Lady Gaga - 911 (Chromatica II Extended Version - Lyrics Video)


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    She is back, and so am I! After a hiatus from traditional pop music, Lady Gaga has a return to form with her sixth (technically seventh if you include The Fame Monster) studio album Chromatica. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga, and her songs have been a part of my life now for 12 years: Poker Face, Bad Romance, Just Dance, Paparazzi, The Edge Of Glory, Born This Way, G.U.Y., Venus, Do What U Want, Applause, The Cure, Million Reasons, along with Telephone, Aura, MANiCURE, John Wayne, Perfect Illusion, and others like LoveGame, Marry The Night, Mary Jane Holland, So Happy I Could Die, and more have all been songs I love and hold dear even to this day, listening to them all on repeat. Unfortunately, her last pop album was ARTPOP in 2013 and her last pop song was The Cure in 2017, so we had not seen Lady Gaga in her usual pop element, until 2020. Kicking off the new decade is an incredible album, my favorite so far of 2020, about discovery, and it is a gentle reminder that pop music and albums can tell a story. These dance tunes seamlessly fade so well that it is almost scary; I could not tell at times when one ended and the next began. One of the great blends is that of Chromatica II into 911. After a beautiful introduction with a beautifully sounding symphony, it delves right into pop with personal, striking lyrics. After listening to these songs and this unique album, I decided what better way to dive back into lyrics videos myself! After almost a year of no uploads, I am proud to call this extended version my next video. This video originally had 911 colors like red and blue with some white, but I have to say this black-and-white version just makes the lyrics pop! My usual process for making these became advanced with the new decade, and I like the new direction it is going. Like Chromatica, it is a return to form with a new direction. Thank you all for clicking and watching, and make sure to like, comment, subscribe, share, and enjoy this kickoff to a great summer!!!!

    Neither the audio nor the lyrics belong to me, and all belongs to Lady Gaga, Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, and all of the people listed below:

    Chromatica II:
    Producer: Lady Gaga
    Producer: Morgan Kibby
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Mike Schuppan
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    Producer, Associated Performer, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, Percussion: BloodPop®
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    Composer, Lyricist: Lady Gaga

    Instagram: jayrodheybear

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    1. Luke Mckenzie

      It’s called 911 because she wanted to remind us what number to call after the transition snatches us

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        @Eric Alex Anderson Facts!!! It's Lady Gaga, so it's not a waste of time to listen to the whole album.

      2. Eric Alex Anderson

        Cause you can just listen to the album lol

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      That's literally 1 of the 3 best things from 2020. It shall be remembered as this.

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      I cant believe lady gaga came into my house the minute it changed to 911 stole my weave and ran out the door.

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      This is an empowering song. LOVE IT

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      Lady Gaga Lived through all ages of music and can still come out on top.

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        Eren you’re welcome! Happy to help!!!

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        @Poppy624537 Thanks for the explanation.

      5. Poppy624537

        This video is a blend between Chromatica II and 911. It sounds like one fluid song, but it is actually a combination of two. The transition occurs at the title card where the two songs merge.

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