Lady Gaga: The Joanne World Tour DVD (Live From Philadelphia)


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    0:00:00 Countdown Intro
    0:01:38 Diamond Heart
    0:05:10 A-YO
    0:08:58 Gaga welcomes the audience
    0:10:10 Poker Face
    0:13:33 Perfect Illussion
    0:16:30 The Car (Interlude)
    0:18:12 John Wayne
    0:21:33 Gaga talks about strength
    0:22:28 Scheiße
    0:25:41 Alejandro
    0:30:15 Rhino (Interlude)
    0:31:22 Just Dance
    0:35:17 Gaga asks the audience to stand up
    0:35:51 LoveGame
    0:38:46 Gaga introduces Telephone
    0:39:20 Telephone
    0:41:57 Transformation (Interlude)
    0:44:06 Applause
    0:49:06 Gaga talks about the LGBT community
    0:50:26 Come To Mama
    0:54:39 The Edge Of Glory
    1:01:00 Born This Way
    1:06:54 Trapped (Interlude)
    1:08:22 Bloody Mary
    1:13:04 Gaga talks about what to do after the artRave Tour
    1:15:13 Dancin' In Circles
    1:18:56 Gaga asks the audience to take pictures of her
    1:19:58 Paparazzi
    1:23:43 Angel Down
    1:28:20 Gaga talks about who's Joanne
    1:30:32 Joanne
    1:36:33 Drippy Face (Interlude)
    1:37:40 Bad Romance
    1:42:36 Gaga thanks fans for spreading love all over the world
    1:43:24 The Cure
    1:47:48 Intro of Million Reasons
    1:50:37 Million Reasons
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    1. JJFEcreations

      Tracklist: Countdown: 0:00:35 Diamond Heart: 0:01:38 A-YO: 0:05:10 Gaga welcomes the audience: 0:08:58 Poker Face: 0:10:10 Perfect Illussion: 0:13:33 The Car (Interlude): 0:16:30 John Wayne: 0:18:12 Gaga talks about strength: 0:21:33 Scheiße: 0:22:28 Alejandro: 0:25:41 Rhino (Interlude): 0:30:15 Just Dance: 0:31:22 Gaga asks the audience to stand up: 0:35:17 LoveGame: 0:35:51 Gaga introduces Telephone: 0:38:46 Telephone: 0:39:20 Transformation (Interlude): 0:41:57 Applause: 0:44:06 Gaga talks about the LGBT community: 0:49:06 Come To Mama: 0:50:26 The Edge Of Glory: 0:54:39 Born This Way: 1:01:00 Trapped (Interlude): 1:06:54 Bloody Mary: 1:08:22 Gaga talks about what to do after the artRave Tour: 1:13:04 Dancin' In Circles: 1:15:13 Gaga asks the audience to take pictures of her: 1:18:56 Paparazzi: 1:19:58 Angel Down: 1:23:43 Gaga talks about who's Joanne: 1:28:20 Joanne: 1:30:32 Drippy Face (Interlude): 1:36:33 Bad Romance: 1:37:40 Gaga thanks fans for spreading love all over the world: 1:42:36 The Cure: 1:43:24 Intro of Million Reasons: 1:47:48 Million Reasons: 1:50:37 Thanks for watching! I Hope you guys enjoy it.

      1. Hernan Morales

        I love you

      2. Archer Lambert

        Only one song from ARTPOP? Is she crazy or what???

      3. Free Human 073

        @HarryPotterBulgaria She Has performed Judas On Enigma, Her 2018-20 Las Vegas Residency.

      4. HarryPotterBulgaria

        Gaga doesn't perform judas anymore?

      5. Mitchell Weiner

        I’m surprised she didn’t wear a headset!

    2. miminandrei

      unica y magnifica Lady Gaga

    3. Jeremiah Banner

      I cant say that! All her tours are killa. Never saw a bad one yet. Hahahahhahahaaa


      Agradecida de tu video, pero si hubieras comprado una entrada de posición mas frontal, este video hubiera sido mas optimo. De todas formas muchas gracias

    5. Lady Gaga

      Thanks for paving the yellow brick road sissy nd I'll be soon but never right away~

    6. chord and chord

      very boring... madonna your baby copy paste your style...she not you.

      1. Mafrick

        @chord and chord go watch your god's regular lipsyncing performance

      2. chord and chord

        @Mafrick jajajaja are you crazy...and lover for this..Madonna is the big big big big god...lady is a baby with popo and great voice and ass!😂😂😂

      3. Mafrick

        Yes, Gaga's better. madonna needs to learn how to sing at least. she should take some notes from Gaga how to do it flawlessly for a whole concert. I really don't understand how you Madonna's fans can appreciate lip-syncing with dancing more than a real voice.


      ахуенненький концертик

    8. JeffroTa

      Can't wait for this Covid to be dealt with so there canbe shows like this again.

