Lady Gaga - Marry The Night - Premios EMA MTV 2011 Belfast


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    Lady Gaga - Marry The Night - Premios EMA MTV 2011 Belfast

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    1. Markiezel

      Lady Gaga is one of a kind you can't trash her meaningful music and fashion. She is one of the most powerful and influential Women in Industry!!! Period.

    2. Jego Rafael

      this would've been HUGE if she did this in 2021

    3. Mia Menéndez Menéndez

      Gaga invented singing better than the studio version

    4. Eastern08

      Lady gaga's dress looks like an onion peel XD

    5. Ivan Garay

      She is the best forever 🤩🤩🤩


      Wow she is incredible, amazing, beautiful, and creative! The costume is outstanding, the singing made me cry, she’s just breathtaking. I wonder how people thought of her in 2011 because I was only 6 at the time so I don’t remember. I hope people did cus I really do. She’s an amazing singer and I wish music these days would just have a little meaning. I miss this decade so much ❤️

    7. Les Girls O Musical

      Oi de qdo e esse video?

      1. Lucas Serpa


    8. Nicolas Chacon

      Might be one the best performances of her

    9. Ash Lufias

      i remember watching it first time few years ago. i dont know what to say about gaga. because this is beyond amazing talented and beyond incredible performance. one of the best show for marry the night live... 😍😍😍

    10. Ruben Cabezas


    11. Gamer _boy

      Right, this is the truth. She is a great singer but the outfits she wears are just strange and feels like she needs to be herself more. Like in the video she wearing what it looks like to be a satellite dish, she also wore a meat dress at the video music awards like they are just weird what she wears. The lady gaga now such as a star is born and perfect illusion I actually like her wearing her normal clothes and her REAL hair down and not some messed up crazy fuzzy hair (Not to sound rude) All her songs I like but outfits I don't like as much.

      1. Solly Lan

        You should understand that in that moment Lady Gaga was introducing the "weird" to music and fashion. The meat dress it's just one of her iconic moments. Btw you should see what she's doing right now, instead of weird, she's with the Technology. MAYBE you'll like it.

    12. Jaime Castro Ramirez ugly......🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Ugly woman ok 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    13. Pab-Pab U.

      2020 and i still can't sing in that position 1:21 💔

    14. Osvaldo A Aldana

      3:56 ICON

    15. I am From Pleiades

      At the end when she throws her mic and then does the ending choreography...a true legend, an iconic queen! Gaga is a SUPERSTAR

    16. Lady Gaga Live

      I miss Lady Gaga 😞💔

    17. Daniel eduardo Garcia mariscal

      Como olvidar esta presentacion

    18. ESC Monster

      Who's watching this after 2020 EMAs

    19. Francisco Blanco

      Grande Lady Gaga

    20. Miss Tia

      G O D N E S S

    21. NiccoLaX B

      cuando no habia covid

    22. blinkuh

      im gonna tell my kids this was the first human on the moon

    23. Samuel Nascimento


    24. Momo

      You either saw this when it happened and lost your shit(I did) Or you saw it 9years too late and still lost your shit.

    25. אמיר פרץ


    26. L

      I'm fucking living for this performance

    27. Adolf Hitler

      lady gaga made a pact with the devil to have fame, money and fortune, is subject to mk ultra control, god have mercy on your soul, if you repent he will forgive you, do it before you die and go to hell :,(

      1. L

        🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪🎪

    28. אמיר פרץ


    29. אמיר פרץ


    30. Santiago Cataño Ospina

      I can't believe that gaga invented Space Exploration, Iconic!

    31. Minu

      I still cant believe that Gaga invented the moon

    32. Ittai Monterrubio

      Aún recuerdo haber oído esta hermosa canción en vivo en mi tv tranquilamente sabiendo que era un momento en la historia que debía atesorar cada segundo. Casi como enjoy the silence, icónico en letra y melodía. Perfecta actitud, presentación, mensaje, atuendo, baile... Sentimiento :')

    33. Miracle Winchester

      Planet Chromatica

    34. Kate K

      i am a little monster ever since i first heard just dance and let me tell you something. I love the new Gaga, I love everything she does but I wish she would go back to doing performances like this.

    35. BB

      she was hated for being "weird",(she isn't weird , she's uniqe) and after couple of years she stopped and everyone wanted her back

    36. Callum Pritchard

      shes litterally on a moon, iconic

    37. Puk La year

      Queen of POP

    38. Fernando Pulido

      Gaga at her best

    39. Rikson Félix

      Eu sou apaixonado nessa música e nessa apresentação. Memorável

    40. Official Instrumentals

      you can dislike her, but you can't say she isn't a talented person who always makes a show

    41. Oscar Pineda

      Muy original, me encanta lady gaga y como hace una buena presentación con tan poco.

