Lady Gaga Takes Over The Late Late Show

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    On the day her Carpool Karaoke premieres, Lady Gaga crashes James's monologue before sitting in with Reggie Watts and The Late Late Show band to sing her single "A-Yo" from her new album. Buy Lady Gaga's new album 'Joanne' here:
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    Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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    1. Tony Gorga

      Awesome voice. That hollow body is bigger than her.

    2. NG

      She is such a STAR!

    3. Stella Sutton

      She's so cute.

    4. May Anita Morstøl

      She looks so amazing....

    5. miminandrei


    6. Brian Meaker

      If James did the show through pandemic with no pants. I would nit complain

    7. Niki Maricar Tano

      lady gaga so fresh and shining rockstar-superstar 😎 love lots to u 😎 im a big fan

    8. Sophie Lorusso

      Love lady Gaga

    9. Love Rebel

      live it in applaud song she killed it

    10. rolanduniverse

      4:56 what happened to her

    11. Zach Cloutier

      Lady Gaga is my favorite!!

    12. Flávio Fernandes

      Nothing more fair with our Lady Gaga, Joe Biden playing The Edge Of Glory at the victory party. Whoever agrees takes the idea forward. Save Joe Biden! Save Lady Gaga! I love Lady Gaga!!!❤️

    13. Alexandre A

      she is very mediocre

    14. bar 1995

      I wish she'd get her own show like singers did in the old days.

    15. Liz D

      ‘Matt... that is correct.’

    16. Henchan Basumatary

      Wow Lady Gaga is very attractive and impressive

    17. Braulio Vargas Ocampo

      Joanne my love

    18. Kate


    19. Red Swift Fox


    20. zoltan lajos varga

    21. Mr. BlobBERRY

      Singing like that does not suit a shiny dress

      1. Rufa Faye Quinto

        Who cares? She slays anyway

    22. Niki Stoilova

      We miss One Direction

      1. Nialler chOnce horan


    23. Afiq Diniy

      4:40 and 5:49

    24. Abner Rigaud

      Mrs Guinsburg was a brilliant mind, a living legend. During her long life, she's been through some hard stuff, but she never played anything down, she never wavered, she told the truth. She stood for human rights. The rights of all the American people. Regardless of who they are. In one word: She stood for justice. I guess that's what our president had in mind when he said truthfully:« She was an amazing woman, whether you agree or not.»

    25. Jason Larson

      She is sexy, great singer and great actress a real triple threat

    26. Mac-N-Cheese

      James I love you much.

    27. miminandrei

      increible lo tiene todo esta estrella de verdad whow!!

    28. Амангельды Мукаев

      So active after the quarantine😊✌

    29. UMICL

      You can tell she was lowkey pissed that guy got the last adlib 😂

    30. Samuel Wong

      Wow, the best corden video of all time !

    31. HarveyShankar

      Gaga trying the chuck berry is a fail

    32. Emmanuel Beraho

      2:25 James pulling back his pinky is hillariousssss!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Rafael Factor

      Anybody gonna talk about james with no pants?

    34. kinglarrythefirst

      Gaga's a Legend. End of story.

    35. Applejuice1952

      Watching in Sept. 2020

    36. 王cindy

      Gift from the God

    37. Juan David Lizcano


    38. Craig Gordon


    39. Matthew Porter

      More Reggie and Gaga!!

    40. Tiziano Colucci

      Gaga è una interprete formidabile, con una voce strepitosa! Grande!!!

    41. MW


    42. Віола Корнєєва

      👁🔥Lady Gaga🔥👁

    43. ratau tuku

      Guys, correct me if I'm wrong. Is that female bass player behind Gaga actually the bassist girl in "School of Rock"?

    44. Sorcerer Scott

      I love when Lady Gaga has no real choreography and just vibes!! 💖

    45. Kendrick J Glover

      she such a beautiful talented butterfly

    46. Ayu

      "Lady HaHa" is so cute! 💖

    47. stephanie laurie

      Spirit cooking Satanist

    48. Marvin Limosnero

      i hope she read my comments: I LOVE THE NEW LADY GAGA....WOW

    49. Drake Lovemore

      I loved Lady Gaga since I was in highschool and I am 14 years old and now I am 33..

