Lady Gaga Tells Ellen Why She Can't Let Go of 'A Star Is Born' Character


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    Grammy winner Lady Gaga talked with Ellen about why she can't let go of her character Ally in "A Star Is Born," and how her co-star and director Bradley Cooper made the film set a "sanctuary" filled with trust.

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    1. Pratik Bhaumik

      It has the same story as an indian movie called "ashiqui 2"

    2. The End

      Ε ρε μούρλα

    3. P H

      911 LADY GAGA

    4. Klesk Quake

      Lol il succone del discorso..

    5. Maria Rudzinska

      Her dress though... absolutely georgeus 🥰

    6. M. Anis

      She's just lovely & cute She's perfect 😊

    7. Alana Imboden

      Definitely she is a great actress and an amazing singer is one of those you will remember for ever

    8. Wealthy Lady

      I think this is my sign to be an actress...go into my other gifts movie/film. 🤑

    9. Jana Devaru

      Be you,love yourself first and never give up of your dream🙏😅⚘♥️🥳🥳🥳

    10. G Hart

      More like she cant let go of bradley

    11. Van Vann

      Amazing movie A Star is Born I brought the movie and it was worth every penny and more. So Gaga still waiting for you and Bradley Cooper to get together and get married and have little coopers.

    12. MrMelgibstein

      Gaga Hasn't grown taller but her voice has gotten deeper.

    13. Jane Baldwin

      Love her!❤️❤️❤️

    14. Taewoo Taewoo

      2009: Call Me Gaga 2016: Call Me Joanne 2018: Call Me Lady 2020: Call Me Lady Gaga *2029: Call Me Gady Lala*

    15. Peter Limato

      Here 4 u Ellen in season 18🌈

    16. Lupe Salas

      Buenos dias amiga Dios te bendiga

    17. Daniel Mcfarland

      I never watched her before until a star is born if she made more music like that it would be great and the natural look is better

    18. Danielle Faye

      omg shes so stunning

    19. Jennie Down

      Love both these ladies.

    20. Arkham Asylum controller


    21. Noelle

      I KNOW she got fibromyalgia cause she always looks like she's in so much pain....literally stiff as a board.

    22. Makayla Patty

      Years later and looks great and has matured a lot love ellen and lady gaga

    23. Lorenzo Spaans


    24. Palestine 1948

      Pédagogie ring

    25. sabari nath

      This women has so many phases.. One of most complex.. And layers of talent and integrity... Oo God she is a pop icon.. A incomparable actress.. An enthusiastic humanitarian.. One of greatest song writer.. U name it she fkkdd it.. Luv u mother monster 🤩🤩🤩

    26. fon zy

      3:34 ellen's face after gaga complimented her for telling people to be kind at the end of her shows 💀 she said "if only you knew how i treat my employees"

    27. Zvonimir Dulic

      Hallo Lady ich liebe dich , weil du so Gaga bist ! Zvonimir

    28. Helen Fennell

      Background is Epsteins Island...hmmmmm

    29. tankercrewchief

      I like how Ellen is so nice to her guests and audiences... I wish Ellen would have also been nicer to her employees as well

    30. Saikat Banik

      Guys if You like'A star is born' then u should aslo see the Bollywood version 'Ashiqui 2'( 2013).I personally felt that Bollywood version is better and the songs became huge hits in India Y can check Ashiqui 2 songs ( if u don't understand language, at least feel the music)

      1. Cyclonus 82

        Pls i watched that too. It pales in comparison to ASIB. Also Shallow is the most awarded song.

    31. littleshengsheng


    32. Rosemary Wanjiru

      The first clip🤣🤣

    33. Barbara Zebinger


      1. jackson smith


    34. knight Bang Bang

      I love lady gaga

    35. Mayank Yaduvanshi

      Aashiqui 2 bana rakhi hai

    36. dream luvr

      1:38 her speaking voice is so beautiful... I love the way she says “surprised” with that little chime in her voice

    37. plolololololoo

      Gaga Queen 💛

    38. Heidenheim75

      2009: Call me Gaga 2018: Call me Lady 2020: Call me satanic

      1. jackson smith

        Gymnastics Aloud ummm yes she is she said it multiple times. YOU SIR are not Jesus and don’t decide if someone is Christian or not

      2. Heidenheim75

        @jackson smith Because she said so? Just like Madonna she is using a lot of satanic symbolism in her videos.

      3. jackson smith

        she’s literally a Christian

    39. Cara & Carla Shearouse


    40. Katia katia

      Lady Gaga is amazing actress although she admits she is not good at remembering things😁. I always thought acting is all about remembering things😄

    41. allisha valdez

      "Be kind" Gaga gives Ellen credit it turns out Ellen & her work environment is anything but!

    42. Kathleen Cartwright

      She’s more mature now

    43. Зухра Иралиева


    44. Gabriel Cota

      Pretty lady....I love ur laugh.

    45. roberts anatomy

      Lady Gaga every second she speaks “You know” “ know” “yeah, you know” I think is her favorite word, because she said every time.