    9. Houston Moneyow


    10. Mag Toledo

      Nossa! Que show!!!! Amei! Essa é Lady Gag! Uma Rainha! (Ours! How show! I loved it! This is lady Gaga Queen!)🤗❤👏🏻👏🏻

    11. Juan Jaimes

      I really hope the Chromatica tour can be possible

    12. Carlos Henrique

      the best performer ever

    13. adriane carvalho

      obrigada por esse vídeo, a Gaga significa muito pra mim

    14. Ruben Pizano

      Thanks bud for doing this🤘😈🖤👍💛💗❤🔥🔥🔥

    15. 山内なお


    16. Liarize

      Those vocals she served were delightful.

    17. Géraldine Maigné

      Flawless as usual.

    18. dantheman92317

      She is/was sexy. Especially the red outfit at 1:16:00

    19. Carlos Paternico


    20. Leonardo Pellegrino

      Guys, what she said in 1:35:19?

    21. Matheus Menezes Cordeiro

      Sheiße and Bloody Mary. Can words be more pretty?

    22. Ruth Ocampo

      wtf,,, when my mother monster sang the cure, she sounded like ariana grande wtf...

    23. Lucas

      She's pop history already

    24. Than Diam

      1:50:55 what did she say I can't really hear it

    25. facundo valentin damiani rodriguez

      Best Gaga álbum: Joanne

    26. Dena Rogers

      Dancing in circles omggggg 😍

    27. Minu

      i cant believe that Gaga invented concert

    28. Teacher Bia

      Essa tour é um sonho pena q nunca vou realizar esse sonho

    29. Teacher Bia

      World é uma palavra mto forte nean

    30. Matheus Menezes Cordeiro


    31. João Victor

      Um brasileiro 🇧🇷 aqui assistindo o show dessa lenda numa madrugada qualquer da quarentena, já que infelizmente não pude ter a oportunidade de viver essa turnê ao vivo devido ao problema de saúde que ela teve antes de vim fazer o Rock in Rio. Orgulho de viver no tempo em que temos ela pra podermos dizer para a próxima geração o quão maravilhosa ela foi 💕

    32. Angel Germanotta Chromatica

      Who's here after watching Enigma??

    33. rebekaii1

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love u Gaga!!!!

    34. Ricky Rizo

      Me encanto ❤️❤️❤️

    35. adam clarkson

      1:29:07 WHOS JOANNE BITCH

    36. Montrel Bella

      The way just dance started gave me life

    37. Orry Lee

      Spectaculars!!!!! It’s beyond language.

    38. S M

      Why the backing track of her voice?

    39. Its Amirul_20

      I very very love her live performance

    40. Adam Parks

      Where’s Sinner’s Prayer, Hey Girl, Grigio Girls, and Just Another Day? :(

    41. Jakub Łabaz

      22:25 after these years, I'm still in love with the way she screamed "SCHEIẞE" 🤩😅

    42. Pirun Maya

      What happened when she sang John Wayne? Why did her dancer carry her like that,was it just a performance or did she try to dive again like she always did?

      1. Pirun Maya

        @JJFEcreations oh god thanks!

      2. JJFEcreations

        Yes it was part of the performance!

    43. Olivia C Otto

      you should post your venmo or cashapp!! my sister and I watch this video all the time and would love to pay you for your work :)

      1. JJFEcreations

        Olivia C Otto omg that’s so nice from you 🥺 my username in Cashapp is $jesufiguera , thank you so much for your support ❤️ ps: my Instagram is @jesufiguera just in case you want or need to reach me!

    44. Mitchell Weiner

      The only disappointing part of this for me was the swearing. Children looking up to her will think it’s fine to swear when it’s not necessary. This doesn’t take away from Gaga’s talent but is merely a personal observation. She is immensely talented and this was great to watch otherwise!

    45. Alea Philpot

      She’s so fucking cool

    46. TheKingmates

      I love this concert I only have two things I disagree with that dress during applause and them catwalks block the view of her and the dancers

    47. Aura Khaos

      Lady Gaga really is the only person in which whenever she smiles, I automatically, subconsciously also have a huge smile on my face 😊❤ This woman changed my life from a young 16 year old LGBTQ+ member that was scared, outcasted, and self conscious into the proud, liberated, ideal version of myself that I was always meant to be. She really was The Cure that I needed.

    48. Mason Leary

      that live performance of Scheiße was the most impressive act of God I that was totally unprepared for!

    49. May Palomino


    50. Jhey 23

      I wonder what will be Chromatica ball like.

    51. Alice Scarllet

      I love Asiel (32:30) in her right. He's the best, ever!!! Edit: 1:05:08 So lovely ❤️

    52. Panha Meta

      Love this tour because she doesn’t use a lot of her energy on dancing as much as the other tours so that way she can focus on bringing more vocals

    53. googoo for gaga

      When she said " you know I love Pennsylvania" I literally almost died!!!! Yassss!!! 😃💚💜💙💛❤

    54. Perry O'Bree

      Phenomenal love her so much

    55. SASenglish

      don't put DVD in the title if it's not official.

    56. Features Creatures

      She really serve in the in this tour...btw, this tour was cancelled?

    57. Gay Seokie

      Damn! i really love the set design! And she knows every bit of it that whenever it breaks she stop the show cause damn it would have been bloody if she didn't. Cause like literally all the parts of the stage is moving and levitating! Ughhh love this, thank you!

