Lady Gaga meets Eastenders' June Brown | The Graham Norton Show - BBC


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    Lady Gaga & June Brown get on extremely well whilst chatting with Graham.
    Graham Norton presents a show on the people, trends and stories that interest him most and covers some of the best new films and music albums coming out soon!
    #TheGrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton
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    1. Frankie Blume-Inman

      I’ve NEVER liked Norton... he’s atrocious and annoying. He’s not even funny just aggravating almost like having a mosquito humming about in your ears or face.

    2. Jayne Artwick

      Omg I love your show!

    3. Hans Hans

      Lady gaga is really ugly! !

    4. CF Hindle

      Lmao I didn't even notice Greg Davies was there, when has that ever happened

    5. mark davison

      zebra and a peacock!

    6. Robert R.

      Fire the CC person. Useless!

    7. Howard Trigg

      Could Gaga be any more fake????

    8. melanie sheppard

      2:12 'Hey, Hey, lady gaga, guess what....June's written a book....about her life' great skill Graham (STFU gaga, this is June's slot) NOTE: June's body language, hand up.......('YES STFU'). Goes on: gaga 'let me see'. Norton 'No, mine' Norton managing the interview, getting back in the driving seat....

    9. Deborah Barnes

      This proves that we are being manufactured,Gaga is the newer model of June.

    10. ClassicWorld19

      Still one of my favourite interviews

    11. shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

      The only remedy for this is a well placed sniper with 5 bullets.

    12. Karl Walker

      Laughed my HEAD OFF Brilliant. loved this video. :)

    13. Akimoto4u

      What species is that Gaga thing?

    14. 30,004

      I love June Brown so much what an icon

    15. Simon Cosbie

      JUNE BROWN,, AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND. cant help but love her, shes been smoking cigarettes all her life and incredibly still with us in her 90s

    16. cat

      Anyone have a bucket???

    17. Martin Beckett

      TOGETHER...CAMP-TASTIC 🏳️‍🌈🔥🏳️‍🌈🔥🏳️‍🌈🔥🏳️‍🌈

    18. Debie Pritchard

      Gaga’s squeal is one of my favorite things about this clip !

    19. Alexandra Hickinbotham

      You’re gonna change your outfit? Durrr!

    20. Matt Allen

      I think June Brown is wasted on Eastenders

    21. roddo

      "I just don't watch a lot of television" June Brown is a tv-star

    22. Maria McKean

      lady Gaga fangirling. Priceless

    23. Why Me, Why Not

      June Brown is everyone's Nan. God bless her. 93 and still going. Fought in World War 2 aswell in the Navy. An incredible woman. Lady Gaga was fantastic with her aswell. Another awesome woman.

    24. Linda Lulu

      I don't like Lady Gaga.

    25. streetsounds electro

      Good guest, doesn't really give two hoots!

    26. Karen Stark

      i love how they all turn to June and lean in, hanging on her every word. she is spectacular! and so sweet that she occasionally checks in on Graham. lol

    27. HeilSatan

      Jude duckin' that big ass hat of hers, lol

    28. Margery Franko

      Sorry Graham, is this happening, or have I been taking drugs? 😂🤣😂😂🤣

    29. Artytom Inquisitive Minds

      Gaga is so shallow by comparison to June.

    30. baby daddy

      Queen June! ALL RISE

    31. Laurens

      Good god, the amount of cringe in one room ...

    32. Aneta Kubínová

      Thats just the cutest video on the internet.

    33. Adnan Abdulkader

      i love lady gags but what the fvck is on her headn

    34. LTC Ast

      Is Gaga wearing an outfit similar to one of Cher's?

    35. Who CouldItBeeeNow

      Lady gaga tortures and eats babies I’m sick of all the lies

    36. Albin KHvorostov

      June Brown has smoked for nearly 80 yrs and she's still alive. She has a great set of genes.

    37. RoboBeaver6

      June Brown looks exactly as I remember her in the 1980's

    38. Blaine Fiasco

      I like the way June speaks

    39. peter lewis

      June Brown is brilliant.

    40. jason johnson

      Anything to upstage and outclass that insufferable idiot in the hat..hahaha ..yes June a legend

    41. Pervy Sage

      Jaysis, I haven't watched Eastenders in 25+ years and Dot looked this old then.

    42. QueerSwede1

      two queens meeting. epic

    43. lasila sinali

      Ladygaga actually saw the 90 years old version of herself...

    44. SKOL

      Could Gaga be more patronising and condescending? She doesn't want Gaga touching her so much, you can see, and Gaga attention-seeking - let June have her moment!

    45. Prince Kams

      Lady Gaga is absolutely annoying

    46. Ciaran Gillece

      What's Lady Gaga got on her head?

    47. Iwd 185

      "Is this really happening, or I'm in drugs?" XD

    48. Robert Moore

      June Brown has smoked that much throughout her life that she was recently told by her doctor not to stop. Due to her age, her body may go into shock if she quit now.

    49. MezAtHome

      she did the bleached bangs before all the tikytoky egirls

    50. Angel Eyes

      ‘Leave her alone, she’s a star!!’ 🤣🤣 love this so much! June Brown and Lady Gaga what a match!

