Lady Gaga - MANiCURE (Lyric Video)

Junior Myers

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    This is my first lyric video, just a attempt. Hope you guys enjoy the result.
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    1. john vincent ocubillo

      OMG this is so perfect

    2. Ramirez Cruz Edwin Noe

      This is fking ART!

    3. Matheus Menezes Cordeiro

      2:48 = perfection

    4. bobby g

      Can't believe Lady Gaga invented nail grooming

    5. SRC

      Miraaaaa junior!!! This is so good and tu muy guapo

    6. sailor boy

      Now that homestuck consumed my soul i can't listen to it properly without thinking about some grey fish greaser dancing to it

      1. Hahahaha No

        that statement is far too relatable

    7. Jorge Ostos

      Doug Aldrich, yes!

    8. Pedro Pimenta

      Essa música é um completo hino injustiçado

    9. Benjamin Carreño

      2020 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    10. CLOSED

      Justice For ART Pop 😭😭😭😭

    11. Cristina Trifan

      After this, was Joanne! Love how this sounds!

    12. Anne Bolleyn

      I love this song!

    13. 착하게살자

      레이디가가 사랑해~ 건강!

    14. Ju Piter

      Did he get the Oscar for the visual effects and promotion her album? This is phenomenal 👀

    15. Rhapsody HC Mashups

      Manicure and Gypsy are my favorite from Artpop. I still wish that they were singles.

    16. Cookie Olaphante

      The most underrated song from ARTPOP

    17. Beyond Studios

      Ah yes, the Homestuck have invaded

    18. Soul Mechanics

      Very well done, unknown channel operator. Good news! You are now being implemented. 😐

    19. Tashmi Sabah


    20. Kiwi Baby

      This video is everything 😍

    21. Phil Trash #2

      cronus pls i-

    22. Talita Soares de Castro


    23. Pedro Leão

      Artpop should've definetely been a visual album because every song would be great with a music video for it

    24. Avatar Kyoshi

      Here after listening to Chromatica! Gaga you are amazing!! 🎶🎵🌊🎵🎶🎵🎵🌊🎶🎵🌊🌊

    25. je o

      Vengo de cromática rayos el lyrics es bueno

    26. Yugvijay


    27. Stephen Zevon

      Put your hands up - make ‘em touch And Squeeze tease me please me Are just genius lyrics

    28. Sebastian Soko

      this sounds like a yo

    29. Free Human 073

      It Should Be A Big Hit

    30. Luis Montes

      Who else excited for #CHROMATICA ?

    31. Ronnie Peras

      I thought this was the official lyric video

    32. Vince Uy


    33. Angela Quezada Pino

      ahhahaha Seco!!!

    34. ShuJiyeon

      should've been a single.

    35. Marta Silvio

      The graphics of this video is in the lady gaga style! I love it too, the song then ... TOP

    36. HaliQuinn


      1. HaliQuinn

        @kodzukei they're right, We can't 😔✊ MANiCRO for yearssssss

      2. Phil Trash #2

        pupa WE CANT FIGHT IT MAN

      3. kodzukei

        HaliQuinn - ITS 2020 PLEASE LET MANiCRO REST



    38. luciano davila

      I know i can't judge what producers and artists want as a single, but, at least, i want to know what did they have in their heads at choosing singles? (i'm not saying it in a bad way). This was a perfect track for a single. Another example is Katy's "Roulette" from Witness.

      1. luciano davila

        @SombR3ro Thank you!

      2. SombR3ro

        If it is suitable for radios or not, and is there a large audience for this music or this kind of music

    39. SuperMen 332

      MANiCURE = Telephone Part 2

    40. moon_ boi

      If you don't approve of me playing this song while we have sex, we're through

    41. Milan Saddler

      🎵I'm gon be manicured you wanna be man-cured ma ma ma manicured she wanna be man-cured!🎵 😁😁😁😋😉😋 #Manicure!!! 😁😁😁

    42. Fabiaan Vergara

      they weren’t ready for this, this album is awesome 💖💖💖💖💖

    43. Teera Xo

      Singles should have been 1. Applause 2. Gypsy 3. Do What U Want 4. Manicure 5. Donatella

      1. RodriVlogs

        1. Applause 2. G.U.Y (with b-side Venus and with that incredible video she brought us) 3. Gypsy ALBUM RELEASE!! 4. DWUW (with christina and a lot of promotional performances) 5. Swine (promo single, no video and b-side Donatella)

      2. Teera Xo

        @PJ Khaled A ballad as a lead? I think Applause was the perfect lead because it was a good simple pop song.Gypsy should have been the second single right in time for the holiday. Aura would have flopped on US radio it's way too chaotic/EDM and not enough pop.

      3. PJ Khaled

        IMO, (Lead) Gypsy, (Second) G.U.Y/Venus (Third) Aura/Burqa (To Continue the Telephone Trilogy) (Potential Fourth) DWYW (Solo)/MANiCURE/ARTPOP (Promo Single/No Video) Dope/Swine.