    58. Miles Dugar

      Her vocals are simply amazing

    59. Miles Dugar

      34:38 THE POWER

    60. Matheus Dias

      Exatamente esse show foi o ultimo antes do Rock In Rio :((((((((((

      1. Free Human 073


      2. Free Human 073

        Brazil I'm Devasted!

    61. Cockatoo Guy

      1:29:06 "who's Joanne b!tch" LMAOOO

    62. uᴉɟɟᴉɹפ


    63. ngl Kao

      I love The Cure performance , this is so pure, fresh and clear, she looks so happy !

    64. Renna

      That Bloody Mary was 🔥🔥

    65. jonathan candella

      Wow that dancing in circles performance was HOTTTTT

    66. Lina Monsou

      I don't know why people didn't like this album Joanne.

    67. Edward Voskresenskii

      I Love u Gaga😘😘😘This Album is amazing😘😘😘

    68. Hrishikesh Apte

      there are no wigs in this tour

    69. Thu Ra Aung Kyaw

      how come have I never seen this!!!!?? The editing, audio, video all is perfect!

    70. Thu Ra Aung Kyaw

      this shits on Enigma

    71. Miguel Gonzalez

      This one has to be the best live performance of Bad Romance ever. hope she includes bad romance in the Chromatica Ball set list.

    72. Kong Ntp

      She is a star.

    73. Peter Limato

      Who took this????? Its beyond Amazing!!!

    74. max noble

      I actually had tickets to see this show in Manchester U.K. ....but she had to cancel the rest of her tour bc her body couldnt take it and I had to go to work the day I found out, I remember crying the while day, not bc i couldnt go but bc i wanted gaga to be okay, I was so worried...i can't have the woman I've looked up to my sinse 2008, who gave me strength when I needed it, who told me that there could be a 100 ppl in a room and it just takes 1😅, I couldnt have her not be okay...she is absolutely incredible!

    75. Café & Fama

      Show chato pra carai,prefiro a Rihanna 😂😂😂😂😂.

    76. Nathanaell Reynaldo

      2020? 😍

    77. Cristopher

      First time watching THE JOANNE WOLD TOUR and I got say... She's still got it. This great !!!

    78. Ashrah Kriss

      I watched Katy Perry and Taylor swift and Rihanna live. This is a more than a concert Than them. Only ı can hear a good voice from Beyoncé pink and lady Gaga with Dance and perform

    79. Haha Herby

      Lady Gaga is the effin truth! I’m get goosebumps think of how is this woman doing all this simultaneously!

    80. Steffi Ria Cahyono

      So cute ball gown at the born this way song. uwu

    81. Lou Clarke

      Me trying to keep track of the pride flag next to her on the piano but it keeps leaving 😭

    82. Lita Steen

      I really like this era of lady gaga she has nice hair and great outfits nice work!

    83. Joyem Universe

      I just really hoped there were more ARTPOP songs but overall it was PERFECTION! 💗💗💗👏👏👏💯

    84. hibs27

      it is extremely hard to sing diamond hearth btw, but oh my man, she did it 100% live.

    85. Daly Thompson

      Excellent Video !

    86. Rafaela Dotto


    87. Magdalene

      Gaga, thank you so much for everything❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    88. Neto Mendes

      30/05/2020. Brasil aqui disponível.👊🇧🇷🎧🕪😍😎

    89. Liam Spencer

      I think we call agree that Bloody Mary.

    90. Josh Braun

      Lady Gaga’s tours: 1. The Monster Ball Tour 2. ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball 3. Joanne World Tour 4. Born This Way Ball 5. The Fame Ball Tour 6. Cheek to Cheek Tour

    91. Dyshawn Billups

      41:57 what was that all about. What is the meaning

    92. Pedro Neto

      I Just have to belive that one day I'll be present in a Lady Gaga concert!

    93. J K

      I used to think Telephone was ''im kinda Beyoncé'' instead of ''busy''

    94. amber martin

      That timer had me pumped!

    95. Gorb Snorb

      Anyone else cry when we see her do the schieße choreography solo. I know she worked so hard to get back into tour shape. Love her.

      1. Gorb Snorb

        Rufa Faye Quinto EXACTLY!! Paws up!!!

      2. Rufa Faye Quinto

        So refreshing to see a veteran little monster right there! I feel you, got the same energy. I cried every song she performed from her early works, esp tracks from BTW album. We all know how she outdid herself from TFM and BTW tours and still managed to bring back her signature choreo and old style in here. You can really tell how much she loves her fan and she's still out there making honey for her little monsters. Paws up! 🤍

    96. SLove

      1:43:13 my white cells fighting against coronavirus

    97. Frank Sambrick

      Love Philly! 215_610_267_484

    98. Cameren Stepp

      The Cure is one of her best songs and so overlooked.

    99. Dane Russell

      I saw her in DC when she won the AMA. That was the best night of my life, I cried like a baby during million reasons and lost my absolute shit when she did the cure with all of the pyrotechnics, then watching her win the award was the icing on the cake. I love her and have never cried so much in my life.