. KERU

      Rythm, pop, harmony, madness. Just brillant.

    45. Johny Wolf Fuentes

      I was distracted for a moment and then.... Muppets appeared, that was... So freak

    46. В

      Gaga crazy, Elton crap

    47. Michael Daniel

      Master and apprentice

    48. Lil'Monster

      I love it!! But I hate this muppet show bullsh.t at the end

    49. Pavel Kim

      The magic of this vid is that you can switch the sound off but still beat with the hoofs!

    50. Rendaculur

      I literally can't stop watching this

    51. Андрей Пугачёв

      Ваще круть.

    52. Дима Пономаренко

      Scandal . How does she tease him ? did you see that? Супер .

    53. lucia fabiano

      Quanto pagherei per vedere dal vivo un loro concerto

    54. Uwe Ando

      She's act like his granddaughter on the christmas eve. Absolutely fell in love with that atmosphere and the song. Legendary artists.

    55. Helen Stewart

      Best if singers stick to singing and keep away from politics. I do not feel gaga anymore, as she went all political with current elections.

    56. Дима Пономаренко

      I love this video Bravo you are in the top. 2020 . Greetings from the USSR .

    57. Kelly Shatford

      I love how they look like they really love working with each other. They give such great music together

    58. Ana Luísa


    59. Kristiina Lagus

      Awesome! I am touched very!

    60. Maksim Stas

      Столько драйва!!.Лучшая вещь от л.Гага, ооочень круто ...Вайтхаус,рядом не стояла!

    61. Ana Abashvili

      i love you ledy Gaga & elton John

    62. Tábada Domingues

      We didn’t deserve the ARTPOP era

      1. Jon Vaughn

        My fav era

    63. Maria Elena Flores


    64. Cristina Figueirôa

      Misericórdia que performance do carai

    65. Central das Notícias


    66. Philipp Stark

      Both together, that's pure Artpop. Love it !

    67. Aline Berland

      Beautiful song Play again again...

    68. leticia ok

      Gaga es la reina del pop

    69. zoltan lajos varga

    70. desidiah

      never tired of this

    71. kristine burbey

      Never saw this one before. She looks so different. I am not a fan of Elton. Song okay

    72. Marcin Osiadacz

      She is so happy when she works with Elton :D amazing

    73. ваше величество

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😍😍❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️😻❤️😍❤️😻😍❤️😍😻❤️😻😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Обожаю гагу!!!!!!!!!! 11!!!1!

    74. Chistian Acajabon


    75. camiPOLLO

      WTF The mappets

    76. Alex

      это просто супер тандем, великолепный маэстро и шикарная дива!!!!!

    77. Rafik Djebbari

      THANK YOU for posting this omg

    78. LittleMonster gang

      Omg omg omggg

    79. Rezident Doktor

      Это было великолепно!!!

    80. Mariko Totsuka

      この歌 だいだいだいすき  また すぐに 何回も 聞きたくなる

    81. Eduardo S

      esta es una de sus mejores presentaciones televisadas y hasta me atrevería decir que es unas de las que ella mas disfruto. La total libertad de los gestos de su cara al compas del ritmo y su lenguaje corporal, deja en obvia evidencia que esta amando en cuerpo y alma lo que esta cantando y la felicidad que le produce estar haciendolo con Elton John. Es increíble lo que Gaga logra transmitir en esta presentación y demuestra la gran artista que es...

    82. А 1


    83. Alice Alice


    84. 王cindy

      Beautiful song.can't live without it

    85. Daniel DELUCIS

      2:12 Gaga 1 - Rest of the world 0

    86. TheTerralegion

      She beat Elton, you can't hear him.

    87. Jean-philippe cestmoi

      ..quels artistes !!!!😁👍👍👍👍👍👍

    88. Blah God


    89. NiceGuysFinishLas100

      The puppets at the end are absolutely the best part.

    90. 麗婷王

      my fav version

    91. 王cindy

      Nice again.each time I repeat to listen it.And I am having a different feeling.

    92. Tito Jauregui


    93. Mikayla Hayes

      You can have the bigger piano Elton, but don't you dare wear bigger heels than me

    94. pavel šafář


    95. Orlando Vera

      The Muppets really love Lady Gaga.

    96. Maria Lomena Gomes

      I love this song! Elton John and Lady Gaga are all!

    97. Rose marie G. Aqino

      Gaga and elton have a nice voice

    98. Rainer Kurtz

      Gänsehaut. Bei der Stelle ab 2:40 bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob die beiden Live-**X haben..

    99. Maria Lucia Refi

      She is very very great!!!

    100. Sys 66

      Class a la anglse tree class