Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek - Vegas: Jazz & Piano 6/9/19


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    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform Cheek to Cheek at her Park MGM Las Vegas Jazz and Piano Engagement on June 9, 2019

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    1. Lu Pat

      mi versión favorita del camaleón Lady Gaga

    2. charlie naujokas

      tony and gaga are so wholesome. i cry every time i see a different performance.

    3. TOM TEOW

      Fri23102020::1232:::1000 AGTs/BGTs are forgettable vs 1 Bennett / Gaga performance. Flawless + Priceless + Peaceful = Perpetual.

    4. Jean Rita

      Two Italian greats! Bravo! Bellisima Lady G! Bellisimo Mr. Anthony B.!💋🎤🎼💖🌹

    5. Otis Roseboro


    6. Otis Roseboro

      Love to hear these to sing together

    7. Robert Bates

      Lady Gaga sings like she is reincarnated from the Jazz age when she performs with Bennett. Once Vegas reopens her Jazz show is the one I want to see.

    8. Ragnarkisten

      It goes to prove, good voices lasts till the end of time!

    9. MONEYOW

      Tony and Lady Gaga are perfect combination! ❤️👌✨ Amazing! King and Queen


      Awesome !! Beatifull 🇦🇷🤙❤

    11. sammy holdem

      Wish I was there amazing!

    12. Vital Farias

      Tony Benneti mesmo idoso ainda é um grande cantor.

    13. vogelwave