    50. Junius Go

      She looks good when in a dress. Much appreciative.looking....

    51. Sam Forte

      Gaga's a beaut fight me

    52. Mer Diazz

      Who is agree that gaga look so cute by acting like a kid ❤🥺

    53. Marisa De Giglio

      she can sing anything love her

    54. sian

      1:17 lady haha

    55. jeremy 16 Jimenez

      Please vote Lady Gaga on vma please

    56. Matthew Williamson


    57. Julie Cliche

      N Laurence Lambert

    58. Gabriel Cota

      Another hit... love it, love her. Beautiful with a sense of humor n can play the guitar. Amazing.

    59. fresa podrida


    60. Amanda R Thomas

      That hat and guitar was everything

    61. madi

      ugh i love her sm 😭🥰

    62. dicky Taylor

      I hate you James corden👎👎👎

    63. Arwin Dulay

      she's so adorable

    64. Sweet Ku

      this is why lady gaga jam with men, shes a rockstar dude! me: love you lady gaga! lady gaga: i love you too me: 😍❤😍

    65. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

      Okay I’m sorry, but look at how the cheering became so much louder when she came out of the curtains.

    66. evan320

      sorry GAGA, i just cant focus on the base lady....

    67. Dani Kautzmann


    68. ettore mariani

      L Gaga is amazing

    69. Ali Koc

      Dam sehe is good....!

    70. Gina DV

      Lady Gaga is so incredibly talented and a true rocker with an amazing voice...WOW😲😲🏆🏆

    71. Kimpoy Fajardo

      Ive Known gaga since i was like 5th grade Back 2008 but never been a fan. NOT SINCE JOANNE ERA. I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA. ❤

    72. Kimpoy Fajardo

      She Is so Beautiful in Joanne Era ❤

    73. Kris Sy

      I love how gaga has matured from a liberated gangster to a defined singer. Just imagine lady gaga wearing the same rebellious and scandalous outfit for 10years, she will look stupid. Love you Mother Monster.

    74. Hizam Mango

      Lady Gaga was acting like a 6 year old ki in this part 3:05

    75. Robert Lust

      Reno 911 is ok I like Brooklyn 99 too

    76. Robert Lust

      And causes and stuff

    77. Robert Lust

      Most people I like smoke weed

    78. Robert Lust

      I support CBS late night shows

    79. Robert Lust

      She made that movie with ncanahay in it

    80. Robert Lust

      My dad loves sapranos. I hate trump we disagree?

    81. Robert Lust

      I saw a Congress man that looked like sapranos boss

    82. Sandy Church

      She’s so awesome ❤️❤️❤️

    83. Toffifee13

      I wish James Corden was the third man in my marriage. Good lord, he is freaking hot!

    84. Hailey Brown

      Lady Gaga cured my depression that I didn’t know I had

    85. Carlos Uriel Avila Cardenas

      Lady HaHa 🤭❤😂

    86. Ashley Kuhn

      I Love gaga

    87. Samara Lopes

      I LOVE LADY GAGA. my monster mommy😢💗💗💗

    88. Apenas canções


    89. Lew Chain

      The singing is just ...impeccable!!!

    90. Ballweg Ulrich

      Ich mag the new gaga in the late Late Show!

    91. Alex Kuznetsov

      I am not a big fan of Gaga. But I do think she is very talented artist!

    92. Michael DeGovanni

      She’s an Italian badass

    93. Angela Thrasher

      Lady Gaga is soooooo gorgeous, entertaining and talented all rolled into one beautiful package!!! God was so nice to her and spent a bit of extra time creating her!!

    94. Davo


    95. F B

      When she's a lady she's a lady, when she's a gaga she's a gaga

    96. Koekje Van Nougats

      I LOVE THIS SHOW,,,,,,

    97. Ric Groenendal

      Am I the oldest "little monster" in America?

    98. Tremmors

      Was the Guitar Player on the right there on work experience, seemed a bit lost.

    99. Thais Da Silva Amorim

      Muito bom esse programa e apresentador vem pro Brasil

    100. UOSTON013

      I love the guitar lady