Lady Gaga Gypsy ( LIVE The AMPYA Moment )

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    Lady Gaga Gypsy

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    1. Sophia Reichl

      so powerful!

    2. Sam Singler

      sometimes i forget that this performance happened in this dimension

      1. Kukuh Santoso

        Yes TRUE Because she sent us to other dimension ❤️

    3. Satan_ 666

      Oh my fucking god this was one of the purest live I’ve ever seen

    4. A.E Torrez

      Hey position

    5. Heyam 21

      قلبي يوجعني وانا اسمع لها شايفين الشقرا هذي انا ذايبة

    6. Θοδωρής Τσαντίλης

      I remember I was watching this live and I burst into tears.... I was 15 years old then.

    7. Nils

      Someone still watching in 2020?

      1. David Perez

        Nils and still crying every time I watch it LOL

    8. Seçil Hilal


      1. A.E Torrez

        Hi my name is Amanda

    9. Aurelis Bencomo

      I will never get over this

    10. Tim Fixemer

    11. David Skn

      💗 😢😢😢

    12. Joshua’s HAUS

      My all time favorite Gaga song.

    13. Jay [Justin] H.

      And they compare her to people like Katy Perry? Wow what a voice! This is one of her best live performances in my opinion!

      1. Kukuh Santoso


    14. Jed Mayo

      4 years

      1. Yaku Elric

        Hi my name isn't Alice

      2. A.E Torrez

        Hi my name is Amanda

      3. nightmusic •


    15. Alex79

      Big eyes!

    16. Lee's Gaming / Whatever

      So powerful. So amazing. Makes me sob.

    17. Juliito Rios

      que buen video :D JAJAJAJ

      1. A.E Torrez

        Hi my name is Amanda