      4. Teera Xo

        @Prateek Kumar It should have been featuring The Weeknd instead of R Kelly.

      5. Prateek Kumar

        Not do what u want, it’s controversial and r jelly was already going to court for his crimes at the time

    44. Kathleen Montero

      2020? Anyone

    45. dyllie // black heart.

      i never understood the puns behind these lyrics thank you

    46. Crax

      Two words: sexy cronus

    47. Ibra

      Love the outro

    48. Ibra

      This song should've been the lead single for ArtPop

    49. Ibra

      Joanne vibes

    50. FeralPath

      Hey cool video!

    51. НОИЕУ


    52. Hailee S

      How the singles should have been 1. Applause 2.Do What U Want (Ft. The Weeknd) 3. Gypsy 4. Donatella (Ft. Nicki Minaj) 5. Manicure

    53. --

      I recently started listening to her music because of the Bloody Mary song on tic tok. Can someone recommend a song like this?

      1. --

        Xanthicusdevil thanks

      2. Xanthicusdevil

        Venus, Aura, Jewels N Drugs, G.U.Y, Fashion!, Mary Jane Holland, are all part of the Artpop album itself and have a similar vibe but differentiate lyrically in a good aspect.

    54. •Gïnny •Hendersøn•

      Bu nasıl kaydesiliyodu ya

    55. T Martin

      I just really paid attention to the lyrics. Makes me like LG even more.

    56. Jaime

      What is the app do you use to make these videos?

    57. J Guest

      What a song! YOU NAILED IT! 【i need fake laugh】

    58. Britney Butch Tolentino

      This is an example of an Iconic Lyric Video

    59. Meiツ

      medieval plague doctors be like: man, i cure

    60. Dann R

      Pop girls need to hire their gay fans. So talented omg!

    61. Monstë M

      *Lookin serial killer, man is a gonerRRR* fuck me up with the atmosphere 💀🔥

    62. Cris Uriostegui

      2019? anyone

    63. VENUS 200,000

      God will never forgive the humanity because this got damn masterpiece of got damn song is not god damn single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. lugialover09

      I entirely forgot this wasn't a song exclusive to Homestuck. Whoops.

    65. Alfernadojandro Jandro

      🍝🥫i love spaghetti😋

    66. Evil Merv

      It makes me laugh when I see “that’s what I said” and realize is the that’s so Raven font

    67. Talha Demirbaş


    68. Tumbling Star

      All these homestucks in the comments.......yeah that's why jm here too lmao

    69. Frank Zong

      my fav part 2:47

    70. Rafael Soares

      My love IS Song 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    71. subin thiren

      This is like the official lyric video omggg

    72. apanp

      I think i've heard this song somewhere else, if it's in my recommended videos then it means something.

    73. turntech Godheads

      *Homestuck has entered the chat*

    74. Edguar Morales

      A-yo A-yo we smokin’ ‘em all 🎼🎸 😅

    75. Jerem Lmdvr

      Bad kids, Electric chapel and manicure = Rock 😍😍😍

    76. Fatima Shine


      1. Winkelmann Family

        Fatima Shine MEEEEEE

    77. mahdi nobandan

      I loooooooooooooooooove you gaga ❤❤❤❤


      Best Lyrics

    79. Alex Vause rocks

      Gaga is a pop genius

    80. Selin Naz Sur

      The Homestucks in the comments. I love y'all and I love that asshole Cronus.

    81. Kokichi Ouma


    82. sin wentian

      This is my hoe anthem

    83. Fact BG


    84. Shev Johnson

      This song puts me in a MOOD !!

    85. Blair Redfield

      What do i need to make such a video????


      Love gaga 😘2019??

    87. Lina Patricia Espinosa Espinosa

      After years, I still having the same question: For write the song A-yo, she inspired in this?

    88. arnab deb

      So this is about inviting sex

    89. Free Bitch

      Gaga is a legend 💞

    90. Wikia Sirens

      MANiCURE = Poker Face 2.0 Mary Jane Holland = Bloody Mary 2.0 Gypsy = Hair 2.0 Venus = Bad Romance 2.0 Applause = Born This Way 2.0 Do What U Want = Dance In The Dark 2.0 Sexxx Dreams = Paparazzi 2.0

    91. ashe kamisori


    92. Hugh W

      Honestly manicure could of saved art pop of it was a released single

      1. Matheus Lanerre

        Manicure, Donatella, Gypsy...

    93. Weird Clara


    94. SushiRoll Speaks

      It’s a shame barely anyone in the comments section is here cus they love Lady Gaga! I’m here because this song and album are incredible. 🌈

    95. this is a comment

      1:59 FAVORITE part

    96. Isidro Guevara

      Applause, Do What U Want, MANiCURE, G.U.Y, and to a certain extent, Gypsy, were OBVIOUS single choices for ARTPOP! If released in the correct order, ARTPOP could have been a bigger album!!!

    97. skinnylegend -

      i didnt realise that this wasn't the official music video until now lmao good job this is amazing

    98. Chilli Nail

      Super !!!!!!!