    42. Cassendra Evangelista

      def one of the best performance of gaga. the energy is incomparable.

    43. Lo Ve

      Gagaaaaaaaaaa 💜

    44. Ulhises Ch P

      And then came Artpop. It is hard choosing one favourite song and this is such a powerful one.

    45. Caleb Grund

      OMG 😱 the end it’s iconic

    46. João Antonio Moura

      Lady histórica!!! 👀2020

    47. Amen McMahon

      The ending is better here than on the studio version

    48. Suu Amaral

      Su voz en vivo es ⚡⚡ mejor que en las versiones de estudio. Increíble ❤

    49. Jose Alejandro

      She did this masterpiece live peformance at her 25 years old.

    50. Adam Forgan

      Her little foot tapping at 1.00 kills me for some reason 😂

    51. Odracir Orrocac

      Lo vi en vivo un domingo en la tarde sin subtítulos

    52. rayminthecat

      It's like I'm holding my breath

    53. Gorkem A

      1.23 is me waiting my top to bring me towel

    54. Himeros Of Gaga Haus

      Tienes un bicho en la cabeza YO: 4:01

    55. Varon Anfone

      Her overall performance is amazing no one can beat lady gaga 2020

    56. Sabbaruddin


    57. Alice Scarllet

      I love the way Asiel enters the stage at 3:08. So confident! ❤️

    58. evelyn andrea

      This song take me when i was only 15 years old i feel so sad too many years ago

    59. Hariel Abreu

      Te amo gaga ❤️🇧🇷🥺

    60. JordanJaiMonáe

      Aww 2011, the beginning of ppl using cell phones to record concerts lol.

    61. Glassballoons s


    62. PML PML

      04:29 tho :))))

    63. Mon Parallèle Urbain


    64. Samuela Turuva

      Yassss Mother Monster❤️ Quarantine Got Me Here 💃🏿💐 Who else is watching 🖐️

    65. Hamster

      The OG drag queen

    66. xolanic

      Is this the outfit she is wearing at the end of the Marry the Night music video??

    67. Igor Bomfim

      Essa apresentação não tem defeitos

    68. Raúl Palomo

      You're the Best Gaga. I love Gaga 💖

    69. Romain B.

      She paved the way for new generation before her live performance were all the same


      EU FUI. EU TAVA.

    71. Geyson Garcia Adrianzen

      Eso sí es arte, no la pendejada de Chromatica

    72. Dennic Von Lorenzo

      MTN is so underrated it upsets me

    73. ShiningBOT

      One of my favorite performances ever

    74. Dany Targaerys

      Her voice was better back then. It has since declined a little bit, maybe it has something to do with drug use. But that's just a guess.

    75. Henry Centeno Lira

      Iconica nuestra reina.

    76. MelRa Ti2

      Oh my god ... I just realized now that the whole blunt was sitting with her mouth open ... the gaga is beautiful

    77. MelRa Ti2

      RAIN ON ME

    78. Gustavo Henrique

      auge da forma física dela

    79. Ever Marcos

      Like 2020?

    80. Enrique Luna

      She's pure magic and art!

    81. thecraigpaul

      How iconic this performance is , damn this woman is a rockstar

    82. CCL Show & Tell

      I really hope SpaceX and Gaga end up taking her to the Moon or Mars. It would be amazing to see her sing somewhere off Earth!

    83. Wei Wei


    84. Lorel Aguilar Flores

      Esta es como la quinta vez que veo este video😂 simplemente me encanta 😍

    85. Alef Ciríaco

      Que mulher perfeita .. a voz a performance. Lendária

    86. b n


    87. Andy Brewhouse

      "Is she gonna jump from there?"

      1. vicky Nurmimäki


    88. Emma Rose

      My best recommendation this decade!

    89. Sone Selenator

      A cultural reset

    90. Topak In

      Gaga doing Gaga I C O N I C

    91. Peter Arellano


    92. Feltfugazi


    93. Caio César

      puta merda, esse final é de arrepiar!!

      1. João Pedro Steel

        @Solly Lan wtf???

    94. Dario Galli

      On the top 5 of the best performance EVER incredibile show of light and dancer, she's sexy, evocative, deeply, perfect voice, energizer, the public is going totally crazy, the energy going slowly up till explode in a ovation with that sexy ass show without any doubt at the end I love this video i saw it 1000 times and I'm never tired of it I don't fuckin know how much i should have paid to assist to this incredibile performance ONE LOVEEEE

    95. DK rodriguez


    96. Robert LeGare Jr

      Theatrical gaga >>>>>

    97. Robert LeGare Jr

      I miss this gaga

    98. Nahuel Gordillo

      Por Dios! Que buena performance! Gaga nunca decepciona. Esa energía! 🔥❤️

    99. alex alarcon

      belleza de voz