    51. Mark McKean

      June Brown has out GaGa-d Lady GaGa.

    52. A A

      Fabulous on another level 😍😍😍😍

    53. deniseg812

      I love Dot. Woman has more class in her pinky than any of us has in our entire bosies.

    54. Red Black

      Lady gaga is sitting next to British Royalty.

    55. 1993M

      One of the best interviews ever !!!

    56. Jessyca L

      Lol she reminds me so much of my grandmother.. lol and the way Lady Gaga is taking care of her and doting on her is just precious!

    57. Emma Bergsten

      I'm having a really bad day, crying and all that. Then I came across this and just stopped everything. To anyone who made this clip happen, thank you. The smile it brought to my face was lifting my spirit.

      1. Rogério Mesquita

        Me too

    58. President Elect Tom G

      Lady Gaga looks amazing here and is so kind ❤️

    59. Joanne Sowden

      June brown is such a mode 😂

    60. wordreet

      WoW! Two spectacular women!!!! Seemingly disparate, yet surprisingly similar. 😉🥰

    61. Akash Sharma

      You know Lady Gaga is a good human being , the way she respects her elders proved it.

    62. Brett DW Music

      One classy lady

    63. City Girl

      Talented and lovely people. What will we accomplish in our lifetime? What a short amount of time we may have. We are all aware that the American healthcare system is a massive cartel supported by huge insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and culled for by the Media. Billions of dollars to be made. Media wants the billions they can make by selling commercial space to Insurance Co's and the Big Pharma (esp. Big Pharma), and who wouldn't want billions? Does this mean TV/Media will never support Healthcare For All? Why would they give up billions? We watch Media. We are influenced by Media. We pay the price. We pay the insurance costs like good little sheep, spending thousands of dollars per person per year. That's a lot of cash. :( Think that will change? (It has in many other countries, some call it Universal Healthcare) No, it won't change here. We won't cut out the middle man. We are too afraid, too intimidated by the American Healthcare Cartel. We are broke and we are sick. What will it take? Thank you for reading.

    64. Lyndsay

      "is this really happening, or have I been taking drugs Graham?" ❤️ It. 😂

    65. Paul

      Graham did so bloody well here. Entertaining as

    66. Doug Marlow

      WELL SAID, lady GAGA !!!!!!

    67. Bashar Abraham this

    68. ivo maladi

      Girls power! Baam!!

    69. Talie Hughes

      One of my favourite graham interviews ever

    70. Talie Hughes

      Leave her alone, she’s a STAARRRR ❤️

    71. Nicola Thomas

      Why does lady gaga look really bored?

    72. Simon

      If I hadn't known who these two women were I would have assumed Lady Gaga was the one on the left.

    73. darragh gregory

      Lady gaga and June get on so well

    74. Оксана Шошкина

      Она не счастливий человек

    75. Оксана Шошкина

      Я ей желаю счастья

    76. Оксана Шошкина

      Я конечно написала первый раз и потом удалила. .....Видемо зря это зделала

    77. Darling

      Omg lady gaga is out her face

    78. WickedBranlee

      Lady Gaga looks so retarded.

    79. LShorty

      One of my favourite moments from Graham Norton ever.

    80. Daniyal Kaleem

      Umm Lady gaga there's something in your hair.... Nevermind.

    81. Monique Silcott

      June is so funny she should be a comedian 😂

    82. Calvertron

      Dude on the right is way out of place and awkward lol

    83. Dwincasau Ywefanma

      Wth is Lady Gaga’s appeal to everyone?? I’ve NEVER understood why she is so’s seriously crazy to me.

      1. Problematic Bitch

        Her talent, watch her live performances

    84. RoaroftheTiger

      Thanks for a wonderful experience. So nice to see the "control" exerted by June Brown. She's a Prize. And of course, the kind reception She gets from the panel & Graham ... Especially the reaction of Gaga. As I thought, She was especially kind. Good to see. ;-)

    85. jabar ali

      I didn't know that Lady Gaga was so respectful and kind

    86. shangolkhanian nian

      best episode ever

    87. Aaa

      Gaga 110% on some sort of stimulant lol

    88. Ppalgang Chic

      Gaga is so cute here😍

    89. learningtolivewithmyself

      GAGA testing her drink to see if it has adrenochrome in it!!!!!

    90. shah

      Its a shame she's not invited more often on talk shows. Dot is a legend!!

    91. Mhairi Hamilton

      FFS people, so blind to the world! these people are Sick! haven't any of you heard of spirit cooking and pizzagate??

    92. Paulina Undurraga

      eeewwwww drinking from someone else's glass.................

    93. tamedlorie

      Lady Gaga shows RESPECT That made me RESPECT her And yeah she is clever

    94. Felicia Fee

      I love Eastenders!

    95. Pruthvi Productions

      She stole the show

    96. Denis Galbavy

      All of you simping for Lady Gaga, just look up how she looks without make-up. That all I have to say. Just look it up.

    97. Hüseyin K.

      who is the man which is sitting next to lady gaga

    98. genie121

      She loved grandma June x

    99. Bademba Sow

      September 2020 and she is still alive. No BAFTA tho :/