    46. João Victor

      "Passion and fighting to be who you are, i think these are the two most important things in the world" Watch how Ellen melts after hearing that from Miss Lady

    47. SLove

      Lady is not only gorgeous but charismatic, charming and kind. We must protect her at all costs

    48. Perry Ed


    49. Cate Harward

      I’m living for her in lavender. She looks gorgeous

    50. Jesus Christ Is Lord911

      John 3:14-21 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 14 As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up; 15 so that whoever [a]believes will in Him have eternal life. 16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His [b]only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. 18 He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the [c]only begotten Son of God. 19 This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”

    51. K ZM

      Did she get some work done here?

    52. Anastazja

      i love her dress so much that colour looks so beautiful on her 🥺

    53. ShuJiyeon

      i love her baby voice but her matured voice sounds so beautiful

    54. Lioness Gaga

      How about mislading

    55. Patchouli von Darnassus

      well she had smaller roles...a star is born was her first great one!! she played an ALIEN in Men in Black :D

    56. Caroline L

      She had plastic surgery. Having "coin" buys a lot of beauty.

    57. Phoebe4ever White

      Me nether ga ga

    58. barbara fiddlestiques


    59. Tracy Short


    60. Tania Mcphelim

      Lady Gaga is amazing she is good at everything she does. She puts her heart and soul into all she does

    61. Lucius

      2018: My name is Ally 2020: My name isn't Alice

    62. Racheal Cook

      There’s some kind of tension between these two.. they have hooked up guaranteed lol

    63. Evin TAS

      2009: call me Gaga 2018: call me lady 2020: call me lady Gaga 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    64. piyush priyadarshi

      Those 👂 👂 of Ellen!


      Her growth 🌟

    66. Abby YNSTE


    67. Chloe Louise

      She's so pure, the world needs more singers like Gaga and that's the truth.

    68. Hope Adams

      She totally an amazing actor ❤🖤🌷

    69. SJ S

      Marina Abramovics. Spirit cooking. Lady GaGa.cult. The fall of the cabal.

      1. Király Márk


    70. Alec Leo

      her voice changes a lot.. from these era, fame - young voice fame monster - young adult voice born this way - ... not same as 👆 artpop - hmmmm.. cheek to cheek - more to soprano joanne - full throttle voice

    71. Günter Günsel

      Pure evil.

      1. Király Márk

        Pure kindness.

    72. Soundwave

      How Ma'ny b÷a=bies, ha-ve th!ese tw*o mu'rd$ered? Chromatica=andrenchrome. They say that sat'an°ists have to reveal their true selves, to the world.

    73. Zhi Jia

      Lady gaga is truly a beautiful person, inside and outside.

    74. Lori

      Just another dude 🤔

      1. lovely oranges

        Lori Modica no she’s not

    75. Shelea Harris


    76. Rafael

      👁🙈🖕 Look at the Epstein Island background...yep. adrenochrome junkies

    77. Eric Raven Sanchez

      I love you lady gaga and Ellen

    78. miap

      i love this entire look, hair make up and outfit 😍💛

    79. Renee Moncrief

      Their Satnists...Pizzagate is wide open ladies. YOU'RE going to prison. Money doesn't win!

      1. Király Márk

        Renee Moncrief it's fake. Money doesn't win but the TRUTH is won!

    80. B Bozant

      She Won. Golden Globe as The Countess In American Horror Story Hotel

    81. Tracey H

      I,ll always remember her that way.

    82. Tracey H

      When "A Star was born "really showed lady Gaga,s pure star that she really is.not just a great singer but actress also.That film was mind blowing and songs were so great.

    83. Flora Buttee

      Adrenochrome anyone???

      1. Király Márk

        Conspiracy theory.

    84. I’m Swingin’

      These comments before my last said 1 day ago and now say 1 year......and the opinion of her is much different today than a year ago. From what I see and read.

    85. I’m Swingin’

      What’s going on in these comments.....

      1. I’m Swingin’

        Király Márk personally I know no one who is jealous of a satanic witch ...js

      2. Király Márk

        I’m Swingin’ there are so many jealous idiots.

    86. Sweet Vermouth

      But can I trust Lady

    87. Arjan Muggen

      They both have one thing in common. They sure do like Adre***hrome....

      1. Király Márk

        Arjan Muggen they dont

    88. Bikash Mohanty

      Gaga is a goddes....

    89. Susanne Simpson

      Heard ellen was not at all kind. Sges been really rude to her stage hands.

    90. Ding Ding G

      Look up Lina Morgana and you’ll see how Gaga got her persona- now since the film she’s just becoming more like her real self that was a basic cheerleader.

    91. Mr Iso Lated

      Mr Gaga & Mr Ellen

    92. Beverly Sue Kwityn

      Lots of songs about Passion. I agree with Lady Gaga since 2010

    93. Jim Halpert

      She’s gorgeous

    94. Emmanuel Marian Mathew

      1:01 Not pretentious at all Ellen

    95. Isabel Monachello


      1. Király Márk

        Isabel Monachello umm, yes. She is the kindest.

    96. TripleB1888

      She is so beautiful. She was also in the Sopranos!

    97. Tania Rock’n’Rolla

      I’m in love in the way she says “DONE” 🥰🥰🥰

    98. Kara Lozdan

      I used to love Lady Gaga, but this song is awful, movie is awful

    99. Tommy Sweetweather


      1. KimKardashionsRightHip

        You do know that gaga has 300m not 900? Even then she has her own charity and spends millions to charities

    100. Felipe Vinícius